Chapter 811 Dividing Loot

After rushing for a while, he finally saw the place Guo Ran had heroically saved those women. He had long since begun anxiously pacing.

“Boss, you’re still alive!” Guo Ran emotionally ran over.

Those had been seven Bonethorn Bloodmoth Kings and were all incomparably terrifying seventh rank Magical Beasts. Just blocking one of their bone thorns had caused Guo Ran to cough up blood. He was naturally extremely worried for Long Chen to handle seven of them at the same time.

“Fuck, this time I really am pissed!” cursed Long Chen. He found a clean rock and directly sat.

“What?” Guo Ran was startled.

Guo Ran still didn’t know about the matter of the lamp. He had been focused on gathering those weapons and spatial rings, and his sight had been blocked by the skeletons.

Long Chen told Guo Ran about it. That lamp had definitely been an extraordinary treasure. How could something that could be the core of Insect Island be something ordinary?

But such a treasure had been taken by someone else. Furthermore, Long Chen had even been stabbed. He was still infuriated.

“You shouldn’t be angry. After all, Huang Junmo noticed it before everyone and set everything up. The fact that you could stop his assassination is enough to be happy about,” comforted Guo Ran.

Huang Junmo was a terrifying assassin. He was the top assassin in the Bloodkill Hall’s junior generation. His combat power was high, and his assassination arts were exquisite. To be able to survive his sneak attack when he wasn’t on guard was truly worthy of pride.

“Tch, you’re thinking too simply. This wasn’t his trap. He just said that to be a poser and distract me.” Long Chen shook his head.


“Use your brain. If he had really arrived so early, why didn’t he go take the things in that mountain of skeletons? It is really possible that he wasn’t moved by that many weapons and spatial rings?

“The truth is that he followed us from behind, watching us in secret. In his eyes, no matter how many things we obtained, we’re just his prey, and he can take those things whenever he wants.

“He waited until I was about to take the lamp to attack. He also saw that the lamp was extraordinary. Perhaps he even knows the origin of the lamp.

“As for those words he said once he took the lamp, they were just a bunch of lies to shake my confidence. He was just acting as if everything was in his control.

“An assassin’s scheming ability is the greatest. Other than the principle to kill their targets in one shot or flee, even when facing people head-on, they’ll use such things to rattle their opponents. He just said those things to make me subconsciously think he was too strong. I didn’t expect that you would actually believe his nonsense. I don’t really know what to say.” Long Chen shook his head.

“What the fuck? That scheming really is profound!” Guo Ran was shocked.

“The path you’re walking on is different from other people. But you have to remember, the greatest openings aren’t in people’s Battle Skills or techniques, but in their hearts. Those are the fatal openings.

“Why do I want to raise everyone’s undefeatable will? Because as long as you believe you are undefeatable, those kinds of schemes are useless. No matter how you try to shake me, I’ll still believe I can kill you in one blow.

“Only a flawless heart can maintain a clear mind, have a solid foundation, and be fearless in the face of death. Otherwise, the slightest opening in your heart can lead to defeat. 

“But if you cultivate that undefeatable will, those mental games will be of no use against you. The only question is whether your opponents will send themselves to their deaths sooner or later. The things that are mine are mine. Whoever takes them will be killed.” Thinking of the lamp, Long Chen’s fury once more began to rise.

Guo Ran prostrated himself toward Long Chen in admiration. Despite almost dying to a sneak attack, he still didn’t feel any lingering fear, nor was there the slightest shadow over his heart. His heart had to be completely pure and clear.

“Boss, why is it that there’s such an immense difference between rank three Celestials?” asked Guo Ran. The previous rank three Celestials he had encountered had been weak enough for him to kill if he went all-out.

But Huang Junmo’s power couldn’t even be compared to that. The shockwaves from his battle could send him flying while directly killing other experts. Even the Bonethorn Bloodmoths had been instantly killed. It completely exceeded Guo Ran’s understanding.

In Guo Ran’s opinion, with his golden armor, he should have been unrivaled. Defeating rank three Celestials should be easy for him. He had even started to think that he would be able to fight on the same level as Huang Junmo and the others.

But Long Chen’s battle with Huang Junmo had been like a bucket of ice water over him. He learned just how great the difference was between him and them. However, he still couldn’t understand why there was such an immense difference between rank three Celestials.

“Before entering the Immemorial Path, the sect master told me that Celestials are split into innate and acquired types. The power difference between them is like heaven and earth. Now I finally understand what she meant,” sighed Long Chen.

“Innate and acquired?”

