Chapter 784 What the Fuck

As soon as he went through that path, he saw his surroundings grow brighter. Long Chen was delighted. Had he reached the exit?

For there to be light ahead was a good thing. But when Long Chen reached a spacious region, his hair suddenly stood on end.

This was a large room over a mile long. It was practically a plaza but filled with golden boulders.

Those boulders were covered in decorative designs, each of which was dozens of meters. In truth, those designs were strange runes.

Below each of the boulders were eight long, furry legs. When Long Chen appeared, the boulders suddenly shivered. Long Chen felt his scalp go numb, and goosebumps covered him from head to toe.

“Hidden Ground Gold Spiders.”

Long Chen thought of a book that Meng Qi had given him. That book had been called A Record of Ancient Magical Beasts.

Looking at the spiders’ bodies that were sparkling like gold, he recalled a terrifying Magical Beast recorded within it.

The Hidden Ground Spider was its descendant. Its bloodline stretched back so far that it was impossible to trace. Looking at these Hidden Ground Gold Spiders’ size and runic fluctuations, it was possible to see that they had reached the sixth rank.

Long Chen did a quick count and found over thirty of them. They now slowly got up and began to come toward Long Chen. Their fierce mouths were quivering, secreting golden liquid.

That liquid was poison. It didn’t even need to be injected into the body. As long as you came into contact with it, your body would rapidly corrode.

Long Chen instinctively took a step back, but a strange energy suddenly pushed him forward.

Suddenly, one of the Hidden Ground Gold Spiders shot toward Long Chen. Long Chen randomly took out a spear from his spatial ring.

That was a middle grade Enchanted item. Currently, he could only use it. It was a good thing that it was heavy enough. He smashed it onto the spider’s head.


But Long Chen was startled to see sparks fly. Although the spider was blown back, it wasn’t killed. Furthermore, he felt his own hands go a bit numb.

A sixth rank Magical Beast was only at the Xiantian realm. In the outside world, Long Chen could kill them with a wave of his hand. But now, a full-strength blow was unable to even injure one.

Although he was under a curse, the main reason was that the Hidden Ground Gold Spider was an ancient variant. This result shocked Long Chen.

This meant that these Hidden Ground Gold Spiders could all be compared to rank two Celestials. Was that supposed to mean that the ancient geniuses had been strong enough to completely dominate all these beasts?

What Long Chen didn’t know was that the trials here all had formations present. If the formations had remained in perfect condition, there would have only been one Magical Beast here.

But as time passed, the formations had slowly weakened. The laws here still prevented them from leaving, but they had begun to reproduce in large numbers.

Furthermore, they possessed incredible longevity. Normally, they were in a state similar to hibernation, and so they used up very little energy. They could entirely rely on the energy coming from the formations to survive forever.

There was no way to retreat. Long Chen could only clench his teeth and fight. Forcing back three spiders at once, Long Chen felt his arms ache. His spear almost left his grasp.

This was because he was under the curse. The more power he used, the weaker he would feel. He was immediately caught in a crisis.

Long Chen continued to fight with his full strength, but one spider’s leg still pierced his shoulder. Their fur was like steel, and even his powerful physical body wasn’t able to resist. A bloody hole was opened in his shoulder.

A disgusting stench immediately began to come out of the injury. “What a vicious poison.”

Long Chen’s heart shook. He hastily circulated the primal chaos space. He drew out the life energy within the huge trees from the Spirit World, and his injury instantly healed.

He was startled. These strange trees were truly powerful. They were able to instantly heal him and remove the poison.

Furthermore, it hadn’t taken any effort at all to heal such an injury. And he found that these trees didn’t have any spiritual fluctuations.

They were completely different from the one he had encountered in the Spirit World. Although their shape was the exact same, they didn’t possess any consciousness, nor did they possess such a fiendish air. They were no different from ordinary trees.


After repeatedly blocking them, Long Chen finally couldn’t endure any longer. His spear was blown out of his hand.

Long Chen cursed inside. If it weren’t for this damn curse, he would have trampled over these spiders.

Although each of them was comparable to a rank two Celestial, they were nothing to him. Due to their size, he only had to handle three of them at a time. The other thirty of them would be unable to reach him. If he was in his peak condition, he could easily kill them one by one.

But under this curse, he couldn’t break their defenses. It was truly infuriating.

