Chapter 830 A Bitter Battle

Leng Yueyan’s sapphire eyes released endless killing intent. Her sword slashed down mercilessly while her terrifying aura caused the world to quiver in fear.

“Split the Heavens 2!” Long Chen also shouted, his spiritual yuan raging through eighteen acupuncture points.


It was like a collision of stars. A blinding light erupted and endless runes were blown apart. Long Chen was appalled. Leng Yueyan was too terrifying. This attack had sent Long Chen flying, and he almost coughed up blood.

Just at that moment, Leng Yueyan practically teleported beside him and stabbed her sword at his chest at an extremely tricky angle.

“What?!” Long Chen was appalled. What kind of monster was Leng Yueyan? How could she not have been affected by the shockwave of their attacks and could still unleash another attack?

But then seeing Leng Yueyan’s movement art, he suddenly realized it was a bit familiar.

“The Netherworld Ghost Steps?!”


Long Chen instinctively blocked with Flying Rainbow, just barely escaping that bone sword’s fatal attack.

“You know the Netherworld Ghost Steps?”

This was Leng Yueyan’s first time showing any emotion. She was clearly shocked he could shout out her movement art’s name. But that shock only lasted for the blink of an eye before she returned to her icy, apathetic self. She once more attacked Long Chen.

This time, her movement art appeared even more demonic and ephemeral. When she first swung her sword, she was to Long Chen’s left, but in the middle of the attack, her sword suddenly appeared to Long Chen’s right. In the end, when the sword was about to strike him, it appeared behind him.

Long Chen instinctively slashed his sword behind him without even looking. He perfectly blocked the bone sword.

From that one exchange, Long Chen confirmed Leng Yueyan was using the Netherworld Ghost Steps. But her Netherworld Ghost Steps was of a much, much higher level than the one he had learned.

He was barely able to see some clues based on the way she moved and the change in her aura. If it hadn’t been for his own experience with the Netherworld Ghost Steps, which allowed him to see through some of her movements, there would have been no way for him to block her practically ghost-like attack from the back.

“Fuck, that damn old ghost was definitely holding back and only taught me some superficial nonsense,” cursed Long Chen.

In truth, Long Chen had wrongly blamed Gui Sha. It wasn’t that he hadn’t wanted to teach him this higher level technique, but that his own status wasn’t high enough in the Corrupt path to learn it. He had only had the qualifications to learn that level of Netherworld Ghost Steps.

It had to be known that the Netherworld Ghost Steps was an extremely famous technique in the Corrupt path. To be able to learn even the first superficial level of it was already an immense honor, and It was all thanks to that superficial level that Long Chen was able to see through Leng Yueyan’s ghost-like attack. 

Long Chen became covered in thunderforce as he activated the Lightning Body Blink. The two of them pushed their speed to their peaks as they underwent an intense battle.

One was ghost-like and ephemeral, while one was like rushing lightning. Their two figures moved so quickly that it was impossible to track them with the naked eye.

Sword Qi filled the sky. It was practically impossible to see their figures anymore. It was a true competition of speed.

Long Chen was growing more and more shocked. This Leng Yueyan’s power just kept coming. It was no wonder Xue You would be so afraid of her. Each one of her attacks was fierce and vicious, with no room for compromise.

Furthermore, each one of her moves had clearly been tempered through hundreds and thousands of battles. Her battle experience was shockingly profound.

They exchanged almost a thousand blows. Because they were so fast, it only took an incense stick’s worth of time. But within these thousand exchanges, Long Chen wasn’t able to find the slightest mistake in any of her moves.

That didn’t mean that her moves were perfect, as there wasn’t anything truly perfect in this world. It was just that all her moves linked up to the next, so any openings were made up for. Furthermore, with her rapid attacks and movement, even Long Chen was only barely able to see those openings. But he wasn’t able to find any opportunity to counterattack.

“You’re very powerful. Unfortunately, you’re unable to release your power. Your movements are too clumsy. If you didn’t have such shocking combat instincts, you’d have long since died to my sword. But even so, you have no chance of victory. In less than an hour, you’ll die to my sword. Even if you have any powerful moves, you won’t be able to use them.” Leng Yueyan suddenly opened her mouth, but her sword didn’t slow down at all.

Long Chen snorted and didn’t reply. That was because there was nothing to say. Her words weren’t the slightest bit wrong. He wasn’t able to release any of his power against her.

Although Flying Rainbow was a Treasure item, it was too light, and it wasn’t able to release his true power. His fight with Leng Yueyan was basically a competition of swords, and so he was naturally at an immense disadvantage.

Right now, he was simply doing his best to endure. But he definitely couldn’t continue like this for long. Leng Yueyan was a terrifying killer, and her combat experience wasn’t any less than his own.

