Chapter 804 Corrupt King Devil Empress

“Boss, how many battles have you fought since entering the Immemorial Path?” asked Guo Ran expectantly.

“No battles. They were just some small-scale scuffles,” said Long Chen. “You?”

“Hehe, I fought many battles, probably dozens. I don’t even know how many Corrupt idiots I killed. In any case, I’ve killed eleven rank two Celestials. Hehe, I’ll leave these spatial rings with you. If it weren’t for your generous help, I wouldn’t have been able to create my golden armor. After spending so much money, I’m finally getting a return. I’ll quickly return all your investment back,” laughed Guo Ran as he took out a mass of spatial rings.

Although Long Chen hadn’t haggled with him about anything and had always given him whatever he needed, Guo Ran knew that this golden armor of his was the result of Long Chen practically throwing money at him. Even he had to feel ashamed. Now he could finally return the favor.

Long Chen looked at those spatial rings and shook his head. “You should just give them to sister Yu when we get back. She’s the one in charge of our financing. Just looking at these things gives me a headache.”

Originally, the Dragonblood Legion’s finances had been left to Tang Wan-er. In the beginning, she had felt her position to be very refreshing and novel, and so she had enjoyed it.

But then she found that she didn’t have the patience for it, and in the end, that task had been handed to Qing Yu.

One reason was because Qing Yu was an extremely attentive person, and her personal relationships in the Dragonblood Legion were all very good. Another reason was that Tang Wan-er wouldn’t have to hear her nagging all day.

Ever since Qing Yu had taken over the finances, she had become busy all day. Furthermore, she was extremely earnest with her work, and she was always meticulous. It had been a very long time since Long Chen had had a long, proper conversation with Qing Yu.

“Hehe, boss, to tell you the truth, all the money I spent really made me worry all day long,” said Guo Ran.

“Don’t say useless words. Do brothers need to say so much?”

“Yes, boss. Now that I can make my own money, I’ll definitely get the most out of this golden armor. I won’t disappoint you!” swore Guo Ran.

“Did you encounter anyone we know during this time?” asked Long Chen.

“I encountered a few people who are relying on our sect. I did help them when they needed it. But as for our own people, I didn’t encounter a single one. However, I did hear one thing. The Remote Heaven Gang’s Ji Changkong had a fight with sister-in-law Meng Qi,” said Guo Ran.

“Don’t call her sister-in-law Meng Qi in the future, and definitely don’t say sister-in-law Wan-er. Their faces are too thin. Just calling them sister is fine. Did Ji Changkong die in the end?” asked Long Chen.

“Heavens, how did you know? When I heard it, I thought it would be sister Meng Qi who would be in danger!”

“Tch, that’s a joke. In the entire Dragonblood Legion, Meng Qi is the strongest. For Ji Changkong to challenge her is just suicide,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Boss, you really are evil! Sister Meng Qi had such a terrifying trump card, but you didn’t even tell me!”

“What was the result? Did Ji Changkong die?”

“No. But he did lose half of his life. I heard that when he blocked sister Meng Qi back then, his words were so crude that she was completely infuriated and summoned a terrifying Magical Beast. As a result, Ji Changkong met a tragedy. He was suppressed like a dog, and half of his body was destroyed. If he didn’t use a secret art to flee in the end, he would have been killed right then and there. Just what housepet is that for it to be so terrifying?” asked Guo Ran curiously.

“Hehe, a seventh rank Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix,” laughed Long Chen.

“Damn, you two really are evil! Isn’t that a descendant of the divine phoenix? When its sacred blood is activated and its true feather attacks, I hear it can even challenge Foundation Forging experts!” cried Guo Ran.

A seventh rank Magical Beast corresponded to a Sea Expansion cultivation base. Ordinary Sea Expansion experts could be easily slaughtered by people like Long Chen and the others.

Magical Beasts were inherently stronger, and the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was a descendant of the divine phoenix. With its bloodline power, its power might even surpass a rank three Celestial in the same realm.

For Ji Changkong to fight the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was like a rank three Xiantian Celestial fighting a rank three Sea Expansion Celestial. The fact that he could escape alive was already exceedingly lucky for him.

“Then isn’t sister Meng Qi unrivaled in the Immemorial Path?” asked Guo Ran excitedly.

“Are you joking? A single powerful Magical Beast isn’t enough to dominate the Immemorial Path. I personally watched someone curse a Magical Beast on the Blood Phoenix’s level to death.” Just thinking of Xue You’s Yama King Blood Curse gave Long Chen a sense of unease. That curse was too terrifying.

To have Guo Ran reserve himself a bit, Long Chen told him about his encounter with Xue You. He couldn’t lose his senses and start challenging anyone, or he would lose out.

