Chapter 787 Yama King Blood Curse

The other Corrupt experts instantly began to corrode upon coming in contact with the web. That corrosion speed was appalling. In an instant, half of their bodies disappeared.

“Hurry and activate the Heavenly Dao Recovery!” roared Xue You.

“We can’t…”

That guy died before being able to finish his sentence. His body had turned into a pile of rotten, liquified flesh. Even his bones were like mud.

Three others also collapsed in the same manner. They all died miserably under the web.

The remaining people were pale. They hadn’t touched the web with their weapons, which had allowed them to survive for the moment.

The liquid on the web would automatically explode into poisonous mist when it suffered an attack. Previously, those people had all died to that poison.

The ones still alive had formed a domain with their Heavenly Dao runes to block the web, but they were still trapped. The web was rapidly compressing around them, and their domain was shrinking by the second.

“No need to be afraid. I’ll save you.”

These people were Xue You’s subordinates, and he couldn’t just watch as they died. His third eye once more lit up. His attack should be able to easily cut apart the net.

“What?!” But suddenly, space trembled. A sea of gold appeared in the air. The gold waves roiled tumultuously and came crashing toward Xue You. He immediately turned pale.

As for the hidden Long Chen, he also jumped in shock. That gold sea was actually a mass of fist-sized scales. The scales were octagonal and possessed strange lines on top of them.

These were naturally the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King’s scales. Those scales had originally been stuck to its body, so Long Chen had assumed they were its defensive armor. He had never expected that they could be used as an attack.

Tens of thousands of scales left the spider king’s body and flew toward Xue You and the others. Even space was being torn apart by this attack. Long Chen’s hair stood on end.

This attack covered all of heaven and earth. Thus, it was impossible to dodge, and Xue You had to take it head-on. Looking at those rapidly spinning scales, Long Chen knew that he would have to use the second form of Split the Heavens to block it, and even so, he knew that his chances of surviving wouldn’t be high.

Xue You’s expression changed several times. He could no longer bother about his trapped people. With a furious roar, three-colored runes formed the face of a fierce fiend behind him. At the same time, a spot of light appeared within his third eye.

“Blood Devil Possession, Devil Eye Destroys the World!”

The fiendish face behind Xue You instantly merged within his body. His other eyes closed; only his third eye remained open. A bloody light shot out.

The light was incredibly bright. It released an incredibly destructive aura as it pierced toward the spider king.


The ray of light collided with the scales. The entire cave trembled intensely, and a portion of it began to collapse.

Long Chen was startled. Xue You’s attack was definitely not any weaker than when he went all-out using the second form of Split the Heavens. In fact, it might even be stronger.

The spider king let out a strange cry. It was sent flying and crashed into the wall. As for Xue You, he was pale as paper. That was his strongest attack, but he had only been able to block a portion of the scales. The other Corrupt experts had long since disappeared from this world.

The thing that horrified Xue You the most was those scales that had been struck by his attack. They hadn’t been destroyed and they once more returned to the spider king’s back. Furthermore, his attack had merely left behind a faint mark on the spider king’s head. There was no injury at all. That made Xue You’s hair stand on end.

The spider king suddenly shrieked furiously. It had clearly reached a berserk point and was releasing all the sullenness Long Chen had given it onto Xue You. Whether it was humans or Magical Beasts, they all liked crushing the weak.

“Hehe, amazing, truly amazing!” Long Chen cheered for Xue You inside. His own sullenness at being cursed evaporated.

Xue You took a deep breath upon seeing that his attack hadn’t caused the slightest injury to it. He knew that if this continued, he would definitely die.

“Ancestral heroic spirit, hear your descendant’s call. The bloodline stretches through eternity, the spirit reaches through time immemorial…” Xue You began to solemnly chant.

Long Chen was startled. A blood-red mist began to float out of Xue You’s body. Long Chen saw that the mist wasn’t runes, but actual blood. Xue You was actually sacrificing his essence blood to release a supreme attack.

Following his chanting, the blood mist around him grew denser. In the end, it took on the image of a fiend.

