Chapter 797 Seven Star Sea Lock

Even the sun lost its brightness in front of that saber. Its aura was one that enveloped all of heaven and earth. The experts from the Xiao tribe were all appalled.

It wasn’t just that saber’s aura that was shocking. The most terrifying part about it was that it contained a will to shatter the restrictions of heaven and earth. In front of that will, anyone would feel like an ant.


The saber-image and spear-image collided, and space let out a strange sound, a sound like something was shattering. Following that, a horrifying pressure descended that caused everyone’s expressions to change.

Long Chen and Xiao Gu’s power had already surpassed the limit of what the barrier could tolerate. Their auras broke past the formations and charged forth. Any Xiantian disciples would be directly crushed apart by it.

It was at this moment that two of the Xiao tribe’s Elders took action. Runes flickered into existence, forming a huge barrier around everyone.

Gale winds whistled past the barrier. The winds were like blades, and everyone winced whenever they clashed against the barrier.

The two of them who had formed this defense were Ancestor experts. However, even they were unable to block the piercing sound from that attack.

The dust scattered, revealing Long Chen standing with his saber resting on his shoulder. His divine ring was still behind him, making him look like a god overlooking the rest of the world.

There was a huge gorge in front of him, and at the end of that gorge was Xiao Gu who was miserably crawling up, wildly vomiting blood. His spear had been completely destroyed.

Everyone was silent, having never expected that someone as powerful as Xiao Gu would be so cleanly defeated.

From the start, Long Chen had only used two moves. The first move had suppressed Xiao Gu, and the second move had defeated him. Everything had happened so quickly that it felt like it hadn’t even started before it had ended.

“As expected, upon reaching the tenth Heavenstage, my spiritual yuan has increased immensely. Not only has Split the Heavens increased in power, but I also don’t have to kneel like a dog after I use it,” thought Long Chen.

While cultivating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, the differences between the first nine Heavenstages weren’t so great. But after the tenth Heavenstage, each level was practically a qualitative change.

Just now, his usage of the second form of Split the Heavens had been twice as strong as when he had previously used it, and it had only used up forty percent of his power.

Most importantly, he hadn’t even brought out the Four Star Battle Armor. He had wanted to test out this move before using that.

But he hadn’t expected that Xiao Gu would be defeated just from this testing move. In truth, Long Chen had forgotten one thing: he had drunk over ten bowls of peak grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir within the trial cave, allowing his body to reach a flawless point. His power had unconsciously risen a great deal.

Xiao Gu coughed up three mouthfuls of blood. This attack had almost caused his body to break apart, and his internal injuries were extremely heavy. But as a Celestial, he could still heal these injuries by sacrificing his core energy.

However, while he could recover from his injuries, he couldn’t recover his spiritual yuan so quickly. He had already used his trump card of returning his qi sea projection within him. Therefore, he wasn’t able to summon the manifestation of his qi sea again for a while. Without that, what was he supposed to use to fight Long Chen?

This time, Xiao Gu’s defeat was absolute. There was nothing he could say against him. Looking at Long Chen, he took a deep breath and said, “I’ve lost.”

Long Chen nodded. “Not bad. You actually admitted defeat instead of trying to find a bunch of excuses or cursing. You can still count as a man.”

Others didn’t feel anything when he said this. But Xiao Gu felt a chill inside. Just now, he really had been thinking about cursing him or finding an excuse. Then he would provoke the tribe’s fury and borrow that fury to kill Long Chen.

But then seeing Long Chen’s calm face, he felt that to be a bit frightening, so he just obediently admitted defeat.

“Xiao Gu, you’re too narrow-minded. If you were the tribe leader, the entire Xiao tribe would be affected by your attitude, and they would start viewing everyone else as beneath them. If you were a true expert, then that would be one thing, because you could subdue all the surrounding powers to satisfy your desires. Perhaps then you really could lead the Xiao tribe to an unprecedented glory. Regretfully, you will never be able to become a true expert, because you don’t know what makes a true expert,” said Long Chen lightly.

No one said anything, not even the Elders. Only Long Chen’s words continued to echo.

Xiao Gu was infuriated upon hearing Long Chen say that he would never become an expert. But he quickly suppressed his fury.

“Xiao Fei, come over here.” Long Chen beckoned.

Xiao Fei hastily ran over. He looked at Long Chen with worship. In his eyes, Long Chen was a god.

“Close your eyes,” said Long Chen.

