Chapter 814 Levelling Up the Movement Art

A three-meter ape covered in black fur had appeared in front of Long Chen suddenly. Its fists repeatedly beat its chest as it let out a fierce cry that shook the entire cave.

“Ancient Devil Ape.” Long Chen felt a chill. This was a seventh rank Magical Beast, and an extremely powerful one at that.

It let out a furious roar while its frightening eyes revealed an icy glow. The ape was filled with a berserk and murderous aura. Its Killing intent washed over Long Chen.

The Ancient Devil Ape charged over. Its huge fist released berserk fluctuations as it smashed toward Long Chen.

“There’s no danger of me losing my life here?! Why do I feel like that’s questionable now?!” Long Chen couldn’t sense the slightest friendliness from this berserk and murderous ape.


Thunderforce circulated. Long Chen disappeared, causing the ape’s fist to land on the wall.

A seventh rank Magical Beast’s attack was enough to shatter mountains. But the wall merely shook intensely. There was no actual damage.

“There are formations!” Long Chen realized that this place was truly a martial arena. The only way to get the reward was by beating the ape.

The Ancient Devil Ape once more roared and light suddenly shone from its body. That light came from the runes that covered every inch of its body. An even fiercer aura surged.

“Truly worthy of being an ancient species. Its innate divine ability is so powerful. But in terms of power, I’m not afraid.” Long Chen snorted and his divine ring appeared along with four stars in his pupils.

BOOM! Their fists collided. Long Chen was forced back and slammed into the wall behind him, his blood roiling. But the ape also suffered. It didn’t get any advantage over him.

Long Chen felt a burst of delight. That Ancient Devil Ape’s strongest point was its power. But he was able to face it head-on in power. That was enough to be proud of.

After being forced back, the ape became even more furious. It shot back over.

As for Long Chen, he met each one of its fists, choosing to fight head-on. It had been a long time since he had fought like this. The feeling of fighting with his fists at full power was extremely addictive.

Thunderforce covered his fists, and runes surged out with each collision. The cavern was rocking continuously.

Long Chen fought a fierce battle with the Ancient Devil Ape. None of their attacks were the slightest bit fancy. They were all just pure brute force.

After over a hundred fists, the pit of Long Chen’s stomach was starting to hurt from the powerful collisions. But he was filled with excitement.

This was his first time fighting with his bare hands like this. It was his first time experiencing how delightful it was to fight with his fists at full power. He suddenly felt that fists were the best weapons.

The two of them were disproportionately sized, but their power was equally matched. With each collision, lightning would erupt and the cavern would shake. There wasn’t the slightest technique or flashiness in their attacks.

In truth, as Long Chen was only at the Xiantian realm, he was actually a bit weaker than the Ancient Devil Ape in terms of power. But Long Chen didn’t back down the slightest bit. He went all-out.

He wasn’t afraid of being injured. He had the primal chaos bead, and as long as he wasn’t killed, his injuries practically instantly recovered.

The huge trees he had obtained in the Spirit World had become his greatest dependency in the Immemorial Path. The life energy within those trees was just too amazing.

After fighting for six hours, Long Chen felt incredibly satisfied and fulfilled. He had never felt like this before. This kind of battle was too delightful.

His barehanded fighting technique had increased a great deal after six hours. Previously, he had been too reliant on weapons. Now he understood that his greatest martial weapon should be his own physical body.

After blocking the Ancient Devil Ape’s attack with a single fist, Long Chen swept out one of its legs, causing it to kneel on the ground. In the next instant, Long Chen was in the air, a foot viciously landing on its nose.

This kick contained all of Long Chen’s power. It sent the ape flying. It crashed into the wall and then rebounded back.

But even after receiving such a powerful attack, it wasn’t the slightest bit injured. It once more charged at Long Chen.

Long Chen had long since figured out the Ancient Devil Ape’s fighting patterns. It might possess immense power, but having advanced to the tenth Heavenstage of Xiantian, reached the third star transformation of the Enlightenment Palace Star, and undergone the cleansing of the Divine Mortal Molting Elixir, Long Chen was no longer the same Long Chen that had entered the Immemorial Path. He was able to face such a powerful Ancient Devil Ape head-on.

Its attacking style was very simple. By this time, its attacks posed no threat to Long Chen.

Suddenly, Long Chen grabbed the ape’s fist with both hands. Skillfully neutralizing a portion of its power, he pulled with his full strength. The ape immediately rose into the sky and then was viciously slammed into the ground by Long Chen.




Long Chen smashed it into the ground three times. The ground had long since begun to crumble. But even after such fierce impacts, the ape charged back at Long Chen.

“I can’t beat it to death?”

