Chapter 832 Spatial Blades

Long Chen felt goosebumps. Invisible blades were suddenly shooting up from below, attacking him and Leng Yueyan.

Flying Rainbow released a barrier of light that protected him, while Leng Yueyan also stopped attacking. Her bone blade blocked those invisible attacks.

Long Chen’s hand trembled when those invisible blades struck his sword. He sensed countless invisible arrows of some sort of energy were going through Flying Rainbow’s barrier when he broke the invisible blades.

His body instantly became riddled with small holes. Even his powerful body didn’t have the slightest ability to resist this unknown power.

“Careful. These are spatial blades, the result of when peak experts shattered the void. This place is a land of death created by experts that broke heaven and earth’s laws. This is just a trace of the chaotic flow of space, but it’s still not something people on your level can resist,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

But Long Chen had no time to care about the spatial blades of the chaotic flow of space. Right now, he was surrounded by invisible attacks. He could only faintly sense them right before they struck him. He did his best to block them, but he was still pierced over and over.

Leng Yueyan’s bone sword released waves of light. Runes revolved around her. Her defense was even stronger than Long Chen’s, but even she was unable to stop these invisible spatial blades. Blood was pouring out of her body.

Although they were both capable of rapidly healing, this wasn’t a solution. Furthermore, they were rapidly falling, and the attacks only grew stronger. They wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

“Hey, monster girl, if this continues, we’ll both die. It’s better if we work together,” said Long Chen.

Although he had the primal chaos bead’s healing, that wouldn’t work forever. As the spatial blades grew stronger, who knew whether or not one of them might instantly kill him?

Furthermore, the two of them were enemies. He not only had to block the spatial blades, but he also had to be on guard against Leng Yueyan. That was the most dangerous thing, which made it so Long Chen couldn’t focus completely.

“I, Leng Yueyan, disdain working together with others. Furthermore, in this world, other than myself, there’s no one I can trust. Also, if you randomly come up with nicknames for me, I’ll kill you right now,” said Leng Yueyan coldly.

“You moronic girl, being so obstinate will only cause you to accompany me in death,” snorted Long Chen. Both of them were in desperate straits. If they didn’t work together to find a way out of this, they would both die.

These abysses here were known as lands of death. Anyone who had fallen down had never been seen again. Having his proposal rejected infuriated him.

“Death isn’t terrifying. If you treat death as the start of another life, you won’t feel so afraid,” said Leng Yueyan indifferently.

Long Chen almost died from rage. Why did it seem this woman wanted to die so badly?

But he was different. He didn’t want to die, he wanted to live. He had many things that he hadn’t done yet. He had his brothers and beauties waiting for him. His parents were also waiting for him. He couldn’t die yet.

But Leng Yueyan refused to cooperate. It was unknown whether it was her pride or if she distrusted him. He couldn’t do anything about it.

Long Chen pushed his stars to their peak. Endless runes poured out of Flying Rainbow as each slash released a river of runes that wrapped around him.

But he still felt like the pressure was growing. It seemed like countless archers were shooting at him from every angle.

Furthermore, the spatial blades were growing more powerful. Any of them could instantly kill a rank two Celestial. Even ordinary rank three Celestials would only be able to last for a breath.

The two of them continued to fall for half an incense stick’s worth of time. As a result, they weren’t even able to see the sky anymore. The world had turned pitch-black for them. It was unknown just how many miles they had fallen.

The spatial blades were now incredibly terrifying. Long Chen almost had his head destroyed by one.

Long Chen was covered in blood as he continuously suffered injuries. He had drawn out the life energy in the primal chaos space so many times now that the trees were already starting to show signs of withering.

There was no way around it. His body was constantly receiving heavy injuries, and if he didn’t immediately heal, the next spatial blade might directly shatter his body.

“Long Chen, how about we work together for a bit? Otherwise, we really will die.” What Long Chen hadn’t expected was for Leng Yueyan to suddenly open her mouth.

He raged, “Death isn’t terrifying. If you treat death as the start of another life, you won’t feel so afraid.”

But as soon as he said it, he regretted it. Just the slight satisfaction of returning her words to her had sealed his fate. That was clearly a bit childish.

“You can’t even maintain a clear head. You’re too emotional and impetuous, Long Chen. I take back my praise for you,” snorted Leng Yueyan.

Long Chen took a deep breath. Now really wasn’t the time to argue. Suppressing his emotions, he forced himself to be calm.

“Then let’s work together. Before we escape our current predicament, we definitely can’t attack each other. Are you capable of doing that?” asked Long Chen.

