Chapter 807 Magical Art: Raging Flame Prison

“Boss, how could it just be a pile of ashes?” Guo Ran was speechless as he looked inside the case.

“It should be some medicinal ingredient that rotted after all this time. It’s impossible to even tell what the original medicinal ingredient was,” sighed Long Chen.

“How depressing.” Guo Ran put away the case. At least the case was a treasure.

“Bastards, I’m talking to you! Hand over your treasures, and we won’t kill you!”

Long Chen and Guo Ran were completely ignoring them, causing this group to be infuriated.

The two of them looked over this group. They looked the same as humans, but their hands were like eagle claws with sharp hooks at the end of their fingertips. They actually only had four fingers.

That strange appearance was a sign of an ancient race. There were thirteen people, and three of them were rank two Celestials. Their auras were extremely powerful.

“Hand over your treasures, and we’ll spare your lives,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“What?!” Those eagle-claw ancient race experts were even more enraged now.

“Die!” One of the rank two Celestials directly sent his claws at them, manifesting runes which caused a harsh whistling.

Guo Ran slashed with his golden saber. What startled him was that sparks flew, and he was actually knocked back a step.

“Idiot, now do you understand just how strong we are now? We can tear apart Enchanted items with our bare hands. It’s too late for regret now!” sneered the clawed expert as he pressed his attack.

Guo Ran was truly startled. As expected, each ancient race possessed its own powerful inheritance. These claws were this ancient race’s greatest weapon.

Suddenly, a thunderforce-covered hand caught the ancient race expert’s domineering claw. The sound of bones breaking rang out along with his mournful cry.

“Tear apart Enchanted items? Just with your flimsy chicken claws?” Long Chen shook his head.

Seeing how powerful those claws were, Long Chen had wanted to test whether they really were as strong as they said they were. And the result of his test was that these claws were just for bragging.

Yes, they were comparable to Enchanted items. But they still weren’t true Enchanted items. They relied entirely on runes to increase their power to receive Guo Ran’s saber.

But under the suppression of Long Chen’s Lightning Rushing Hand, they were really no different from chicken claws.

“Attack together!” Seeing one of their rank two Celestials be injured, the rest of them realized that they had kicked an iron plate today. But due to their longstanding pride, they wouldn’t allow themselves to lose out. Almost instinctively, they charged.

Guo Ran was just about to summon his complete armor when Long Chen waved his hand. Space twisted as endless runes condensed in the air. Waves of heat surged into the sky.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

Long Chen’s spiritual yuan erupted. Those runes formed a prison that caught all the eagle-claw enemies.

The Earth Flame’s energy poured forth as berserk flame energy ignited them.

The three-hundred-meter flame prison tightly bound them. Countless runes danced within the prison, and whatever those runes touched instantly ignited.

In just a moment, all of them were set afire, trying to escape with their lives on the line. But when they touched the edge of the prison, it was like the flames on their bodies ignited again. The flames on them roared to a new level.

Noticing members of an ancient race target Long Chen’s group of two, quite a few people had looked over. Now they were all appalled. This flame prison was actually so terrifying.

Even Long Chen was startled by its power. This magical art he had obtained from the Xiao tribe was actually so powerful.

Magical arts were different from Battle Skills. Battle Skills relied on circulating the energy within the user, condensing it together to release the greatest power.

The principle of a Battle Skill was like stopping a river and storing up water before suddenly releasing it all.

But magical arts relied on activating the energy within heaven and earth. A person’s energy was just to connect to it. It was like a detonator activating explosives.

However, after activating heaven and earth’s energy, that vast energy had to be properly controlled by spiritual yuan. Normally, only Sea Expansion experts could use magical arts, because Xiantian experts didn’t have the spiritual yuan to control it. Using one would just cause their bodies to explode.

As an alchemist, Long Chen’s comprehension and control of flame energy were extremely high. He quickly learned to control this move.

But he still hadn’t tried it before. So now that he did, he was shocked by how powerful it was.

Activating the Raging Flame Prison required condensing a special rune within the body. When the rune was fully formed, hand seals activated it, and Spiritual Strength released it into the world.

When the prison first formed, it would instantly draw over all the flame energy around it and condense it into its runes. Then the next step was to use the energy of a personal core flame to truly complete it.

