Chapter 825 Once More Fighting Xue You

At some unknown point, Long Chen had appeared on top of the armored lizard’s head. He winked at Xue You while leaning on an unremarkable sword.

“Long Chen!”

Seeing Long Chen, especially that evil smile on his face, an extremely bad feeling arose in Xue You’s heart.

“After hearing you brag about it so much and for so long, I don’t even know if you’re telling the truth or not anymore, so let me test it.” Long Chen smiled, and just like that, he stabbed his sword at the armored lizard.

The place he was standing on was precisely its fatal weak point. Furthermore, the armored lizard had just had a slave mark placed on it. Its soul was damaged, and it was in a semi-conscious state. It wasn’t able to sense the danger.

“Bastard, don’t-!”


“Stay your hand!”

The Corrupt experts immediately panicked. They all recognized Long Chen, so seeing him here, his goal was all too obvious.

“Don’t stop? Of course, there’s no way to stop now,” laughed Long Chen.


Flying Rainbow suddenly blossomed with light. It was like a blazing sun, and an incredibly sharp aura erupted as it directly pierced the armored lizard’s head.

Long Chen had activated Flying Rainbow’s sword-light. Long Chen was now capable of connecting to Flying Rainbow’s item-spirit, but because its spirit had been in slumber for so long, he was only able to release a portion of its power. However, that was enough.

This attack didn’t just pierce the armored lizard’s head, but it also directly shattered its crystal core. Its body twitched and then never moved again. Xue You and the others were simply stunned for a moment. They had worked so hard for quite a few days to draw it here. They had just subdued it when it was killed.

“Cough, I’m so sorry, I actually ended up killing it! But you can’t blame it on me. Previously, you bragged about it so much that I thought it was super amazing, but as a result…” Long Chen shrugged and innocently said, “Well, if it’s dead, it’s dead. Let’s not quibble about it so much. Try to restrain your grief. I wouldn’t want you to cry over this corpse, so I’ll just take it for you. Well, I still have some stuff to do, so I won’t accompany you any longer.”

Long Chen directly took the armored lizard’s corpse. A seventh rank Magical Beast’s corpse was a treasure for him.

“You want to run?! Leave your life behind first!”

The veins on Xue You’s forehead were about to explode, and his eyes were about to spit flames. But he wasn’t even able to speak right now. It was the others who felt that something was off and surrounded Long Chen.

Looking at Xue You’s expression, Long Chen couldn’t help laughing. That expression of his looked like he had just drunk a jug of excrement. Even his face was turning purple; his body was quivering.

To turn the acclaimed Corrupt King who dominated countless geniuses into this state, even Long Chen had to admire his own abilities. He really was talented.

“You can still laugh?! I’ll tear you to pieces!” roared Xue You. His hair was standing on end, and the killing intent in his eyes was as sharp as a blade. His hatred had reached a kind of peak. He had an urge to bite Long Chen to death.

Countless black runes lit up on his sword, and black qi erupted as he charged at Long Chen.


The ground was split open where Xue You’s sword landed. Endless dust erupted into the air. However, Long Chen’s figure vanished.

“Was he killed in one blow?”

The Corrupt experts were startled. Xue You’s sword had struck so quickly without accumulating the slightest energy, but it was still immensely powerful. That was the terror of Xue You.

Suddenly, muffled bangs rang out. They were horrified.


A ghost-like figure dashed amongst their midst, his sword flowing like water. Each strike represented another expert that was blown to bits.

“Everyone, retreat!” shouted Xue You, appalled by Long Chen’s speed. He was so fast that even Xue You couldn’t clearly see his figure. His black sword suddenly stabbed toward Long Chen.

“Don’t be so anxious. I’ll clean up these hindrances before having a proper battle with you.”

Long Chen’s figure once more disappeared. Each strike of his sword was as fast as lightning. With his Lightning Body Blink, there was no one who could resist.

In just a few blinks of an eye, other than rank three Celestials, the rest had all been killed. Long Chen was just too fast. By the time they saw him appear beside them, they had already been struck by his sword. Long Chen’s power flowed within his sword, and when it entered their bodies, it was like explosives detonating. Their bodies instantly exploded, and there was no chance to use the Heavenly Dao Recovery.

“Bastard, die!” Xue You was completely infuriated. These were the new subordinates he had just gathered. His old subordinates had been mostly killed by the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King.

