Chapter 812 Lightning Body Blink

“Boss, this is a treasure!” Guo Ran involuntarily gulped upon seeing that bucket. The refreshing scent that assaulted him made him feel like he was going limp. He felt relaxed and happy.

“Take care not to get your saliva inside. This is Divine Mortal Molting Elixir. It can expel all the impurities in your body, allowing you to completely stabilize your foundation. Its effect is practically miraculous, and it’s an extremely rare treasure. I’ll leave five buckets with you, which should be enough. But don’t drink it now. Find a place to refine the Heavenly Dao Fruit first, and then drink it,” said Long Chen.

After giving him the Divine Mortal Molting Elixir, Long Chen also had Guo Ran take a picture of the map he had obtained from the old tribe leader. This was definitely the most detailed map, and it was also a priceless treasure here.

“Alright, that’s basically everything I got. Now bring out what you have so I can see if there’s anything useful,” said Long Chen.

Guo Ran became a bit embarrassed. “Boss, during these days, all I did was roam around. I didn’t manage to get anything. I killed a few people, but I didn’t get anything good from them.”

His face was a bit hot. It seemed that other than roaming around, acting like the biggest poser he could be, and showing off the ability of his golden armor, he hadn’t done anything else.

“I’m talking about the things within that mountain of skeletons,” said Long Chen, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, right.” Guo Ran patted his head. With a wave of his hand, a pile of weapons appeared. There were over a hundred Enchanted items. Furthermore, they were all at least middle grade ones. As a Forging Master, Guo Ran ignored lower grade ones.

“Nineteen high grade Enchanted items and one hundred thirty-seven middle grade Enchanted items,” said Guo Ran excitedly.

The main reason he was so excited was because he could study these weapons to see what forging techniques had been used in creating them. He could then compare them to his own forging principles.

Long Chen picked out two sabers from that pile. His current saber had a large gash in it from Huang Junmo’s sword.

Although it was still somewhat usable, it was unknown whether or not it would shatter the next time he used Split the Heavens. Before Blooddrinker awoke, he could only rely on these things.

The remaining weapons were put away by Guo Ran. He then took out a pile of spatial rings. He grumbled, “If it weren’t for that idiot Huang Junmo, I’d have gotten even more.”

Due to Huang Junmo and Long Chen’s battle, the mountain of skeletons had been broken and Guo Ran had been sent flying. Then those Bonethorn Bloodmoth Kings had appeared, so there had been no opportunity to gather more.

“There’s only eighty-seven,” said Guo Ran.

“That’s fine. What’s inside?” The two of them rapidly went through the spatial rings.

“Oh, there are those cases we found on the island!” Guo Ran was delighted to see the same cases that the two of them had gathered on Insect Island.

With just a bit of work, they went through all the spatial rings. Long Chen ignored the weapons and medicinal pills as he was more interested in those jade cases. They quickly found a hundred of them. Both of them were excited.

“Hehe, opening treasure chests is so addicting,” laughed Guo Ran. He opened the first one.

The inside of the first one was empty. Most likely, whatever had been inside had been taken out or had been ruined by the passing of time, and so the original owner of this spatial ring had just kept the case.

They opened four empty cases in a row, causing Guo Ran to become a bit uneasy. But on the fifth one, they saw a golden piece of paper inside.

“Careful! Don’t move.”

Long Chen suddenly waved his hand, and his Spiritual Strength formed a barrier around the two of them as well as the case.

That was an ancient talisman. But because of how long it had existed, it was on the verge of breaking apart. When Guo Ran had opened the case, the talisman had instantly changed color, about to crumble. If Long Chen hadn’t summoned a barrier, then a single breeze would have broken it.

“It’s eroded, but the design on it is still clear. You should record it. Perhaps it’ll be useful,” said Long Chen.

Guo Ran examined the rune and was startled. “Boss, this is an explosion rune.”

“Hmm?” Long Chen shook his head. He didn’t know anything about talismans.

“It’s a rune that possesses an immense explosive force. I also have a kind of explosion rune, but its power is limited. However, it seems this rune’s tier must be shockingly high. The lines are incomparably complicated. If I used it, perhaps even rank three Celestials would be unable to block it,” said Guo Ran excitedly.

“Good. Then hurry up and record it. There are still so many treasure chests. Or should I open them all?” said Long Chen.

“No, no, no! Boss, let me. How could such shallow work be left to you? I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.”

Guo Ran recorded the explosion talisman and continued opening the cases. The thing that made Long Chen speechless was that Guo Ran seemed to have become an addict. He opened each one of them slowly and suspensefully. He also seemed to be muttering a prayer.