Long Chen was both startled and enraged. His saber suddenly appeared in his hand, and a biting cold Saber Qi slashed at the ape.

The Ancient Devil Ape was cut in two by Long Chen’s saber. But Long Chen was startled to see that there was no blood. The Ancient Devil ape transformed into runes and flew back to the wall.

Only then did Long Chen notice that this terrifying Ancient Devil Ape had been the carving on the wall. It returned into its carving.

“What kind of formation could be this terrifying? It is able to transform runes into such a life-like Magical Beast!” Long Chen was shocked.

This was something he had never even heard of in the Eastern Wasteland. It had already surpassed the scope of his understanding.

Just as the Ancient Devil Ape’s runes flew back into its carving, a stone door slowly opened on the wall.

The old tribe leader had told him that for the ordinary trials, there was only one level that needed to be cleared to pass the entire trial. But for the high level trials, there were several levels. Different levels of difficulty represented different rewards.

As soon as he walked through the stone door, it slammed shut behind him. Another circular stage appeared in front of him. Looking from a distance, it looked just like a wrestling ring.

Long Chen had only just entered, and he hadn’t even had time to look around when the sound of roaring filled his ears. Carvings lit up in the mural on the opposing wall, and dozens of fierce beasts charged at Long Chen.

“Blazing Wild Lion, Storm Gold Wolf, Dark Underworld Devil Leopard…”

Long Chen counted thirty-two seventh rank Magical Beasts charging at him. His saber hastily slashed at the lead Storm Gold Wolf.

But Long Chen was startled to see a golden light suddenly shine on the Storm Gold Wolf’s body, and it instantly appeared dozens of meters away, dodging his saber.

Just as he was startled, he felt wind behind him. A Magical Beast had flanked him. It was incredibly quick, and he had no time to defend properly.

Suddenly, lightning lit up his body. It was like he had teleported up into the air, dodging that Magical Beast’s fierce mouth.

“It’s a good thing I have the Lightning Body Blink.” Long Chen took a deep breath. Although he knew these Magical Beasts were made of runes, their attack power wasn’t much weaker than true seventh rank Magical Beasts.

With this many appearing all at once, Long Chen really did have difficulty believing the old tribe leader’s words. If he couldn’t defeat them, it seemed he really would die here.

Looking around, Long Chen didn’t see any signs of reward. So he knew that this trial wouldn’t stop at this wave.

Thinking of that, Long Chen decided to directly give up on killing these Magical Beasts. He chose to stay in the air and focus on dodging their attacks.

Who knew how many waves would come from this trial? Considering the difference between the first and second wave, it was obvious each wave was more terrifying than the last.

Long Chen gave up on attacking them. He was training his reflexes and the Lightning Body Blink. He wanted to reach the point where he could instinctively control the lightning whirlpools.

Thunderforce covered Long Chen’s body as he descended back into the arena. He was surrounded by Magical Beasts and in an incredibly dangerous situation. If his reactions were too slow or that he made a mistake controlling the Lightning Body Blink, he would immediately be struck by a fierce attack.

Those Magical Beasts’ claws and teeth were all powerful and capable of tearing through his body. Each time he was struck, Long Chen would clench his teeth in pain.

“I’ll just treat it as a punishment for failure.” Long Chen ground his teeth, bearing the pain. He intentionally didn’t heal his injuries to force himself to focus more on dodging.

Through constant observation and dodging, Long Chen finally found these Magical Beasts’ weak point. That weak point was that they only had a set number of attack patterns.

Not only were those attacks simple, but their bodies would always contract slightly before they attacked. That was an extremely obvious sign, and it was unknown whether the trial had been intentionally set up like this to give the trial takers an opportunity.

But Long Chen couldn’t think about that right now. He was focused entirely on dodging. His Spiritual Strength was fully activated. He wanted to train his dodging reflex.

Time passed. Long Chen was struck less and less frequently. In the end, he stayed permanently on the ground and began to weave back and forth through the slight gaps between the Magical Beasts. That increased the danger even more. It was like dancing on the tip of a blade.

Now that he was dodging completely on the ground, the level of danger had increased by tens of times. His body was immediately covered in blood, but he still gritted his teeth and continued. He didn’t heal himself. A person had to be vicious to themselves to get stronger.

It was unknown how many times he had been struck. Long Chen himself didn’t remember. In any case, his body was a mass of blood and gore. But the facts proved that this kind of bloody training was extremely effective.

After an hour of not being struck by them, Long Chen finally smiled and activated the primal chaos space. Life energy healed all of his injuries.

“Thank you all. I feel bad doing this after how much work you’ve done for me, but I’ll be sending you on your way.” Long Chen suddenly took out a sword. Sword-light blossomed as he finally went on the offensive.

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