Chapter 828 The Furious Xue You

When those two immense blades collided, the entire world seemed to become dark. That was because that collision caused heaven and earth to lose all their light. There was no sound for thousands of miles.

Long Chen was horrified. Just now, he hadn’t done anything at all. It was like Flying Rainbow had been provoked and automatically released its own power in response.

As for Xue You, his head had already reattached to his body. He was also looking up in horror. He had never imagined that Long Chen could activate a Treasure item’s power without sacrificing anything.

It had to be known that he had sacrificed all the blood from when Long Chen had cut off his head to activate his black sword’s power.

This black sword was one of the Corrupt path’s Treasure items. Xue You had been nourishing it for many years, but even he still needed to sacrifice his essence blood to activate it.

A Treasure item had its own item-spirit, its own intelligence, as well as its own pride. According to reason, without reaching at least Sea Expansion, there was no way to activate a Treasure item.

But there were all sorts of secret arts in this world. For example, Xue You had formed a contract with his Treasure item. The Treasure item felt that its owner was a bit weak, but it depended on his essence blood, so it was willing to listen to his orders.

But Xue You had still paid a steep price to activate this attack. The majority of his essence blood had been sucked away just now.

On the other hand, Long Chen hadn’t sacrificed anything, but that sword had voluntarily released its power to fight for him. That kind of treatment was immensely different.

Limitless power was colliding in the air. The spectators were all horrified. It looked as if it was the end of the world. They began to hastily flee.


The two blades blossomed with a light brighter than the sun. A terrifying energy was pouring out from the core of the two blades. The light was rapidly growing.

In front of that light, mountains were instantly blown to smithereens. Some of the closer experts didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before being blown into bloody mist.

The two Treasure items had released their power. Everything within thousands of miles was razed, and everything that light touched was destroyed. Even Long Chen was wildly vomiting blood. He felt like his body was being torn apart.

He was appalled. This was a Treasure item’s true power? It was truly too terrifying.

It was a good thing he had the primal chaos space. His injuries were rapidly healing. With the Spirit World’s immense trees, he was able to heal even Heavenly Dao injuries.

After releasing their powerful attack, both Treasure items returned to their normal size and flew back to their owners. In that previous collision, there had been no winner.

Long Chen didn’t wait for Flying Rainbow to return. He shot forward, grabbing it on the way.

Xue You was in the midst of recovering. He still hadn’t recovered from his shock, but the battle-hardened Long Chen wouldn’t let this opportunity escape him. Sword-light slashed down mercilessly.

Xue You sensed him immediately, but Long Chen was too fast. He rapidly retreated but was still too slow.

Flying Rainbow slashed down, severing his leg. Although Xue You had managed to preserve his life, he had lost a limb.

Xue You was fortunate he was strong enough. When Flying Rainbow had pierced his body, his runes had held back a portion of its power. Otherwise, that slash wouldn’t have cut off just one of his legs. Instead, it would have destroyed all his lower body.

“Heavenly Dao Recover-” Countless runes flew to that severed leg.

“Fuck off!”

Would Long Chen give him that opportunity? He directly grabbed the leg, not letting him reattach it. His sword once more slashed down.


Xue You hastily dodged with his sword. As a result, he was sent flying without a leg. Unable to keep his balance, he tumbled across the ground.

“Hand over your other four limbs as well!”

Long Chen shot after him, stabbing his sword at him.

But when Xue You blocked it, Long Chen swung his other hand. A bloody leg slapped across Xue You’s face.

Xue You was sent flying by his own leg. He tumbled across the ground, appearing incredibly wretched.

Their previous collision of Treasure items had killed quite a few of the spectators. But for many of them, it was unlikely they would ever get another chance to see a battle on this level. So there were still quite a few people continuing to watch despite the danger. Seeing Long Chen sever Xue You’s leg, they felt a chill. He was truly ruthless.

Then seeing Long Chen draw Xue You’s attention with the sword in his right hand only to slap him with his own leg from his other hand, their eyes almost popped out. They had never seen such a fighting style.

“Long Chen, just wait! I’ll repay this enmity to you a million times! Not just you, but everyone close to you, your sect, I’ll refine all their souls and make it so they can never reincarnate!”


Xue You was forced to desperation by Long Chen. In his fury, he slashed apart the leg in Long Chen’s hand. To personally destroy his own leg gave him a sour feeling. Perhaps only Xue You could understand that feeling.

