Chapter 803 Golden Battle Armor

Everyone was shocked. In the blink of an eye, Guo Ran had turned into a golden armor monstrosity.

The armor looked absolutely seamless, as if it had grown on top of him. It emitted an absolutely terrifying aura.

The rank three Celestial’s spear was caught so easily by Guo Ran’s metallic arm. Let alone them, even Long Chen was startled. 

Long Chen could clearly see that the instant Guo Ran had caught his opponent’s spear, all his runes on his armor had flashed. That spear’s energy was instantly absorbed.

Although he didn’t know what was going on, it seemed that this little fellow had truly made great gains on the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Netherworld Heaven Staircase. That Weapon Forging Diagram he had obtained had clearly benefited him immensely, allowing him to gain a much more solid foundation and to comprehend a greater level of the Ethereal Crafting Secret Record.

Those runes were actually able to consume an opponent’s spiritual yuan. Such runes were too abnormal. It was no wonder he was so brazen now. He had the power to back it up.

“Girls, get further back. I wouldn’t want you to get splashed with blood.” Guo Ran turned his head to look at the two of them.

Those two now saw that Guo Ran’s helmet had a pair of golden wings, and there was even a sinister-looking horn on his forehead.

His voice was metallic now, and it was truly chilling. The two of them hastily turned and fled.

As for the rank three Celestial, he was absolutely startled, and he tried to pull back his spear. But no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to bring it back. The two of them were in a deadlock.

Then Guo Ran suddenly let go, and the rank three Celestial was caught off guard. He blew back, hastily stabilizing himself.

The instant he let go, a golden saber appeared in Guo Ran’s hand. It actually had the exact same form as Long Chen’s Blooddrinker. His saber slashed down on the dumbfounded Corrupt experts.

They had never seen such a monstrous person. Furthermore, Guo Ran’s attack style was definitely lacking morals. It was the same as Wilde’s.

Because of his armor, his own power was multiplied over a hundred times. He didn’t even use any spiritual yuan. Others weren’t able to sense any mental or spiritual lock from his attack, and so they were unable to instinctively predict what he was doing. They could only judge with their eyes.

But without sensing those fluctuations, relying on only eyes would cause them to react one step slower.


Everything happened too suddenly, and the eleven of them didn’t even have a chance to retreat. Their endings were extremely sorrowful.

Although Guo Ran’s cultivation base was garbage and his aura was almost weaker than even a rank one Celestial, Long Chen had given him quite a few special medicinal pills. With so much special attention, Guo Ran’s physical strength had been greatly improved.

There was no way for him to compare to someone like Gu Yang, but physically, he was much stronger than other rank two Celestials now. 

When his armor multiplied his power by a hundred times, there was no way these people could resist. Their weapons instantly shattered, and they were blown to pulp. A long gorge appeared in the land.

Guo Ran rested his golden saber on his shoulder and icily looked at the stunned rank three Celestial. He appeared incredibly domineering.

Long Chen was speechless. He hadn’t expected this signature move of his to have been copied so perfectly by Guo Ran. His act was incredibly marvelous and delightful to watch.

“You should bring out your full strength while you still can,” said Guo Ran coldly to the rank three Celestial.

Guo Ran was completely covered in his armor, but where his eyes should be, there were two black gems. It was unknown what runes he had carved onto them, but they looked similar to eyes. From those two gems, he had an even wider range of view than with his own eyes.

“Bastard, I don’t believe I can’t break your damn tortoise shell!” raged the rank three Celestial. Blood Qi soared out of him. A blood-colored mark lit up on his forehead. His appearance suddenly changed, becoming as sinister as a ghost, and his aura leaped.

Black mist came from his spear. He had fully activated this Enchanted item. A terrifying pressure shook the air as he smashed it at Guo Ran.


Guo Ran simply raised his saber. When the black spear collided with it, sparks flew and the land crumbled. The ground sank a great deal.

Long Chen nodded. Guo Ran truly was a prodigy. Through his armor, his power was definitely amazing.

Guo Ran began a fierce battle with the rank three Celestial. Golden light flashed and whistling winds erupted. It was extremely imposing.

The thing that Long Chen found curious was that this time, Guo Ran’s armor was much more flexible than before. His actions were very natural without any of the rigidity of the armor. It was like his armor was a part of him. It was no longer as inflexible as back in the Jiuli secret realm.

