Chapter 797 Seven Star Sea Lock (Teaser)

Even the sun lost its brightness in front of that saber. Its aura was one that enveloped all of heaven and earth. The experts from the Xiao tribe were all appalled.

It wasn’t just that saber’s aura that was shocking. The most terrifying part about it was that it contained a will to shatter the restrictions of heaven and earth. In front of that will, anyone would feel like an ant.


The saber-image and spear-image collided, and space let out a strange sound, a sound like something was shattering. Following that, a horrifying pressure descended that caused everyone’s expressions to change.

Long Chen and Xiao Gu’s power had already surpassed the limit of what the barrier could tolerate. Their auras broke past the formations and charged forth. Any Xiantian disciples would be directly crushed apart by it.

It was at this moment that two of the Xiao tribe’s Elders took action. Runes flickered into existence, forming a huge barrier around everyone.

Gale winds whistled past the barrier. The...

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