Chapter 802 Guo Ran’s Golden Yang Finger

Leaving the Xiao tribe, Long Chen’s heart felt heavy. Who would have thought that saving a person would have drawn on so many things?

Although he had given the Xiao tribe all those weapons and medicinal pills, Long Chen still felt that he owed the Xiao tribe an immense debt.

Yuan spirit stones had essentially gone extinct from the world. They were things that could only be found on the Immemorial Path. Yuan spirit stones contained the most primal energy of the world. Compared to the spirit stones Long Chen used, they were on a completely different level. On the Martial Heaven Continent, just how many spirit stones would you have to offer to buy a single yuan spirit stone? Long Chen didn’t even know if it was possible.

Furthermore, he had also learned many magical arts. Those were priceless treasures. He had obtained far too much during his trip to the Xiao tribe.

As he advanced, he quickly left the wilderness and reapproached the main path.

He held an incredibly detailed map of the Immemorial Path. The map didn’t just show the blocks, but also places impossible to cross. Due to it, Long Chen quickly found the closest part of the main path.

Furthermore, all the trials on the path were marked. The one he had previously entered had been called the Mortal Molting Trial.

He also finally learned what the Divine Mortal Molting Elixir was. But he learned it was only useful to the trial takers and useless to the aboriginals, so the old tribe leader had declined to take any.

Pausing, Long Chen took a close look at the map. He saw that the closest trial was marked with an insect symbol.

“Insect Island. Just what kind of trial is it?”

Long Chen was startled. The old tribe leader had told him that they had been in charge of guarding a certain trial before the Immemorial Path had crumbled.

But after that immense battle, countless people had died, and the ground had been broken. Some trials had directly fallen into the abyss and forever disappeared.

The majority of the trials were still present, but many of the original guards had disappeared during the battle. That battle’s scope exceeded the limits of the human imagination.

According to the old tribe leader, their records said that their ancestors hadn’t seen anyone fighting. All they had seen was the sky constantly tearing. Lightning had shaken the land, and stars had collapsed. Divine rays had pierced through the void. It had truly been an apocalyptic battle.

Afterward, the Immemorial Path was fragmented, and some trials had fallen into cracks. But the old tribe leader sternly warned Long Chen that he absolutely could not go into the abyss. That battle might have occurred countless years ago, but there was still remnant divine energy in the abyss. If you entered, your soul would be directly destroyed.

Long Chen quickly found the quickest path. But he needed to cross seven regions to get there, because there was an abyss that was too large to cross blocking his way.

As soon as he reached the main path again, he began to sense people secretly watching him. They should also be trial takers that were carefully advancing.

They didn’t dare to be careless. But there was no need for Long Chen to care about those people, as they were just weak rank one Celestials. Their caution was because they had no confidence, and they weren’t hiding to attack him.

Long Chen ignored them as he advanced. He crossed through three blocks and passed a mountain. There was a wide-open space ahead.

He suddenly chuckled. He saw a group of people, and within that group, he saw a figure that was an extreme poser.

Yes, it was Guo Ran.

Long Chen found a place with good feng shui to watch. He hid himself, watching as Guo Ran faced over ten Corrupt experts.

Behind Guo Ran were two women whose clothes had been torn. Those robes marked them as members of the Righteous path. They were pale, obviously having been injured.

Guo Ran stood in front of them, his chest puffed out, looking like someone who didn’t fear heaven or earth, as if the heavens were his junior. Tch, he was clearly trying to act like a hero saving beauties.

Those two women were just ordinary Celestials, but they were facing thirteen experts from the Corrupt path. One of them had a powerful aura and was clearly a rank three Celestial.

According to reason, these women shouldn’t have the slightest ability to resist in front of them. How had they been injured?

But after just a moment’s thought, he understood. The Corrupt path’s people were just that monstrous. They clearly wanted to assault these women. They were playing a game of cat and mouse to tire them out. That was the only reason these two had lived to encounter Guo Ran.

“Brazen Corrupt idiots! It’s broad daylight! You’re still not kneeling in the presence of your daddy?” Guo Ran shouted furiously, pointing at the Corrupt experts in front of him.

Long Chen almost laughed. In the beginning, he had thought that Guo Ran had been pointing out the broad daylight as a reference to their terrible actions. But it was actually just to be a poser. Amazing, truly amazing.

Those Corrupt experts had originally encountered a group of Righteous disciples. They had immediately attacked them, and with only seven people on the Righteous path’s side, the men had been killed, and they had been preparing to use those two women. 

