Chapter 785 Peak Grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir

When that huge figure appeared, the rest of the ground began to sink, increasing the space. But that large figure continued to take up more and more of it.

The huge room was completely filled by it. Compared to it, Long Chen was just an ant. It was a huge Hidden Ground Gold Spider. Its skin was actually covered in scales, and each scale contained a rune. It looked as if it had been made of gold.

As soon as this huge spider appeared, it began to shrink. It shrank to the point that it was only three meters tall. Its two golden eyes stared closely at Long Chen, giving him goosebumps.

“This is absolutely impossible!” Long Chen roared inside. This was a seventh tier Magical Beast, and one on the level of a beast king. It could be compared to the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

Let alone now, even in his peak state, he wouldn’t be a match for this Hidden Ground Gold Spider King.

Long Chen’s luck really was lacking. This trial cave was just the first level of trials for the ancient disciples. Thus, its difficulty wasn’t actually too high.

The strongest guard of this place was originally just an early seventh rank Magical Beast. But with the crumbling of the Immemorial Path, there was no one to look over this place. That Magical Beast had actually begun to reproduce on its own.

Originally, with the laws of this place, it would be unable to continue cultivating. The early seventh rank was its absolute limit. But its children also then began to grow and reproduce. This spider king was one of those descendants.

Because of the laws and the formations present, they wouldn’t starve to death. Although their cultivation speed would be lowered, they could still grow.

As for this spider king, it had actually raised its own children and then consumed them once they got strong enough.

With this kind of assimilation method, it managed to break the restrictions of this place. After all these years, it had reached the peak of the seventh rank.

If it weren’t for this cave’s suppression, it could have even broken through to the eighth rank. This kind of ancient breed was extremely terrifying, and their growth limit was extremely high. As long as it was given enough time, it could even break through to the ninth rank.

But after reaching the peak of the seventh rank, this spider king had stopped consuming its children and begun cultivating underground.

Now, Long Chen had awoken it. As soon as it appeared, it charged at him. Long Chen was appalled. In his current state, not even a hundred lives would be enough to go against this fellow, which could be even more powerful than the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

“Don’t move!” shouted Long Chen.

The spider king was actually extremely obedient and instantly stopped moving. It glared at Long Chen, not daring to move.

To be more accurate, it was staring at the fist-sized scale that Long Chen was holding. It was clearly extremely apprehensive toward it.

“Let me tell you, my status is incredibly high, and if you’re smart, you’ll immediately leave while you can. I don’t want to have you as a steed,” shouted Long Chen.

Long Chen was holding the dragon scale, but he wasn’t releasing the dragon might. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but that he didn’t dare to. Last time, he had exhausted all the non-core energy within it.

If he activated the dragon might again, it would exhaust its core energy, and that might cause the purity of the essence blood within it to drop. If that affected his ability to cultivate the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art, he wouldn’t even have a place to cry.

Even facing that many Hidden Ground Gold Spiders, he still hadn’t activated the dragon might, all because he couldn’t bear the consequences.

But in front of this spider king, he had no other choice. However, he didn’t activate the dragon might. He wanted to see if he could scare it away first.

He trusted that if he did activate the dragon might, he could subdue it into a housepet. Although that thought was enticing, it wasn’t worth it.

His intuition told him that what the dragon expert had left him was definitely a priceless treasure. He couldn’t take any chances with it.

Unless it was an absolute last resort, Long Chen wouldn’t activate the dragon might. But Long Chen was surprised to see the spider king was actually quite smart. It didn’t dare to move.

“Get back, get back! Don’t infuriate me! Let me tell you, if I get angry, I’ll even beat myself!” Long Chen slowly began to walk forward while holding the dragon scale.

The spider king was extremely apprehensive toward the dragon scale. As Long Chen advanced, it retreated.

Long Chen was delighted. It was working! He didn’t go too far against the spider king. He slowly detoured around it. But he continued to face the spider king, on guard against any sudden attack.

The spider king just watched as it allowed Long Chen to go past it. It didn’t attack. It was clearly too afraid of the dragon scale.

Once Long Chen got to the end of the room, a light barrier appeared in front of him. With no other choice, he could only choose to enter that light.

What Long Chen didn’t expect was that this light barrier was no transportation formation. It was just ordinary light that seemed to be acting like a door.

Once he was through that door, he saw a pool in front of him. The pool was thirty meters wide, and the water had practically reached the limit. Any more and it would begin to overflow.

Above the pool was a stalactite. Just as he entered, he saw a drop of liquid drip from the stalactite and into the pool.

