Chapter 808 Caught in a Crisis

A mountain appeared in front of them. It was just a hundred meters high, and its circumference was only a thousand meters. But everyone’s expressions changed.

That was because this mountain was made of skeletons. They were piled tightly together along with countless weapons and spatial rings.

The majority of the people felt their hair stand on end upon seeing it. Even those weapons and spatial rings weren’t able to entice them.

“This is a trap!” Guo Ran was appalled.

Their journey here had been so calm and easy. But as soon as they arrived here, they saw this huge pile of bones. Furthermore, these skeleton’s clothes hadn’t completely degraded yet. They definitely had died no more than a few decades ago.

There were also some skeletons that had decayed. It had to be known that those who could come here were all top geniuses in the outside world. Their skeletons wouldn’t decay like that even if given several centuries. In other words, the skeletons here had been piled up from dead experts from different periods.

“I should run now,” whispered Guo Ran.

“It’s too late.” Long Chen shook his head. He had long since spread his divine sense. That was why his expression had completely changed.

Long Chen was currently looking around. He suddenly noticed a huge altar behind the mountain of skeletons. Countless runes were revolving around it, and the aura of primal chaos circulated within it.

At the center of the altar was an ancient lamp. It was nine inches tall, with a lotus flower at both the top and the bottom. Six small pillars connected the two ends. At the center was the lampwick. Long Chen was surprised to see that the wick was lit.

Long Chen sensed an extremely terrifying pressure coming from the ancient lantern. He realized that Insect Island hadn’t been completely abandoned. In truth, it was still functional. It was just the trial caves that had been damaged.

“Heavens, what is going on?” Just as everyone was stunned by this scene and hesitating on whether or not they should fight for the weapons and spatial rings of the corpses, a startled cry rang out.

Everyone looked over and jumped. At some unknown time, they had been surrounded by some kind of bizarre insects.

The insects were two feet long. They looked similar to locusts. Their back was like a blade, and there was a long horn on their heads. There was a sharp point on their backs that was like a javelin. An appalling aura came from them.

They were completely black, and under the sunlight, they gave off a metallic sheen. Their antennas were waving toward them, causing them to feel like buckets of ice water had been thrown on them.

“We’re definitely dead. There are actually so many sixth rank Magical Beasts here!” Seeing this many insects, one person immediately despaired.

Just with a glance, it was obvious these sinister-looking Magical Beasts were not kindhearted. With tens of thousands of sixth rank Magical Beasts staring at them, they really were dead.

In a one on one, insect Magical Beasts were actually stronger than other Magical Beasts. Their armor was difficult to break, and such armored Magical Beasts normally had boundless energy.

Once this many of them attacked, then perhaps only rank two Celestials would have any chance of getting out alive. Rank one Celestials would definitely die. As for asking rank two Celestials to protect them? Just protecting themselves would be difficult enough, so they naturally couldn’t protect others.

Now, everyone realized that they had fallen for a trap, and a huge one. That mountain of skeletons showed just how many people had died to this trap.

Thinking of that, they were filled with terror. Just who had set up this kind of trap here?

“These are Bonethorn Bloodmoths. Guo Ran, summon your armor so you don’t get instantly killed,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen had learned quite a bit about these kinds of ancient beasts from Meng Qi while studying soul arts, so he recognized them, but all he knew about them was that they were supposedly extremely terrifying.

Seeing how solemn Long Chen was, Guo Ran didn’t dare to be careless. He summoned his armor. That way, he wouldn’t need to be afraid of their attacks.

“What should we do?” Guo Ran didn’t dare to move while surrounded by this many Bonethorn Bloodmoths. 

“Ignore them. You go gather those weapons and spatial rings. In any case, your skin is thick enough. They’re unable to break your defense, so this is a rare opportunity,” said Long Chen quietly.

Guo Ran shot off toward the mountain of skeletons. He was incredibly fast, crazily absorbing the spoils. Although this kind of thing was a bit taboo, it was obvious that there had to be many treasures hidden inside those spatial rings.

Guo Ran’s actions drew everyone’s attention. Just what time was it? He actually still cared about treasures? But when they saw his seamless armor, they were filled with envy and fury.

“Courting death!”

Just as Guo Ran began to gather those weapons and spatial rings, these experts, who had been on the verge of going crazy from the threat of death, erupted.

