Chapter 819 The Final Level

“What? There’s another level?!”

Countless spirit stones were shining, lighting up the entire room as if the sun were shining. Although he was still underground, this place looked as luxurious as a palace.

There were one hundred and eight white jade pillars throughout the room. The ceiling was a mile high and shaped like a pointed dome. The spirit stones in the ceiling were like stars, but they were much brighter.

A beam of light was shining down from the center of the ceiling. Within that thirty-meter-thick beam of light, there was a single figure standing. It didn’t give off any fluctuations; thus, Long Chen wasn’t able to sense anything about it.

He didn’t dare to move. The Eight-Arm Horned Devil had truly made him worried. He was worried that he would accidentally activate this level. Then he really would be doomed.


Countless runes suddenly lit up on the one hundred and eight pillars. Rays of light shot out from them toward Long Chen.

Long Chen was appalled and he hastily tried to dodge. But those rays were too fast and had come without warning. He was struck before being able to react.

Just as he thought he was dead, endless energy poured from the light into his body. His spiritual yuan and Spiritual Strength instantly reached their peaks.

“What…?” Long Chen was stunned. This time, he had harshly overdrafted his power. Without ten to fifteen days, it would have been impossible for him to completely recover.

But this light released endless energy into his body, allowing him to instantly reach his peak. It was like he had been completely reborn. It was practically miraculous.

Feeling that endless energy surging within him, Long Chen felt like his power was overflowing. He even had an urge to once more fight the Eight-Arm Horned Devil. Currently, his Enlightenment Palace Star had reached the eighth star transformation, and he had Flying Rainbow now. His power had greatly risen, and he wouldn’t be afraid of facing the Eight-Arm Horned Devil again.

Just as he was filled with confidence, a stone slab rose out of the ground in front of him. There were two identical buttons on top of it.

The one hundred and eight pillars once more released light, creating a screen on top of the stone slab. There were words in that light screen.

“From the start until now, a total of 8736 people have challenged the ninth and final level.”

Seeing that, Long Chen jumped. The eighth level had a nine in a thousand chance of success. How could there have been so many people to challenge the ninth level?

“Could it be?”

If there was a nine in a thousand pass rate, then the number of people who had participated in this trial was ridiculous. Ten thousand people meant ninety people had passed, a hundred thousand meant nine hundred, and… Wouldn’t that mean that over a million people had managed to reach the eighth level before?!

Thinking of that number, Long Chen was both shocked and amazed. Just what kind of era had that been? It was truly too terrifying. He hastily continued reading.

“Up to now, only three people have managed to pass this level. The others all failed. This is a life and death level. Victory is life, defeat is death. There is no room for leeway. Your opponent will be extremely powerful. Be careful, very careful!”

Long Chen cursed, “Fuck, what a hateful phrase. Be careful, very careful?! Last time I was almost conned to death by you!” He continued to read.

“This level’s difficulty is terrifying to the peak. Countless heavenly geniuses have fallen because of it, which is why it is not included in the main path of the Immemorial Path. Those who could come here are all either extremely lucky, or extremely unlucky. But a cultivator’s motivation is a heart to get stronger. That motivation is also the blade that takes their life. Cultivators must maintain a reverent heart.

“This level’s reward is a Heaven Earth Spirit Source which was condensed by the purest energy of heaven and earth. By using it, there is a ten percent chance of mutating a person’s Spirit Root, reviving the Spirit Blood, and giving birth to a Spirit Bone.

“This Heaven Earth Spirit Source is one of the Immemorial Path’s seven supreme treasures! It is exceptionally precious! For those who are greedy or brave, be careful, very careful!”

Mutate the Spirit Root, revive the Spirit Blood, and even allow an expert to create a Spirit Bone? Was that extremely precious?

In the Xuantian Dao Sect’s trial, through the Reincarnation Mirror’s projection, he had already seen a glimpse into his past. He knew he had a special Spirit Root, a divine Spirit Bone, and supreme Spirit Blood. 

He had always thought that those weren’t so amazing. But now seeing these lines, it seemed he had misjudged his original talent.

His Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, and Spirit Bone had all been extracted. He had thought that it was just a cruel reprisal. But now it seemed he had been thinking too simply.

Even in the Immemorial Path’s golden era, a Heaven Earth Spirit Source that could transform a cultivator’s original talent was one of the supreme treasures of the whole path. There definitely had to be secrets here that he was unaware of.

