Chapter 796 Incomparably Domineering (Teaser)

Seeing Xiao Gu’s erupting aura, Long Chen was filled with battle intent. This was his first time fighting a Sea Expansion Celestial.

The Bloodkill Hall’s Huang Junmo had managed to kill dozens of Sea Expansion Celestials. That was enough to prove that he was a terrifying expert.

Now, facing Xiao Gu, Long Chen’s battle intent was provoked. This was a test for him. This would allow him to learn the difference between him and Huang Junmo.

Although he had exchanged blows with Xue You, neither of them had been in their peak state. That battle didn’t count. One reason he was fighting Xiao Gu was because he was an idiot who kept targeting him, and another reason was for Xiao Fei. But the main reason was to test his own power.

“Divine ring!”

His divine ring erupted into existence, causing a resonance between heaven and earth. A powerful aura soared into the sky, shaking the land.

Everyone, including the old tribe leader and the white-eyed elder, was shocked. They had never seen such...

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