Chapter 815 The Eighth Level

Long Chen flashed through the air. Dodging a claw, his sword slashed through a Magical Beast’s neck, causing its head to fall.

After that slash, Long Chen had found that while these Magical Beasts’ auras were on the same level as true seventh rank Magical Beasts, their attacks were a bit inferior, and their defense was much, much weaker. A true seventh rank Magical Beast definitely couldn’t be killed so easily.

But that also made sense. If they were all true Magical Beasts, this wouldn’t be a trial for disciples, but a slaughter.

That beheaded Magical Beast instantly transformed into a ray of light that returned to the carvings on the wall. The number of Magical Beasts attacking Long Chen dropped by one.

As Long Chen retreated from those attacks, his sword flashed. Seeing Magical Beasts revealing an opening after their attack, he appeared by their side. With two more strikes of his sword, two more Magical Beasts were killed and flew back into the wall.

“No wonder Huang Junmo likes using such a thin sword. With this kind of movement art, the more agile the weapon, the more smoothly and easily it can be used.” Long Chen came to a sudden comprehension. This kind of movement art required an agile martial weapon. If he used a large saber, it would be too irritating and difficult.

Suddenly, Long Chen pushed the Lightning Body Blink to the peak, and the battlefield was filled with his afterimages. Lightning flashed as Magical Beasts were killed one by one. In just a few breaths, all of them were killed. The only one left in the arena was an excited Long Chen.

“The Lightning Body Blink is amazing! Hehe, Huang Junmo, just wait. I’ll make you cough up everything you took!”

Suddenly, a stone door opened once more. Long Chen took a deep breath. Since he had come here, he would have to keep going to the end.

Entering the gate, he saw another huge arena, one even bigger than the last. The Magical Beast murals on the wall lit up, and they charged at Long Chen once more.

These Magical Beasts were no taller than three meters. Their size was compressed, or just two seventh rank Magical Beasts would be enough to fill the entire space. There would have been no space to fight.

But the fortunate thing was that their power was also restricted. Otherwise, if they were true seventh rank Magical Beast on the level of the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King, then just one would be troublesome enough. Two would take Long Chen’s life.

This place was now filled with sixty-four seventh rank Magical Beasts. If they were true Magical Beasts, Long Chen wouldn’t even have the ability to resist.

Roars rang out. There were tigers, leopards, wolves, and lions. All kinds of Magical Beasts charged over with a cold light in their eyes. No one would believe that they were just runic transformations of beasts!

Icy sword-light slashed through the air like lightning. An ear-piercing rumbling filled the space.

One of the charging Magical Beasts was directly killed with a swing of Long Chen’s sword. His control over the Lightning Body Blink had increased so much that he could dodge and retreat with ease. He came and went like lightning. Even with this many Magical Beasts attacking him, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of pressure.

Long Chen rejoiced. Before this, he would have only been able to fight them by erupting with his full strength. Ignoring how dangerous that would be, just the exhaustion would be immense. It definitely wouldn’t be this easy.

After that Magical Beast was killed, Long Chen thought it would transform into runes and return to the wall. But although it transformed into runes, it didn’t fly toward the wall. Instead, those runes flew toward Long Chen!

Long Chen jumped and hastily defended. But those runes were unaffected. They went straight through his slash and entered his body.

He was startled. Before he could react, those runes transformed into incomparably pure energy. That energy’s purity was almost frightening. Long Chen estimated that this energy was equivalent to a month’s bitter cultivation for him.

“This is the reward?” Long Chen was ecstatic. If that was the case, then the previous levels had just been an opening test. Now was the true start of the trial and the true start of the rewards. With this pure energy, his cultivation base would rapidly rise!

He was just about to absorb that pure energy when his palm suddenly shook. The Enlightenment Palace Star automatically began to circulate. Without waiting for Long Chen’s consent, it directly absorbed the energy.

“The Enlightenment Palace Star can also absorb this energy?!” Long Chen’s delight erupted to a new level. This was the first time he found another energy that could nourish the Enlightenment Palace Star! Previously, his only option had been to rely on letting it slowly absorb medicinal energy.

At the same time as he was delighted, Long Chen suddenly realized that perhaps there were other methods to train in the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. It was just that he didn’t know them. Today, he saw a new way of cultivating for himself!

While he was incomparably excited, his sword continued to dance through the air. He was like a bolt of lightning piercing through the Magical Beasts. Wherever his sword pointed, Magical Beasts died one by one.

Suddenly, the Enlightenment Palace Star shook. A powerful and majestic energy surged throughout Long Chen’s body.

Long Chen raised his head and laughed. His laughter was like thunder, shaking the entire cavern. A fierce energy surged out of him. Even the Magical Beasts around him were forced back!