Long Chen laughed inside. If he muttered a curse instead, would what was inside suddenly change?

His prayers had no use. He once more opened five empty cases. On the sixth case, there was a jade slip.

“Lightning something something!” read Guo Ran. He only recognized the first of the immortal characters.

“Lightning Body Blink!”

Long Chen was startled. This was a lightning magical art. It had to be known that lightning techniques were exceedingly rare since there were so few lightning cultivators.

“Boss, you can read immortal characters?” asked Guo Ran.

Long Chen was too lazy to respond. This jade slip released powerful spiritual fluctuations. There was a formation on top of it that preserved the Spiritual Strength inside.

This was an inheritance jade slip. It was different from other tomes. An expert had sacrificed a portion of their Spiritual Strength to seal the technique inside the jade slip. People who activated the jade slip with their Spiritual Strength would have the jade slip’s contents transmitted to them instantly.

Long Chen extended his Spiritual Strength. Soft light blossomed from the jade slip, and it lit up Long Chen’s forehead. A figure appeared in his mind.

That person was formed from lightning. It rushed about within Long Chen’s mind-sea, rapidly turning and twisting. In the end, it turned into countless lightning figures. Long Chen was unable to grasp its trajectory. Its speed was absolutely shocking.

Suddenly, the figure stopped. Then countless lightning runes appeared, flowing down certain tracks. It was extremely easy to see.

“This is how to circulate the thunderforce!” Long Chen was delighted and he hastily focused on memorizing them. Outside the body, it was extremely easy to see how those lightning runes were supposed to move.

However, it was extremely complicated. It was good that they moved slow enough for Long Chen to memorize them.

Those runes went through three circulations before coming to a pause. That was the foundational principle of this magical art.

Magical arts were different from Battle Skills. Battle Skills could be directly activated, but magical arts required circulating the original elemental energy. For example, when Long Chen wanted to use the Raging Flame Prison, he needed to circulate the Earth Flame’s energy according to a set locus.

After mastering the Raging Flame Prison, it was much easier for Long Chen to understand new magical arts.

After displaying the foundational circulation method, the lightning runes once more changed orbit. This time, they lit up around the hands and feet. Then they rapidly condensed within the body, forming hundreds of lightning whirlpools.

Those whirlpools were all over the body’s acupuncture points. At that moment, that person’s body entered a special state. It was like the body had been opened and could connect perfectly with the outside world.

It was like a puppet with countless threads attached to it. When one thread was pulled, the body was pulled in one direction. Pulling another thread pulled in another direction.

However, the body wasn’t a puppet. These threads were controlled by the user. The entire world was turned into a fixed space, and in that space, a single thought to pull a thread would allow you to rapidly move.

Long Chen had just reached that point in his thoughts when the figure began to move again. It repeated what it had originally displayed. It went from slow to fast with clear intervals, allowing Long Chen to comprehend everything.

But the figure continued to move faster and faster. The whirlpools also became more and more intense. When it moved, some whirlpools were opened, while some were closed.

“What marvelous control!” Long Chen was awed. This technique relied on Spiritual Strength to control the whirlpools to decide the direction and speed.

It was definitely extremely difficult to control. Not only did this technique require high comprehension, Spiritual Strength, and control, but it also required an immense amount of training. It was to be used basically by instinct.

Otherwise, if you had to focus on controlling the whirlpools in battle, it would just be a distraction that would lead to death. Although it was very difficult, the Lightning Body Blink’s power didn’t need to be doubted.

When he had fought against Huang Junmo, Huang Junmo had taken the advantage in terms of speed, and Long Chen had relied on the length of his saber to fight him. However, he hadn’t dared to move his position, or he would have been at a definite disadvantage.

Now he had obtained this Lightning Body Blink. It was clearly a movement art and an extremely powerful magical art. It was just what Long Chen had needed.

That figure continuously moved in Long Chen’s mind, teaching him everything in exact detail. Each movement would be repeated at least three times. All kinds of angles and methods to use the technique were displayed. In two hours, Long Chen already had an extremely high level of comprehension toward the Lightning Body Blink.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw that Guo Ran had already opened all the cases. Regretfully, there weren’t as many treasures as they had imagined. But there were quite a few decent things that attracted Guo Ran’s attention. He was currently studying them.

Long Chen stood up and patted off the dust on his body. “Alright, you should find a place nearby to go into seclusion and refine the Heavenly Dao Fruit. Once you come out, do your best to find Song Mingyuan and Li Qi. But if you really can’t find them, then just leave it be. We’ll meet sooner or later at the end of the path.”

After that, Long Chen gathered his thoughts and adjusted his mood. He continued deeper into the Immemorial Path. He had already chosen his next target.

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