Now his new subordinates that were loyal and powerful were once more killed because of Long Chen. His fury peaked.

But with the Lightning Body Blink, Long Chen’s afterimages filled the air. He was too fast, and no one was able to track him.


Suddenly, sword-light flashed. A rank three Celestial, despite being on his highest guard, still had his head severed.

He barely had a chance to scream before a lightning arrow caused his head to explode. Even his soul didn’t have a chance to flee.

One rank three Celestial was now dead. The other one immediately panicked. He felt endless killing intent enveloping him. It was like the gaze of the Grim Reaper had finally landed on him. No matter how he tried, no matter how hard he struggled, he wouldn’t be able to escape. His death was fated now.

“Lord Corrupt King, save-!”

In his terror, that rank three Celestial actually did an extremely stupid thing. He actually gave up his defense and started running toward Xue You. But that created an opening, and Long Chen pounced on it. He was killed in one blow.

The world returned to calm. Those afterimages disappeared to be replaced by Long Chen calmly standing there, his sword pointed toward the ground.

A drop of blood fell from his sword. That sound was very light, but it represented that another rank three Celestial’s life had ended.

Long Chen swung his sword up. He almost slashed his own sword onto his shoulder by habit. But his sword was double-edged, and resting it on his shoulder was extremely stupid. Even if he laid it on the flat side, it would still feel strange. It would look similar to a suicide posture. Long Chen was a bit unused to this kind of feeling.

“Xue You, we weren’t able to have a true battle at the trial caves last time. But now you can bring out your full power. Let me see just how much ability you have. Let’s see if it’ll be like you said back then, that even if I was at full power, I still wouldn’t be able to last ten exchanges with you.” Long Chen pointed his sword at Xue You.

That was what Xue You had said back in the trial caves. Long Chen still hadn’t forgotten his tone and expression. He returned his words back at him perfectly.

“Divine ring, four star battle armor!” The void trembled. The ground split apart as Long Chen’s aura erupted, causing heaven and earth to change color.

“As I thought, it’s that. Long Chen’s just an ordinary person. Why would he be chosen by a legendary existence? Just what happened to this world? Did that matter back then really happen?” the Eastern Wasteland Bell wondered to itself as it watched everything from Long Chen’s mind-sea.

The Enlightenment Palace Star poured forth a raging power, and Long Chen’s aura spiked to an unprecedented level.

Xue You’s expression suddenly changed. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so powerful. With a furious roar, an immense image appeared behind him. That image was of a fiend’s face.

“Blood Devil Possession!”

That fiendish face merged with Xue You’s body. His long hair began to float as his aura also erupted. It was like a devil king had been born.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

Long Chen immediately unleashed one of his ultimate moves. Facing Xue You, he didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless. He had to go all-out. Sword-light pierced the sky and then mercilessly slashed down.

Xue You was instantly locked by a terrifying aura. His expression was grave as he raised his own sword. Holding it with both hands, his third eye suddenly opened. A ray of black light shot into the sword.

His sword seemed to come alive. A pillar of black light soared and an incredibly sinister aura erupted. It was like a sword that had come from hell.

“Devil Void Breaking Slash!”

Black and white sword-light slammed into each other. The ground rapidly sank as countless cracks spread into the distance. Qi waves erupted, shaking the land within a thousand miles.

Xue You and Long Chen were both sent flying. But Xue You suddenly felt his hair stand on end as a sensation of death enveloped him. Without even thinking about it, he dodged to the side.

A cold sword touched his shoulder. Although the tip only broke the skin, an explosive force shattered his shoulder. His arm almost went flying as blood erupted.

Long Chen’s original goal hadn’t been to kill Xue You with his first move, but to rely on the shockwaves from the first move to launch a sudden attack with the Lightning Body Blink. However, Xue You was a true expert, and he had sensed it. This attack only gave him an injury that couldn’t count as particularly heavy.

“Devil Eye Exterminates the World!”

Xue You’s third eye suddenly opened again, and a ray of light shot at Long Chen.

The two of them were too close. Although Long Chen had known that Xue You could release attacks with his third eye, this attack had come too suddenly. There was no time for him to dodge.

Thunderforce circulated as Long Chen’s fist smashed into that ray of light. The light shattered, but Long Chen’s hand was also turned into meat pulp.

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