“Damnit, are you trying to entice me again? You want me to reconstruct what I had? Hehe, this time, I won’t be fooled!”

Long Chen laughed. The treasure was definitely enticing. But first he would have to keep his life. That Eight-Arm Horned Devil had already almost taken his life. This time, Long Chen had learned his lesson. The Immemorial Path’s trials were for those ancient experts, and they were frighteningly difficult. The current age had already declined. Although Long Chen found this to be a bit unsatisfactory, he had to admit that there was an insurmountable wall between the current geniuses and the ancient ones. Therefore, he calmed himself down and continued reading.

“If you don’t want to participate in this level, you can press the first button and you will be transported back to the entrance of the trial.”

As expected, this level was too difficult. It was clearly discouraging people from trying to challenge it.

But people were all curious and competitive. The more they put it this way, the more people desired to test it out. This discouragement was really no different from encouragement. That was especially true to those prideful heavenly geniuses. If they didn’t try it, it would be a humiliation.

Long Chen had never considered himself to be a heavenly genius, nor would he go risk his life for some idiot face.

He looked inside the light beam where you could see a single human figure. However, it was impossible to tell if it was male or female, nor was it possible to see how strong it was. His Spiritual Strength was unable to enter the light.

The most interesting thing was that even the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art wasn’t able to sense any threat from that figure. It was like it was just an ordinary person.

“Hehe, goodbye brother. I won’t be accompanying you.”

Long Chen smiled and pressed the first button. A light click rang out.

“You’ve chosen to fight. The level begins now.”

Just at this moment, a mechanical voice rang throughout the room. Long Chen’s face turned green and he roared, “What the fuck, I chose to give up!”

But as soon as he said that, he became dumbfounded. There had been two buttons, one to the left, and one to the right. He had pressed the left one.

He suddenly recalled that the words in the light screen had been written right to left. In other words, in ancient times, the first button was the right one.

Long Chen felt his head buzzing. His hair stood on end. How could he have neglected such an important point?! He had actually chosen this ultimate level that would definitely kill him.

8736 peak heavenly geniuses of ancient times had challenged this ultimate level, but only three had survived. This trial’s difficulty must have far surpassed his imagination.

He couldn’t help but curse. What was with this damn word game?! Why didn’t it clearly indicate which was first and which was second?!

Long Chen didn’t know how many of those 8736 people had also been conned by this word game like him. At the same time, he recalled a certain line he had read: those who could come here are all either extremely lucky, or extremely unlucky.

He felt like he was about to go crazy. It seemed he was always leaning toward the latter one, and immensely so. Whatever he tried to do, he would run into difficulty after difficulty. Nothing ever went smoothly.

The room began to shudder. The one hundred and eight pillars suddenly shot rays of light at Long Chen. Being enveloped by that light, he was unable to move.

Runes appeared in the air as he was enveloped by the light. Seeing those runes, Long Chen’s expression changed.

He was very familiar with those runes. In a moment, he recognized them to be his techniques’ runes!

They included his Battle Skills and magical arts. There were even Huo Long and Lei Long’s runes. Those runes flowed toward the central figure. 

“What is going on?” These pillars had actually duplicated his techniques and transmitted them to that figure. He hadn’t been able to protect his runes at all.

It was like he was naked in front of that light, and all his secrets were laid bare. He could clearly sense some energy probing his body, replicating all the techniques he had trained in.

“The Nirvana Scripture!”

More runes floated out of his body. Those were the Nirvana Scripture’s runes. But they didn’t flow away. Instead, they circulated around his body. No matter how the one hundred and eight pillars tried, they were unable to strip those runes from his body.

“As expected, the Nirvana Scripture’s origin is extraordinary.”

Even the Earth Flame’s runes and the tribulation lightning’s runes had been duplicated without the slightest resistance. But the Nirvana Scripture didn’t allow it to happen to itself.

The pillars released a blinding light. They looked like blazing suns now, but no matter how they tried, they were unable to duplicate the Nirvana Scripture. After an incense stick’s worth of time, the Nirvana Scripture’s runes faded back within him. Long Chen was surprised that the pillars would just give up like this.

Long Chen still didn’t move. But suddenly, his divine ring appeared behind him, and four stars involuntarily appeared in his eyes.

“Crap, it’s trying to duplicate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art!” Long Chen suddenly had a bad feeling. But then he became astonished.

The primal chaos bead had actually activated. A terrifying aura went through the rays of light enveloping him and directly struck the one hundred and eight pillars.

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