Chapter 829 Devil Empress Leng Yueyan

“Leng Yueyan!”

Hearing that name, Long Chen’s heart shook.

He saw that this woman was wearing scarlet, skintight robes which revealed all her curves. Her body had practically reached the pinnacle of perfection. Her long hair fell naturally to her waist. That beautiful face was like a flawless jade. But that jade contained endless iciness.

The most unforgettable thing about her was her pair of ocean-blue eyes. They were like sapphires, yet also like stars in the night sky. Those eyes were beautiful enough to steal a person’s soul.

However, those beautiful eyes were chilling to the peak. Endless killing intent poured out of them.

Xue You turned pale as paper when he saw Leng Yueyan. His eyes were filled with endless terror, and he hastily fled from her.

A sword came out of its sheath. It was like a bolt of lightning slashing through space to reach Xue You. That dumbfounded Long Chen. What was going on?

A single slash of Leng Yueyan’s sword sealed all the space around Xue You. She had struck so quickly, that even Long Chen hadn’t seen how she had moved. Her sword-light reached Xue You in an instant.

Xue You had been prepared and fled as soon as he had seen Leng Yueyan, but even when he tried to block with his sword, he was unable to keep up with Leng Yueyan’s demonic speed. His other leg left his body.

“You bitch Leng Yueyan! And you bastard Long Chen, just wait! Devil Eye Blood Escape!”

Xue You furiously roared. His third eye opened and black blood poured out from it. That blood transformed into runes that wrapped around him. Space twisted, and just like that, he escaped from Long Chen and Leng Yueyan’s sight.

This was Xue You’s life-saving technique. He wouldn’t easily use it, because it caused immense injury to his devil eye. In fact, the sequelae might be permanent. But he had no other choice.

Seeing that Xue You was still able to escape in this kind of situation, Long Chen felt a bit powerless. People on this level really weren’t easy to deal with. All kinds of techniques poured out of them endlessly.

The only thing that he couldn’t figure out was how the Corrupt King Xue You and the Devil Empress Leng Yueyan would fight as soon as they saw each other. Weren’t they the Corrupt path’s top experts? Leng Yueyan had clearly been intending on taking Xue You’s life.

Just as he was bewildered by this, he saw Leng Yueyan slowly turn back as if Xue You’s escape wasn’t the slightest bit out of her expectations.

Her sapphire eyes sparkled with an icy light. Being looked at by those eyes, Long Chen had a sensation that all his secrets were being seen through.

Seeing her just looking at him, he felt his hair stand on end. Was this an intimidation tactic?

Leng Yueyan looked at Long Chen, and Long Chen looked at Leng Yueyan. Long Chen was startled to see that Leng Yueyan was practically not human.

She was just too perfect. There wasn’t the slightest flaw on her body. Even her eyebrows seemed to be identical down to the hair. She was like the masterpiece of a god.

But this unbelievably beautiful woman possessed a terrifying aura. When looking at her, no one would feel any amicability. It was more like they were staring at a goddess of death that would take their life at will.

Only now that Leng Yueyan had turned back did Long Chen notice her sword. It sparkled like white jade. It was actually a bone sword.

It was unknown whether that bone came from a human or a Magical Beast. It released a malevolent air as if it had come from hell and thirsted to devour other people’s souls.

Long Chen quickly scanned all of Leng Yueyan’s body. But Leng Yueyan was still just looking at Long Chen without saying a word.

Was she trying to compete in terms of stubbornness? Long Chen’s guard was raised. Leng Yueyan was an even more terrifying expert than Xue You, or Xue You wouldn’t be so terrified of her.

Leng Yueyan continued to look at Long Chen, and he continued to look back at her. But that tense atmosphere was difficult to endure. Although his opponent was a peerless beauty, he couldn’t look at her as a woman. She was definitely a vicious character.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. This was a silent competition. Whoever got impatient first would fall into the disadvantageous position.

“You are Devil Empress Leng Yueyan?” Completely on guard, Long Chen still opened his mouth in the end. Just staying silent like this wasn’t a solution.

Leng Yueyan was expressionless. Long Chen felt like his robes were being seen through. Her gaze seemed to be able to easily penetrate him.

“Are you mute?” Long Chen frowned.

But even such a provocation didn’t cause any fluctuations in Leng Yueyan.

“She is calculating your weakness and habits from your outer form. If you don’t take the initiative, her first attack will very likely take your life,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“What? How could that be possible?”

