Chapter 786 Conning People

When he left the barrier of light, the first thing he saw was the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King. It immediately raised its guard and glared at Long Chen.

Long Chen once more took out his credentials. The dragon scale was his credentials that said he could pass.

As expected, the spider king immediately tensed and retreated. It was too afraid of the dragon scale.

Long Chen laughed mischievously. This protective talisman felt too amazing. He slowly went around the spider king. When he reached the tunnel, he found that the strange energy that had prevented him from going back had disappeared. In other words, he could return.

In truth, Long Chen didn’t know that as soon as he had entered the place with the final reward, the formations present had acknowledged it as a pass. However, normally, those who passed had either killed the defending Magical Beast or gone through other mechanisms. There definitely hadn’t been anyone who had passed like he had.

He carefully walked out. Once he was about to reach the exit, he suddenly heard voices and stopped.

“As expected of lord Xue You! You actually managed to pass the high level trial and bring back high grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir!” praised a Corrupt expert.

“It’s just regretful that there wasn’t too much of it. The rest of it flowed underground. But at least I almost got a thousand drops. That harvest really is great.” Xue You’s voice floated out.

“A thousand drops? That counts as a great harvest? Can your thousand drops compare to my hundred barrels?” Long Chen sneered inside. But his sneer also contained envy. He didn’t know that what he had was peak grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir.

“Did you run into any dangers inside?”

“It really was dangerous. There was an early seventh rank Magical Beast hiding inside, a Blood Thirst Wolf. It was restricted by my magical arts, but I still suffered a slight injury before cutting it down,” said Xue You.

Long Chen was startled. As expected, Xue You was extremely powerful. That Blood Thirst Wolf was also an ancient breed that was extremely powerful. It just hadn’t reached the level of the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King or the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

However, to be able to kill it in exchange for just a slight injury was extremely impressive.

“What about you?” asked Xue You.

“Only seven people managed to return from over ten people. Some people came in later and entered the middle grade trial, but none of them returned alive.”

“That’s fine. Life and death are up to fate. If they didn’t survive, that just means their lives weren’t hardy enough,” said Xue You.

“That Long Chen entered the peak trial cave. He should have long since died. What should we do?”

Long Chen’s eyes enlarged. Only now did he realize he had entered the peak trial cave. No wonder there had been a peak seventh rank Magical Beast waiting for him.

Thinking of his luck, he had an urge to curse the heavens. But then thinking about it, he couldn’t be mad. If he hadn’t entered that trial of absolute death, how could he have obtained that much Divine Mortal Molting Elixir?

“We can all rest for a bit. Protect me while I try out the high grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir. I want to see if I can break through the barrier and reach the fourth rank. Hmph, if I could become a rank four Celestial, the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path will be turned into a river of blood,” said Xue You grandly. Then the sound of a bottle opening rang out.

Long Chen wasn’t able to see anything, and he also didn’t dare to use his divine sense. But he knew this bastard should be drinking the Divine Mortal Molting Elixir.

Long Chen wasn’t a Celestial, and so he hadn’t realized that it was so helpful to Celestials. But hearing that Xue You wanted to use it to advance to the fourth rank, he jumped.

“Alright, let me help you.”

Long Chen smiled coldly. Even in his current state, he definitely couldn’t allow him to do as he pleased. That wasn’t his style.

This was the most sullen he had ever felt. This curse made Long Chen feel like he was impotent. It was like he had the energy but not the means. He clearly thirsted for a battle, but couldn’t.

Now seeing Xue You want to break through here, if Long Chen didn’t give him a little gift, would he still be Long Chen?

Long Chen turned back. When he reached the fork, he actually realized he had forgotten which path he had gone into. He had to rely on scent to find his original path. He quickly found the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King.

“Brother, let’s go. Your big bro will bring you for a stroll!”

Long Chen took out the dragon scale and began to walk toward the spider king. The spider king was a bit confused to see Long Chen come and go like this.

Having been isolated here for so long, its intelligence couldn’t possibly be much higher than the other spiders. But that fear toward the dragon scale was something instinctual from its very core.

