Chapter 826 A Battle Between a Dragon and a Tiger

“What power!”

Long Chen was shocked. He had already protected himself with his thunderforce, but this attack had still destroyed his hand.

It had to be known that his current power was much, much greater than before. The Enlightenment Palace Star had reached the eighth star transformation, and his physical body had been greatly strengthened, to the point that it was several times stronger than before. But he was still injured.

However, this kind of injury was instantly healed with the primal chaos bead. He sheathed his sword behind his back and rapidly formed hand seals.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

A lightning and flame dragon shot out, roaring furiously. Xue You’s expression changed. This attack’s power was something he had personally experienced. Even back then, it had caused him a great deal of trouble. Now Long Chen was using it at full power, and its power caused his scalp to turn numb.

Xue You suddenly took out a bone. That bone was glossy like jade, but it was covered in lines. It released an evil air.

It looked to be a human skull. As soon as it left Xue You’s hand, it began to grow, becoming hundreds of meters tall.


The two dragons crashed into the skull. The skull instantly shattered. Following that, endless Devil Qi transformed into a black monster that fought against them.

Long Chen was startled. This skull had actually been sealing a soul that was capable of fighting.

But Long Chen was still confident. That soul might be extremely powerful, but it was suppressed by Lei Long and Huo Long. There was no danger to them. As long as they were given enough time, they would be able to defeat it.

In truth, Xue You was quite distressed. That skull was something he had obtained from an ancient devil’s skeleton. Inside had been the slightest discarnate soul.

Xue You had constantly fed living people’s souls to it for it to become stronger. As long as it was given enough Spiritual Strength, it would have eventually become an exceedingly terrifying existence.

But nourishing such a soul was extremely dangerous. He definitely couldn’t allow it to become stronger than himself, or there was a danger of it taking over his body.

So once that soul grew close enough to his own power, he would stop feeding it. Once he broke through to Sea Expansion, he would have continued feeding it souls and raising its power.

But the Double Dragon Destruction Long Chen had released wasn’t a Battle Skill. He was letting those two existences within him freely attack. Even if he could block their first attack, they would constantly entangle him, and with Long Chen’s ghost-like movement art, his life would be in danger.

So despite knowing that it would be restricted, Xue You had still sacrificed this soul to hold back Lei Long and Huo Long. It was his only choice, or he would definitely be defeated today.

The thing that startled both Long Chen and Xue You was that the soul had only appeared for a moment before a strange energy caused it to explode. Then it just disappeared.

“What… what just happened?!” Xue You was appalled, filled with disbelief.

As for Long Chen, just as he was stunned, the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s voice rang out in his mind. “Hehe, that was not bad. It was quite nourishing, even if it was so little.”

The Eastern Wasteland Bell possessed its own item-spirit. It could be considered a spiritual existence, and after this many years, it had reached its limit. Having run out of energy, it had been close to dissipating.

The experts that Long Chen had previously killed had had their souls absorbed by it before they could dissipate. Those were treasures that could help it heal.

However, compared to this soul beast, those souls had been nothing more than appetizers. This soul was the main course, and it would allow it to recover a bit of its power.

Seeing his soul beast disappear, Xue You was stunned. But Long Chen quickly recovered and he flashed into motion, his sword arriving right next to Xue You.

Xue You hastily blocked. There was no time for him to bother about what had happened with the soul beast. But just as he blocked Long Chen’s sword, Lei Long and Huo Long also roared and attacked him.

Xue You chose to block Long Chen’s sword. As a result, Lei Long and Huo Long struck him, causing him to vomit blood and shoot back. He was like a meteorite, and he left a huge crater in the ground. Dust erupted.

“You want to run? Leave your life behind first!”

Long Chen snorted. He slashed his sword down. Sword-light pierced the ground.


A long gorge appeared in the ground. A miserable figure flew out, vomiting blood.

The instant Xue You had been sent crashing into the ground, he had used the earth to conceal the fact that he was preparing to flee. But with Long Chen’s divine sense locked onto him, was it possible he would give him that chance?

Furthermore, Long Chen knew that this fellow was extremely powerful. He wouldn’t run just like this. In truth, he should be trying to gain distance to use some sort of secret art. Having seen through that, he ruined his plan with a slash of his sword.

Long Chen chased after Xue You. Lei Long and Huo Long were rumbling in the air, accompanying him in attacking Xue You, causing him to appear extremely miserable.

“Corrupt Spirit Space Lock!”

Xue You suddenly shouted and formed hand seals. That image of a fiend’s face once more appeared, and Long Chen felt as if space had frozen. It was like he had been encased in an iceberg.

“Hmph.” Long Chen snorted and circulated the primal chaos bead. He unleashed the full power of his physical body.