Before using them, they would have a different kind of fun. They had allowed them to run, then caught them, groped them, and then allowed them to continue. They had  enjoyed that game very much. They would continue until they were too weary to continue or perhaps until they gave up. Then after using them, they would kill them. Furthermore, the women that they used would always have their heads cut off to use as a commemoration.

These two had already been about to give up in despair. But then they had encountered another Righteous disciple. The thing they found inconceivable was that despite him clearly being a rank two Celestial, his aura was incredibly weak, almost weaker than a rank one Celestial.

But this fellow seemed to be suicidal. Despite being so weak, he had cursed these people without the slightest fear. In fact, he looked at those Corrupt experts contemptuously. That made them wonder.

Anomalies could result in abnormal results. Those that could enter the Immemorial Path were the major sects’ best disciples. There wasn’t one useless fool. Guo Ran’s flashy display had actually temporarily subdued the Corrupt experts.

As for the two women, they were incredibly excited to see someone come out to save them. But then seeing his cultivation base, their hearts sank.

“Report your name!” shouted the rank three Celestial icily.

Guo Ran laughed, “Hahaha, stand steady! Try not to collapse once you hear my name! My grand name is reputed, my reputed name is grand, a bloody blade shakes the world, the mighty Eastern Wasteland’s number one handsome man, Long Chen…”


All the Corrupt experts involuntarily took a few steps back, looking at Guo Ran with shock.

“...Long Chen’s brother, Guo Ran!” Guo Ran patted himself on the chest arrogantly.

“You little fucker!”

One of the Corrupt experts finally couldn’t bear it anymore. Long Chen’s name had truly frightened them. Thinking of the possibility that Long Chen had disguised himself, their hearts had risen into their throats.

But then it wasn’t. They felt humiliated, and one of them immediately charged forward to tear Guo Ran apart.

“Die.” Guo Ran disdainfully pointed his finger. A golden light shot out, and that Corrupt expert didn’t even have a chance to react before being struck.

The golden light pierced the Corrupt man’s body. It was unknown what happened inside him, but his body instantly exploded into a bloody mist.

“Idiots, if I had no ability, how would I be qualified to follow boss Long Chen?” said Guo Ran disdainfully.

A powerful enemy was killed with a single blow. Those two women behind him were stunned. So this Guo Ran was actually a deeply hidden expert. They were both startled and delighted.

“Did you see it? That was my Jade Tree Wind Misty Unrivaled Max Instant Flash Kill Golden Yang Finger! I developed that technique all on my own, and it’s unique within the whole Eastern Wasteland!” claimed Guo Ran.

Long Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. Shameless, truly shameless, too shameless. What Golden Yang Finger? That was clearly a spring-loaded arrow.

Because there were no spiritual yuan fluctuations, only the activation of a mechanism, added on the short distance and the suddenness, the Corrupt disciple hadn’t even understood what had happened before dying.

Although he hadn’t seen it clearly, Long Chen knew this had to be a new concealed arrow Guo Ran had developed. Its killing power was truly impressive. It actually contained an explosive effect.

Other than admiring Guo Ran’s new invention, he also felt far inferior to him in terms of the thickness of his skin.

Even the rank three Celestial was intimidated now. The thing that made Long Chen speechless was the fact that they now believed Guo Ran’s words.

Guo Ran looked at them disdainfully, filled with pride. He had held himself back for too long outside. Now, he finally had a chance to show off.

“You rank one Celestials, just kill yourselves. Only rank three Celestials are qualified to have me personally kill them,” said Guo Ran indifferently, clasping his hands behind his back.

The two women were stunned. He was actually so strong that he thought he could kill them all?

“Courting death!” The rank three Celestial finally couldn’t bear it any longer. Countless runes surged out of him, and a terrifying pressure descended. The black spear in his hand stabbed toward Guo Ran with boundless killing intent.

The black spear emitted an ear-piercing sonic boom. That power could easily shatter mountains. This was a rank three Celestial’s true power, a power that could practically one-shot rank two Celestials.

Long Chen smiled slightly. Guo Ran liked to be mysterious all the time. Previously, when he had asked Guo Ran to show him some of his moves, he had stubbornly refused. Now he wanted to see just how this fellow had developed.

The two women were appalled. They were clearly affected by the Corrupt expert’s power. His attack could easily kill them.


Suddenly, a metallic sound rang out explosively. A golden hand firmly caught the black spear.

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