Chapter 783 Peak Trial Cave

The dust scattered, revealing that Long Chen had already disappeared. They were all stunned.

There was only one entrance to this place, and they had completely sealed it. Not even a fly could have gotten past them.

“He entered a trial cave.”

Xue You looked towards one cave. He sensed the slightest bit of leftover aura there. That aura contained the Ghost Devours Spirit’s curse energy.

“He entered a trial cave? Heavens, he entered the peak trial cave! That’s somewhere even you can’t enter!” cried one of the Corrupt experts.

“My guess is that he doesn’t even recognize the immortal characters on top of the caves. There were two low level trials, three middle level trials, two high level trials, and only one peak level trial, but he actually chose the peak one. Hmph, he’s definitely dead!” said another Corrupt expert.

“Even the sect master solemnly warned you to only choose the high level trial. As for the peak level trial, Long Chen has zero chance of surviving. How regretful. His body and soul were wasted just like that, and without his head, there’s no way to exchange it for a reward,” sighed another one.

They all looked at Xue You as he was their leader. Now that Long Chen had entered a trial cave, he would be the one to decide what they should do.

Xue You said, “These trial caves flowed down from antiquity. The outside looks broken, but there are still treasures inside. Two generations ago, one of our seniors found a divine elixir within the lower level trial. When he brought it back, the Elders appraised it and said that it was an extremely famous Divine Mortal Molting Elixir. This elixir was something created through formations that drew out the most primal energy in the ground.

“A single drop of that divine elixir was diluted a thousand times and then given to ordinary disciples. Those ordinary disciples then completely transformed. Not only did their strength grow, but their talent also improved. Their Spirit Roots also advanced a level.

“You were just ordinary Celestials before, but your foundations were excellent, so you were bestowed with a bottle of that diluted divine elixir. That’s the only reason you managed to become rank two Celestials.

“This Divine Mortal Molting Elixir is our secret. The senior from two generations ago only found this place by accident. He was fighting here, which destroyed some of the terrains and revealed this entrance. That senior was only an ordinary Celestial, but his luck was good and he entered a low level cave. When he left, he marked down this place and also copied the immortal characters here.

“Back then, our entire Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path was shaken. The next time the Immemorial Path opened, we sent eighteen of our strongest disciples here. They were all at least rank two Celestials, and two had reached the third rank.

“As a result, only one disciple managed to survive. And that was because he entered the wrong cave. He entered the low level cave beside the middle level one. Thus, he was the only one who managed to bring back some Divine Mortal Molting Elixir.

“The others all died inside. The trial caves are filled with multiple mechanisms, and the final test is a fierce beast.

“According to the Elders, those beasts should be nourished by some special formation that makes their longevity almost limitless. After the Immemorial Path was destroyed, no one looked after them, and so they managed to break past their original limits to become even more powerful. To be safe, you should all choose the low level trial caves.”

They had already figured out that once you entered, you couldn’t leave. If you tried, a powerful force would block it. If you pushed it, you would be injured by that mysterious force, and you could even die.

The Corrupt path’s Elders guessed that even though there was no one looking after these trial caves anymore, a portion of the formations inside must still be functional and in use.

Furthermore, once they entered from their current location, each trial cave would be split into another eight caves. They were also split into two low level, three middle level, two high level, and one peak level trail. You could choose the difficulty most accustomed to you. Each of these trial caves only permitted two disciples to enter.

“In a bit, there should still be some more people coming. Two of you stay behind and guard the entrance. As soon as any outsiders come, kill them. This trial region can’t be allowed to be leaked.

“This place isn’t too far from the entrance of the Immemorial Path, and too many people came this time, so some people will likely show up. Furthermore, I saw the Bloodkill Hall’s insignia on one of the corpses’ robes.

“Those fellows are a bunch of irritating hyenas. They can follow people’s auras, and their concealing arts are too strong. If you notice any of them, you have to immediately kill them. This matter concerns the prosperity of the Corrupt path, so don’t get careless,” warned Xue You solemnly.

This trial region was first noticed by the Corrupt path. If they could keep it secret, it would bring unimaginable benefits to the Corrupt path.

