Chapter 789 Indigenous Aboriginals

Once he left the trial caves, Long Chen carefully continued forward. He passed through two more regions and saw a rather large block ahead on the map.

This place was already a bit off from the main path, and there shouldn’t be any opportunities within this place. The reason Long Chen had chosen here was to avoid other experts.

After going through so many immense battles while cursed, he was already exhausted, whether it was physically or mentally. This curse was just too hateful.

This kind of weakness, exhaustion, and negativity made him feel like he had some disease that wouldn’t go away. That feeling could make a person crazy.

Long Chen swore that he definitely wouldn’t play around with this kind of damnable thing again. Last time, it had been his mistake. In truth, while that person had been using this curse, there had been time for Long Chen to interrupt him. Or perhaps he could have summoned Lei Long to isolate the runes outside his body.

Of course, the Yama King Blood Curse that Xue You had used was much more terrifying. Long Chen felt like such a strange move wasn’t something that could be blocked. Most likely, he would have to directly interrupt him or directly flee.

After all, even a peak seventh rank Magical Beast had been cursed to death. How was he supposed to block it?

It really was too regretful that he hadn’t managed to kill Xue You this time. He had just been lacking ever so slightly. In the future, he probably wouldn’t have such a good opportunity. Once they encountered each other again, it would definitely be a true world-shaking battle.

But Long Chen wasn’t afraid. It was only because he had been cursed that he had been at such a disadvantage. 

In his current weakened state, Long Chen no longer continued to run around randomly. He found that circulating his qi was becoming more and more tiresome. If he encountered an expert in this situation, it really would be problematic.

There was a vast forest ahead. According to reason, such a place shouldn’t have any trials inside it. Cultivators wouldn’t be interested in this place.

Long Chen entered and found an extremely hidden cave. Confirming that no Magical Beasts were living inside it, he set up a camp inside.

Under this loathsome curse, Long Chen couldn’t do anything. He just directly began to consume Enlightenment Palace Pills. After three days of eating, the Enlightenment Palace Star shook slightly. Its body once more grew a bit as it entered the third star transformation.

That filled Long Chen with anticipation. Only when each star had reached the ninth star transformation would he be able to summon the true next level divine ring and battle armor.

Three days later, he felt his body suddenly lighten. The feeling of being sickly faded all at once, and he felt full of strength.

It was like a mysophobic person had finally gotten a chance to wash off all the mud on them. That kind of feeling made Long Chen have an urge to cry. The feeling of his strength returning was too good.

Now, the curse had disappeared. But Long Chen had gained experience in the Corrupt path’s techniques. When he encountered such people in the future, he would definitely have to pay any price to cut them down as fast as possible.

Punching a few times, Long Chen confirmed that his strength had returned. Furthermore, because he had reached the third star transformation, his strength had clearly increased.

Long Chen took out the map. He saw that he had currently deviated from the main path and would need to correct his direction.

After passing over two mountains, he suddenly saw two figures rushing ahead. He was startled, and he hastily hid himself behind a large tree.

Those two were Celestials, but Long Chen was startled to see that they were extremely young. They looked to be fifteen or sixteen years old.

There was one man, and one woman. They wore strange clothes, clothes in a style that he had never seen before.

Those two youths were clearly panicked as they fled for their lives. There was a layer of light covering their bodies.

Long Chen saw that that light wasn’t some secret technique, but more like a curse that was exhausting their energy.

“Big brother Xiao Fei, run! I’ll block them!” The woman suddenly stopped.

“What kind of joke is that? How could I possibly let you block them for me!?” raged the man. He pulled her, continuing to flee.

At this moment, Long Chen saw five figures rapidly getting closer. They were wearing the Corrupt path’s robes, but they were all just ordinary rank one Celestials.

The young woman was so panicked that she cried, “Now that the Immemorial Path was opened, we’re restricted and can’t release our power. If this continues, neither of us will be able to get away. I-”

“Stop wasting words. Even if we have to die, we have to die together. If I let you block them for me, then even if I live, it would be a life worse than death!” said the young man firmly.

Their speed was clearly slower than the five Corrupt experts. It was obvious they couldn’t get away. The young man suddenly stopped running and took out a sword, placing himself in front of the woman.

