Chapter 833 Nethergod Protection

Long Chen’s Raging Flame Prison was a kind of space-locking magical art. Once this magical art was used, then according to reason, it couldn’t move within space.

But within this abyss, space was unstable. His Raging Flame Prison was floating in its space without moving, but the surrounding space was sinking. That made the Raging Flame Prison continue to sink.

Although it was much slower, it still wouldn’t be long before they fell within that chaotic space at the bottom.

The spatial blades there were capable of tearing apart the void. His Raging Flame Prison was definitely  incapable of enduring that power.

“Don’t look at me. I’ve got nothing left.” Long Chen waved his hand when he saw Leng Yueyan looking at him.

He truly was at his wit’s end. He had already used all his trump cards. And in order to use the Raging Flame Prison, he was exhausting his spiritual yuan and Spiritual Strength.

Just maintaining the current situation was extremely taxing on him. If Leng Yueyan wasn’t able to do anything, their only end would be death.

“Look, there’s a cave opening there! If we can get there, we might have a chance!” shouted Long Chen suddenly.

The abyss had grown narrower as they reached the bottom, allowing him to see the sides of it. He now saw a cave on the wall.

“Looks like our lives aren’t supposed to end yet.” Leng Yueyan smiled slightly. But there wasn’t any excitement. It was as if she didn’t particularly care either way.

“Hey, don’t just keep smiling. Hurry and think of something! If we can only see it but can’t get over there, it doesn’t mean a damn- cough, it doesn’t have any use,” said Long Chen.

Leng Yueyan ignored him. Taking a deep breath, light blossomed from her sapphire eyes. She formed hand seals, and she softly opened her lips.

“Nethergod Protection.”


Long Chen felt the entire space shudder. Even the spatial blades attacking the Raging Flame Prison stopped. The world seemed to have entered a deathly stillness.

Leng Yueyan was surrounded by three-colored runes. However, Long Chen was surprised to see that they contained a dense Blood Qi. Those weren’t her Heavenly Dao runes, but her bloodline runes.

Her Blood Qi was soaring and runes sparkled in her eyes. With her robes and hair dancing in the wind, she seemed like an icy killing god, indifferent and aloof.

A huge figure appeared in the air. That figure was almost a thousand meters tall. In the air, its aura caused the abyss to rumble. Long Chen felt his scalp turn numb.

“This is a manifestation of her Spirit Blood. She has used a grand divine ability to connect to her ancestor’s soul. But this girl’s cultivation base is too low, and she can only summon an embryonic form. So there’s no way to see it clearly,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen had always thought that the Eastern Wasteland Bell should be able to help him resolve his current crisis. But he had his own stubbornness. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he wouldn’t ask anyone to save him.

But for some unknown reason, Long Chen would rather work together with Leng Yueyan than ask the Eastern Wasteland Bell for help.


That huge figure reached out a hand and caught the Raging Flame Prison. It tried to pull it toward the cave.

But after trying several times, Leng Yueyan suddenly cursed, “Fool, release your flame prison! I can’t hold on much longer!”

Only then did Long Chen react. He scattered the flame prison, and the huge hand closed, completely protecting him and Leng Yueyan. It moved them toward the cave.

However, that figure was too huge, and its agility was limited. But the good thing was that it wasn’t afraid of being struck by the spatial blades. The two of them were temporarily safe.

However, Leng Yueyan was growing paler and paler, and her body was quivering. She formed hand seals, urging that enormous figure to move them.


Suddenly, the abyss trembled. Long Chen looked down to see that the sea of chaotic space and spatial blades below them suddenly erupted like a volcano. It was unknown what had happened, but a fierce attack crashed toward them.

The huge figure was enveloped by the sea of spatial blades, and it was instantly cut to pieces, vanishing.

Leng Yueyan coughed up blood. With her mind connected to that figure, she had received an injury.

“Not good!” Her expression changed. These spatial blades were too terrifying. Now, the two of them were exposed.

As soon as he lost that hand’s protection, Long Chen circulated his thunderforce and shot toward the cave like a bolt of lightning. He had noticed that when that sea of spatial blades had erupted, the space around them had changed as well. That spatial restriction seemed to have been affected by the eruption, and it had disappeared.

As a result, he had directly flown over to the cave without hesitation. And his bet had paid off. There was no more spatial restriction that prevented him from flying.