“Yes!” Several of them hastily assented. They were all people that had followed Xue You for a long time, and they were powerful rank two Celestials. Xue You also treated them as loyal followers to be raised. He often gave them pointers. It could be said that they were peak existences amongst rank two Celestials.

“Which one are you going to choose?” asked one of them.

Xue You looked at the peak trial cave. His heart was moved slightly, but he shook his head in the end. “I’ll be choosing the high level cave.”

The trial caves here were very strange because a person could only enter once. Even if you succeeded, you would be forced back if you tried to enter another trial cave. That was this place’s law.

In other words, Xue You would only have one chance, but he still suppressed his desire and entered the high level cave.

“Let’s go. Leaving behind two people is enough. Once the others arrive, you can also enter.” Xue You waved his hand and entered the cave beside the one Long Chen had entered. The others went directly for the two low level caves.


Once Long Chen entered the cave, he immediately found that something was wrong. The space behind him had been completely sealed. With each step he took, the space behind him would become untraversable. There was no way for him to retreat.

Right now, he was under a curse, and his body was extremely weak. His current combat ability was less than half of his peak state. Against someone like Xue You, he had no chance of winning.

All he hoped was to stall long enough for the curse to dissipate. Then once he had recovered, he could have an all-out fight against Xue You. Xue You might be strong, but Long Chen wasn’t afraid. In fact, he made him feel intense battle intent. He was looking forward to having a real fight with a real expert.

He knew that Xue You’s power was beyond his current comprehension. The blood-red runes he had released weren’t Heavenly Dao runes, but some magical art.

It was usually only the Sea Expansion experts that could use magical arts. That was something related to the amount of spiritual yuan a person could use.

Only once the qi sea’s spiritual yuan was plentiful enough could it keep up with the immense exhaustion of a magical art. But Xue You was able to use a magical art so easily. At that time, he hadn’t even released his manifestation. That magical art was an ordinary attack to him, but it had still forced Long Chen to the point of using the Double Dragon Destruction.

It was a good thing that Long Chen had improved upon the double dragon attack he had used in the Xuantian Dao Sect. Back then, when Lei Long and Huo Long’s bodies came out, they couldn’t control their own power.

Once they attacked, they would use up all the power they had. They were like spendthrifts, not holding back at all. Even if Long Chen only wanted them to kill a mosquito, they would release their full power.

Although it was extremely powerful, it would use up all their accumulated power. It might be satisfying, but he wouldn’t be able to release a second attack for a while.

Later, Long Chen had changed this attack. He sent a portion of his spiritual yuan into their energies so that he could control their power while their true bodies stayed in his body. It could be considered a joint attack between them.

Although that kind of power wasn’t equal to the full strength of their true bodies, it was already enough. Just the fact that it could kill a rank three Celestial and five rank two Celestials showed its power.

Of course, the fact that this attack had managed to kill the rank three Celestial was also lucky. It was because he had underestimated Long Chen, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to release such an ultimate move while being in a cursed state.

But the other five rank two Celestials hadn’t been careless. Even when using their full strength, they had been killed in one shot.

It was because Long Chen had improved upon this attack that he had managed to escape with his life. Otherwise in his weakened state, he would have been powerless to resist Xue You’s magical art.

However, after using the Double Dragon Destruction twice, Long Chen found that with his current spiritual yuan, he would barely be able to release the attack once more.

Long Chen carefully advanced. The cave was completely straight, and the walls and floor were covered in runes. He tried punching it, but not even the slightest bit of dust fell.

But that wasn’t strange. The entire Immemorial Path had crumbled. The fact that this secret cave had been able to survive proved that it was extraordinary. Furthermore, they had fought so intensely within it. If it had been an ordinary mountain, it would have long since collapsed.

He advanced slowly. This cave gave him a feeling of immense pressure. Although he didn’t feel any danger yet, he definitely wasn’t feeling anything to be happy about.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, the path diverged into eight. Long Chen was startled. He looked around and decided on one path randomly.

What he didn’t realize was that the immortal character above the path he chose was the same as the one above the trial cave he had entered.

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