Chapter 831 Falling Into the Abyss

The blood-colored runes in the air disappeared and the terrifying pressure vanished. The scene of a hell on earth also silently faded, and the world returned to calm.

The ground had been shattered and ruined beyond belief. In the air, two figures were floating next to each other. Long Chen’s sword was stabbed through Leng Yueyan’s chest. Blood dripped off from the tip of the sword, and each drop landed on the ground, becoming scarlet flowers.

“Previously, you were intentionally hiding your powerful explosive speed?”

Leng Yueyan looked at that sword piercing her chest, and a flash of comprehension appeared in her eyes. She had been misled by Long Chen.

When Long Chen had fought with her, she had suppressed him in terms of speed. She had felt that she had already seen through his attack style. But she was wrong.

Long Chen hadn’t held back while fighting previously. But the only thing that he hadn’t revealed was the Lightning Body Blink’s greatest superiority: its explosive speed.

In truth, in terms of level, the Lightning Body Blink was probably a far cry from Leng Yueyan’s Netherworld Ghost Steps. If he hadn’t already learned the Netherworld Ghost Step’s foundation, there would have been no way for him to keep up with her for so long.

There was only one aspect in which the Lightning Body Blink could surpass the Netherworld Ghost Steps, and that was the instant eruption of speed. The Netherworld Ghost Steps required increasing the speed gradually, but the Lightning Body Blink could do it instantaneously.

The Blink in the technique’s name referred to instantly reaching the peak speed. Other people wouldn’t have Long Chen’s speed even if they cultivated the Lightning Body Blink. That was because Long Chen’s thunderforce came from heavenly tribulation, so it was incomparably powerful.

Previously, against Leng Yueyan, he had been in danger several times, and he had been willing to suffer injury rather than reveal that explosive speed. It was to wait for an opportunity.

And that opportunity had come. Opportunities were all created, and they were always left to those who prepared. This opportunity had been grasped by Long Chen.

His sword had pierced Leng Yueyan’s chest. As long as he willed it, his spiritual yuan would erupt, and Leng Yueyan would instantly become a fallen beauty. Her life and death were in his hands.

“You’re very powerful. I had no choice but to use a scheme. Although I usually dislike using schemes to resolve problems, when martial might is unable to handle things, I can only rely on some smarts to make up for it,” said Long Chen.

Leng Yueyan was too powerful, so powerful that it was terrifying. She was like a goddess of death with no weak points. In truth, using this move to kill her made Long Chen a bit ashamed.

Leng Yueyan’s sapphire eyes looked into Long Chen’s eyes. She seemed to have seen through his heart and actually smiled. “You don’t need to feel ashamed. You should be proud. This is my first time being injured since I was five years old. The Corrupt path’s geniuses that have fallen to my hands are enough to form a huge mountain. In all these years, you’re the one who has had the greatest chance to kill me. Congratulations.”

Leng Yueyan had always been so emotionless, but now suddenly seeing her smile, it was like the blooming of a flower. It was incredibly moving, and Long Chen hastily focused himself on his sword so he wouldn’t get distracted.

The only thing he didn’t understand was that even with her death at hand, Leng Yueyan seemed extremely happy. It was like death was something worth celebrating for her.

He could see the excitement in her eyes. That was clearly her inner emotion, so he was puzzled.



Blood continued to drip from the sky. The sound was like the overture of death, causing the atmosphere to be strange.

“The feeling of being injured is excellent. I really like this feeling. And I like feeling so close to death even more. This feeling is so wonderful. But regretfully, in all these years, the number of people that could give me this feeling was pitifully low. Long Chen, you’re a real man. You arouse me...” An extremely rare tender light appeared in Leng Yueyan’s eyes. Combined with her words, Long Chen’s scalp immediately turned numb.

Although he had experienced much in this world, he had never seen someone like this who actually wanted to die but couldn’t run into any experts to kill them.

“That coward Xue You, he was never able to satisfy my desires. Long Chen, you’re much stronger than him.” Leng Yueyan looked at him, smiling.

“Are you finished with your last words? If you are, then sorry, but we’re all very busy. I don’t have that much time to waste,” said Long Chen coldly.

Although Leng Yueyan was a peak beauty, Long Chen had a profound understanding of just how terrifying this beauty was. He definitely wouldn’t be softhearted to her and do something as melodramatic as to spare her life in hopes that she would give her heart to him. Just thinking of that would be idiotic. This kind of woman could not be subdued.

“Why don’t you just let me experience this moving feeling for a bit longer? This feeling is too rare.” Leng Yueyan shook her head, unwilling to have things end so quickly.