To release a powerful move against such an expert, it would require an opportunity. That was an extremely large problem for Long Chen now. No matter how strong his techniques were, if he was unable to release them, they wouldn't have any effect.

Long Chen had already activated his divine ring and brought himself to his peak state. But Leng Yueyan had also released her full power, and they seemed evenly matched. However, Long Chen knew that if they continued like this, his defeat was inevitable.

Leng Yueyan’s eyes were too monstrous. Although she wasn’t necessarily able to see through everything about him, she had still sensed several of his habits and weaknesses. She had seen through the fact that he wasn’t used to using a sword, and her plan was to use that to kill him with the smallest price.

Suddenly, countless golden runes appeared around Long Chen. Leng Yueyan’s first thought was that Long Chen was preparing to release some kind of powerful move, but when she clearly saw what those golden runes were, she was startled.

Those were the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King’s scales. They formed a golden sea that surged toward Leng Yueyan.

After being nourished within Long Chen’s spiritual space for so long, these scales were no different from ordinary Enchanted items to him. He could use them as he pleased.

Even Leng Yueyan wasn’t able to disregard this many Enchanted weapons. Her body wasn’t able to endure how sharp those scales were.

Her sword danced within that sea of scales. Those incomparably sharp scales, which even Enchanted items would find difficult to damage, were blown to bits whenever they touched Leng Yueyan’s sword.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

Long Chen had no choice but to unleash a full-strength attack. If this continued, all those scales would be destroyed by Leng Yueyan. Those were his best treasures for group battles.


Leng Yueyan was enveloped by the scales and couldn’t escape, so she could only take it head-on. As a result, she was sent flying.

“A good opportunity! Raging Flame Prison!”

Long Chen hastily formed hand seals. Space quivered as endless flame runes appeared around Leng Yueyan, trapping her.

Her expression suddenly changed as she sensed danger. Her sapphire eyes suddenly shot out two rays of light that were like two blades piercing the void.

“Heaven Netherworld Slash!”

Leng Yueyan’s bone sword suddenly blossomed with light. A ray of Sword Qi slashed onto one of the flame chains of the Raging Flame Prison.


Long Chen was appalled to see that her attack actually managed to sever the flame chain. Before the flame prison could completely form, she charged out.

Long Chen immediately understood what the Eastern Wasteland Bell had meant. Leng Yueyan’s Voidpiercing Eyes were too powerful.

As the user of the Raging Flame Prison, Long Chen naturally knew its weak point. The main one was that when the flame prison had yet to fully form, it was in its weakest state.

When the prison was first formed, the core flame runes would condense pillars. Those pillars would then condense the flame chains, and those flame chains would be formed of countless smaller runes.

Those runes were formed of heaven and earth’s purest flame energy. Long Chen used his own flame energy to control them and keep them linked.

In truth, each flame chain had a fatal weakness. That weakness was Long Chen’s flame energy.

When the flame prison first formed, he had to adhere his own flame energy on top of the runes in order to connect them into their prison form. Furthermore, his flame energy had to rapidly circulate throughout the entire prison, because that was the only way to keep the flame prison operating.

His flame energy would be wrapped around by heaven and earth’s flame energy, making it so others couldn’t sense it. But the Voidpiercing Eyes saw through it all.

Not only did she see through it, but Leng Yueyan had also shattered his flame energy at its weakest point, shattering the chain and escaping.

Long Chen groaned, coughing up blood. Having his flame prison be instantly destroyed as soon as it began to form, he suffered an extremely powerful backlash.

It was fortunate that the Earth Flame was very strong. The reverse flow of the world’s flame energy was brunted by it, allowing Long Chen to only suffer a slight injury.

“Fuck, how is she so difficult to deal with?!” raged Long Chen as he looked up at the god-like Leng Yueyan. The lotus flower rune was shining on her forehead.

Leng Yueyan had just rushed out of the raging flame prison, and the sword in her hand pointed several times. Following that, it looked as if the void had been pierced. A scarlet liquid flowed out as if the void was bleeding.

That scarlet liquid immediately transformed into blood-colored runes. When Leng Yueyan pointed the third time, Long Chen suddenly felt a chill. An extremely bad feeling arose in his heart. She was also planning on releasing one of her ultimate moves.

“Double Dragon Destruction!” Long Chen directly summoned Lei Long and Huo Long.

On the fifth time, Leng Yueyan pointed with her sword, half of a blood-colored figure appeared in the void. Heaven and earth transformed, seeming to become a hell on earth.


But only half of that figure’s body had appeared before the two dragons crashed into it. Blood-colored runes exploded and Leng Yueyan quivered, a trace of blood flowing out of the corner of her mouth. She had finally been injured.

“Sorry, don’t blame me for being vicious to a woman.”


The runes filling the air exploded. Long Chen’s figure appeared in front of Leng Yueyan, his sword stabbing into her chest.

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