Chapter 792 Going to the Xiao Tribe

“Big sister Ling, big brother Long Chen isn’t a bad person. He-” Xiao Yu hastily tried to explain.

“What do you understand? These invaders are all extremely bad people. They use all kinds of sinister schemes. He might be able to trick you two, but he can’t trick me.” The woman waved her hand, cutting her off. “I still haven’t told you two off yet. Who said you could run out like this? Do you know how worried everyone was for you?”

“I know, sister Ling. We were looking for the seven star red spider lily nectar for aunt Qing.” Xiao Fei lowered his head.

“You… You’ll soon be sixteen years old. When will you grow up? That nectar is something you might spend months looking for without finding it. Furthermore, this is the absolute worst time to look for it. I know you don’t want to see your aunt Qing in pain, but during this time, if something happened to you, wouldn’t you just make aunt Qing feel even more pain?” That woman rubbed Xiao Fei’s cheek a bit tenderly.

“Hmph, how many times have we told you? The invaders are all despicable and shameless schemers. How could you be so stupid as to trust them?” The man who had been sent flying by Long Chen now arrived in front of Xiao Fei, furious.

“Big brother Long Chen isn’t a bad person!” Xiao Fei didn’t retort the woman’s words, but he immediately became enraged when this man spoke.

“What do you understand? Invaders are enemies, and how could enemies be good people?!” shouted the man furiously.

“Don’t use this kind of tone. Xiao Fei is the future inheritor of the tribe. Pay attention to your status.” That woman immediately came up to protect Xiao Fei upon seeing him curse Xiao Fei so furiously.

“Hmph, someone without a head will only cause trouble for others. How can someone who can’t even understand the big picture be the tribe leader? Furthermore, his talent can only count as average in his realm. Are people really supposed to be convinced by that?” snorted the tall man disdainfully.

“Xiao Gu, you go too far!” raged the woman.

“How did I go too far? I just have this temperament. You know me,” said the large man Xiao Gu obstinately.

“How dramatic. Truly a good drama!” Long Chen finally interrupted their argument. “Well, please continue with your drama. I still have stuff to do, so I’ll leave first. Little brother, goodbye!” Long Chen waved his hand to Xiao Fei and turned to leave.

“Hold it! Leave your life behind first!” shouted Xiao Gu. Everyone immediately surrounded Long Chen. Half of them had reached Sea Expansion, and most importantly, they were all Celestials.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes and icily said, “I didn’t kill you just now because of Xiao Fei. If anyone wants to block me now, then don’t blame me for starting a slaughter.”

“Sister Ling, don’t do this! Big brother Long Chen saved our lives, and he also helped us find the seven star red spider lily nectar! Look!” Xiao Fei was appalled to see that a battle was about to erupt and he hastily showed that sister Ling the nectar. He gave everyone a quick recount of his experience with Long Chen.

“Are you telling the truth?” asked a startled Xiao Ling.

“Of course it’s true! Don’t fight! We’re all on the same side!” said Xiao Yu.

“Everyone stop!” ordered Xiao Ling. Following her shout, the majority of the people came to her side. Only three people continued to surround Long Chen, and one of them was Xiao Gu.

“Xiao Gu, what do you think you’re doing?” Xiao Ling’s expression sank. This Xiao Gu was becoming more and more unbridled. He was clearly going against her.

“Hmph, have you forgotten our ancestors’ rules? Invaders are enemies that absolutely can’t be trusted! Are you planning on violating the ancestors’ rules?” shouted Xiao Gu. He had no intention of giving up.

Long Chen’s attack just now had humiliated him. Although Long Chen had spared him, Xiao Gu wasn’t grateful. He still wanted to work together with everyone to kill him.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He just watched. If any of them dared to attack, he would kill them no matter what anyone said. He definitely couldn’t indulge such people.

“I don’t need you to teach me the rules. He saved Xiao Fei and Xiao Yu, so he is a benefactor of our Xiao tribe. To forget gratitude is also forbidden according to the ancestral teachings. This matter can’t be handled by me, nor can it be handled by you. The tribe leader will naturally make his decision. Right now, we should go back as fast as possible. Don’t make me turn hostile against you.” Xiao Ling’s expression became increasingly stern. Her position was clearly the highest here.

“Hmph.” Xiao Gu snorted and retreated with the other two. But he still kept a close eye on Long Chen.

“You are Long Chen?” Xiao Ling’s expression became slightly more gentle.

