Chapter 790 Red Spider Lily Nectar

Cold light flashed and blood splashed. That Corrupt expert that had been taking off his pants was cut in two, and then with a turn of Long Chen’s wrist, the upper half of his body was blown into a bloody mist.

“Long, Long, Long? This is your daddy Long, Long Chen. What’s the point of just repeating Long?” asked Long Chen impatiently.

As soon as Long Chen had arrived, he had used his killing intent to lock down the five of them. That was why they were quivering, not daring to move. As long as they moved, it would immediately bring a killing blow from Long Chen.

Toward Corrupt experts, Long Chen’s principles were simple: if he saw one, he would kill one; if he saw two, he would kill two. He wouldn’t feel any guilt or burden.

He had already realized the essence of the Corrupt path. They believed in the Corrupt God and that the weak were accessories to the strong. The strong could do anything they wanted, and they used the weak as their cultivation tools.

The majority of their cultivation techniques were related to slaughter. Due to what they were taught from a young age, their humanity had already been eradicated. They were tools for slaughter now. Killing them wouldn’t bring him any guilt.

“Everyone’s very busy. Do you want me to do it, or will you kill yourselves?” Long Chen lazily rested his saber on his shoulder.

That saber was a high grade Enchanted item. It was something he had found from the rank three Celestial’s spatial ring. It was similar in size to Blooddrinker. Although it was a bit lighter, Long Chen was most suited toward this kind of weapon.

The four Celestials were pale. Long Chen was the Corrupt path’s number one person to kill. It seemed there was no one in the Corrupt path that didn’t know him.

The higher-ups had warned them all that rank two Celestials and below were to run as soon as they saw Long Chen, because they had no chance at all.

Only rank three Celestials would have the ability to fight him. As for winning, perhaps only Xue You had that ability. So the task of killing Long Chen had been given to Xue You. The higher-ups didn’t have favorable opinions of the other rank three Celestials’ chances against Long Chen.

It could be seen just how important the Corrupt path viewed Long Chen. His priority level had reached an unprecedented level. He was acclaimed as the genius who posed the greatest threat to them in the current age.

“Don’t act so sad. The number of experts you have killed has reached far beyond the thousands. As for when you started cultivating, back then, you already slaughtered countless innocent commoners. Why are you so unwilling now that it’s your turn?” asked Long Chen disdainfully.

From the very start of their cultivation, the Corrupt path relied on disciples killing each other to bring out the elites. It was very simple: the disciples that lived were elites.

Then those elite disciples, under the guise of a trial, would initiate battles against the Righteous path. They would launch attacks on commoners, using their blood and souls to raise their own cultivation bases, weapons, and techniques. It tempered their instinct to treat other people’s lives as stalks of grass and also to make them unafraid of death.

But there wasn't really anyone unafraid of death. The brave front they put on was for others to see. When death came for them, they would be no different from those commoners.

Although they had slaughtered countless people, that was other people’s lives. Seeing others struggle, they enjoyed their despair. But when death came for them, they were the same. They would be panicked, terrified, and unwilling.

So with Long Chen’s powerful killing intent, they didn’t feel the slightest hope of being able to flee. But despite knowing they would die, they still felt such a longing for life. Even living an extra breath felt like such a wondrous thing.

“Since you want to live so badly, why were you so apathetic toward killing others?” Long Chen’s expression was icy. He slowly raised his saber, and a murderous aura soared into the sky. His killing intent actually began to condense into a solid form.

The distant man and woman were shocked. Although Long Chen’s killing intent wasn’t targeting them, they felt themselves to be ants in front of a death god.

“Do you know? Those people you killed had fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and also their lovers. To protect their family, despite knowing they would die, they still charged forward toward your butcher knives. Did you think about this day back then?”

For some unknown reason, seeing that these four were still unwilling to lose their lives despite knowing they had to die, Long Chen’s fury soared.

He thought of his first Righteous and Corrupt battle. Many of those who had followed him to charge into the Corrupt path’s army hadn’t survived.

He thought of how the Corrupt path had massacred everyone in the cities they had passed. Mothers holding children, husbands holding wives, sons and daughters standing in front of their aged parents—scene after scene appeared in Long Chen’s heart.

Since they were so apathetic toward other people’s lives, they should be apathetic toward their own lives as well. He was infuriated to see them be so voracious for life.

