Chapter 801 Magical Arts

“These are some weapons and medicinal pills I gathered. Please accept,” said Long Chen.

“This is… really too much!” The old tribe leader didn’t know what to say.

Touched by the old tribe leader’s generosity, Long Chen naturally couldn’t be stingy. He had directly filled this spatial ring with all the Enchanted weapons he had gathered.

From the old tribe leader, he had learned that they had exceedingly few weapons and medicinal pills, because the aboriginals did not possess alchemy or forging inheritances.

Furthermore, they had just been some ordinary guards originally. To put it more frankly, they had just been workers, and they had relied entirely on resources from the higher-ups to cultivate.

Once the Immemorial Path had crumbled, although they had been able to obtain some cultivation techniques and secret arts within some trials, they hadn’t obtained any legacies on alchemy and forging. As a result, they had very little in that regard.

Later, they had been attacked, and both sides had treated the other as prey. The invaders had placed their sights on the yuan spirit stones the aboriginals had, while the aboriginals needed the invaders’ weapons and medicinal pills.

The invaders could only stay for a year in the Immemorial Path. That one year was too precious for them, so they had to focus all their energy on the trials.

If they tried to go searching for yuan spirit stones, then time might be up before they even found a good vein. So the outside worlds’ disciples had two goals: passing the trials and plundering the aboriginals.

The other sects’ Elders had definitely explained everything clearly to their disciples. But Ouyang Qiuyu hadn’t. She had let them enter and see things for themselves.

Ouyang Qiuyu was very much a leader who liked her people to be independent. She always let her disciples do what they wanted, believing that experts were tempered through endless trials.

The more you gave them, the more resources you thrust upon them, the less it would benefit them. So other than the must-have things, she hadn’t given any of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples anything.

She liked Long Chen’s character. He was fearless and a maverick. And it was precisely because she liked him that she didn’t concern herself with him.

As soon as Long Chen had entered, he had used Shui Guanzhi’s blood to open the prologue of his journey in the Immemorial Path. He had killed many people on his journey, and he had obtained many things.

He now had hundreds of Enchanted items and mountains of medicinal pills. Ninety-nine percent of those were from killing people.

Although the old tribe leader had lived for countless years, he was still shocked by Long Chen’s capital. He had never seen this many resources.

Although giving Long Chen so many yuan spirit stones would make the Xiao tribe a bit hard-pressed for money in the upcoming days, compared to the grace Long Chen bestowed upon them, it was absolutely nothing.

Now that Long Chen gave him his own gift, the old tribe leader felt that they were even more precious than the yuan spirit stones. That was because they didn’t lack yuan spirit stones in the Immemorial Path.

“Don’t refuse. I don’t like beating around the bush. If you don’t accept, I’ll have to return your yuan spirit stones,” laughed Long Chen.

“Alright, then I’ll represent the Xiao tribe to thank you,” said the old tribe leader gratefully.

“These things are just trash to me. In the future, I’ll get more and more. But yuan spirit stones are different. I’m the one who’s getting the most profit out of this trade,” laughed Long Chen.

His words were correct. To Long Chen, those things were garbage. Although he still needed to equip the Dragonblood Legion, that wasn’t something urgent.

In the Immemorial Path, was he lacking enemies? Just how many days had he been inside? He had fought many battles, and as for weapons? He would get too many to use. 

As for medicinal pills, they were true trash. Long Chen usually only ate medicinal pills that he personally refined, as those were the most effective. But these pills were still priceless treasures to the Xiao tribe.

“Long Chen, I’ll have to leave for now to make proper arrangements for these medicinal pills and weapons. Later tonight, I’ll open our Xiao tribe’s treasury for you. You can see if you are interested in any of the magical arts there. Old brother Mu still has some things he wants to say to you, so you can chat.” The old tribe leader left, leaving behind only Long Chen and the white-eyed elder.

“Senior, you wanted to talk to me about something?” Long Chen felt a bit odd sitting alone with this elder. He always felt him to be extremely strange.

“This is my identity plate. Take it. If you need help from any aboriginals, then you only need to show it and they’ll immediately do their best to assist you.” The white-eyed elder took off a jade plate he carried on his waist and handed it to Long Chen.

Long Chen received it. He saw runes around a single eye in the center. That eye had a mysterious image carved into it.

“It seems senior’s status is truly extraordinary,” said Long Chen. If just a jade plate could win him the trust of the aboriginals whom he should be mortal enemies with, then his status must be truly shocking.

However, he didn’t sense the slightest cultivation base fluctuations from this elder. Even right in front of him, if he didn’t look at him with his eyes, he wouldn’t be able to sense his existence. It was like he wasn’t even a part of this world.

“The aboriginals are pitiful existences that were abandoned. I hope that you can look after them to the best of your ability,” said the white-eyed elder.