The woman also took out a sword. Long Chen looked and saw that their swords were simply low grade spirit weapons. The quality wasn’t very good.

He was curious. These two were so young, but had already reached the Xiantian realm and were rank one Celestials. How could they bring out such broken weapons? Were their sects really so miserly?

“Hahaha, our luck really is excellent. We’ve actually caught two aboriginals. Catch them alive and we can exchange them for treasures from their clansmen!” laughed one of the Corrupt experts.

“The man’s nothing, but we can try out the woman. To play around with an aboriginal here is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said another.

“You damnable invaders, die!” roared the youth. A ray of light slashed toward them.

His sword struck incredibly quickly. The image of a three-petal flower appeared from his sword. That sword-flower seemed both real and illusory. It was a sword technique Long Chen had never seen before, but it was extremely refined.

However, he still sighed. This was just a flowery attack. It looked good but had no substance behind it. The youth’s movements were too rigid. With just a glance, he could tell he didn’t have any real combat experience.


That Corrupt expert’s weapon directly charged toward the man’s head. He essentially ignored the sword-flower.

When it came to combat experience, that youth was incredibly lacking compared to the Corrupt experts. One of the Corrupt experts released a single attack to force him to retreat.

As for the young woman, she was startled and hastily went to interrupt the Corrupt expert’s attack. But even with the two of them together, they were still repeatedly forced back.

The Corrupt expert clearly could have defeated them in just a few moves, but he wasn’t in a hurry to win. Instead, he was forcing them to counterattack.

Long Chen was interested. He also wanted to see just how terrifying these aboriginals were. Why was it that everyone, whether it was Shui Wuhen or Ouyang Qiuyu, would repeatedly warn him to be careful of the aboriginals?

The Corrupt expert forced them back over and over again. One of them had already activated a photographic jade to record the battle. They had obviously obtained something from their fighting style.

“Bastards!” The young man saw that they were being recorded and suddenly slashed his sword toward the young woman’s neck.

Long Chen was startled, but he then understood that he wanted to kill the young woman to avoid her being humiliated. He was clearly ready to kill himself as well.

“Hehe, how could it be so easy to die?” sneered the Corrupt expert. His sword suddenly slashed and broke apart the young man’s sword. One of his allies also sprang into motion, and they rapidly subdued the two of them.

“They really are weak.” One of them spat on the ground disdainfully.

“If we weren’t restricted by the Immemorial Path, how could you possibly beat us!?” The young man was captured. He was infuriated and filled with hatred. He seemed like a captured wolf that was prepared to bite its captors at any moment.

“Ha, it’s okay. We don’t want your lives. What we want is to exchange your lives with your clansmen for the things we want. However, before that, we’ll need to have some fun. Little miss, so sorry. If you feel pain, please go ahead and scream to your heart’s content, haha!” That Corrupt expert directly began to disrobe.

“Brute!” The young man roared furiously. His veins bulged and his eyes almost tore out of their sockets. But he was being held back by two Corrupt experts and couldn’t escape.


Suddenly, one of the Corrupt experts viciously slapped the youth in the face. That powerful force directly broke his face. Blood poured out and his handsome face was completely deformed.

But he ignored it and continued to struggle with his full strength. The woman was also struggling, but she was being controlled by two powerful Corrupt Celestials. Her struggling was useless. Tears flowed down her face.

“Hey, by taking off your pants, are you trying to see if yours is bigger than mine?”

That man was in the midst of taking off his pants and had yet to reveal his privates. However, as the lazy voice rang out, his body suddenly stiffened and he hastily turned back.

At some unknown point, a black-robed, handsome man had silently appeared beside them like some specter from hell.

He had sword-like eyebrows and bright eyes. There was a lazy smile on his face, a smile that was quite warm. Combined with his handsomeness, both men and women would like that kind of appearance.

But those five Corrupt experts immediately felt their hair stand on end. It was like a bucket of ice water had fallen on them, and they felt so cold that they began to quiver.

The man taking off his pants didn’t dare to move. He was filled with terror.

The young man and woman managed to escape from their captors and run to the side now. The Corrupt experts completely ignored them, looking in terror at that man, stuttering.

“Long… Long… Long…”

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