That was a thirty-meter fiend with a horn on its head, red hair, and two black holes as eyes. Its mouth was holding a dagger, and it appeared incredibly lifelike.

Long Chen had never seen such a thing before. Even Zhong Wuyan’s ancestral spirit had just been a blurry illusory figure.

But this thing was like a real person. Long Chen could even feel a dense aura of death from its body.

“Yama King Blood Curse!”

Xue You roared. The originally handsome Xue You had now become like a desiccated corpse. It was like there wasn’t the slightest drop of blood within him now.

Following his shout, the fiend behind him extended its hand and cut off its own tongue. Black blood flowed out.

Xue You rapidly formed hand seals. That black blood formed an image filled with a dense aura of death.

Long Chen felt an icy chill from head to toe. He had never seen such a terrifying attack.

It wasn’t just Long Chen. Even the spider king began to shiver. It sensed an immense threat.

“Die, you monster!” Xue You roared furiously. With a final hand seal, the black image transformed into a ray of light.

The spider king hastily went to dodge the black light. But the black light seemed to have its own life, and no matter how it tried to dodge, it was still struck by the black light.

The thing that Long Chen found bizarre was that the black light instantly shattered upon striking the spider king’s head. There wasn’t any damage or shockwaves.

But the spider king began to crazily shriek. Its legs were in a panic. The ground was being heavily damaged, and the cave was shaking. Long Chen was really worried the cave would collapse.

Because the cave had runes supporting it, it was extremely sturdy. But if it really did collapse and he was buried down here, perhaps he really would only be able to wait for death.

The spider king struggled a few more times then its body suddenly went still. Long Chen was horrified to find that it was already dead.

That was too terrifying. That was a peak seventh rank Magical Beast. Even if its head was smashed, it wouldn’t die just like this.

“Fuck, it’s another damnable curse.”

Long Chen immediately realized that this was a death curse. It was different from the weakening curse he was under.

Even a peak seventh rank Magical Beast’s immense vitality was unable to block this curse. Then just who would be able to block it?

Thinking of that, Long Chen’s scalp turned numb. This kind of attack was too terrifying. It was a good thing that using this curse took a long time; thus, it would be easy to interrupt it or run. Otherwise, if he saw Xue You in the future, he would have to flee as far as possible.

Xue You was panting heavily. At this time, two people rapidly approached him.

“Lord Xue You, are you alright?!” Those two Corrupt experts were the ones sent to guard the entrance. They were guarding against people who lucked their way here, and so they had managed to escape the disaster.

Everything had happened too quickly. By the time they arrived, everything was over. Anyway, a battle of this level wasn’t something they could participate in.

“I’m fine,” said Xue You.

However, that was clearly not true. His face looked so pale that he seemed dead. That Yama King Blood Curse had obviously come at an immense price.

Even his third eye was tightly closed with blood dripping out of it. One of the Corrupt disciples hastily handed him a handkerchief.

Xue You took it and wiped away the blood. “My devil eye received a backlash from using the Yama King Blood Curse. But having killed an ancient Hidden Ground Gold Spider King, it's worth it. Its crystal core is a priceless treasure and can be embedded into a Treasure item to increase its grade. Furthermore, its scales are natural Enchanted items with innate runes. Even if you aren’t a soul cultivator, you would be able to use them. You two can also keep a few for yourself!”

“Many thanks!” Those two Corrupt experts were delighted as material for Enchanted items was rare. These scales were definitely priceless treasures.

“The others all died. It can only be said that their lives weren’t hardy enough. Luck is also a kind of strength. When you follow me in the future, I definitely won’t let you lose out,” said Xue You. Now that his subordinates had mostly died, he needed to raise a new batch of them.

These two were not his subordinates, but they were also from the Corrupt path. Hearing this, the two of them went wild with delight. Following an expert with limitless potential, they would definitely be able to walk further as well.

After saying that, Xue You walked over to the spider king’s corpse. He had only just reached it when a sharp light pierced toward his back.

A sharp blade pierced a chest. An immense power caused that flesh to explode.

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