Chapter 782 Xue You

Following Long Chen’s shout, Lei Long and Huo Long flew out. They rapidly grew larger as they intertwined, looking like two dragons piercing out of the ground and the heavens.

This action happened incredibly quickly. The corpse-like man had been extremely confident in his Ghost Devours Spirit curse, and he had thought that Long Chen would be powerless to retaliate. But his confidence had become the death of him.

The two dragons directly caused his body to explode. And they continued forward, directly roaring toward the remaining five.

Lei Long and Huo Long were too large, and they almost filled the entire cave. The five of them had no chance to flee, and they could only resist with their full strength.


The five of them instantly exploded. Even the incomparably sturdy cave was blown wider.

The corpse-like man only had a head remaining. Suddenly, two runic wings appeared on that head’s back, and like a butterfly, it began to fly away.

Long Chen’s saber sliced that head cleanly in two. But then an illusory figure shot out. That was the corpse-like man’s soul.

If he could bring his head away, he would be able to survive. He had heard that as long as rank three Celestials were given enough time, they could regenerate a full body from just a head.

But now the head had been destroyed. The corpse-like man could only flee with his soul. His soul would at most be able to survive for twenty-four hours in the outside world before dissipating.

So within the next twenty-four hours, he would have to find a suitable body to possess.

“Stay behind.” Long Chen snorted and waved his hand. A lightning arrow shot at the soul. 

The corpse-like man’s soul suddenly shouted, “Lord Xue You, save-”

Regretfully, before he could finish shouting, the lightning arrow pierced through his soul. Lightning was the bane of all souls. His soul instantly exploded into runes.

Those runes had only just appeared before they dispersed, being absorbed into the primal chaos space. Long Chen was delighted. He had gained yet another rank three Heavenly Dao Fruit.

Suddenly, his heart shook. A sensation of terrifying danger caused his hair to stand on end. Without even thinking about it, he dodged to the side.

A ray of light pierced his shoulder, bringing with it a spray of blood. He slammed into the wall and hastily looked in the direction of the attack.

There were over ten people who had arrived, all of them from the Corrupt path. The person at the front was a handsome long-haired man. He wore a golden crown and violet robes. His gaze was like two sharp blades stabbing into Long Chen.

The most terrifying thing about him was his pitch-black third eye on his forehead. It looked as if it could devour all of heaven and earth.

“Truly worthy of being Long Chen, ranked number one on the must-kill list. Even under the Ghost Devours Spirit curse, you were still able to kill Qi Luo. Long Chen, although we’re enemies, I really have to admire you,” said that man.

They had just entered from the entrance and so had blocked the only exit for Long Chen. The people standing beside him looked in shock at the broken weapons and bodies on the ground.

Although they hadn’t seen the battle, just the remnants and the leftover Heavenly Dao auras in the air were enough for them to tell the scope of the previous battle.

“You are Xue You?” Long Chen slowly stood up. In truth, he was extremely alarmed.

Just now, he had checked what had injured him. It had just been the wind from a pointing of Xue You’s finger. It was an incredibly ordinary attack but was able to pierce his body.

Although he was weakened and couldn’t use the divine ring or Four Star Battle Armor any longer, his physical body was still comparable to Enchanted items. But the wind from a finger attack could injure him. That was enough to prove that Xue You’s power was much greater than he had expected.

“Correct, I am Xue You. I’ve long since heard your great name. But regretfully, you’re currently under the Ghost Devours Spirit curse and are in an extremely weak state. You don’t even have half of your power available to you. Killing you is too boring!” said Xue You.

“If you want a fair fight, you can just give me the antidote,” said Long Chen.

Xue You shook his head. “Firstly, the Ghost Devours Spirit is not a poison, but a curse. There is no antidote. If you want to resolve it, you simply need to wait for its effect to pass. But although this curse won’t take a person’s life, it has a long period of effect. It would take at least seven days, and I can’t wait that long.

“And secondly, although you’re strong, you haven’t reached the point where you can stand on the same level as me. Even if you were in your peak state, you wouldn’t be able to receive even ten attacks from me. It’s not worth it for me to wait.

“So, I’m very sorry to tell you that you’re just a dog in my eyes, and you don’t have much value at all. Only the fact that you’re first on the must-kill list makes you worthy of me killing you.”

Xue You stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his expression indifferent, and his tone incredibly arrogant. It was like he was a king looking down on a beggar.

Although his words were a bit malicious, Long Chen didn’t get angry. That was because he didn’t have time to get angry. This Ghost Devours Spirit curse was too vicious. It was like poison had spread throughout his blood, bones, and basically every single cell in his body.

