Chapter 830 A Bitter Battle (Teaser)

Leng Yueyan’s sapphire eyes released endless killing intent. Her sword slashed down mercilessly while her terrifying aura caused the world to quiver in fear.

“Split the Heavens 2!” Long Chen also shouted, his spiritual yuan raging through eighteen acupuncture points.


It was like a collision of stars. A blinding light erupted and endless runes were blown apart. Long Chen was appalled. Leng Yueyan was too terrifying. This attack had sent Long Chen flying, and he almost coughed up blood.

Just at that moment, Leng Yueyan practically teleported beside him and stabbed her sword at his chest at an extremely tricky angle.

“What?!” Long Chen was appalled. What kind of monster was Leng Yueyan? How could she not have been affected by the shockwave of their attacks and could still unleash another attack?

But then seeing Leng Yueyan’s movement art, he suddenly realized it was a bit familiar.

“The Netherworld Ghost Steps?!”


Long Chen instinctively blocked with Flying Rainbow, just barely escaping that bone sword’s fatal attack.

“You know the Netherworld Ghost Steps?”

This was Leng Yueyan’s first...

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