“I should be the one asking you that. Stabbing people in the back, hitting people when they’re down, conning their own people, those are the things your Righteous path is most proficient in. Don’t you feel asking me this is very satirical?”

Leng Yueyan’s words almost caused Long Chen’s rage to erupt out of control. But then thinking about it, her words were the truth. Although the Corrupt path was fierce and savage, they actually cared a great deal about prestige and reputation. As for the Righteous path… well, there was no need to say it so directly.

“Fine, I won’t lower myself to your level. Since I’ve chosen to work together with you, I’ll temporarily trust you,” said Long Chen. After saying that, he clenched his teeth and slowly approached Leng Yueyan.

Thinking of how he had to work together with this terrifying woman, he felt a chill. But there really was no other choice right now.

Once Long Chen was closer and had entered Leng Yueyan’s attack range, her sword suddenly released an even brighter light. She increased her defensive range to include him. In fact, her defensive perimeter instantly grew to three hundred meters.

Seeing that, Long Chen was shocked. Monstrous, absolutely monstrous. Just how strong was Leng Yueyan? Even now, she was able to release such terrifying power.

“You don’t need to be surprised. She is drawing out her bloodline energy. Just like you, she has Spirit Blood, but her Spirit Blood wasn’t extracted. Instead, it’s perfect, and furthermore… she seems to possess extremely strange origins. I’m actually unable to see through the origin of her Spirit Blood,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Spirit Blood is actually so powerful?”

“Of course. That so-called bloodline power refers to ancestral experts that pass down a portion of their own talent through bloodline runes. But Spirit Blood is different. It is a spiritual blessing passed down by supreme experts. Not only can it pass down talent and divine abilities, but it can even superimpose karmic luck. Spirit Blood is a sacred inheritance. How else do you think this girl is so strong?” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Spirit Blood, Spirit Blood. Damnit.” Long Chen cursed inside. Previously, he hadn’t cared too much about having his Spirit Blood extracted. But seeing how terrifying Leng Yueyan was, his fury soared.

If he still possessed his Spirit Blood, would he be suppressed by this woman?

“Hey, did you only come here to take advantage?!” Leng Yueyan’s voice brought Long Chen back to reality.

Only now did he react. Right now, he was relying entirely on Leng Yueyan’s defense. He hastily began to brandish his sword, defending against the surrounding spatial blades.

His back was up against Leng Yueyan’s back. That way it would only take half the effort to defend themselves.

The two of them relaxed slightly. But very quickly, they were unable to stay relaxed. That was because they suddenly heard a terrifying rumbling coming from below. They hastily looked down.

This place was completely black, but with their cultivation bases combined with their Spiritual Strength, they were able to see.

They saw a huge chain at the bottom of the abyss. That chain was over a hundred miles thick, and it was unknown just how long it was. It extended throughout the abyss.

That unbelievably thick chain was surrounded by revolving runes. Endless spatial blades were flying out of it.

The spatial blades they had run into had been invisible, but the spatial blades coming from the huge chain were easy to see. Those blades slashed through the void. Space was constantly being torn and then healed. That ear-piercing sound gave them chills.

“We still have an incense stick’s worth of time before we reach the bottom. Once we touch those spatial blades, we won’t even have corpses left,” said Leng Yueyan indifferently.

Long Chen took a deep breath and said, “Even at such a time, you can still calmly and objectively appraise the situation. I really have to admire you. Respected Devil Empress, I need you to help protect me. I’ll use a magical art to lock us in space. Otherwise, we’ll quickly be cut into mincemeat.”

After saying that, Long Chen stopped defending. He rapidly formed hand seals. Countless flame runes surged around him, and Leng Yueyan brandished her bone blade to protect him.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

A huge flame prison appeared, enveloping Long Chen and Leng Yueyan. It immediately began to shrink to a size of three meters. No matter how the spatial blades tried, they were unable to damage the flame prison.

Long Chen thanked his lucky stars. If any of the spatial blades had touched the nodes of the flame prison when it had formed, then it would have shattered just like when Leng Yueyan had broken it.

But to break that node, which only appeared for an instant, was something only Leng Yueyan could do with her Voidpiercing Eyes.

“This technique of yours is very powerful,” praised Leng Yueyan upon seeing that the wind blades were unable to shake the flame prison.

Long Chen sighed, “Even if it’s strong, it doesn’t have any use. We still have a bit of time. Whether or not we can survive is up to you. I’m out of moves.”

Leng Yueyan was startled. But once she spread her divine sense, her expression changed.

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