He had tried to use the primal chaos space’s life energy to heal it, but he had found that it was useless. He was now in a great crisis.

This man in front of him was extremely powerful. If Long Chen was in his peak state, he wouldn’t be afraid of him. Although he was a very strong rank three Celestial, Long Chen’s confidence was that as long as it was someone in the same realm, he wouldn’t need to be afraid of them. 

“Sorry, but my time is precious. I don’t have time for you to feel terror or panic. Your physical body’s not bad, so you can be refined into a puppet. To be my puppet is your life’s greatest glory.”

Xue You reached his hand toward Long Chen’s throat. Although it was just a simple movement, it blocked every single path of retreat for Long Chen.

Just this random movement clearly showed how much experience he had. This move had clearly reached the point of perfection and had no openings. It could be seen that Xue You’s fame was not unearned. He was a true expert who had experienced hundreds of battles.

Long Chen’s zhanmadao came out of its sheath, directly slashing toward Xue You’s wrist. His placement and timing were perfect.

Even if Xue You dodged, he wouldn’t be able to escape the range of the saber. But if he forced his way through, he would lose the exchange.

The reason he hadn’t released his Heavenly Dao runes or even his aura was because he wanted to capture Long Chen with technique. He had his own pride, and even if he had to kill a weakened Long Chen, he would disdain using his aura to suppress him.

“Oh?” Xue You was a bit surprised. He hadn’t expected that Long Chen’s saber techniques would be so refined. He could tell that Long Chen also hadn’t released his aura and was competing with him in terms of pure technique.

Xue You’s palm bent slightly, and the instant his wrist was about to touch the saber, he strangely used his finger to flick the back of the saber and direct its slash elsewhere. Just like that, he managed to escape the blockade of the saber and continued reaching toward Long Chen’s throat.

But just when he thought that Long Chen would have no time to change his move, Long Chen’s saber borrowed the rebound strength to slash toward Xue You’s throat. He also hadn’t released his aura. In fact, he hadn’t used his spiritual yuan.

Xue You was now truly startled. He shot backward, dodging the saber. His movement technique was incredibly bizarre.

He had only just dodged Long Chen’s slash when the tip of the saber pierced toward his throat. He was shocked, not expecting that Long Chen’s slash was actually a feint. The instant he dodged it, Long Chen changed his slash into a thrust.

Xue You slammed his palm into Long Chen’s saber, knocking it out of his hand, shattering it.

The zhanmadao was widely known for the sharpness of its point. It was actually somewhat similar to a sword and relied more on agility. Xue You had struck it in its weakest spot, and after all, it was just an Enchanted item. Thus, it instantly shattered.

Long Chen was forced back a dozen steps. Not far behind him was the wall. But he looked disdainfully at Xue You.

Looking at his own palm, Xue You was infuriated. In terms of technique, he had lost. If he hadn’t used his spiritual yuan in the end, he would have been injured. This was a humiliation that he couldn’t accept.

“As expected, you really didn’t last ten moves.” Long Chen smiled lightly.

He had to admit that Xue You was a terrifying expert, but when it came to combat experience, no one had more than him.

His combat experience was something he had accumulated through risking his life. Even though the Corrupt path was famed for their viciousness, Long Chen didn’t believe that they would really throw their geniuses into crisis after crisis and have them either survive on their own or perish.

Who cared if they were talented? He had trampled countless geniuses on his path. He had paid far more than anyone. Was the smooth and level path of a genius so amazing?

Long Chen’s words were a slap in Xue You’s face. He had previously said that Long Chen wouldn’t even be able to last ten moves against him even in his peak state. But now, Long Chen had forced him to use his spiritual yuan in just three moves. It could already be called his loss.

“Tch, hopefully you can still say such things once I draw out your soul.”

“Departed Spirit Restriction!”

Countless blood-colored runes lit up on Xue You’s hands. The entire space was covered with his runes, and a terrifying pressure descended. It was like space was about to be compressed.

This should be something similar to a spatial magical art. Long Chen’s heart shook. As expected, Xue You was incredibly powerful. He was actually able to use spatial strength. But he didn’t have the time to be shocked. As those runes compressed, the space around him also compressed. Soon, he wouldn’t even be able to move.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

At this moment, he was incredibly weak. His only abilities unaffected by the curse were Huo Long and Lei Long’s combined attack. 

“Heaven-Netherworld Divine Shield!”

Sensing the aura of the two dragons, Xue You was startled. He could no longer continue compressing space, and a blood-red shield appeared in front of him.


This was a world-rocking collision. The entire cave shuddered and almost collapsed. When the dust finally scattered, the Corrupt experts were all dumbfounded.

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