Chapter 808 Caught in a Crisis (Teaser)

A mountain appeared in front of them. It was just a hundred meters high, and its circumference was only a thousand meters. But everyone’s expressions changed.

That was because this mountain was made of skeletons. They were piled tightly together along with countless weapons and spatial rings.

The majority of the people felt their hair stand on end upon seeing it. Even those weapons and spatial rings weren’t able to entice them.

“This is a trap!” Guo Ran was appalled.

Their journey here had been so calm and easy. But as soon as they arrived here, they saw this huge pile of bones. Furthermore, these skeleton’s clothes hadn’t completely degraded yet. They definitely had died no more than a few decades ago.

There were also some skeletons that had decayed. It had to be known that those who could come here were all top geniuses in the outside world. Their skeletons wouldn’t decay like that even if given several centuries. In other words, the skeletons here had been piled up from dead experts from different period...

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