They definitely refused to allow Guo Ran to gather all the treasures and just swagger off. They all took out their weapons and attacked him.

But they had only just released their auras when it ignited something else. The insects immediately shot forward.

Space trembled as the Bonethorn Bloodmoths shot over. They covered the sky, turning the land dark.

What startled everyone was that the tens of thousands of Bonethorn Bloodmoths they had previously seen were nothing more than the tip of the iceberg. They now saw that there were millions of them.

The heaven-shrouding Bonethorn Bloodmoths covered the entire sky. The sound of their wings filled their ears, and everyone was horrified.

Suddenly, a rank two Celestial’s weapon shook, and a ray of light shot towards them.

Continuous explosions rang out. Hundreds of Bonethorn Bloodmoths were sent flying by the powerful force. A slight opening appeared in the sky.

Everyone was delighted. These Bonethorn Bloodmoths might have a strong defense, but up in the air, they were easily knocked away. They were relieved.

There were hundreds of Celestials here, over thirty of which were rank two Celestials. If everyone worked together, it seemed it wouldn’t be a problem to charge their way out of the blockade.

“First, kill the golden armored person, then kill his companion. We definitely can’t let them take everything!” One of the Corrupt path’s experts shouted, wanting to incite enmity between everyone and Long Chen.

There were quite a few people that came from the Eastern Wasteland’s ancient races. There were also some Righteous experts. But most of the Righteous experts had come from the other opening, so although they had heard Long Chen’s name, they didn’t really place him in their eyes.

But Long Chen’s Raging Flame Prison had definitely intimidated them. They were all experts, and they could all see that his technique had been an extremely powerful magical art.

Long Chen had immediately become the person that everyone had the most misgivings toward. Now, they all had to work together to get out of here alive. They definitely couldn’t allow Guo Ran to leave with all the profit.

“You really are a bunch of idiots. Even at this time, you want to scheme. There’s no saving you,” snorted Long Chen. He shot toward the altar behind the mountain of skeletons.


Suddenly, miserable screams rang out, along with the sound of bodies being torn apart. Everyone hastily looked back in shock.

Countless sharp bones were flying over at them, and they were incredibly quick. It was practically a rain of bones. The defensive runes everyone had summoned were essentially useless. These bone thorns directly pierced through their bodies. But luckily, these people were all Celestials and could heal.

But this rain of bone thorns was still unblockable. Despite doing their best, quite a few of them pierced through their bodies.

“We can’t continue like this! We’ll be exhausted to death! Concentrate on breaking out!” roared one of the ancient race experts. He directly charged forward with his group.

But their actions drew a dire consequence. Only a small portion of the Bonethorn Bloodmoths had actually attacked just now, and this group’s movements drew the attacks of the rest of them. A torrent of bone thorns shot toward them.

There were simply too many of them. In front of everyone’s horrified gazes, that group of experts was submerged by the countless bone thorns, and then their bodies disappeared forever.

The bone thorns were these insects’ strongest weapons. They actually grew back extremely quickly as well. After shooting one out, a second one would quickly grow.

In truth, each Bonethorn Bloodmoth was only able to use this attack three times. However, their piercing power was incredibly great. Due to how many of them there were, their attack’s killing power was even comparable to an Enchanted weapon.

Their bone thorns could easily pierce a Celestial’s body. Even shields only lasted for a moment before being blown apart. There were just too many bone thorns. In just that one exchange, almost a hundred people died.

Long Chen rushed over to the altar. He was startled to find that the Blood Qi of the fallen Celestials was being rapidly pulled in by the altar. More precisely, the Blood Qi was surging toward the ancient lamp.

He was startled to see that this Blood Qi actually weakened the burning lampwick. It seemed its light had weakened a bit.

“Could it be that this huge trap is all to extinguish this ancient lamp?” Long Chen carefully touched the lamp. He found he was unable to move it. It was like it was a part of the altar.

Long Chen also didn’t dare to use too much force since he was afraid of destroying it. But as more and more experts fell, the lampwick’s energy weakened, and it began to shudder.

A few glowing runes appeared under the lamp. Those runes then began to rapidly dim, and the lamp started to shake. Long Chen was delighted to see that. This should be the optimal time to attempt to take the lamp.

Long Chen’s hand had just touched it again when he felt a burst of pain on his back. A sharp sword pierced through his back and out his chest, blood spraying wildly.

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