Although Xue You was a rank three Celestial, regenerating a leg would not only require time, but it would also require a great deal of his core energy.

If his body was severed, then he could reconnect it and immediately recover. But if his body had disappeared, there was no way he could reform it instantly.

“You’re still threatening me? Courting a slap!”

Long Chen furiously attacked and the only thing remaining in his left hand was a shoe. His sword unleashed a torrent of attacks, forcing the one-legged Xue You back miserably.


A clear sound rang out, shaking heaven and earth. Xue You spun in circles. By the time he stabilized, the image of a shoe print on his face was extremely clear.

Those spectators felt like they were going crazy. The Corrupt path’s supreme expert, the Corrupt King Xue You, had actually been slapped in the face by a shoe. And furthermore… it was his own shoe.

“Fuck, your skin really is thick enough. It’s thicker than the bottom of a shoe.” Looking at the ruined shoe in his hand, Long Chen snorted and tossed it to the ground. He shot forward with his sword.


Xue You released a heaven-shaking roar. His hair stood on end, and his eyes were completely scarlet. In all his life, he had never been this furious. This humiliation was something he had never imagined would befall him.

“Long Chen, just wait! If I, Xue You, don’t kill you, then I’ll swear I’m not human!” Xue You suddenly spat blood onto his sword. His sword shook and turned into a black ray that shot away with him.

“Everyone’s busy and I don’t have time to wait. Let’s resolve things now!” Long Chen sneered. Lightning wings appeared on his back, and the lightning whirlpools in his body fully activated.

Xue You was relying on the black sword’s speed to get away. He had already realized that if they continued, there was no way for him to win. Although he was a bit unwilling, he had no other choice.

But he had only just shot off when he suddenly noticed Long Chen had turned into a bolt of lightning that was chasing him. His speed wasn’t the slightest bit lower than his black sword.

While chasing, Long Chen raised Flying Rainbow, and Sword Qi slashed forward. Even flying didn’t affect his attacks.

In truth, Long Chen had realized that the Lightning Body Blink’s strongest aspect was its rapid speed in one direction. In battle, he normally only used half of the lightning whirlpools, while the other half were closed. When he moved forward, he would activate the back half, and when he moved back, he would activate the front half. That was to control the direction of his body. 

But when rushing long-distance in one direction, he could turn all the lightning whirlpools to one direction. That pushed his speed to the peak. Even Long Chen felt that moving this fast was a bit terrifying. If he smashed into a solid mountain like this, perhaps he would be crushed to death.

But his speed was truly shocking. And he could even unleash attacks while flying. That stunned Xue You.

He had activated his Treasure item to flee. But at this time, his Treasure item was only capable of carrying him. He couldn’t use it to defend anymore. He hastily and forcibly switched it from its flying mode to its fighting mode to block.

Xue You blocked Long Chen’s attack, but he vomited blood and shot back like a shooting star. He directly pierced through seven mountains.

Those seven mountains were fine. But there was a hole with the size of Xue You in each of them now. Xue You continued flying for many miles, continuously vomiting blood. This attack had almost taken his life.

He was finally horrified. He was unable to defeat Long Chen, and now he was unable to flee. A sensation of death welled up from his heart. This was his first time feeling this kind of terror.

Just at this moment, Long Chen had already caught up. He once more slashed down with his sword.

Xue You roared furiously. He couldn’t just wait for his death. He once more activated his sword, slashing it at Long Chen. Long Chen was forced back hundreds of meters, while Xue You was once more sent flying.

Long Chen immediately stabilized himself and shot back toward Xue You. Despite taking the absolute advantage, he still didn’t dare to be careless.

Xue You possessed exceedingly terrifying curse arts. Once Long Chen was cursed, this advantage of his would vanish. In fact, the situation would very likely reverse. He couldn’t give such a powerful expert any opportunity.

Long Chen chased, refusing to allow Xue You to have time to form hand seals. But just as he was about to catch up to him, he suddenly noticed a woman not far behind Xue You. He was startled and hastily stopped, vigilantly staring at her. This woman’s aura was exceedingly terrifying, and it made him feel endless pressure. Furthermore, she was wearing the Corrupt path’s robes.

“Leng Yueyan!” Xue You let out a startled cry.

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