Chapter 806 Dying With Eyes Open

Opening the jade case, a disgusting scent erupted. Long Chen and Guo Ran both jumped in fright, thinking that it was poison. They hastily shut their pores and shot back.

Only then did they get a good look at what was inside. It was a fist-sized egg. But there were countless speckles on it, and the disgusting scent was coming from them.

“Is this a housepet’s egg?” guessed Guo Ran.

“Most likely. It’s just that it’s been too long.” Long Chen was speechless. That was unlucky. “Throw this egg away. But the case should be a treasure.”

“Alright.” Guo Ran really didn’t want to touch this thing. But since Long Chen said so, he went over and threw out the egg.

“Fuck, you pig!” Long Chen suddenly fled upon seeing Guo Ran toss the egg beneath his feet.

The egg immediately grew in size upon leaving the case. It grew to several meters long, and it exploded upon striking the ground. A fecal-green liquid erupted like a bomb.

Guo Ran was immediately splashed by it. A nauseating scent crashed over him. Despite sealing his pores, he still felt like he was about to vomit. This egg had existed for no one knew how long. That kind of scent wasn’t something just anyone could handle.

It was fortunate that Long Chen had fled fast enough, or he would also have been splashed. Seeing Guo Ran just foolishly standing there, he cursed, “Hurry up and start washing yourself!”

Only then did Guo Ran react. He took out a bucket of water and began to crazily scrub. Even once he was clean, that disgusting stench didn’t let up.

“Boss, you couldn’t warn me?” Guo Ran switched his robes, but that stench was still present.

“Are you a pig? Would a housepet’s egg be just the size of a chicken egg? That case has huge runes on it. Are you blind? Even if you are, can’t you sense the spatial fluctuations? Tch, I almost got pulled in because of you, and you still want to grumble at me?” said Long Chen without the slightest mercy.

Without several days, there was no way that scent would disappear. Now even Long Chen was affected.

Traveling in the world while closing all the pores and sense of smell was essentially cutting one’s spiritual perception in half. Doing it for a while might be acceptable, but doing it for too long was just courting death.

“Heavens, it really is a treasure! I have a huge use for these runes!” Guo Ran suddenly saw the runes on the case, and his eyes lit up. He had definitely thought of another forging mechanism.

“Tch, put it away. Let’s go.” Long Chen brought Guo Ran away. Long Chen found quite a few deep holes in this area.

But those holes were from a long time ago. It seemed quite a few experts had searched this island before, which disappointed him. Perhaps there weren’t many chances of obtaining any treasures here.

“There’s a jade case here.” Long Chen paused, sensing a jade case.

Without wasting a moment, Guo Ran began digging. As Guo Ran dug, Long Chen looked around and couldn’t help but grumble.

According to reason, since this place was a trial region, it should have been like a cage that trapped the insects inside. The insects should have been like the Hidden Ground Gold Spider, unable to escape.

But now, not only were there no Bonethorn Bloodmoths, but the entire island was wrecked. The trial caves had been excavated, and all people could do was dig for treasure here.

Had that battle back then destroyed the formations of this island? But Long Chen still kept feeling like something was a bit off.

“Hehe, boss, here you go.” Guo Ran smiled mischievously and handed the jade case to Long Chen.

“Tch, do you think we’d be so unlucky as to obtain another stinky egg?” Long Chen rolled his eyes.

But although his tone was disdainful, he kept the case far away and used his Spiritual Strength to open it.

When the case was opened, there wasn’t the slightest disgusting stench. Instead, it was the scent of a perfume permeating the atmosphere. There was a pearl inside.

The pearl was the size of a baby’s fist. Its entire body was like jade. Spiritual qi revolved around it as it shone beautifully. A dense scent of perfume came out of it, one that was extremely relaxing to smell.

“Boss, give it to me! I can use it to mask some of the scent coming from me!” Guo Ran was delighted. This was just what he needed.

“You can’t. This is a seventh rank Nine-Color Elk’s Neidan. It’s incredibly precious to female cultivators. The essence inside it can allow a person to maintain a youthful appearance forever. If you were to waste such a natural treasure, then Tang Wan-er would definitely cut you into pieces if she learned of it. Furthermore, I’d also be implicated by you,” laughed Long Chen.

