Chapter 796 Incomparably Domineering

Seeing Xiao Gu’s erupting aura, Long Chen was filled with battle intent. This was his first time fighting a Sea Expansion Celestial.

The Bloodkill Hall’s Huang Junmo had managed to kill dozens of Sea Expansion Celestials. That was enough to prove that he was a terrifying expert.

Now, facing Xiao Gu, Long Chen’s battle intent was provoked. This was a test for him. This would allow him to learn the difference between him and Huang Junmo.

Although he had exchanged blows with Xue You, neither of them had been in their peak state. That battle didn’t count. One reason he was fighting Xiao Gu was because he was an idiot who kept targeting him, and another reason was for Xiao Fei. But the main reason was to test his own power.

“Divine ring!”

His divine ring erupted into existence, causing a resonance between heaven and earth. A powerful aura soared into the sky, shaking the land.

Everyone, including the old tribe leader and the white-eyed elder, was shocked. They had never seen such a technique.

“Split the Heavens!” Facing a Sea Expansion Celestial, Long Chen immediately started fighting all-out.

A saber-image tore into the sky. It was like space was being torn apart, and raging qi waves erupted as it slashed down on Xiao Gu.

“Break!” Xiao Gu roared, and the sound of the raging sea waves came from the manifestation behind him. BOOM! An immense explosion erupted when his spear struck that saber. Just the sound wave caused some people to almost faint.

This caused those tribesmen to be startled. This place might appear simple, but there were ancient formations present that restricted the shockwaves. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have them fight here.

But even so, enough of their power still went through the formations to shake the weaker disciples into turning pale and retreating.

“What a terrifying will. Does he walk the Undefeatable Dao?” The old tribe leader was startled. Although he was near his death, his vision was still sharp. He saw the undefeatable will that came from deep within Long Chen.

In front of that will, it was like all worlds would have to lower their heads to him, as if the nine heavens and ten lands would have to crawl beneath his feet. It was terrifying, but the Undefeatable Dao was also something impossible to tread to the end. After all, just who could manage to reach the level above the heavens?

“Its aura is similar, but it's different. That isn’t a will to stand above the heavens, but a powerful desire to exterminate all worlds,” said the white-eyed elder. From the start, the red light in his eyes had been focused on Long Chen.

The old tribe leader was startled. The Heaveneye tribe’s people rarely looked at people with their naked eyes. As for this old man, he was an exceedingly terrifying figure. He was actually unstintingly using up his core energy to activate his Heaven Eyes to keep watch on Long Chen’s movements. He clearly viewed him importantly.

Looking at the domineering Long Chen who appeared god-like under his divine ring, Xiao Fei and Xiao Yu’s eyes shone with worship. With his powerful will surging out of him, each one of Long Chen’s movements, whether it was the single glance or a single hair flying in the wind, appeared exceedingly domineering.

Let alone two youngsters like Xiao Fei and Xiao Yu, even the tribe Elders had never seen such a domineering person. Just watching him fight made them feel like their blood was boiling.

The only person who didn’t feel that way was Xiao Gu. Not only that, but his blood didn’t feel hot at all. His heart became icy-cold.

As soon as he exchanged blows with Long Chen, he felt like he was no longer fighting a human, but a supreme god. He was completely suppressed by Long Chen’s imposingness and was unable to fully release his power.

Long Chen’s gaze was like a sharp blade icily staring at Xiao Gu. His saber was still locked against his spear.

“You only have this little ability? You’re much weaker than I thought.” Long Chen frowned. Xiao Gu was intimidated by his will and had become timid. He was actually such a coward.

“Bullshit! Don’t think that you can look down on me, Xiao Gu!” roared Xiao Gu furiously. Long Chen’s words were like another slap in his face. His fury caused him to forget his trepidation. He increased the power of his spear, wanting to send Long Chen flying.

But even when wielding his saber with one hand, Long Chen was immovable. No matter how Xiao Gu tried, he wasn’t able to budge him.

Xiao Gu’s fury soared. Although it was just one move, he was immediately suppressed. Thinking of his big words, he roared, his veins bulging and his power leaping again.


Following Xiao Gu’s increase in power, the ground beneath them started to crack, and the cracks rapidly spread.

“Heavens, what level of power is this? Even the formations are losing effect!” The junior generation of the Xiao tribe were all shocked.