“There’s no need to suppress yourself. The feeling of advancing really is amazing!”

The Enlightenment Palace Star had entered the fourth star transformation, and the amount of energy it was able to offer Long Chen had also increased. Although its advancements were slow, each advancement brought Long Chen immense benefits.

He suddenly switched his sword for a saber. Just like that, he directly underwent a slaughter of the Magical Beasts. His saber possessed such immense power that any Magical Beasts that were struck by it would be blown into runes, even if he didn’t strike a weak point.

“As expected, explosive power is my style.”

Although the Lightning Body Blink was incomparably exquisite, that kind of skillful fighting style wasn’t something Long Chen liked. He preferred a direct competition of power.

The final Magical Beast was killed and all their runes entered Long Chen’s body. All that energy was absorbed by the Enlightenment Palace Star, but it still didn’t reach the fifth star transformation.

Long Chen was panting slightly. Although these runic Magical Beasts couldn’t compare to true Magical Beasts, killing them had still exhausted a great deal of his energy. That was the price of wasting energy to satisfy himself.

If he had used the Lightning Body Blink and technique, it would have been a bit slower, but it would have saved a great deal of energy.

The wall slowly opened but Long Chen didn’t immediately enter. Looking from the outside, he saw that it was another immense arena. The difference was that there were even more Magical Beast carvings inside.

If it was like this, then Long Chen was relieved. But suddenly, the door began to shut. Long Chen jumped and hastily rushed in. This trial actually didn’t give him any time to rest.

He had only just entered when the murals lit up. Roaring filled his ears as he was surrounded by over a hundred Magical Beasts. There were a total of one hundred and twenty-eight of them, which was twice the amount of the third level.

The fortunate thing was that their power was about the same. It was just their numbers that were increasing. Long Chen could still handle that. But there were truly too many Magical Beasts now, and Long Chen didn’t have much space to move anymore. He began to suffer injuries again.

Long Chen furiously released his full strength. His divine ring appeared and four stars revolved in his eyes. His saber swept through these Magical Beasts, and they rapidly began to fall in number, turning into runes that entered Long Chen’s body. As a result, the Enlightenment Palace Star didn’t stand on courtesy and directly absorbed them all.

The Enlightenment Palace Star had only just entered the fourth star transformation on the last level. But due to the immense energy entering Long Chen, it directly reached the fifth level. This speed was thousands of times greater than when he relied on medicinal pills.

Once only one Magical Beast was left, Long Chen suddenly stopped and just danced around, continuously dodging it and recovering his energy.

“As expected, there really is a trick. Otherwise, just who could continue like this for so long?” Seeing that the stone door didn’t open, Long Chen was put at ease. He had found the trick behind the trial.

According to the old tribe leader, any trial, even trials with the same difficulty, had different rewards here, and there were also different contents. So there were little tricks that could be used for each trial, and figuring them out could be considered a trial of its own. An expert naturally needed sharp observation and analytical skills.

For the trial to be so difficult but not give people time to breathe was completely unreasonable. So Long Chen had become suspicious, and as a result, with a simple test, he found his theory to be correct.

Long Chen had a ‘bitter battle’ against the final Magical Beast for four hours before killing it. At this time, Long Chen had recovered over ninety percent of his energy.

Once the final Magical Beast was killed, the stone door opened. Long Chen entered the next level.

And as expected, it was the same as before. It was just a bigger arena with more Magical Beasts. This time, there were two hundred and fifty-six!

Since he had found the trick behind this trial, Long Chen wasn’t worried. The only thing out of his expectations was that there were now flying Magical Beasts. He had to first go all-out killing some of them to open up some space before using the Lightning Body Blink.

The fifth level!

The sixth level!

The seventh level!

By the time Long Chen reached the seventh level, there were over a thousand Magical Beasts, and they filled up almost the entire arena. Even going all-out, Long Chen was covered in blood. There were just too many of them. If it weren’t for the life energy in the primal chaos space, Long Chen would have died, either from being killed or from sheer exhaustion.

Furthermore, by the seventh level, the Magical Beasts hadn’t just used ordinary attacks. They had also used various divine abilities. In brief, Long Chen found it incredibly bitter and difficult. He had even used Split the Heavens and the Double Dragon Destruction, and only then had he barely passed. When he was down to the final Magical Beast, Long Chen directly had Lei Long go handle it while he focused on recovering his exhausted spiritual yuan. This battle was truly too exhausting.

It took Long Chen a total of twenty hours to completely recover. He opened his eyes and stood up, a faint smile on his face. At this point, the Enlightenment Palace Star had reached the seventh star transformation!

After killing the last Magical Beast, Long Chen entered the eighth level. As a result, he only just entered when his hair stood on end. A sensation of death caused him to turn cold from head to toe!

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