Chapter 790 Red Spider Lily Nectar (Teaser)

Cold light flashed and blood splashed. That Corrupt expert that had been taking off his pants was cut in two, and then with a turn of Long Chen’s wrist, the upper half of his body was blown into a bloody mist.

“Long, Long, Long? This is your daddy Long, Long Chen. What’s the point of just repeating Long?” asked Long Chen impatiently.

As soon as Long Chen had arrived, he had used his killing intent to lock down the five of them. That was why they were quivering, not daring to move. As long as they moved, it would immediately bring a killing blow from Long Chen.

Toward Corrupt experts, Long Chen’s principles were simple: if he saw one, he would kill one; if he saw two, he would kill two. He wouldn’t feel any guilt or burden.

He had already realized the essence of the Corrupt path. They believed in the Corrupt God and that the weak were accessories to the strong. The strong could do anything they wanted, and they used the weak as their cultivation tools.

The majority of their cultivation techniques were related to...

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