Chapter 798 Reward

“NO! I’ll kill all those brutes!” roared Xiao Fei. His veins were bulging, his face twisted, and blood kept leaking out of the corner of his mouth.

His gums had been split from clenching his teeth so hard, but he didn’t notice. His whole body was trembling, but he was unable to move. It was like he was in a nightmare.

“Kill? What will you use to kill them? The enemies are so strong that even the Elders weren’t able to stop them. Do you think you, a rank one Celestial, can stop them? You are just an ant in front of those invaders. You don’t have the slightest ability to resist. Blood has dyed the land, and corpses litter the ground. Their eyes are full of unwillingness. The only ones left are you and aunt Qing. Aunt Qing is heavily injured and on the ground. She looks at you with worry…” Long Chen’s soft voice resounded throughout.

Although they knew he was using a hypnotic art, Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was too strong. Even though he wasn’t focusing on them, they were infected by his voice. The scene of the Xiao tribe’s destruction appeared in front of them.

The Xiao tribe’s warriors all erupted with battle intent, fury soaring in their eyes. Some disciples even automatically activated their Cries of the Heavenly Daos.

Long Chen’s hypnotism was just too strong. Some of the weaker disciples had to be held back by other experts. Chaos raged. They had never experienced such a thing. Even wide awake, they were hypnotized.

It was obvious just how realistic of an illusion Xiao Fei was under. As Long Chen spoke, scene after scene played in Xiao Fei’s head, spurring his emotions. Everything was incomparably real to him.

“Don’t come here!”

Xiao Fei suddenly shouted. His arms opened. From his posture, it seemed like he was protecting aunt Qing behind him.

“You’re doing your best, but you’re still too weak. You’re unable to defeat your enemies. You can only watch as the evil invaders get closer and closer to aunt Qing…” Seeing Xiao Fei move, Long Chen’s eyes brightened. His voice became even softer.

“No! You can’t hurt aunt Qing!” Xiao Fei crazily roared, his arms waving through the air as if he was fighting back enemies.

“Do you want to get stronger?” Long Chen’s voice suddenly changed. He sounded holy and divine now, and absolutely unquestionable.

“I want to get stronger! I want to kill all of them!” Xiao Fei continued to crazily swing his arms.

“There is a treasure house within your Dantian. If you open it, you’ll immediately become stronger, strong enough to kill all these powerful enemies, strong enough to protect your aunt Qing,” said Long Chen.

“I can’t open it. I’ve tried for ten years, but it still won’t happen. What am I supposed to do?!” roared Xiao Fei, his voice full of pain and panic.

Long Chen sighed and turned to look at the old tribe leader and the Elders. Those people all felt a burning sensation on their faces.

In these past ten years, they had always been pushing Xiao Fei to get stronger. As a result, it had caused a heart-devil to form within Xiao Fei, and he had no hopes of opening his Dantian anymore. That had added another layer of locks over his power.

That made them turn red to the tips of their ears. They were filled with regret. If it weren’t for that extra lock, Xiao Fei could have very likely awakened his energy just now from Long Chen’s guidance.

They hated themselves for being too inflexible, for being so hidebound. If they had tried the method Long Chen was using, perhaps Xiao Fei would have long since awakened his power.

Now seeing that Xiao Fei had failed at this step, they had an urge to find a hole and bury themselves. Long Chen’s previous ridicule hadn’t been wrong. It was their fault. They had misled their disciple.

Long Chen also hadn’t expected Xiao Fei to have a heart-devil at such a young age. Now it was a bit more problematic. But since things had reached this point, he definitely couldn’t give up now.

“You couldn’t open it before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t open it now. Quickly, aunt Qing’s life is in your hands…” A trace of urgency entered Long Chen’s voice. He needed to test whether or not the suppressed energy within Xiao Fei could be released.

“I want to save aunt Qing!” roared Xiao Fei. He tried to connect with his Dantian. But after several failures, Xiao Fei’s aura began to turn chaotic.

“Long Chen, Xiao Fei will end up crazy if this continues!” warned one Elder.

“Shut up!” Long Chen shouted coldly. If it weren’t for them having given Xiao Fei such a powerful heart-devil, why would he have to do so much work? If he doesn’t succeed, what about his face? Finding excuses wasn’t Long Chen’s style.

“Xiao Fei, I am Long Chen.” Long Chen suddenly changed tones again.

“Brother Long, save me!” Xiao Fei was delighted to hear Long Chen’s voice. His chaotic aura slowly calmed down, and the signs of him growing bedeviled faded.

