Chapter 822 Legendary Divine Item, Eastern Wasteland Bell (Teaser)

“Didn’t I say that we come from the same hometown? You also came from the Eastern Wasteland, correct?” said the bell.

Long Chen was startled, never having expected this bronze bell to know this. But he didn’t say anything. He could trust it just based on this.

This trial had been extremely strange and ruthless. Those one hundred and eight pillars had been able to peer through all his Battle Skills and magical arts, and perhaps they had even been able to rifle through his memories. Otherwise, Blooddrinker wouldn’t have appeared. So while Long Chen was surprised, he couldn’t reveal that, nor did he say anything.

This bell was particularly strange. It was already in such a broken state, and it was bound by countless divine chains, but Enchanted items would instantly explode upon coming into contact with it

“Hehe, brat, you’re very interesting. Sometimes you’re as impetuous as an idiot, sometimes you’re crafty like a fox. What a marvel,” laughed the bell.

“What’s your goal?” Long Chen didn’t like beating about the bush.

“Bring me out of this place.”


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