“Big brother Long Chen is too strong!” Xiao Yu covered her mouth, filled with worship. The image of this domineering Long Chen was deeply imprinted in her mind now. She would never be able to forget it.

The ground was constantly shaking as their auras grew stronger and stronger. The disciples instinctively retreated further and further away, feeling an intense danger.

But Long Chen still wasn’t moving. He was still using only one hand. No matter how the ground crumbled, no matter how Xiao Gu struggled, he was still steady.

Long Chen’s cultivation base had reached the tenth Heavenstage of Xiantian, and the Enlightenment Palace Star had reached the third transformation. His power had exceeded his own expectations.

“This Long Chen hasn’t even summoned his Heavenly Dao runes yet! He’s shockingly powerful!” cried the old tribe leader.

“Someone like him isn’t able to condense Heavenly Dao runes. And even if he could, he would disdain using that move. His Dao is different from everyone else’s. Even though I’ve cultivated my Heaven Eyes to the fourth realm, I still can’t clearly see his Dao. This means he walks an extremely unorthodox path. Such a person will either be destroyed by the Heavenly Daos, or destroy the Heavenly Daos. There’s no third option.” The red light in the white-eyed elder’s eyes suddenly grew to a frightening brilliance before he suddenly closed his eyes. Two streams of blood flowed out.


“It’s fine. It’s just regretful that not only am I unable to see his past, but I am also unable to see his future. I even ended up with a backlash and won’t be able to use these eyes for a while,” said the white-haired elder calmly. He then laughed, “But, hehe, this is a good thing. The more mysterious this Long Chen’s origins are, the more likely he is related to the ancestor’s words. Perhaps he’ll be able to solve that riddle. To gain that in exchange for losing these eyes for a few decades is worth it.”

As the white-eyed elder spoke with the old tribe leader, Xiao Gu had finally reached a berserk point. He was unable to accept this reality.

“Divine Sea, Return!” The qi sea manifestation behind Xiao Gu suddenly flowed back into his body. His manifestation disappeared, but it was like a volcano was erupting within Xiao Gu.


Long Chen was startled. An immense power sent him flying. So Sea Expansion Celestials actually had such a technique.

Although he had never seen this move before, he instantly understood its purpose. While the qi sea’s manifestation was outside, it was like a separate body. The projection was used to absorb energy from the outside world. That way the Sea Expansion expert would theoretically have access to an inexhaustible source of energy.

But another purpose of this manifestation was to bring it back into the body, and any energy that had been absorbed and stored within it would instantly enter the body and allow the user to release an immense power.

Xiao Gu had done this, allowing him to release unprecedented power. But the flaw of this move was that he had lost access to that inexhaustible source of energy from the outside world.

Furthermore, once he used this move, there was no way he could bring out his manifestation again in the short term.

Originally, Xiao Gu had been planning on having an immense battle against Long Chen and slowly showing his powerful techniques. But then he had been suppressed in the beginning, and nothing he had tried had managed to reverse the tides. So he had been forced to use his final technique.

Xiao Gu’s wings shook and he went after Long Chen. Countless spear-images shot out from his spear.

There were tens of thousands of spear-images that filled the entire sky. A terrifying pressure caused space to tremble.

“Thousand Spears Pierce the Soul!”

Those spear-images actually began to superimpose, condensing into his original spear. That spear’s aura immediately shot up.

“Now it’s troublesome. Xiao Gu’s mastery of this move has actually reached such a level. Furthermore, with his divine sea manifestation returning within him, this attack will one-shot Long Chen!” The old tribe leader was extremely startled. He hadn’t expected that Xiao Gu would actually be able to reach the major mastery level of this technique with just the talent of a rank one Celestial. There was no choice but to admit that he really was a genius.

“Don’t worry, there definitely won’t be any problem. If even I couldn’t see his past or future, how could he die so easily?” said the white-eyed elder calmly. His eyes were still closed.

At this moment, the final spear-image finished merging into his spear. Xiao Gu roared and his spear pierced through space. With endless killing intent, it stabbed toward Long Chen. The instant he released this move, all the spectators felt a chill.

Looking at this incomparably terrifying spear, battle intent soared out of Long Chen. He slowly raised his saber. His spiritual yuan instantly passed through eighteen acupuncture points, and Saber Qi soared.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

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