“Die.” Long Chen slashed his saber. A massive saber-image whistled toward them, and a powerful qi wave blocked out the world.


Four people turned into bloody mist. That saber had not only been shockingly powerful, but it also contained Long Chen’s fury.

These bastards with their mistaken beliefs had muddled the entire world. Not having a belief was scary, but having a mistaken belief was even scarier.

After killing the four of them, Long Chen took a deep breath and forced down his fury. He wasn’t a god, and he had no way of changing this. He could only work hard on protecting the people by his side within this chaotic and troubled world.

The young woman and man were pale. They looked at Long Chen as if he was a god. Those four Celestials hadn’t had any ability to retaliate in front of him.

Long Chen slowly walked over to the two of them. The young man was afraid, but clenching his teeth, he stood in front of the young woman. He icily stared at Long Chen. His intent was obvious: even if he had to die, he had to die while protecting his companion.

These aboriginals viewed the disciples as invaders. They were enemies with deep enmities stretching back countless years. There was no way to resolve those enmities. He didn’t once think that Long Chen would let them off. In fact, he felt that Long Chen was even more sinister than the previous five.

Long Chen walked up to that youth and patted him on the shoulder. “Little fellow, you’re not bad. As a man, you have the same style I had back when I was young.”

Looking at this youth, Long Chen recalled a scene of him standing in front of Chu Yao. He felt a bit emotional. At that time, he had also been so young, so immature.

Now, several years had passed. He had always tried to maintain his original heart. But looking at this young man and woman, he recalled many memories and couldn’t help but sigh emotionally.

Time passed. People aged. It had already been three years since he had left Phoenix Cry. He was already nineteen years old. But during those three years, he had experienced far, far too much. His appearance might be young, but his heart was already tired. He no longer had the kind of feeling a youth had. Perhaps that was the price of growth.

“You… you aren’t going to kill us?” The young man looked at Long Chen, bewildered. It was the woman who opened her mouth and spoke with a trembling voice.

“I have no reason to kill you.” Long Chen shook his head.

“I don’t believe you. You definitely have some sort of plot!” said that young man.

“Alright, I can give you proof. Then you’ll believe me,” said Long Chen helplessly.

“What proof?” They were startled.

Long Chen raised his saber and took on an attacking posture. “Once I kill you, you’ll believe I don’t have any plot.”

“Don’t!” cried the two of them hastily.

“It’s just a joke. No need to make such a fuss. Alright, I’ve wasted quite a bit of time. I’m moving on. Otherwise, all the good stuff will be eaten by a bunch of pigs.” Long Chen smiled slightly. Putting away his saber, he brushed his hands off and turned away.

“Excuse me… big brother, please wait a moment!” said the young man after a moment’s hesitation.

“Do you need something?” Long Chen looked back.

The youth once more hesitated, but then he clenched his teeth and said, “I’d like to ask you for some help.”

“Help? Are you stupid? Or are you stupid? We’re enemies.” Long Chen was practically speechless. This child really was crazy. The fact that Long Chen hadn’t killed him was already his good fortune. But now he actually wanted his help.

“Big brother, you’re really handsome, an unrivaled hero, a-”

“Get to the point.”

“Cough, let me explain. We came out this time in search of a medicine called the seven star red spider lily nectar. I’d like to ask big brother to help us. If you could, I will be endlessly grateful,” said the young man.

“Seven star red spider lily nectar? One of your people’s soul has been torn?” asked Long Chen.

“How… how did you know?” The two of them were startled.

Of course Long Chen knew. Although that nectar had quite a few uses, the greatest one was in healing a torn soul. It had an almost miraculous healing effect in that regard.

“If my guess is right, a Sea Expansion expert must have lacked Spiritual Strength when attacking Foundation Forging. When they forcibly tried to condense the immortal platform, it resulted in failure, and their soul was torn,” said Long Chen.

Although Long Chen hadn’t reached that realm, after talking with Shui Wuhen and Ouyang Qiuyu, he had learned many things about that realm.

From their shocked expressions, he knew his guess was right. He was quite surprised. There were quite a few powerful existences amongst these aboriginals.

“Yes, you’re right. One of our tribesmen failed while attacking the Foundation Forging realm, resulting in a tear in her soul. Each day, she has to suffer immense pain. I beg big brother to help us.” That young woman seemed to not have so many thoughts, and before the man could stop her, she blurted out everything.

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