“I can’t help you. The only one who can help you is yourself,” said Long Chen.


“There are no buts. Do you trust me?” asked Long Chen.


“Then good. Listen carefully. There is immense power within your Dantian. It is heavily locked right now and can’t be opened. But with so many enemies before you, you must open it. That’s the only way you can protect aunt Qing. The ways you tried to open it before were wrong. Now I’ll teach you the correct method.

“Insert your Spiritual Strength into your Dantian. Use the same method you used to try to open it before, but for the last step, switch your left and right spiritual hands. Concentrate. Feel your energy constantly condensing… condensing… condensing until all that energy is within your hands,” said Long Chen.

The Elders couldn’t help being stunned. The method they had taught him was wrong? The crucial point lay in the final point?

“Big brother Long Chen, it’s still not working!” said Xiao Fei.

“Very good, Xiao Fei. You’ve already condensed a hundred percent of your energy. But to activate your potential, you need to condense a hundred and twenty percent,” said Long Chen.

A hundred and twenty percent? How was that possible? Everyone was stunned.

“If you don’t know where that energy comes from, look back at aunt Qing behind you. She’s looking at you with worry, but also encouragement. She isn’t worried about her own life, but yours. Are you really willing to let her fall to the hands of your enemies? Let your fury rage! You are a man. Show your domineeringness!

“You can release your greatest power when you want to protect the people you care about. Show your fangs. Release your roar. Make the mountains crumble beneath your feet, make your enemies’ souls dissipate. To protect aunt Qing, you feel no fear inside. What are you still waiting for? Explode with your power, open the seal!”

Long Chen’s voice grew louder and louder. It resonated with heaven and earth. It was like the roar of gods, and everyone present was infected by it. Their blood began to boil, and battle intent surged out of them.

“Seal, open!”

What startled everyone was that Xiao Fei suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were completely scarlet like the eyes of a devil. His roar shook the heaven.

“This… this is the revival of the ancestor’s bloodline?” The old tribe leader shot up, his body trembling.


Xiao Fei’s runes surged out of him. They were like huge rivers surging into the dome of the sky. A terrifying pressure descended.

Every member of the Xiao tribe, other than the old tribe leader, knelt on the ground, looking at him excitedly.

Long Chen thought they were being grateful to him, but then he realized they had been affected by this bloodline inheritance.

Runes of three colors formed a huge image behind Xiao Fei. That image was a bit indistinct, so it wasn’t possible to see what it clearly was.

“The tribe diagram! It’s actually the tribe diagram!” The old tribe leader was so moved that tears began to flow out of his old eyes.

“Don’t get too excited, or it’ll shorten your lifespan,” advised the white-eyed elder.

“Hehe, Xiao Fei has awakened as a rank three Celestial, and he’s also revived the long lost tribe diagram. Even if I died right now, I’d be happy,” said the old tribe leader. He was unable to suppress his excitement.

“Your enemies are annihilated. You can sleep. When you awaken, everything will be in the past and seem like a dream. When you awaken from your dream, everything will be very normal. You’ll find that everyone in the tribe is alive. Aunt Qing is by your side. They’re all looking after you…” said Long Chen softly.

Xiao Fei’s furious aura calmed down, and he slowly closed his scarlet eyes. He collapsed into Xiao Ling’s arms.

“Long Chen, you’re our Xiao tribe’s greatest benefactor. Please accept this.” Xiao Ling actually knelt just like that toward Long Chen.

It wasn’t just Xiao Ling. Long Chen was startled to see even the old tribe leader kneel. Long Chen hastily ran forward and pulled the old tribe leader up.

“You’re shortening my longevity,” complained Long Chen. In truth, he very much disliked this kind of etiquette. Other than parents and heaven and earth, how could you kneel to anyone else?

The old tribe leader saw through Long Chen’s intentions and said, “We must kneel to express our gratitude. You don’t know just how much you’ve done for our Xiao tribe. You must accept this gratitude.”

“No, you should all get up. I only kneel to my parents. As for heaven and earth… Haha, let’s not talk about that. Xiao Fei is fine, and I’m also very busy. To tell the truth, I urgently need a detailed map of the Immemorial Path and any areas with value,” laughed Long Chen.

He found that his face was becoming thicker by the day. He directly asked for the benefits without feeling the slightest embarrassment.

“Hahaha, how could just a map express our Xiao tribe’s gratitude? Long Chen, stay for a few days so we can properly thank you,” laughed the old tribe leader.

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