Cracks like ice shattering appeared in the air. The spatial strength confining Long Chen broke.

“Split the Heavens!”

Long Chen didn’t hesitate. Sword Qi slashed forward. The Split the Heavens Battle Skill could be used with a sword or saber. Although he was a bit unused to using a sword, he had to admit that using a sword allowed him to unleash Split the Heavens faster. It was just that it didn’t have enough power behind it.

However, that was made up for with Flying Rainbow’s sharpness. Its power was still incredible.

Xue You hadn’t expected Long Chen to break free from his lock so easily. Before he could finish his new hand seals, Long Chen’s attack had already arrived. He hastily broke off his hand seals and blocked with his sword.

Xue You once more vomited blood and flew back. He couldn’t help groaning. This time, it had not been a light injury.

“You want to unleash a curse right in front of me?” Long Chen sneered. From the moment Xue You had charged underground and fled, Long Chen had guessed what he was thinking.

The Corrupt path’s curses were extremely difficult to deal with. Last time, Long Chen had been weakened into a dog by a curse and almost lost his life. Did Xue You think he wouldn’t be on guard against it this time?

As soon as Xue You had used that spatial magical art, Long Chen had guessed he was trying to stall to activate a curse. So he hadn’t hesitated.

And as expected, this fellow had been in the midst of activating a curse. But it was interrupted midway, which definitely would have caused a backlash.

This particular curse had a short activation time, so it definitely hadn’t reached the level of the Yama King Blood Curse. But it still wouldn’t be good to be struck by it.

Long Chen couldn’t help but feel lucky. It was no wonder that Xue You so desperately wanted that armored lizard. If he had the defense of the armored lizard, and he protected the weak point at its forehead, Xue You would be able to freely release curses from the armored lizard’s back.

This fellow was actually not skilled in close-range combat. Instead, he specialized in long-range curses. It was no wonder he was constantly trying to gain distance.

Thinking of that, Long Chen knew that he definitely couldn’t allow that to happen. Experiencing a curse once was enough. He activated the Lightning Body Blink, chasing after Xue You.

But Xue You’s movement art was also extremely fast, as dozens of miles were traversed in an instant. However, in front of the Lightning Body Blink, that speed wasn’t enough. Long Chen still caught up.

Xue You not only had to block Long Chen’s sudden attacks, but he also had to block Lei Long and Huo Long. His black sword was dancing through the air as he miserably fled, occasionally coughing up blood.

His strongest points were his magical arts and curses. Those two things required forming hand seals and drawing heaven and earth’s energy. They also needed time to use.

This was also why Long Chen hadn’t used the Raging Flame Prison. Magical arts might be limitlessly powerful, but in a true battle, they didn’t have much use, especially in a one against one. It was difficult to get a chance to use them.

In a life and death battle, who would just stand there and watch you unleash your ultimate move? That kind of situation would only occur on the martial arenas of those large sects. Those ‘incomparable geniuses’ might be able to use them then, but not in a battle.

A true battle changed in the blink of an eye, and the slightest mistake could lead to a defeat. This kind of battle always relied on experience and smarts.

In Long Chen’s eyes, those competitions on martial arenas were no different than cockfighting. They were competing over who was more ornamental and whose moves looked more beautiful. To put it frankly, it was a competition of who was more of an idiot.

Although he currently had the advantage, the slightest mistake could lead to him being struck by Xue You’s curse. Then that would very likely lead to a complete reversal, and the one to die in the end would be him.

So in a fight against experts like Xue You, you couldn’t reveal the slightest opening. In the same way, Xue You also wouldn’t reveal any openings to him. In this kind of battle, that kind of opening signified the end of the battle.

While Xue You fled and fought, he had no choice but to admit that he wasn’t Long Chen’s match when it came to close-range fighting. He was searching for an opportunity as he fled.

“This is your so-called unable to endure ten exchanges?” sneered Long Chen as he forced Xue You to run.

However, although he had taken the advantage, he was shocked by how strong Xue You was. Even in this kind of situation, he was unable to find an opening to take his life. Furthermore, he didn’t dare to be greedy and force it. He had to take it steadily.

In this kind of high-speed chase, if he tried to unleash one of his ultimate moves, it would create a gap between them. Either Xue You would get away, or he would unleash a curse. So Long Chen was also in a difficult situation. He had to continue chasing and attack Xue You, or once he opened up the distance, he would be the one in danger.

Hearing Long Chen’s sneer, Xue You’s face became burning hot. Thinking of his big words, they were like a slap in his face now.

“Bastard, you are courting death!” roared Xue You. Long Chen was speechless to see that this idiot actually tossed out some vicious words before continuing to flee.

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