Although he didn’t know what he wanted, Xiao Fei obediently closed his eyes. Long Chen pressed his finger to Xiao Fei’s forehead. Xiao Fei’s body immediately stiffened and became completely motionless.

“What?! Long Chen, how dare you kill him!” Everyone saw that Xiao Fei’s spiritual aura completely vanished. In this world, only dead people didn’t have spiritual auras.

Just as everyone was about to go all-out against Long Chen, the old tribe leader shouted, “Shut up! Just watch. Xiao Fei is fine.”

Only then did everyone halt. But they still found that they were unable to sense Xiao Fei’s soul. They couldn’t help being bewildered.

The old tribe leader might not have much time left, but his vision wasn’t something an ordinary person could compare to. He knew that Long Chen had used some sort of special technique to seal Xiao Fei’s soul, making him enter a state of quasi death.

Although he didn’t know what he was doing, he felt that Long Chen wouldn’t be so stupid. Not even an idiot would be so stupid as to kill a tribe member here in their homeland.

Long Chen’s actions caused Xiao Yu and Xiao Ling to jump in fright, but they also believed that Long Chen wouldn’t harm Xiao Fei.

Xiao Fei was standing motionless. Long Chen’s gaze swept over the Xiao tribe’s people. In the end, his gaze landed on the Elders.

“The reason Xiao Fei was unable to awaken the energy within him isn’t his fault, but yours. You were the ones who mislead your disciple”

Those Elders’ expressions sank. This Long Chen was truly too arrogant. He didn’t even give them any face.

“There’s no need to look at me like this. I rarely say anything wrong, because I don’t like slapping my own face.” Long Chen turned to look at Xiao Fei. “Perhaps you don’t want to accept what I just said. Then I’ll let you properly see what the requirement to be an expert is.”

Long Chen pressed his finger seven times around Xiao Fei’s Dantian. The old tribe leader couldn’t help but cry, “The Seven Star Sea Lock! What is he doing?”

“He’s helping Xiao Fei activate the energy within him,” said the white-eyed elder.

“But, to activate it, the first requirement is to activate the Dantian. Why would he seal Xiao Fei’s Dantian instead?” asked the old tribe leader.

“Who knows? But I’m confident Long Chen is definitely trying to activate the energy within Xiao Fei’s Dantian. As for what method he’s using, no one knows. This Long Chen is very strange. Although he’s young, his realm is frighteningly high. There are no openings in any aspect of him for me to see through. He’s a monster. I’ve never seen such a youth,” sighed the white-eyed elder.

The Heaveneye tribe’s strongest aspect was their ability to judge a person and see their past and future. Sometimes, they would help some tribes pick out disciples with immense potential. They practically never misjudged anyone.

The white-eyed elder’s status was particularly transcendent in his tribe. He had inspected countless people in his life, but he had run into a wall with Long Chen.

“Although I feel like a bit of a poser like this, I still advise you all to watch carefully. This might bring you endless benefits.”

After saying that, Long Chen began to circulate his Spiritual Strength. Xiao Fei’s quasi dead soul began to slowly revive.

“Black clouds shroud the sky in darkness. A storm of rain pours down. Millions of invaders are pouring into the Xiao tribe, bloody blades in their hands…” Long Chen’s soft voice resounded throughout their ears.

Their hearts shook. As Long Chen spoke, they were drawn into a scene. The Xiao tribe was covered in black clouds releasing a torrent of rain. They could feel a bone-chilling iciness. They saw countless fierce invaders smiling sinisterly as they charged toward them.

They were horrified and they hastily looked up. They saw that the sun was still burning brightly above them. There were no clouds at all.

“What profound Spiritual Strength!” exclaimed one of the Ancestor Elders. Even he didn’t have such robust Spiritual Strength.

At the same time, they all realized Long Chen was using a hypnotic art on Xiao Fei. But Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was so powerful that even they were affected.

“The enemies are very fierce and strong. We can’t stop their merciless slaughter. We can only watch as our tribesmen fall one by one…”

Xiao Fei’s body began to shudder. Terror and fury surged out of him.

“The Elders have fallen. The old tribe leader has also been killed. Sister Ling also died to protect everyone. Xiao Yu took a saber to protect you. Her blood still dyes your clothes scarlet. Her eyes are full of longing…”

“NO!” Xiao Fei suddenly let out a heart-rending cry. Blood flowed out of his mouth from clenching his teeth too hard.

The old tribe leader and the white-eyed elder finally nodded, realizing exactly what method Long Chen was using to activate the energy within Xiao Fei’s Dantian.

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