“Heavens, you encountered Xue You? And you almost killed him? Boss, you really know how to live a life,” said Guo Ran worshipfully.

“You know Xue You?” Long Chen was surprised.

“I heard about him from some Corrupt experts. In their Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path, there are two supreme geniuses. They are their future leaders. One is called the Corrupt King, while the other is called the Devil Empress. The Corrupt King is Xue You. He is acclaimed as an undefeatable heavenly genius, and ever since joining the Corrupt path, anyone who has exchanged blows with him has died. But since you almost took his life, I’d say that you’re the undefeatable heavenly genius,” said Guo Ran.

Originally, he had been thinking of warning Long Chen to be careful about the Corrupt path. He hadn’t expected that Long Chen was already acquainted with that expert and had almost taken his life.

“It was just a coincidence. If we were competing in terms of combat abilities, it’s still unknown who would defeat who. But he is definitely the most terrifying opponent I’ve encountered so far. I trust he has many shocking trump cards that he hasn’t used yet.”

Long Chen felt a great deal of pressure toward Xue You’s inexhaustible trump cards. Xue You was a truly peerless expert.

“That’s right, who is that Devil Empress?” asked Long Chen.

“All I know is that her name is Leng Yueyan. Apparently, she is so beautiful that birds fall out of the sky and rivers flow backward. Her fierce methods cause even devils to shudder, ghosts to cry, and gods to weep. She’s just as famous as the Corrupt King,” said Guo Ran.

“Birds to fall out of the sky and rivers to flow backward? Can beauty do that?” said Long Chen contemptuously.

“Cough, my meaning is just that her beauty is indescribable. Don’t be so picky. You know I’m not very learned,” said Guo Ran awkwardly.

“If she’s just as famous as Xue You, she should also be an expert on that level.” Long Chen frowned. Just Xue You was terrifying enough. Now a Leng Yueyan had appeared. That made him feel like the pressure on him had increased once again. Moreover, the Corrupt path was his mortal enemy.

The two of them were traveling as they talked. They eventually arrived at a dried-up riverbed. The ground was covered in cracks, a ghastly sight.

The riverbed continued endlessly. Long Chen finally realized why this place was called Insect Island. Before the Immemorial Path had crumbled, there must have been a lake here.

“There are people up ahead,” said Guo Ran suddenly.

Long Chen looked to see quite a few people rushing forward like them. They were actually also moving toward Insect Island.

From their robes, there were both Righteous and Corrupt disciples. There were also some disciples from ancient families. They were independent existences of their own. It was just that they were incomparably arrogant and rarely interacted with the rest of the world.

“Boss, we should hurry up. Otherwise, the treasure will be taken by others,” said Guo Ran worriedly.

“Grow a brain. Insect Island is a trial region. Although I don’t know the exact details, you definitely have to pass the trial to get the reward. It’s not a matter of who gets there first. Furthermore, the fact that they’re scouting ahead for us is a good thing. They can test the waters while we watch.” Long Chen slowed down with Guo Ran.

But Long Chen was a bit surprised to see more and more people as they went deeper in. He hastily took out the map he had obtained from the Corrupt disciples.

He immediately found why there were so many people here. This place had long since been marked by everyone. He had forgotten to check this map with the map the Xiao tribe had given him.

If he had known this many people were coming, he would have chosen a different spot. With this many people, he wouldn’t just have to worry about passing the trial, but also about being attacked by others. It was a waste of time and effort.

But since he was already here, he decided to continue. The other reason he had chosen Insect Island was because the Xiao tribe’s leader had specifically told him that it was very strange. Their people were only able to observe it from the outside. They didn’t dare to enter, because it was a trial that cursed them heavily.

Eventually, a mountain appeared. That should be the so-called Insect Island. But the lake had disappeared, so the island had become a mountain.

Long Chen hadn’t expected it to be so large. From the outside, it looked to be several thousand miles wide. But it was completely desolate, and there wasn’t a single blade of grass growing on it.

Looking at that desolate island, for some unknown reason, Long Chen felt a bit uneasy. He kept feeling like this island was strange. But since he had already come here, he had to go in and at least take a look.

When Long Chen and Guo Ran stepped onto the island, they saw several corpses. They looked like the corpses of Corrupt experts. Their weapons and spatial rings were gone.

After traveling some more, they found more corpses. This time, their robes were from the Righteous path. As before, their weapons and spatial rings were gone.

After passing a ridge, they saw two more people. But they were alive and healthy. They raised their weapons icily at Long Chen and Guo Ran.

“This area is ours! If you’re smart, you’ll immediately scram!”

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