“Senior overestimates me. I’m just a trial taker, and amongst the other trial takers, I have countless mortal enemies. Who knows whether I can even protect myself?” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

What kind of joke was this? How did he have that much ability? Of just the ones he knew, there were four peak experts, Xue You, Huang Junmo, Yu Changhao, and Ji Changkong.

Just Xue You had forced Long Chen to the point that he had used up all his power. Just protecting himself was troublesome enough, let alone all the aboriginals. Long Chen never promised to do things he couldn’t do.

“That’s fine. All I’m asking is for you to do your best. I don’t have any evil intent,” laughed the white-eyed elder. However, his smile contained a profound meaning.

Seeing that the white-eyed elder had nothing else left to say, Long Chen stood and said his goodbyes. For some unknown reason, he felt an uneasy feeling while sitting with the white-eyed elder.

When he came out, he saw that Xiao Fei had long since been waiting for him. He pulled Long Chen to their treasury of magical arts.

The Xiao tribe’s magical art treasury wasn’t as secret as Long Chen had imagined. It was just within an ordinary room. Because the Xiao tribe didn’t have any outsiders, these secret tomes could be freely read by anyone.

However, these magical arts all had cultivation base restrictions, and people below certain levels were strictly forbidden to read through them. Trying to use a magical art before you were ready could easily cause injury, and perhaps even cause you to become bedeviled.

“Big brother Long Chen, these are all the magical arts our Xiao tribe have gathered over the years. There are twenty-three, and you can see if there are any suitable to you,” said Xiao Fei.

The current Xiao Fei had already become a rank three Celestial. Although he was still in the Xiantian realm, he was stronger than Sea Expansion experts.

At the same time as he was excited, Xiao Fei also felt an emotion that he couldn’t describe toward Long Chen. From other people, he had learned of how Long Chen had activated his power despite being restricted by his heart-devil. In his eyes, Long Chen was no longer a human, but a god.

Long Chen didn’t stand on courtesy. He went through the magical arts one by one. He couldn’t help being excited. After all, magical arts were usually only things that Sea Expansion experts could use.

But when he had exchanged blows with Xue You, he had found that despite him being in the Xiantian realm, Xue You had still been able to easily activate magical arts.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

Long Chen’s eyes brightened. This was an exceedingly powerful magical art.

“Big brother Long Chen, this magical art is something only flame attribute experts can use,” reminded Xiao Fei.

“Aren’t your words a bit stupid? Which alchemist doesn’t use flames?” Long Chen was speechless.

Xiao Fei came to a sudden comprehension. But this couldn’t be blamed on him. The Immemorial Path didn’t have any alchemists, and so he didn’t know anything about them.

Long Chen immediately began to study it. He directly sealed the contents of the tome into his memories so he could slowly study it in the future.

In just a couple of hours, Long Chen had sealed all the magical arts into his memory. He was delighted to find that quite a few of them were exceedingly powerful, and once they were used, their power could be limitless.

“Big brother Long Chen, do none of them pique your interest?” Xiao Fei was disappointed, because Long Chen only briefly looked through all of them. He hadn’t gotten engrossed and studied even a single one.

“Foolish child, I’ve already memorized all these magical arts. I can slowly study them in the future,” said Long Chen.

“You memorized them all?!” Xiao Fei jumped. These magical arts were recorded through graphics, not words.

Just looking at them would require a large amount of Spiritual Strength. An ordinary person would exhaust their Spiritual Strength by just looking through one of them once. So a single magical art would normally take months to learn.

But Long Chen had just used a couple of hours to memorize all of these magical arts. Despite how much Xiao Fei worshipped Long Chen, he couldn’t believe it.

Long Chen smiled and didn’t bother explaining. He had no interest in the other Battle Skills they had here, so he left.

He directly went to say goodbye to the old tribe leader. The old tribe leader had long since been prepared for that, but Xiao Fei, Xiao Yu, and Xiao Ling clearly were reluctant to part with him.

“Big brother Long Chen, you really can’t stay for a few more days?” begged Xiao Fei with red eyes.

Long Chen patted him on the shoulder. “Even staying a few days wouldn’t change the fact that I have to leave. Even if I stayed for a year, we would still have to part. You’re already a rank three Celestial now. Work hard on cultivating. Don’t bother with the laws of the Immemorial Path. Rules were made to be broken, and targets are made to be exceeded. Just because others couldn’t doesn’t mean you won’t be able to. Heaven and earth are just a cage, and as long as you are strong enough, you can break them to win your freedom.”

Long Chen’s meaning was that Xiao Fei shouldn’t resign himself to the limits of this world. He should have the courage to fight against the laws here. In truth, he was saying these words for himself, because that was what he always had to do.

Long Chen’s solitary figure slowly faded in front of the gazes of every member of the Xiao tribe. Eventually, he completely disappeared.

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