“There’s no need to waste the time. I only saved them because I saw that they didn’t abandon each other even in the face of death. There’s no need to thank me. I just do whatever I want. Now, I want to leave as I have many more things to do. I really don’t feel like watching your melodramatic internal fight.” Long Chen shook his head and was about to leave.

“Big brother Long Chen, don’t leave. Follow us back to the tribe so we can thank you,” said Xiao Yu sincerely, pulling on his sleeve.

“I appreciate the thought, but there’s no need. I really have things to do, so I can’t tarry any longer.” Long Chen politely escaped her hold.

Seeing that Long Chen refused to go back with them, Xiao Yu and Xiao Fei were a bit disappointed. Xiao Gu suddenly sneered, “I just knew he had to be scheming against you two. He’s afraid of being exposed, so he doesn’t dare to come.”

“Leave your shallow provocations for children. It’s embarrassing to look at,” retorted Long Chen. As expected, wherever there were people, there were idiots.

“Long Chen, I can use my head to guarantee your safety. Our Xiao tribe has its own pride, and we definitely won’t harm someone who has helped us. Furthermore, I trust that you came to the Immemorial Path in search of opportunities. Well, who understands the Immemorial Path better than us, the people who live here?” said Xiao Ling.

Long Chen was moved by that. That was true. The map he had obtained was something created through generations of experts that had entered the Immemorial Path.

But these indigenous people had lived here for countless years. They definitely had to have a greater understanding of this place. If they told him a few good secret locations, wouldn’t he have made a huge profit?

But he was still a bit hesitant. If they didn’t have any good intentions, then wouldn’t he be sending himself to the tiger’s den? However, looking at Xiao Fei and Xiao Yu’s expectant gazes, as well as Xiao Ling’s righteous manner, it seemed they were trustworthy. Well, as long as he ignored that idiot Xiao Gu, they seemed trustworthy.

“It seems it really is difficult to refuse hospitality. If I continue to decline, I would become someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate kindness.” Long Chen smiled. Although it was a bit risky, he trusted his intuition. People unafraid of death were normally more trustworthy.

“Great! Big brother Long, once we get back to the tribe, I’ll treat you to some wine,” laughed Xiao Fei excitedly. Although his size was no longer so small, his manner was still quite childish.

Only Xiao Gu looked at Long Chen a bit disdainfully upon seeing him agree. But he didn’t say anything.

They crossed seven blocks. Long Chen didn’t sense anything, but Xiao Fei and the others’ auras began to grow as the halos of light around their bodies faded.

“Hahaha, we finally escaped that damnable suppression. Long Chen, do you believe me when I say that I can now crush you with a single fist?” Xiao Gu suddenly laughed and pointed at Long Chen.

“Xiao Gu! Long Chen is our guest. If you dare to be so rude again, don’t blame me for becoming hostile!” shouted Xiao Ling.

It wasn’t just Xiao Ling who was infuriated now. The other experts were also dissatisfied. One of the other Sea Expansion Celestials icily said, “Xiao Gu, pay attention to your status. Don’t go too far.”

“Xiao Qiang, it seems that with your mid Sea Expansion power, you don’t have the qualifications to criticize me,” sneered Xiao Gu. But he didn’t continue making things hard on Long Chen. He just continued traveling with them.

Perhaps she felt a bit apologetic, but Xiao Ling took the initiative to say, “All the indigenous people are normally fine and won’t suffer any suppression except perhaps in some trial regions. But when the Immemorial Path opens, the laws of the Immemorial Path change. Other than near our homeland where we have special formations, we will receive a heavy suppression.”

Long Chen nodded. He hadn’t expected there to be such a secret. Although he had guessed a bit of it before, for Xiao Ling to be so sincere, it seemed he had made the right choice in coming.

They once more advanced for a while when Xiao Ling suddenly stopped and apologetically said, “Long Chen, I’m sorry, but the rest of the way is a secret of our tribe. Please wear this blindfold. It will isolate your divine sense. I hope you can understand why we need to do this.”

Long Chen looked at Xiao Fei and Xiao Yu. They nodded, so he smiled and received the blindfold. Since he had chosen to trust them, he would trust them to the end.

This blindfold had strange runes to block his divine sense, but they weren’t aware just how strong his spiritual perception was. With his vast Spiritual Strength, this blindfold was unable to completely block his divine sense.

Just relying on a bit of Spiritual Strength that could slip through, Long Chen could see everything. After two more blocks, a new group of people appeared. Upon seeing Long Chen, they didn’t say anything.

After a bit more, a transportation formation appeared. Once it activated, Long Chen found that he had appeared within a huge tribe.

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