On the other hand, Leng Yueyan had received a backlash, so her reactions were slower. She only summoned her wings after Long Chen had already arrived at the cave. She also shot over.

But as soon as Long Chen had arrived at the cave mouth, a door had begun to descend over the entrance. Leng Yueyan’s expression sank. The door was closing too fast for her to get there in time.

Suddenly, countless golden scales shot out, forming a huge golden whip that arrived in front of Leng Yueyan. Icy killing intent surfaced in her eyes, but then that vanished after a shout.

“Grab on!”

Leng Yueyan grabbed the end of the golden scale whip. Long Chen pulled, and Leng Yueyan shot over to the entrance like a shooting star.

She just barely managed to enter before the door shut behind her.

Being pulled by Long Chen, Leng Yueyan ended up crashing into him. The two of them shot back, crashing into the wall. Long Chen was embedded in the wall, while Leng Yueyan was grabbing his waist. The two of them maintained this posture, unable to move.

Long Chen felt like he was about to fall apart. The wall behind him was extremely hard, and he had almost coughed up blood. But at the very least, they had escaped their immediate danger. Finally being safe again after such a tense situation, he fainted.

Leng Yueyan wasn’t any better off than Long Chen. That illusory image she had summoned had been destroyed by the spatial blades, which had given her a huge backlash. Her Spirit Blood had been exhausted, causing her to be pale. Just like that, she leaned against Long Chen and fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time, Long Chen woke up first. He saw Leng Yueyan still holding his waist, leaning against him.

Due to the inertia from how they had arrived, Long Chen’s legs were wrapped around her waist, and her perfect face was resting on his abdomen.

Her scarlet robes had been badly damaged now, revealing her snow-white skin to Long Chen. Her eyes were closed, while her lips were slightly pursed.

Long Chen was embarrassed to see that Leng Yueyan’s posture was extremely awkward. Her large chest was pressing against his sensitive area.

Long Chen even felt that area reacting to her heartbeat. Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed and he closed his eyes, feigning sleep.

Leng Yueyan slowly opened her eyes. She left his body and sat in front of him.

Only then did Long Chen pretend to wake up. He was just about to say something when he saw an expression of disbelief on Leng Yueyan’s face. Her eyes were locked onto one place.

Long Chen immediately crossed his legs, blocking that blade-like stare.

“Hahaha…” Leng Yueyan laughed as if she had seen something hilarious. She didn’t stop for a long time.

“What’s so funny? Haven’t you heard of morning wood?” raged Long Chen.

His gaze made Leng Yueyan laugh even harder. No matter how thick Long Chen’s face was, he couldn’t endure that laughter. He directly ignored her and circulated the primal chaos bead to heal.

“Haha, Long Chen, you really are a pervert. In this world, it seems you’re the only person who can treat me as a woman. I’m happy you can still form such a desire,” laughed Leng Yueyan. “Since I killed all my apprentice-brothers and sisters in my group, no one has treated me like a woman ever again.

“Whenever people see me, they are terrified. All they can think about is how they can survive. In their eyes, I’m a fiend that will take their lives at any moment. So I really have to admire you, Long Chen. You’re the first man to treat me like a woman. I don’t know whether I should praise you for being a valiant hero or being outrageously lecherous.”

Whether it was praise or not, it seemed he really was unable to escape this label of being a pervert. Long Chen was speechless. But he was still on guard. He retreated a few steps, maintaining a certain distance from this death god-like woman.

“In my eyes, you’re only a woman.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Oh, if I’m just a woman, then why do you have to be so on guard?” Leng Yueyan’s smile disappeared upon seeing Long Chen retreat. Her face returned to its icy appearance.

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Long Chen frowned.

“Of course.”

Long Chen looked at her for a long while before saying, “I like beautiful women, especially the kind of peerless beautiful women that are very eye-attracting when they’re in my embrace. That makes countless idiots clench their teeth and glare at me with hatred and envy. But you are too dangerous. To tell the truth, I’m afraid I can’t subdue you, but then I also feel like killing you would be regretful. However, if I don’t kill you, you might kill me at any time. I’m very conflicted. So I hope that once we leave here, we will never see each other again. That would make me the happiest.”

Leng Yueyan was stunned for a moment. But looking into Long Chen’s eyes, she seemed to be able to see through his inner heart. She suddenly laughed.

“Then how about you try seeing if you can subdue me?”

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