Chapter 793 Punishment

The blindfold was taken off. Although Long Chen had seen everything, he still put on an act and looked around carefully.

This was a flat grassland, and the emerald grass spread far into the horizon. There were some large tents further away, looking like stars sprinkled around a large plaza. At the center of the grassland was an ancient altar.

Before Long Chen could examine that altar, a huge group of experts surrounded him. There were hundreds of them, and they were all Celestials.

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. What was going on? Did Celestials just sprout out of the ground here? It seemed that every member of the Xiao tribe was a Celestial!

In the outside world, amongst a million cultivators, there might not even be a single Celestial. But here, they were all Celestials.

“An invader?” These people all glared at Long Chen, seeming to want to bite him to death. It was like he was the person who had killed their fathers.

“Seventh Elder, don’t be impetuous. I’m bringing him to see the old tribe leader,” said Xiao Ling.

It seemed Xiao Ling’s status amongst these people was a bit special. Although that Elder was displeased, he still nodded to one person. That person immediately rushed off.

Being stared at by hundreds of blade-like eyes was extremely uncomfortable. Long Chen even started to feel regret for coming.

“Don’t be nervous. These uncles are actually all good people. They just have a great deal of enmity with the invaders. You’re different.” Xiao Fei comforted Long Chen.

“Hmph, how is he different? Invaders are all violent and shameless. Each time they come, they’ll undergo a slaughter of us. What do you children understand?” shouted a man from the crowd.

Xiao Gu’s gaze suddenly focused on that man. He cast him a certain look, and that person immediately understood. He took off his boot and threw it at Long Chen.

“I’ll beat you damn invaders to death!”


Long Chen’s expression sank. He definitely wasn’t able to endure such humiliation. Even in front of powerful enemies, he couldn’t endure it. He was just about to take out his saber, but Xiao Ling was even faster than him. She caught the boot and viciously flung it back into that person’s face.

“Xiao Ming, when did you become someone else’s dog? Someone looks at you, and you go to bite someone?” shouted Xiao Ling furiously.

That person hadn’t expected that Xiao Ling would actually interfere. As a result, he was struck by the bottom of his boot, and the smell made him almost faint.

In truth, he didn’t know that he had just brushed up against the gates of hell. If it hadn’t been for Xiao Ling, he would already be dead.

“Xiao Ling, you would fight your own tribesmen for an invader?! Just where do your loyalties lie?!” Xiao Gu was specifically waiting for this moment. He was finally in the right.

“Fuck off.”


Long Chen really couldn’t keep watching anymore and sent out a slap. Xiao Gu’s square face was struck perfectly.

Xiao Gu shot out like a cannonball. People tried to catch him, but Long Chen’s slap hadn’t left them with any ability to help.

Although these people were Celestials, they hadn’t summoned their Heavenly Dao runes. That made their power limited, and as a result, Xiao Gu smashed through them.

Even Xiao Ling was stunned. She had never imagined that Long Chen would be so brazen as to strike Xiao Gu here.

She could strike someone because these were her tribesmen. Whatever happened, they could discuss it later. But Long Chen was an outsider. People already hated him. Now, he had truly provoked a disaster.

As expected, despite her shouting, everyone else furiously charged at Long Chen.

Xiao Fei and Xiao Yu were both stunned. They had never expected matters to reach this point.

Long Chen snorted. His saber was already in his hand. Although this wasn’t going according to the plan, it was impossible for him to accept such a humiliation. The only way he could accept such a thing was if he was dead.

Seeing killing intent condensing around Long Chen, Xiao Fei and Xiao Yu turned pale with fright.


A shout rang out. It wasn’t very loud, nor was it very domineering. It was an extremely dignified shout.

But it was this shout that caused all of them to stop. Instantly, it became so quiet that it was possible to hear the drop of a pin.

“Young people must guard against pride and impatience. Pride will bring envy, temper will bring rage, and it will be impossible to make correct decisions when overcome by anger. How many times have I told you this, but you still don’t mature at all?” Two elders walked over.

They were both white-haired and covered in wrinkles. But their bodies were still tall and straight like ancient cedars.

One of them was holding an ebony cane. There weren’t the slightest fluctuations coming from him, but he gave off a mountain-like pressure.

The other elder walked behind him. His eyes were completely white. He had no pupils at all.

“Old tribe leader!”

