Chapter 810 Bonethorn Bloodmoth King

Saber Qi soared into the sky, releasing a brilliant light that drowned out the sun.

Huang Junmo’s heart shook. Although he had used a secret art to break Long Chen’s lightning spear, the thunderforce had still caused his body to go numb.

And now Long Chen had taken advantage of this opportunity to release an immense attack. If he was struck, then even ten lives wouldn’t be enough.

“Killing God Blood Blade!”

Huang Junmo’s transparent sword began to shine. A majestic energy was arising within it.


This was a world-shaking collision. A saber and a sword clashed together, blowing the Bonethorn Bloodmoths to bits. The majority of insect island was engulfed by this attack. Those experts fighting the insects were also blown apart.

Long Chen was sent flying. He was startled. His arms were tingling and he felt like his blood was flipping inside him. But then seeing Huang Junmo’s shining sword, he understood: Treasure weapon.

Huang Junmo’s sword had to be a Treasure weapon. Although Huang Junmo couldn’t activate a Treasure item’s full power, just activating a bit of it was enough for him to match Long Chen’s attack.

“Die!” Huang Junmo suddenly shouted. Sword-images filled the sky and shot toward Long Chen.

Shockingly, those-sword images were not just images. They were made of countless runes. Their destructive power was incomparably terrifying.

Long Chen snorted. Suddenly, his Spiritual Strength erupted and countless golden scales appeared around him.

Those scales were from the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King. They had its core runes and were incomparably sharp. They were natural soul items.

After obtaining them, Long Chen had continuously nourished them with his Spiritual Strength to make them his soul items.

The sword-images crashed onto the scales. The land shook.

Guo Ran had just crawled out of the mud. He was lucky he had his armor, otherwise, he would have been killed like the others. But even so, the impact of the blows had caused his head to grow faint. He had almost lost consciousness.


As soon as he crawled up, the land trembled again. He didn’t even know what was going on when he was once more sent flying and buried by mud.

After this attack, Huang Junmo and Long Chen’s auras began to steadily rise in preparation for a fierce battle. One was emitting fierce Sword Qi, while the other had a sea of golden scales around him.

But suddenly, the land split apart and a terrifying pressure descended upon the world. Long Chen and Huang Junmo’s expressions changed. They sensed the aura of seventh rank Magical Beasts.

The ground was continuously breaking apart. Seven huge figures broke out of the ground. Those were seven Bonethorn Bloodmoths that were each thirty meters long. But they weren’t completely black as they had silver spots. The huge bone thorn on their backs was chilling to look at.

“Hmph, how disappointing. Little fellow, if you don’t die, I’ll take your life next time,” snorted Huang Junmo. His sword’s runes lit up, and just like that, it shot off with him into the distance. Its speed was incredible, and he flew a thousand miles in the blink of an eye.

“So Treasure items can also be used as flying tools!” Long Chen immediately thought of Xue You’s black sword and how it had brought him away at the end as well.

But he had no time to keep thinking about that. A huge bone thorn was piercing toward him with a space-tearing noise. Long Chen hastily raised his saber and slashed down at it.


The bone thorn shattered, but Long Chen was also knocked back, vomiting blood. He almost lost his grip on his saber.

Long Chen had only just broken it when another bone thorn shot toward him. Long Chen had no confidence in being able to block it with his already numb arms.

But a golden shield appeared in front of him. At this critical moment, Guo Ran appeared.

The bone thorn smashed onto the shield. Guo Ran coughed up blood, but of course, it stayed within his armor. He shot back like a shooting star.

Long Chen hastily caught onto him. As a result, he was also pulled away. This attack came from a seventh rank Bonethorn Bloodmoth King. It was incredibly powerful.

These insect kings had been here for who knew how long. They had grown a bit of intelligence, and they knew that the reason they couldn’t leave this island was because of the lamp.

When they noticed that killing experts near the lamp would cause it to weaken, they had begun to order those lower rank Bonethorn Bloodmoths to attack the trial takers.

Perhaps it was because the lamp had been taken away, or perhaps it was because of Long Chen’s battle with Huang Junmo. Either way, they had been disturbed and almost instinctively attacked Long Chen.

“What should we do boss? We can’t defeat the seven of them!” shouted Guo Ran.