He saw runes on the roof, and he could clearly sense some strange energy condensing at the stalactite.

Fragrance cleared his mind as soon as he entered. Even with the curse, he felt relaxed.

Long Chen slowly walked over to the pool. Looking away, he saw that this was truly the end of the cave. This pool should be the final reward.

“Am I supposed to take a bath here? This water should be extraordinary. Perhaps I’ll gain some unimaginable benefits from bathing in it.”

Long Chen didn’t think too much about it. He took off his clothes and was just about to step in when he paused.

He had just noticed a cup at the bottom of the pool. It was half a foot tall, and it was perfectly below the stalactite.

“Could it be that this water isn’t to be bathed in, but to be drunk?” Long Chen came to a sudden comprehension.

In truth, this water that Long Chen was seeing was the Divine Mortal Molting Elixir. Furthermore, it was the highest grade of it.

This Divine Mortal Molting Elixir was a priceless treasure for Xiantian disciples. The Xiantian realm was fundamentally the foundation of transforming a Houtian body into a Xiantian body.

During this process, a person’s spiritual qi was transformed into spiritual yuan, and the body’s impurities were expelled. It was a complete transformation.

But this process was not so easy. Relying purely on your own power, it would be impossible to accomplish it perfectly. In the end, quite a few impurities would remain within your body, and that would affect your future cultivation.

This Divine Mortal Molting Elixir was created through a formation that extracted the most primal energy in the ground. It allowed a person to completely purify their bodies, allowing their physical bodies to reach a flawless level.

Only when the body was flawless would the world’s Xiantian spiritual qi be able to enter without any hindrances.

Ordinary Divine Mortal Molting Elixir could cleanse a person’s body and allow them to sense the Heavenly Daos better. Many of the Corrupt path’s rank two Celestials had actually been rank one Celestials that had advanced through the use of the elixir.

As for the elixir in front of him, it was peak grade Divine Mortal Molting Elixir. It was different from the elixirs in the other caves. This peak grade elixir would be counted as a priceless treasure even in ancient times. It took several months to gather a single drop.

The other caves had a bowl at the end as their final reward. When that bowl was filled, the elixir would flow down to the earth and return to its source.

But this peak grade elixir was too precious, and so, back in that era, if no one passed the peak trial for too long, they would gather the elixir and leave behind only the cup. In other words, a person would only be able to obtain a cup after passing.

The pool of elixir here had been accumulating for countless years. It had filled up the entire pool, which was what had caused Long Chen to assume this place was for bathing. If those ancient experts learned about this, then even dead, they would roll in their graves and curse him.

Long Chen carefully took out a drop and swallowed it. As soon as it entered his mouth, he found that it didn’t go through his throat but actually spread throughout his body.

As it spread, he felt a refreshing feeling. Wherever the elixir passed, impurities would be forced out of his pores.

Long Chen was delighted. He hastily took out a bowl and drank a dozen bowls in one go. That refreshing feeling completely filled him. He felt so relaxed that he might melt.

After just a bit, impurities covered his entire body. They were disgusting, but they delighted Long Chen. This liquid was absolutely miraculous.

His body had gone through the cleansing of heavenly tribulation. He had thought there were already no more impurities for him to expel. But now these many impurities were forced out. That was absolutely divine. But then, later Long Chen realized that these impurities were very likely the accumulated pill toxins from consuming too many pills. After all, even with his special constitution, he really had consumed a ridiculous amount of pills.

Long Chen was delighted. This liquid was an absolute treasure, and he hastily began to pour it into some wooden buckets. This kind of liquid definitely couldn’t touch metal, or it would lose its effect.

He filled over a hundred barrels, not even leaving a single drop. It was fortunate he had enough wooden barrels that he normally used to store some medicinal liquids.

Only then did Long Chen sit, completely satisfied. A dozen bowls had completely expelled all his impurities. He felt incredibly refreshed, and when he drank another few bowls, he found that there was no longer any effect. That meant his body had truly reached its peak.


Suddenly, an explosive sound came from his body. His powerful aura shook the cave. He had actually advanced to the tenth Heavenstage.

“As expected, there really are thirteen levels for each realm.” Long Chen muttered to himself. The only thing that made him dejected was whether it was this divine elixir or his advancement, neither had allowed him to break free from his curse. He didn’t feel like he was surging with energy because of his advancement.

“I wonder whether those fellows have scrammed yet. I’ll go take a look.” Long Chen looked around and saw there was no exit or transportation gate. He could only return by his original path.

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