Everyone hastily bowed. The cane-carrying elder nodded. Looking at Long Chen, shock flashed within his turbid eyes, but they quickly returned to calm.

“Tribe leader, what happened is…” Xiao Ling hastily began to explain about how Long Chen had saved Xiao Fei and Xiao Yu, and then even helped them find the seven star red spider lily nectar.

After hearing the story, the elder nodded and comforted the slightly apprehensive Xiao Ling, “Good child. You’re not inferior to any man when it comes to your conduct. Does our Xiao tribe have any little people who don’t know how to repay gratitude?”

Seeing that the old tribe leader wasn’t angry and actually complimented her, Xiao Ling was relieved. She hastily said, “Long Chen, this is our old tribe leader.”

“Greetings, senior.” Long Chen cupped his hands and bowed slightly toward this person.

“Many thanks for helping my Xiao tribe’s people. This old man will remember this favor,” said the tribe leader.

Because he had gotten closer, Long Chen now saw an air of death around the elder. His longevity was clearly near its end. He might fall at any moment. This was something he saw only because of his proficiency in the Pill Dao.

“You have a good vision. I still have some affairs to handle before I can go.” The old tribe leader saw Long Chen’s shocked expression and smiled. But turning to look at his people, his smile disappeared and he coldly said, “Xiao Fei, as the future leader of the tribe, how could you be so impetuous as to go out during such a dangerous time? You made Xiao Ling go searching for you with so many people. Do you realize that your actions brought danger to every one of them?!”

Toward the end, his voice became an icy shout. Xiao Fei’s actions had clearly infuriated him. Everyone was silent for a moment, not daring to say anything. But Xiao Gu had a hard-to-notice smile on his face.

Xiao Fei knelt on the ground, but he stubbornly said, “Old tribe leader, I don’t want to be the tribe’s heir, nor do I have the ability to. You can call me selfish. You can say I don’t know how to handle things. I, Xiao Fei, accept my punishment.”

Xiao Fei didn’t confess to anything, nor did he try explaining, nor did he bother asking for leniency. His eyes were completely calm as he looked at the old tribe leader.

“You…” The old tribe leader looked at the obstinate Xiao Fei and didn’t know what to do. In his eyes, Xiao Fei looked too similar to his deceased father.

“Old tribe leader, although Xiao Fei was impulsive, he had good intentions. Now, we’ve obtained the seven star red spider lily nectar, and the Xiao tribe didn’t suffer any loss. It’s best to have the merit cancel the punishment,” implored one tribe Elder.

“He was just lucky this time. To have his companions risk death just because of a selfish whim is a trait unsuitable for a leader. If our tribe allowed such a person to lead us, wouldn’t that terrify us all? How many of us could accept such a thing?” Xiao Gu was the first to retort.

At the same time, there were also quite a few other young disciples who stood out. They obviously didn’t look favorably upon Xiao Fei. That was because Xiao Fei wasn’t very strong. He could only count as average within his generation. It wasn’t enough to convince them.

With this many people retorting, Xiao Ling wanted to say something, but anything she could say would be useless.

As a tribe’s leader, the first requirement was the power that convinced everyone that they should be the number one figure. The next most important requirement was to be calm, steady, and experienced. Xiao Fei didn’t meet any of those requirements. Xiao Yu also couldn’t say anything. She wanted to beg for leniency, yet she knew doing so would be useless.


Just as quite a few people were hurling abuse, a snicker rang out. Everyone looked toward the source of that snicker. It was from Long Chen.

“What are you snickering about?” raged Xiao Gu.

“Naturally, I’m snickering about you idiots. I look down on you hypocritical saints the most,” sneered Long Chen.

“What do you think you’re talking about?! This is our Xiao tribe’s matter. An invader like you has no right to speak!” shouted Xiao Gu, killing intent erupted from him. It could be said that after Long Chen slapped his face, his hatred for him had been carved into his bones and engraved in his heart.

“Your Xiao tribe? So you know that you’re a member of the Xiao tribe? I actually thought that you were an invader! To want to beat your own people to the brink of death for the slightest mistake, your Xiao tribe’s people really know how to play around. I must say, your skin is even thicker than mine,” sneered Long Chen.

“You!” raged Xiao Gu.

“Young friend, do you have any suggestions?” asked the old tribe leader politely.

“You want to hear them?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course.”

“Alright then. Then I’ll properly discuss this with you.” Long Chen walked over to Xiao Fei in front of everyone’s gazes.

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