“If you fly away, will you be faster than them?” asked Long Chen. He saw that these huge insect kings also had wings on them.

“It’s no problem for me to fly away, but what about you?” Guo Ran could summon wings on his armor. Furthermore, he had drawn out the energy within the wind spirit stones that Tang Wan-er hadn’t needed. His flying speed was definitely amazing.

But when he had set up that flying mechanism, he had only planned it for himself. He hadn’t tested flying with other people, which was why he was so panicked.

“You go first. Wait for me at our gathering spot,” decided Long Chen.

“But you-”

“Just go! I have my own method of getting away.”

“Alright.” Hearing that, Guo Ran was greatly relieved. Dropping his arms, two small wings appeared on his back. Following that, he pointed his butt, and a powerful force sent him flying into the distance. He instantly disappeared, and his speed was definitely no lower than Huang Junmo’s.

It was just that Long Chen couldn’t understand why that little fellow had decided to put the propulsion in such an awkward position like the butt.

Another large bone thorn shot over, breaking Long Chen’s line of thought. He hastily dodged to the side. Taking out the dragon scale, he shouted, “Stop!”

However, his response was another bone thorn. These insect kings ignored his dragon scale. It seemed they couldn’t sense the dragon might within it.

“As expected, the dragon might doesn’t have as much effect on armored Magical Beasts.”

This result was within Long Chen’s expectations. Seeing that the dragon scale was ineffective, he activated the Netherworld Ghost Steps and fled. There was no way around it. There was no way he could face seven seventh rank Magical Beasts.

Seeing him flee, the seven insect kings flapped their wings and chased. But Long Chen was pleasantly surprised to see that their flying speed wasn’t as fast as he had imagined.

However, they were still faster than him. Using his Spiritual Strength, he sent those golden scales shooting toward them.

Sparks flew along with a metallic ringing. Those golden scales were completely unable to break through their outer shell.

All this was within Long Chen’s expectations. He was just hoping for the scales to slow them down a bit.

However, the scales only caused them to slow down ever so slightly. They were still faster than him, and the distance between them was rapidly shortening.

It was unknown whether they had used up their bone thorns or whether they were unwilling to use them, but they only continued chasing after him. However, their two antennas shone with a cold light that gave him goosebumps.

“Lei Long, Huo Long, stall them!” Long Chen’s arms shook as those two fellows flew out.

The two of them had yet to completely recover after he had exhausted all their energy. Long Chen now told them not to attack and to merely intimidate the insect kings so that they wouldn’t get close.

As expected, once Lei Long and Huo Long appeared, the Bonethorn Bloodmoth Kings’ speed immediately dropped. They didn’t dare to get close.

But although they were afraid, they were unwilling to let Long Chen off. They continued to chase him.

Long Chen didn’t know how far he had fled before an abyss appeared in front of him. He quickly pulled back Lei Long, and a pair of lightning wings appeared on his back. He shot across the abyss and onto the next landmass.

Once he stepped onto the ground, he looked back. Putting away Huo Long as well, he stared at the Bonethorn Bloodmoth Kings that were separated from him by the abyss.

He saw that they didn’t dare to cross the abyss. The Xiao tribe’s old tribe leader had told him that these abysses had divine energy within them. Cultivators might not be able to sense that pressure, but Magical Beasts were very sensitive to it.

He had told Long Chen that if he encountered Magical Beasts that he couldn’t defeat, he should cross an abyss as fast as possible. Then he would be safe.

Now, Long Chen saw that it really was effective. But at the same time, he quickly formed hand seals, preparing to activate the Raging Flame Prison.

If they charged over, he could only rely on that magical art to handle them. If he used his full strength with the Raging Flame Prison, it would definitely be incomparably powerful. But the exhaustion would also be immense.

He wouldn’t dare to say that he could kill them, but trapping them so he could get away should still be possible. However, using his full strength would exhaust him so much that both his spiritual yuan and Spiritual Strength might hit rock bottom. Being that weak in such a place was exceedingly dangerous.

So Long Chen didn’t want to do that unless he was forced. He saw the Bonethorn Bloodmoth Kings fly along the edge of the abyss several times, but in the end, they left.

Long Chen sighed with relief and wiped off some sweat. Determining where he was, he began rushing off to meet up with Guo Ran.

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