“Really, this thing is so amazing? It has the same effect as the legendary Everlasting Appearance Fruit?” asked Guo Ran.

“When it comes to effect, it definitely can’t compare. That Everlasting Appearance Fruit can be directly consumed. But I’ll have to first extract the essence within this Neidan and make it into a pill. You know how much women like their beauty. So many of them are willing to even sacrifice their longevity and even their cultivation base. My guess is that if the sect master didn’t care about her looks, she might have already long since stepped into the King realm,” said Long Chen.

“Then why don’t you refine a few Everlasting Face Pills and give me some? Hehe, you know, I… Hehe, you understand,” said Guo Ran. With that wretched expression on his face, it seemed there really would be no one who wouldn’t understand what he intended.

“Don’t worry, the essence within this Neidan is enough for me to refine several furnaces of pills. I’ll only need one furnace of pills for my beauties. If you have the ability, you can take all the rest. I want to see just how many beautiful girls you can seduce,” laughed Long Chen.

“Hehe, I won’t use those Everlasting Appearance Pills to seduce them. Seducing women must be done through charisma and strength! I’m just preparing for the future. If there comes a beautiful woman who admires me, and we’re just lacking a little bit of fire between us, who could resist once I send her an Everlasting Appearance Pill?” laughed Guo Ran mischievously.

“Guo Ran, have you ever thought of what kind of woman you want?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“How should I put it? My requirements aren’t high. As long as they don’t loathe me, it’s fine,” said Guo Ran.

“Ah, this requirement of yours is actually quite high,” said Long Chen.

“Fuck, boss, you’re evil! Why must you always mock me like this? It’s unendurable!” Guo Ran had an urge to cry, but no tears came out.

“Hehe, don’t be like this. Your brother is just joking with you. Furthermore, aren’t you also quite handsome? Why must you set your requirements so low?” comforted Long Chen.

“The main thing is that my eyes are too small. Women don’t like men with small eyes.” Guo Ran hung his head dejectedly.

“Who said that? Small eyes have their own benefits,” said Long Chen supportively.

“Really? What benefits?”

“People with small eyes, no matter how they die, won’t die with their eyes open.”


“Alright, let’s stop talking and just keep moving.”

In truth, Long Chen was also very excited to obtain the Nine-Color Elk’s Neidan. He always felt like he greatly owed his beauties. Now he finally had a chance to send each of them a gift. They would definitely be incredibly delighted to gain the ability to retain their youth forever.

Continuing forward, Long Chen kept his Spiritual Strength spread out while Guo Ran was in charge of digging. They quickly found seven more cases.

Three of them contained weapons that had reached the middle grade Enchanted level. But they were made through exquisite craftsmanship which made them much stronger than average weapons at that level.

They also obtained a secret tome that contained a water element magical art. It was directly stored in a spatial ring since it was essentially useless to them.

They also dug up another stinky egg. But with their experience last time, they handled it much better than before.

There were also two pills that were even more trash. Although medicinal pills were precious, after all this time, those pills had lost their medicinal energy and were no more than shriveled lumps of garbage.

As they got deeper, Long Chen saw many powerful people. Some were from the Righteous path, some from the Corrupt path, and there were also many experts from the ancient races. They were in groups, sometimes with more than ten people. They held strange tools as they searched for something.

Long Chen saw that those had to be tools to find treasure, which was why the previous people they had killed had been digging right over a jade case. After all, there weren’t many people who had Spiritual Strength as powerful as Long Chen and could explore hundreds of meters underground. And even if someone could, they would only be able to last for a few breaths before running out of Spiritual Strength.

Long Chen saw that these people came from every direction of the island, and they were all powerful figures.

They were all in groups. Long Chen’s group of two was actually the weakest. Those groups were all carefully searching while on guard against enemy attacks.

The groups maintained a certain distance from each other. But Long Chen saw that quite a few people had begun to place their sights on him and Guo Ran.

Some of the ancient race groups had several rank two Celestials amongst them. It had to be known that the ancient races possessed bloodlines that made them unrivaled in the same realm.

Long Chen ignored them for now as he continued searching with his divine sense. He quickly found another two cases.

Just as Long Chen and Guo Ran pulled up the second one, a group of people surrounded them.

“Hand over all the treasures you’ve obtained and we’ll spare your lives.”

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