Chapter 827 A Treasure Item’s True Body

Long Chen was chasing Xue You. He had lightning wings on his back, and there were lightning whirlpools in his body. His speed far surpassed Xue You, but Xue You refused to face him head-on.

When Long Chen tried to use one of his powerful moves, Xue You would always use some sort of secret art to escape his lock. If he couldn’t lock down his opponent, then the chances of failure were just too high. No matter how strong the technique, if it was unable to hit your opponent, then it was useless.

The two of them were deadlocked, fighting as they traveled. Sword Qi flew, mountains collapsed. It was an amazing and imposing sight.

Xue You had tried activating his Treasure item to run, but Long Chen didn’t give him any chance to do so. Furthermore, Xue You was also unwilling to flee just like this. He was trying to find an opportunity to kill Long Chen. As a generation’s genius, he definitely wouldn’t allow himself to be defeated so easily.

As the two of them fought, they startled countless people searching for treasures. The two of them were like shooting stars. Rumbling filled the air wherever they passed, and mountains split in front of them. Those people all felt their scalps turn numb upon seeing that.

“Who are those two? What level of battle is this?!”

“Heavens, isn’t that the Corrupt path’s supreme expert, the Corrupt King Xue You?!”

“Xue You?! One of the Corrupt path’s top two experts, claimed to be unrivaled? The one who has never been beaten in the same realm?”

“Are you telling stories? Never been beaten in the same realm? Then what is happening right here? It looks like Xue You’s the one who’s been beaten into a dog. He’s covered in blood and running. That doesn’t count as a loss?”

“Damn, who is that person? When did our Righteous path give birth to such a terrifying figure?”

“Isn’t that… isn’t that Long Chen? Heavens, it really is senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!” Two Righteous disciples let out a startled cry upon seeing Long Chen’s face.

They were disciples from the sects subordinate to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Before entering, they had seen Long Chen. Back then, Long Chen had been quite low-key, perfectly content to let Shui Guanzhi and the other Four Heavenly Geniuses hog the spotlight.

But later, the Remote Heaven Gang had provoked them, and even the Feather race’s Yu Changhao and the Bloodkill Hall’s Huang Junmo had pointed their spears at him. He had become the focus, so everyone who had been there now recognized him.

However, the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path had two large entrances to the Immemorial Path. There were also quite a few unpopular smaller entrances. So not everyone recognized Long Chen.

Those who recognized him had thought that Long Chen would be doomed after so many experts had singled him out as their targets.

But now, Long Chen was incredibly imposing. His sword-light was brilliant and powerful, even forcing the Corrupt path’s Xue You to flee so miserably. Their jaws almost fell to the ground at the sight of this.

Brandishing his sword with his two dragons roaring around him, Long Chen’s aura was like a furious dragon that couldn’t be stopped. That ‘unrivaled’ Xue You was forced to flee like a dog.

“Lord Xue You, Gui Li has come to help!”

Suddenly, a man from the Corrupt path appeared. He was extremely tall and sturdy. He held a spiked club that he smashed at Long Chen.

An image of a giant appeared behind him. With each step he took, the ground quivered.

“A rank three Celestial!”

The hidden spectators were all startled. Within that illusory giant, there were three different runes circulating. Once he joined hands with Xue You, would Long Chen be the one forced to run?

Long Chen was also startled. Now it was troublesome. If it was at an ordinary time, he might not care about such a person. But this was a critical moment, and he could cause a big problem.

“Die! Corrupt Energy Mountain Splitting Club!”

That Corrupt expert raised his spiked club while he was still in the distance. The illusory giant behind also followed his actions, raising its own spiked club. Suddenly, their two bodies superimposed. An image of a huge club covered in runes whistled down.

The spectators were all horrified. This was a rank three Celestial’s full-strength attack. Whoever touched it would die. But they saw that Long Chen didn’t seem to have any intention of dodging.

In truth, Long Chen also thought of dodging as he didn’t want to waste his energy. But if he dodged the first move, that expert would have an opening to release a rain of unending attacks on him. That would be even more troublesome.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

Sword Qi soared into the heavens. A domineering will erupted. In that instant, the world seemed to freeze.


The sword fell. People were only able to see a sky-full of runes erupt, the ground shatter, and endless waves of dust and earth fly. It was those with the stronger cultivation bases that were appalled.

That was because they were the first to sense that the club-bearing Corrupt expert’s aura had disappeared. And for his aura to disappear now, there was only one possibility. That was that he had been killed.