Once the Raging Flame Prison was complete, the inside would be filled with countless tiny runes that could be likened to a fine drizzle. But that drizzle was endless and came from every angle. Anyone who was inside would be ignited.

Those minute runes would ignite anything they touched. The flame energy within them wasn’t something their spiritual yuan had been able to resist. They had only been able to rely on their Heavenly Dao runes to block it.

But they had quickly found that blocking the flames exhausted their core runic energy at an alarming rate. If this continued, then it would just be a few more breaths before they were burned to ash.

They crazily attacked the prison, trying to escape, but the prison didn’t even budge. It was like they were dragonflies trying to shake a pillar.

The most terrifying thing was that as they attacked the prison, strange energy was transmitted into their bodies.

The flame runes adhering to their bodies were like ignited gunpowder. One of the weaker ones directly exploded, not even leaving behind a corpse.


The eagle-claw experts were filled with despair. If they attacked the prison, they would explode. If they didn’t attack it, they would slowly be incinerated. There was no third option.

“Hurry and release us! Otherwise, the Great Eagle race will hunt you down and exterminate your entire sect and family!” roared one of the rank two Celestials.

Long Chen stood with his arms clasped behind his back, calmly watching the changes in the prison. He completely ignored what that person had said. He was still shocked at how powerful the Raging Flame Prison was.

He hadn’t used his full power with it since he was just testing it. His guess was that its current power was just a third of its peak.

He also didn’t want to expose its true power so early, so he had intentionally weakened it. But he didn’t expect its effect to still be so shocking.

“Ah, it must be because of the Earth Flame.” Long Chen suddenly thought of the crux of the problem. As a flame magical art, the Raging Flame Prison’s power had very likely increased due to the Earth Flame, which was why it was so shocking.

While Long Chen was lost in thought, the final two rank two Celestials couldn’t hold any longer and self-destructed.

After the self-destruction, even their souls didn’t have a chance to flee. They were instantly incinerated.

The flames disappeared. Heaven and earth returned to normal. But thirteen ancient race experts had completely disappeared without leaving a trace. The ground was untouched, without the slightest charred portion.

After using this move, his experience with magical arts had risen a great deal. The reason magical arts were so powerful was because they drew off the world’s elemental energy. That was naturally extremely powerful, but using one exhausted both spiritual yuan and Spiritual Strength. That exhaustion was extremely great.

Although the power was worth it, Long Chen also sensed some danger. In truth, magical arts were a double-sided blade. At the same time as they could be used to kill enemies, they posed a great risk.

There were two factors. One was that if your own power wasn’t high enough, you wouldn’t be able to control the world’s energy, and that would cause the magical art to erupt out of your control.

The other danger was if your opponent had a way to restrain your magical art. For example, they might break the equilibrium of your magical art. Then your control over the natural energy would also break, and you would suffer a backlash.

It was no wonder why even those old Sea Expansion monsters wouldn’t easily use magical arts unless they were forced to. Controlling them was too difficult and too dangerous.

“Boss, what Battle Skill was that? It’s so powerful!” Guo Ran was shocked. Over ten ancient race experts were incinerated by it without the slightest ability to resist.

“Don’t ask. No matter how strong a Battle Skill is, you wouldn’t be able to use it. Your Dao is already completely different from other people’s. Properly walk your own path.” Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to explain to him the difference between Battle Skills and magical arts. Other than satisfying his curiosity, it didn’t have any use to him.

The Raging Flame Prison had shocked everyone here. Those people who had been planning on doing something to Long Chen secretly wiped away some cold sweat.

There were also quite a few people delighting in his misfortune. Now that Long Chen had killed experts from the Great Eagle race, and this many, the Great Eagle race would definitely not leave things as they were.

The distant Corrupt experts’ expressions changed and they immediately fled. But seeing that Long Chen was ignoring them and focused on continuing to search for treasures, they relaxed a bit. However, they still chose to distance themselves more.

As Long Chen and Guo Ran advanced, the path was suddenly blocked by huge boulders. There was no choice but to go around to reach the core region of the island.

From a small pass, they entered the core region. Just a few dozen miles in, Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed.

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