In truth, Magical Beasts were similar to humans in that there were ordinary Magical Beasts, and there were elite Magical Beasts. Different bloodlines represented different levels of power.

That was similar to the human race’s Celestials. Celestials could fight across realms against ordinary experts. Magical Beasts were the same. Each one of these Hidden Ground Gold Spiders was capable of killing ordinary seventh rank Magical Beasts.

Long Chen could be counted as an elite from the human race. But this group of Hidden Ground Gold Spiders could be considered elites amongst elites in the Magical Beast world. Their bloodlines were pure, and their defense was strong. Their combat power was absolutely monstrous.

Dodging one of their fangs, Long Chen took a deep breath. His arms lit up.

“Lei Long, Huo Long, cut them down!”

Two roars erupted. Lei Long and Huo Long shot out of Long Chen’s arms. This time, Long Chen had summoned their true bodies.

A lightning dragon and a flame dragon burst their way through the pack of spiders. The entire plaza was enveloped by flames and lightning.

With Long Chen’s encouragement, Lei Long and Huo Long released all their power, slaughtering every single Hidden Ground Gold Spider.

Those spiders let out terrified cries. A charred smell filled the air, one that would make a person vomit.

Lei Long and Huo Long roared to their hearts’ content. Their huge bodies shot back and forth until all their energy was used up.

Long Chen’s order had been to not hold back. The two of them immediately released all their power crazily.

Lei Long wreaked havoc. Brilliant lightning surged out of it as it moved. Those spiders instantly turned numb and paralyzed when it touched them.

The runes on their golden bodies were actually able to resist a portion of the thunderforce, and they weren’t immediately killed.

But Huo Long was different. Earth Flames were the spiritual treasures of heaven and earth, and they were the bane of all creatures. The Hidden Ground Gold Spiders let out berserk cries as they were instantly ignited.

Their bodies were covered in fur, and that fur was instantly turned to ash. Their huge bodies also began to combust. Compared to Huo Long, Lei Long was unable to break through their defenses.

Earth Flames were born from the land and capable of burning all things. They were innately an existence that could destroy anything. That was a bit different from the nature of lightning.

The Hidden Ground Gold Spiders’ runes were able to block a portion of the thunderforce, but they were unable to block an Earth Flame’s ability to ignite all things.

With Lei Long paralyzing them, they were unable to resist or even flee. The large plaza was filled with white smoke.

Long Chen almost collapsed from the smell. The smoke contained poison. Even with the primal chaos bead’s antitoxin abilities, he still felt extremely unwell.

He hastily consumed an antitoxin pill to relieve that feeling. His nose was filled with the scent of the medicinal pill, which blocked quite a bit of the stench.

Lei Long and Huo Long wreaked havoc for a full incense stick’s worth of time. The only things left in this plaza were charred corpses. They had all been killed.

The thing that made Long Chen laugh and cry at the same time was that those two fellows seemed like they hadn’t gotten to vent their emotions in a long time. Despite the fact that all their enemies had been killed, they didn’t stop. If Long Chen hadn’t summoned them back, they would have continued.

Those two seemed like children who hadn’t played enough. But Long Chen could sense that they definitely had gone overboard. Their energy had already reached rock bottom, and they were beginning to overdraft their energy. They really didn’t know what moderation meant.

Prying open one of the spiders’ heads, he found a dazzling, almost golden crystal core.

“Hehe, this is a treasure.”

Although its body was huge, its crystal core was only the size of a baby’s fist. This was the place where all its essence was gathered, an endless source of dark energy. Whether it was for alchemy or forging, it would be a peak treasure.

The dark attribute was extremely rare. Added to a weapon, it could make it harder to notice and give it a corrosive effect. Most importantly, if this crystal core was imbued to a weapon, it could give it the ability to cut through the air without any sound. You would be able to kill someone without them even noticing. If Guo Ran saw it, he would definitely jump in excitement.

It was regretful that their poisonous fangs had lost their toxicity after being burned by the Earth Flame. The poison would no longer possess a great threat to experts, so he could only give up on it.

Long Chen obtained thirty-three crystal cores. That was quite the harvest.

He was just about to continue moving forward when the ground beneath him trembled. The ground began to bulge and then erupted. An enormous figure appeared in front of Long Chen.

“What the fuck?!”

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