Chapter 805 Killing Fullmoon Disciples

These two people had a short horn on their heads. Long Chen recognized them as the members of the Fullmoon race.

The Fullmoon race was an ancient race with immense power. Their skin was like bronze, making them much more powerful than average cultivators.

Before entering the Immemorial Path, Long Chen had seen them, but he found them to be exceedingly arrogant. They actually looked down on the human race. In fact, they practically didn’t even look at them.

These two were clearly intending on stopping them from entering deeper. They were securing this area for the Fullmoon race.

“The entire Immemorial Path is my area. You two should scram,” said Long Chen. Just looking at these arrogant fellows infuriated him.

Previously, these people had been incredibly irritating, but Long Chen hadn’t had any conflict with them. So they hadn’t fought. But now that they were pointing their weapons at him, being tolerant didn’t have any meaning.

“Courting death!” The two of them were enraged. They were people from an ancient race. Thus, they inherently looked down on regular disciples like him.

Both of their spears struck like poisonous vipers. Although they were just rank one Celestials, their power was comparable to rank two Celestials.

Two golden hands caught their spears. It was Guo Ran. In his opinion, such minor figures weren’t worth his boss personally taking action.

Just as Guo Ran was about to send them flying, Long Chen directly pointed his finger. Two lightning arrows pierced their heads, directly killing them in body and soul.

They fell to the ground, their eyes still full of shock.

“Boss, you…” Even Guo Ran was stunned. They were experts from an ancient race. Now it was troublesome.

“Remember, no matter who it is, as long as they want your life, you have a reason to kill them, no matter their status,” said Long Chen lightly.

“But they…”

“There’s no buts. If you don’t dare to attack them just because of their background, if you’re afraid of the consequences, your enemies won’t think that you’re magnanimous. Instead, they’ll think you’re weak and easy to bully. That will bring you even more trouble. To such people, you have to be even more tyrannical. Kill each one that comes, kill until they’re afraid, kill until they don’t dare to become enemies with you.

“Don’t you still remember Huo Wufang? Instead of restraining myself, if I had killed him the first time I encountered him, would Ye Zhiqiu and Lu Fang-er have died?” said Long Chen coldly.

Guo Ran’s heart turned icy. Thinking back to that miserable battle at the end of the Jiuli secret realm, it was like he could see Lu Fang-er and Ye Zhiqiu dying in front of him.

“So remember, enemies are enemies. Don’t vainly think that being nice will make them allies. That will just push you further into despair. You have to be stronger than experts, more vicious than vicious people. Don’t vainly think about talking reason. That’s just the display of the weak. You need to learn how to make it so others want to talk reason with you,” said Long Chen. As he spoke, over ten Fullmoon experts appeared.

Obviously, the disturbance here had drawn them over. When they saw those two corpses, they roared furiously and charged at them.

“Kill them all.” Long Chen waved his hand.

Guo Ran felt his scalp turn numb. This boss of his was too vicious. They were part of an ancient race! But he could only listen to his boss’s orders. He summoned his golden armor and slashed down with his saber.

Those Fullmoon experts were horrified to find that this golden monster completely suppressed them in terms of power. With a single saber, they were all sent flying.

While they were flying through the air, black needles struck them as quick as lightning. Bloody mist filled the air as they were almost all killed.

The only one to survive was a rank two Celestial. Relying on his powerful body, despite being pierced into a sieve, he remained alive. He was just about to flee when Guo Ran’s saber mercilessly fell on him.

He was directly cut in two. That rank two Celestial died just like that.

After killing them, Guo Ran didn’t feel the slightest happiness. Instead, he was incredibly worried. “Boss, won’t this bring more trouble?”

“What trouble? At most, the Fullmoon race will learn about this and hunt us down. What else could happen? If we retreated this time, then we would have to retreat the next time and so on for all eternity.

“The good resources will be taken by others, and we’ll lose any chance of getting stronger. At that time, we won’t even die to the Fullmoon race before we die to weaker enemies. Those who block us are essentially killing us, so there’s no need to be merciful.

“As for trouble? Hehe, do we care about more trouble? When do we not have to deal with trouble? Relax. Even if you provoke gargantuan trouble, I’ll be there. And if I can’t handle it, the worst case is that all of us brothers die together. Eighteen years later, we’ll rise once more.[1]

“We can die, but we can’t lose our undefeatable will. Since we’ve chosen this place, we absolutely can’t retreat. Once we retreat, there’ll be no more hope for us. In the future, our entire Dragonblood Legion will walk the undefeatable path. We can die, but we can’t admit defeat.