A slightly disturbed feeling arose within Long Chen. Personally killing a practically god-like beauty wasn’t something that made him feel good. But in order to live longer, Long Chen still released the volcanic energy within his sword.


But that immense power that could easily destroy mountains was locked down by a strange energy. It was unable to erupt.

At the same time, a burst of pain came from his chest. Leng Yueyan’s bone sword had pierced his chest in the same place his sword was piercing hers.

“You’ve stabbed me, and I’ve also stabbed you. Now you can experience that moving feeling with me.” Leng Yueyan smiled excitedly.

Long Chen immediately didn’t dare to move. Leng Yueyan’s sword also contained a berserk energy. As long as she wished it, he would immediately be blown to pieces.

“Are you very curious?” Seeing Long Chen’s shock, Leng Yueyan lightly rubbed his cheek, a trace of warmth in her sapphire eyes. “You’re the only man to injure me in the same realm. So I’ll tell you a secret that only I know in this world. My bloodline comes from a supreme existence. My bloodline power is even greater than my combat power. You are unable to kill me. Long Chen, you’re a true man. Thank you for giving me this delightful feeling. To thank you, I’ll let you die painlessly.”

A terrifying aura began to erupt from Leng Yueyan’s sword as soon as she finished speaking.

Long Chen roared, and he circulated the thunderforce and the Earth Flame’s energy within his body. He forcibly sealed the energy on Leng Yueyan’s sword.

He had learned from her. Leng Yueyan’s blood had actually released a powerful defense that had blocked his sword’s energy from erupting. It was like ignited gunpowder that had been extinguished by ice water. Copying her, he used his thunderforce and flame energy to tightly lock Leng Yueyan’s sword. That was all he could do now.

Originally, when Leng Yueyan’s energy was about to erupt, the Eastern Wasteland Bell had been about to help. But seeing Long Chen suddenly come up with such a crazy thought, imitating his opponent’s bloodline force, it stopped.

Leng Yueyan’s energy was locked within her sword. As a result, Long Chen was pushed back by her sword, and blood trickled out of his mouth. Although he had imitated Leng Yueyan’s technique, he was unable to do it perfectly. A portion of that power had still leaked out and injured his insides.

Leng Yueyan was shocked. However, her sword continued pushing toward Long Chen, and the two of them still maintained their original posture with both swords in their chests as they flew through the air.

“Don’t be afraid. Death is something instantaneous. You don’t need to struggle, as that will just make you more afraid and pained.” Leng Yueyan shook her head.

Long Chen didn’t reply. He was completely focused on circulating his thunderforce and flame energy, locking Leng Yueyan’s energy. He couldn’t let it erupt within him, or he would definitely be dead.

He struggled with his life on the line. His head was rapidly working, trying to think of a way to escape his current crisis.

But Leng Yueyan was too powerful. Now that she had grabbed hold of this opportunity to kill him, there was no chance she would let go.

Just like that, Long Chen struggled with his life on the line, while Leng Yueyan also followed him. Suddenly, both their expressions changed. A terrifying pressure crashed down on them.

“Not good!” Leng Yueyan’s expression changed. At some unknown point, the two of them had flown over an abyss. The space around them was starting to twist.

A terrifying battle had once occurred in the Immemorial Path. The ground had shattered, and some of the large cracks still contained the laws from the battle back then. Once those laws were touched, the only possibility was death.

Leng Yueyan could no longer bother with killing Long Chen. The wings on her back shook and she flew back. Long Chen also regained his freedom, but he had a bad feeling.

He was appalled to realize that this abyss was thousands of miles wide. It was the largest abyss he had seen, and the two of them were already dozens of miles into it. They were in an extremely dangerous position.

The two of them were just about to leave this place when space twisted. A powerful suction force suddenly came from below. The darkness was like a huge mouth wanting to devour them.

Both of them realized the space around them had frozen. They were unable to go up or even fly anymore. They could only fall.

The two of them struggled as hard as they could, but that suction force was too strong. They could only watch as they fell. In just a moment, they were miles below ground..

Because they were unable to control their falling direction, the two of them ended up getting closer and closer. In the end, when they were practically right next to each other, Leng Yueyan’s sword suddenly slashed at Long Chen.

“Fuck, you still want to kill at this time?! Was your head kicked by a donkey?!” cursed Long Chen. Even at this time, she didn’t think about escaping. In his fury, he didn’t bother overthinking it. Flying Rainbow also unleashed a torrent of attacks against Leng Yueyan.

They began to fall even faster. The sky was just a line in their sight now.

At this moment, a terrifying aura suddenly rose within the abyss. That aura surged like a furious tide, instantly enveloping the two of them. Long Chen’s expression involuntarily changed.

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