Long Chen began to urge it toward the exit. It retreated in that direction, and it also raised its two front legs, taking on an attacking posture.

But Long Chen ignored that. Such a low intelligent Magical Beast would immediately attack if it really meant it. For it to take on an attacking posture just meant it was afraid and wanted to intimidate him.

At this time, Long Chen stopped moving. If you got too close, a Magical Beast would think you were launching an attack. It would definitely attack him then, and Long Chen didn’t want that.

As expected, when Long Chen stopped moving, the spider began to retreat. Long Chen slowly advanced. As a result, it slowly retreated out of the exit. It was just that the process was extremely slow.

“Alright, guard me. I’ll begin refining the Divine Mortal Molting Elixir,” said Xue You solemnly.

“Yes, don’t worry.” Currently, the only ones in that large room were the seven rank two Celestials and Xue You. There were also two others hidden by the entrance.

Their mission from the very start had been to guard this place. If anyone entered, they would immediately kill them.

Xue You nodded. With seven rank two Celestials here and two rank two Celestials guarding the entrance, there definitely wouldn’t be anyone to disturb him.

Xue You consumed half of the high grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir he had obtained. Maintaining a hand seal, he was just about to enter a meditative state when the sound of movements came from one of the caves.

A three-meter spider retreated out of that cave. It looked as if it had been made of gold.

“Hidden Ground Gold Spider? It’s actually so small.”

One of the rank two Celestials directly unsheathed their sword, and Sword Qi slashed at the spider.

This attack was extremely powerful. It could one-shot ordinary Celestials. But when it landed on the spider’s body, it didn’t even leave a mark.

Of course, this was the spider king that Long Chen had forced out. Its attention had been entirely focused on the dragon scale, and so it actually hadn’t noticed them yet.

But now that someone attacked it, it immediately went crazy. After being forced back by Long Chen repeatedly, it had long since reached its limit. However, it had always been too afraid of the dragon scale to attack.

When that person saw that his attack hadn’t caused any damage to the spider, he was appalled.


The three-meter spider king’s body suddenly grew a thousand times. It was like a golden mountain, and one of its huge legs stabbed toward them.

“What?!” Even Xue You’s expression changed. Now that it had grown, it immediately released the aura of a peak seventh rank Magical Beast.

In the cave, it had shrunk because it hadn’t had enough room. Only once a Magical Beast had reached the peak of the seventh rank could it control the size of its body. Now, it no longer had any more misgivings. It would slaughter all these people that had angered it.

“Retreat!” shouted Xue You. They all rushed away, but one fellow was a bit too slow. There was no way for him to dodge, and with a roar, his runes erupted around him. He raised his weapon to block.


That powerful rank two Celestial was killed in one blow. Furthermore, the spider leg continued forward, piercing a large hole in the wall.

“How terrifying!” Long Chen was hiding within the cave as he watched. The spider king had finally released its true power.

A rank two Celestial was like an ant in front of it. Seeing them fleeing in such a panic was truly satisfying.

“Tch, Xue You, didn’t you want to bully me while I was cursed? And you still had to act like such a poser, even more of a poser than me. Then, you shamelessly used power to suppress me. Now you should know what it feels like to be suppressed.”

Long Chen felt incredibly refreshed, even more refreshed than before. But although Xue You was startled, he was still a peak expert. He immediately saw through the spider king’s power. The only thing he couldn’t figure out was why it had appeared here.

“All of you get back! Don’t fight it head-on!”

Xue You shouted, having the others retreat. He had already realized that other than him, no one else could even block a single attack from it. They would all die if this continued. However, before they could retreat, a huge net fell over their heads.

That was naturally the spider king’s web. It was incredibly quick and came without any warning. Furthermore, its scope was too great. Even Xue You was caught by it.

“Not good!” Xue You’s expression suddenly changed. He was shocked to find that this web had a poisonous liquid dripping off it.

He hastily formed a hand seal, and a ray of light shot out of his third eye. It pierced a hole through the web, and a pair of wings appeared on his back. He shot out of the opening.


Miserable screams rang out behind. When Xue You looked back, his expression completely changed.

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