“Each one of the Dragonblood warriors is my brother or sister. If one person causes a disaster, we’ll handle it together. So you don’t need to be afraid. Anyone who dares to provoke you can be directly killed. Our Dragonblood Legion might not provoke trouble, but we aren’t afraid of trouble. No matter who it is, even if their daddy is a god, we’ll still kill them if they provoke us,” said Long Chen solemnly.

“I understand, boss.” Guo Ran nodded. Today, he finally truly understood Long Chen’s thinking. He admired and worshipped him even more. 

Ever since he had encountered Long Chen, Long Chen had risen like a shooting star. But no matter how strong he became, he still maintained his core heart.

Guo Ran was Long Chen’s earliest follower. Now, his cultivation base had reached the late Xiantian realm and he had become a rank two Celestial. He had gained immense strength and the world had opened up to him. His heart had unconsciously changed.

He had begun to care more and more about what he had. He wanted to enjoy his current accomplishments. As a result, he had begun to fear losing what he had. Now he had to remember his original heart.

Long Chen nodded. Guo Ran was also smart. Although he was too ostentatious, his comprehension skill was still quite great.

He patted Guo Ran’s shoulder. Since he understood, then there was no need to say anything more. They continued forward and quickly found a hole in the ground. It seemed to have only just been dug.

“They were digging a well?” wondered Guo Ran.

“What well? They should be digging for treasures.” Long Chen rolled his eyes.

“Digging for treasures?” Guo Ran didn’t really understand.

“From the Xiao tribe, I learned that Insect Island is a huge trial region. It is split into hundreds of levels, and there are force fields protecting them. But the Xiao tribe could only watch from a distance. There are powerful formations that prevent them from entering. But according to them, this Insect Island was once a verdant forest. Now, there’s not even a single blade of grass. Isn’t that curious?

“Apparently, each trial on Insect Island has a Bonethorn Bloodmoth protecting it. If you want to obtain the treasure, you must defeat it. But now the island is completely desolate, and there are no signs of the Bonethorn Bloodmoths.

“Their guess is that because there were no guards, the Bonethorn Bloodmoths consumed all the resources on the island, completely destroying this place, and most likely they went to other places to reproduce.”

Looking at this desolate island, Long Chen paused before continuing, “But I still feel like there’s something off here, I just can’t tell what.”

“Then what are we supposed to do now?” asked Guo Ran.

“Wait a moment. I’ll investigate with my divine sense.” Long Chen sent his divine sense underground. He followed the hole the Fullmoon experts had dug.

Once he reached three hundred meters, Long Chen’s heart shivered. Underground, it was like there was some chaotic honeycomb. Some unknown energy had pierced countless crisscrossing and intertwining tunnels. Furthermore, he also saw broken caves and formations.

“Oh, there’s something.” Long Chen suddenly saw a jade case three thousand meters deep. Despite being buried in mud, he still sensed it. “These fellows must have some kind of method to sense underground treasures. This hole is right over the treasure.”

“There’s actually such a method to hunt for treasures? Then let me check their spatial rings.” Guo Ran was delighted, and he hastily began rifling through the spatial rings from the corpses of the Fullmoon experts.

“There’s no need. My divine sense can cover several miles, which is greater than any item they could have. First of all, let’s start excavating and see what’s inside.” Long Chen was just about to take action.

“There’s no need for you to do anything, boss. Let me.” Guo Ran took out a drill.

The drill was three meters long and gave off a cold light. Guo Ran sinisterly laughed, “Ever since that time I bitterly dug in the first monastery, I just knew we’d run into this kind of situation again. So I developed this supreme drill.”

The drill’s runes lit up. It began to quickly whirl, bringing with it an ear-piercing sound. It began to pierce through the ground like it was made of paper.

In front of Long Chen’s stunned gaze, in just two breaths, the drill reached the jade case Long Chen had indicated.

[1] He’s just saying that the worst case is they all die and that they’ll reincarnate, becoming adults in eighteen years, and once more being who they were. But to be clear, this is kind of an expression, and readers should not take this to mean that cultivators can reincarnate with their memories.

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