Chapter 828 The Furious Xue You (Teaser)

When those two immense blades collided, the entire world seemed to become dark. That was because that collision caused heaven and earth to lose all their light. There was no sound for thousands of miles.

Long Chen was horrified. Just now, he hadn’t done anything at all. It was like Flying Rainbow had been provoked and automatically released its own power in response.

As for Xue You, his head had already reattached to his body. He was also looking up in horror. He had never imagined that Long Chen could activate a Treasure item’s power without sacrificing anything.

It had to be known that he had sacrificed all the blood from when Long Chen had cut off his head to activate his black sword’s power.

This black sword was one of the Corrupt path’s Treasure items. Xue You had been nourishing it for many years, but even he still needed to sacrifice his essence blood to activate it.

A Treasure item had its own item-spirit, its own intelligence, as well as its own pride. According to reason, without reaching...

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