Chapter 820 Another Long Chen (Teaser)


The one hundred and eight pillars exploded. The entire room rocked back and forth.

Long Chen was appalled. Previously, the stone pillars had failed to duplicate the Nirvana Scripture. But when they had tried to duplicate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, it was like they had directly provoked the primal chaos bead, and they were blown apart.


The light enveloping Long Chen faded, and the light beam enveloping the mysterious figure also grew dim. When he clearly saw that figure, Long Chen couldn’t help being stunned.

In front of Long Chen was a figure wearing black robes. Its starry eyes were electric. It was actually a doppelganger of him! It raised a blood-red saber as it icily looked at Long Chen. 

Seeing that movement, Long Chen hastily dodged to the side. A huge saber-image missed him by a hair’s breadth, shaking the ground.

It was actually Split the Heavens. He had only just dodged when the doppelganger pointed its finger. A ray of lightning shot out. It was incomparably quick and timed...

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