“The cultivation technique she trains in is different from everyone else. Those eyes of her are called Voidpiercing Eyes. That name comes from how they are able to see through all emptiness, all lies. Through your posture, your movements, the way you hold your sword, how you breathe, your eyes, and even the veins in your muscles, she is able to calculate your habits and find your fatal weaknesses,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He hadn’t expected Leng Yueyan to be that terrifying. If it weren’t for the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s warning, he wouldn’t have even realized he was already in a disadvantageous position.

He immediately took the initiative. As one of the Martial Heaven Continent’s legendary divine items, he knew the Eastern Wasteland Bell wouldn’t trick him over something like this. Furthermore, he was also feeling more and more uneasy as if danger was getting closer.

His sword slashed forth. Leng Yueyan also moved, her bone sword shooting forward. Her speed was incredible. She had only just moved when her sword reached its peak speed.

Long Chen’s hand trembled as he almost lost his grip on his sword. His attack was easily blocked. He hadn’t expected Leng Yueyan to possess such wrist strength. 

Using a sword was different from using a saber. A saber relied on brute force, not technique. It relied on using the arm to release the entire body’s power.

But a sword was much more refined. It relied on subtle changes and variations. It required wrist strength to control those subtle changes, so it had high requirements in that regard.

Although Long Chen was using a sword now, in truth, he was simply using his saber techniques. His wrist strength might be strong, but he didn’t know anything about controlling those subtle changes. As a result, he immediately lost out in their first exchange.

Having his sword blocked, Long Chen immediately knew the situation had turned sour. Leng Yueyan’s sword was already piercing toward his chest. That speed was so quick that there was no time to react. Long Chen had never fought an opponent with such rapid attacks.

His chest was pierced, but he ignored it. His sword was directly slashing at Leng Yueyan’s waist. No matter how he tried or blocked, it would already be too late. If the power in Leng Yueyan’s sword was allowed to erupt inside his chest, then even if he didn’t die, he would be heavily injured.

He could only choose to sacrifice his life to take her life. This was the only method to use when there were no other methods. Leng Yueyan was too fast, so fast that it was practically beyond human limits. By the time you saw her move, you would already be struck.

Long Chen’s chest erupted as Leng Yueyan extracted her sword and blocked Long Chen’s attack. She had timed everything perfectly.

This time, sparks flew and a metallic ringing erupted. It was like that bone blade wasn’t bone, but metal.

Long Chen had used all his power this time, so Leng Yueyan was forced back a few steps. Although Leng Yueyan had an advantage in wrist strength, in absolute power, she still wasn’t his match.

“Divine ring! Battle armor!”

Long Chen instantly erupted with his strongest power. He changed to wielding his sword with two hands, hacking it down at Leng Yueyan. Space rumbled intensely.

Long Chen had also seen that Leng Yueyan was a close-range fighter. Her combat experience was extremely profound, while he wasn’t used to using a sword. If he fought with technique, he would just be courting death. He would have to use his sword as a saber and fight through brute force.

He slashed his sword three times, each slash stronger than the last. Gale winds erupted and the ground split apart. Leng Yueyan was forced back hundreds of meters.

“The Blood Netherflower Blooms, Nethergod Summoning!”

Suddenly her scarlet robes began to drift as if flames were raging inside. Endless runes appeared behind her, showing that she was a rank three Celestial.

A huge flower blossomed on Leng Yueyan’s forehead. The flower was the shape of a lotus and had three colors. At the center, there was a blood-red light. An extremely icy aura flowed down the petals and enveloped Leng Yueyan’s body.

It was an extremely beautiful scene. She was a peerlessly beautiful woman, and the three-colored lotus was surrounded by the mist. She seemed indistinct within that mist, appearing like an immortal.

But Long Chen didn’t find it beautiful. All he felt was shock. He just realized how terrifying Leng Yueyan was. She was truly like a goddess of death. When she looked at him, he couldn’t see the slightest human emotion. All he saw was icy killing intent.

Leng Yueyan pointed her bone sword at the sky. A huge image of a sword appeared with endless runes within it.

Following her actions, her sword suddenly blossomed with light, and that immense image was absorbed into her true sword.

“Netherworld Ghost Slash!”

Leng Yueyan’s sword mercilessly slashed down at Long Chen. A terrifying aura caused heaven and earth to tremble!

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