“Acquired refers to using outer power to increase the innate rank. For example, Shui Guanzhi was originally an innate rank two Celestial. Later, he relied on the Heavenly Water Pearl to advance to a rank three Celestial. But his talent was originally only enough to become a rank two Celestial.

“Using outer power to increase his rank makes him an acquired Celestial. As for Huang Junmo, Xue You, and the others, they are innate rank three Celestials.

“If I were to make an analogy, acquired rank three Celestials are stalks of grass that have grown three feet tall to reach their current limit. But innate rank three Celestials are three-foot-tall saplings. Whether it is their current quality or their potential for growth in the future, there is an immense difference,” explained Long Chen.

Guo Ran nodded in understanding. But he was also shocked. This was his first time hearing of this. He had actually thought that all Celestials had climbed up equally.

Thinking of that, his newfound confidence immediately received a blow. Those innate Celestials were the true favorites. No matter how hard others tried, it was useless. What grass could grow taller than a tree?

“You don’t need to be so depressed. I’ve long since told you that there’s nothing you can’t beat. Although you used Heavenly Dao Fruit to become Celestials, as long as you nurture that undefeatable will, your power will also be limitless. Do you know why sword cultivators are claimed to possess the greatest offensive might?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“I really don’t know.” Guo Ran shook his head. Everyone said that, but while there were millions of sword users, there were few that were true sword cultivators.

“In the era of legends, there were gods up in the heavens. Their believers all received the god’s blessing. Legend is that amongst those gods was a Sword God. They were infatuated with the sword, and offered up their very body. They declared that all sword cultivators would receive the Sword God’s blessing, allowing their sword to cut apart heaven, earth, devil, and gods. Legend says that after that declaration, the Sword God directly sacrificed their body to their sword. Both their body and sword dissipated, sprinkling throughout the worlds, having their own karmic luck be added to those sword cultivators,” said Long Chen.

“So they have a god’s blessing. No wonder sword cultivators are acclaimed as number one in offense!”

Long Chen shook his head. “Can you really believe such legends? There is only one thing I believe, and that is that if a person can have a firm belief in something, they will be able to bring forth miracles. For example, when Yue Zifeng was lost, I told him to trust his sword. It is his companion and his master. It is his greatest faith, and if he believes in it, it will surprise him.

“Unexpectedly, he actually comprehended the sword intent so quickly. So before the Immemorial Path, that idiot was killed in a single blow. After killing that person, Yue Zifeng has truly opened up his sword path. In the future, he’ll become a terrifying sword cultivator.

“I don’t know whether the Sword God is real, but I know that once you have enough faith, all miracles are possible. You are the Dragonblood Legion’s general. You have to be an example. Cultivate your own Undefeatable Dao. You’re still not confident enough in yourself.

“In truth, if you really did go all-out, then even encountering Xue You or Huang Junmo, you’d definitely have some ability to fight. In fact, you might even have a chance at killing them. What do you feel so inferior about?

“Despite being a manmade rank two Celestial, you still possess such power. That’s enough to be proud of. Furthermore, you’ll also quickly become a rank three Celestial, so do you have to be afraid of them?” Long Chen smiled and took out a Heavenly Dao Fruit.

This Heavenly Dao Fruit had three different kinds of runes on it. If Guo Ran refined it, he would immediately advance to become a rank three Celestial.

“Heavens, you…!” Guo Ran jumped, immediately thinking of something.

“Hehe, yes. As long I kill a Celestial, I can turn them into Heavenly Dao Fruits. So… you understand!” laughed Long Chen. This was his first time explaining his ability.

The Heavenly Dao Fruits had to be kept a secret. If such a heaven-defying ability was noticed, the entire world would be disturbed. Long Chen definitely didn’t want to face the chasing of the entire world.

Guo Ran’s eyes brightened excitedly. “Haha, then in the future, won’t I be commanding the world’s most terrifying legion? That title will definitely be badass.”

“Grow up a bit. You’re now someone with status. Here, you can refine this Heavenly Dao Fruit…”

“Boss, you should leave it to Song Mingyuan or Li Qi. I have enough power to protect myself. But those two…” Guo Ran’s meaning was that they were weaker and needed it more.

“It’s fine. From before, I already have three of them. You can use one, and then keep one. If you meet one of our people, you can give it to them. Ah, I’ll also give you some rank two Heavenly Dao Fruits. I’ll keep one rank three Heavenly Dao Fruit in case I meet our people first. Anyway, you don’t need to worry. We have plenty of enemies, and we’ll have too many Heavenly Dao Fruit to even use up. Other than that, here’s something good.”

Long Chen took out a bucket that made Guo Ran jump.

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