Furthermore, he had also imitated Long Chen’s saber techniques. With his crazy slashes, the rank three Celestial was unable to do anything to him.

“However, armor is armor. It can’t possibly be as agile as the physical body. There are still flaws in his moves, but when you factor in his immense power and flawless defense, it makes up for it.”

Although Guo Ran’s armor was extremely startling, it was still armor. It restricted a person’s agileness.

However, this armor allowed his power to greatly increase. It was made of the Treasure item fragments Long Chen had given him; thus, it was incomparably sturdy. Sometimes the rank three Celestial’s spear would slip past his saber to strike him, but it merely left behind the slightest mark. There was essentially no damage.

“You bastard, all you rely on is outer power! If it weren’t for this damn tortoise shell, could you receive a single one of my attacks?!” raged the Corrupt expert.

In terms of power, he was evenly matched with Guo Ran. But in terms of defense, he suffered greatly. When his attacks struck Guo Ran, there was no damage.

As for Guo Ran, he ignored his attacks to hack his saber at him. It was an absolutely shameless method of fighting.

The rank three Celestial had tried several strategies, but he had still been unable to break Guo Ran’s defense, infuriating him so much that he roared in rage. But he was helpless.

“Fuck, what do you mean a tortoise shell?! How dare you humiliate my grand invention!” raged Guo Ran. He suddenly raised a hand, and countless holes appeared.

Seeing those holes, the rank three Celestial’s hair stood on end. A sensation of death instantly filled his heart. Without even thinking about it, he turned tail and fled.

Hundreds of black lights shot out like lightning. They instantly reached him.

Although he had condensed a runic shield at the first instance to protect himself, the Corrupt Celestial was still pierced.

Hundreds of sharp needles pierced his body. Even a rank three Celestial’s physical body wasn’t able to block such high-speed needles.

Those were no ordinary needles. They were treasures Guo Ran had exhausted a great deal of effort to forge. Normally, he was extremely unwilling to use them.

That was because of the ‘armor-breaking’ runes he had carved onto them. Those runes would lose effect after one use. In other words, he had just lost these hundreds of needles in this one attack.

Forging these was no easy task. It would probably take him over ten days to forge them again. If the Corrupt Celestial hadn’t cursed his armor for being a tortoise shell, he wouldn’t have wasted them.

“Bastard, just wait!”

The rank three Celestial was covered in blood now. He immediately began to heal, but he knew that staying behind didn’t have any benefits. He suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood onto his hand, and drew a diagram in the air.

“Celestial Corrupt Blood Shield!”

That image merged into his body, and he instantly turned into a ray of light, arriving a hundred miles away in an instant.

Guo Ran was stunned. It was already too late for him to catch up. He could only watch as he fled, and he couldn’t help but curse. However, he was helpless.

“Just wait! Next time, I’ll smash apart your stupid tortoise shell and tear your corpse apart-.” The rank three Celestial didn’t forget to furiously shout to release his anger as he hastily fled for his life.

Suddenly, a saber-image slashed down. That saber-image was incredibly powerful, and it directly blew the Corrupt Celestial to pieces.

“We’re all busy, so who has time to wait for next time?” A lazy voice rang out and a figure appeared in Guo Ran’s line of sight.

“Hahahaha, boss!” Guo Ran was delighted. He had never expected Long Chen to appear now.

“Little fellow, you’re quite the show-off. Even I’ve been surpassed by you,” said Long Chen.

“Hehe, boss, I don’t deserve that. Showing off while standing behind you is my greatest goal,” laughed Guo Ran.

“If you really had wanted to kill him, I trust that he wouldn’t even have had the ability to run. You really are strong now.” Long Chen gave him a thumbs-up. He understood Guo Ran far too well.

“Hehe, yes, you’re right. Killing him isn’t anything difficult. But it would waste several months of my work. I’m too unwilling. I’m saving that for a bigger stage.” Guo Ran laughed mischievously.

As expected, this fellow was truly sinister. He was leaving behind his trump cards to con even more people. This kind of planning was truly laudable.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the trial regions,” said Long Chen.

“Hehe, I can finally fight alongside boss. Eh, where did those two girls go? They left just like that?” Guo Ran saw that those two women had completely disappeared. They had completely abandoned him. That was completely immoral.

“Let it be. Did you hope those two would give their hearts to you?” Long Chen was speechless. He pulled Guo Ran over to the Insect Island.

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