He had still been one-shotted despite using his full strength? No one could believe this result. That was a rank three Celestial, one of the peak experts currently on the Immemorial Path.

But there was no choice but to believe it. When the dust scattered, the Corrupt expert’s corpse had truly disappeared. Only the scent of blood still lingered in the air.

After killing him, Long Chen was also blown back. This was all Xue You needed to distance himself.

“Lei Long, Huo Long, quickly kill him!” Long Chen immediately had a bad feeling. He hastily had Lei Long and Huo Long attack Xue You. It was too late for him to reach him now. Xue You was already rapidly forming hand seals.

“Hahaha, it’s too late. You can die now! Hell Poison Curse!”

Xue You laughed. He had finally obtained the opportunity he had been looking for. Black blood dripped down from his third eye, and a bizarre image appeared in front of him. In the blink of an eye, the mist began to billow toward Long Chen.

That black mist was countless tiny runes. When they passed through Lei Long and Huo Long, Lei Long didn’t react, but black smoke began to emit from Huo Long’s body.

“This curse is afraid of fire!” Long Chen was delighted to see this.

But he also didn’t dare to be careless. He knew that those curse runes were extremely domineering. Even just getting infected by the slightest bit of them would cause him to be cursed. It had nothing to do with how many he was touched by. Their immense number was just to increase the odds of succeeding.

Suddenly, Huo Long disappeared and a huge flame sphere appeared in Long Chen’s hand.

“Little Snow!”

Little Snow appeared behind Long Chen. He shot out a sphere of wind blades that enveloped Long Chen’s flame sphere. The two of them were once more releasing their combined wind-flame attack.


When the flames borrowed the power of the wind, their range increased explosively. Those black runes of Xue You were all incinerated into black smoke.

As soon as Xue You had released the Hell Poison Curse, he had begun forming new hand seals. The Hell Poison Curse was just an irritant. It made poisonous insects appear within a person’s blood. It would consume that blood and then become parasites within the body.

But that kind of curse could only affect average experts. Xue You hadn’t had any hopes of this curse stopping Long Chen. All he wanted was for it to stall for a bit. While Long Chen wiped away those runes, he would unleash his second curse.

Just as Xue You was about to unleash his second curse, Lei Long appeared by his side. It crazily attacked him, and making it so he was unable to complete the hand seals. In his fury, he unstintingly spent his core runic energy to form a barrier around him. It temporarily held back Lei Long while he continued forming hand seals.

When Long Chen released that wind-flame combination attack, Xue You had reached the final stages of his second attack.

A blood-red rune appeared in front of his body, and it possessed an extremely corrosive aura. It was an exceedingly powerful weakening curse and was much stronger than the one Long Chen had been afflicted with. Once Long Chen was struck, he would be weaker than a dog.

However, this curse required a long time to activate. That time was what the Hell Poison Curse had bought for him.

“You can die now! Hell Blood-” Xue You shouted, pushing the rune in front of him forward.


But before that rune could fly out, a chilling light flashed through Xue You’s back. His neck was directly severed. At the same time, it severed his curse.

“You really should die now.” Long Chen snorted. It really had been too dangerous just now. If he had been the slightest bit slower, the consequences would have been dire. Fortunately, he had made it.

After slicing off Xue You’s head, Long Chen didn’t hesitate. Flying Rainbow slashed down on Xue You’s head. He would completely kill him.

“Keep dreaming! Blood Sacrifice Ghost Sword!”

Xue You roared furiously. Instantly, his black sword appeared in front of him, and it immediately absorbed all the blood Xue You was bleeding.


The black sword rapidly grew to a length of three hundred meters. A sinister aura erupted from it as it slashed down on Long Chen.

Long Chen was startled. He didn’t know how Xue You had done this, but he had actually activated his Treasure item’s power. That was beyond imagination.

It had to be known that Treasure items were weapons for Ancestors. Although people like them were capable of using them, they were unable to bring out a Treasure item’s true power. That power was beyond their ability to control.

The huge black sword was surrounded by revolving black qi. What sounded like the cries of millions of ghosts came from it. This sword demanded Long Chen’s life. It was unavoidable.

Long Chen had never expected Xue You to possess such a move. In truth, this trump card was something Xue You would never use unless he had no alternative. He had sacrificed his own blood to activate a trace of his Treasure item’s power. He had no choice now, or he would die.

Just as Long Chen was facing a Treasure item’s attack, Flying Rainbow suddenly left his hand. It turned into streaking rainbow light that slashed onto the black sword.


The two immense blades collided.

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