Chapter 781 Enemies Inside the Ancient Cave

A body had been pierced and blood flowed out. But what was doing the piercing was a lightning spear, not a sword. In an instant, a person in a mask had appeared behind Long Chen.

Long Chen didn’t look back. Still holding the lightning spear, he icily said, “You might be able to hide in thin air, but you can’t hide from my senses. Your assassination arts are just a joke in front of me.”

Suddenly, the lightning spear shook, and the assassin from the Bloodkill Hall exploded before they could make a sound.

Putting away the lightning spear, Long Chen continued forward. From the beginning to the end, Long Chen hadn’t even looked at the person.

Ever since coming into contact with the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins, Long Chen had lost count of how many times they had tried to assassinate him. Now, he could feel it whenever assassins from the Bloodkill Hall approached him.

So even though these assassins could suppress their auras, their heartbeats, their breaths, and their killing intent, they were still unable to escape the senses of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. So for them to think that they could assassinate Long Chen was an immense joke.

Long Chen advanced several hundred meters into the cave. Eventually, he arrived at a well-lit area that was like a den. There were eight caves he could go into now, and each of them had an immortal character written above their entrance. But Long Chen didn’t recognize the characters.

But what he didn’t expect was that as soon as he walked in, he became the focus of six Corrupt Celestials. Those six people all possessed powerful auras, and they surrounded him.

“Long Chen?” One of the Corrupt experts was like a dried-up corpse. His eyes were deeply set, and he looked like a zombie that had crawled up from the underground.

Long Chen immediately realized why that assassin hadn’t entered here. He had most likely entered here, but then seeing the six people in front of him, he had retreated.

The Bloodkill Hall was neutral just like the Pill Tower. They accepted business from the Righteous path and the Corrupt path. So they weren’t allied with the Corrupt path. He had left before the six of them could sense him.

As a result, at that time, he had encountered Long Chen walking in. That assassin really was unlucky. After dodging six hungry wolves, he had been slaughtered by a fierce tiger.

“You’re not running from me? Then that must mean you’re quite the figure. Are you that fellow called Xue You?” asked Long Chen. He sensed a great deal of pressure from this corpse-like man.

“Hmph, a great man like Xue You doesn’t need to personally kill you. Today, I’ll bury you here.” The corpse-like man suddenly took out a staff, a staff of mourning. Countless strips of scarlet cloth were tied around the top.


As soon as the corpse-like man took out his weapon, countless runes erupted like a volcano. There were actually three different runes.

“Rank three Celestial!” Long Chen was startled. He hadn’t expected that one of them would be a rank three Celestial, and his aura was actually much stronger than Shui Guanzhi’s.

“Die!” The corpse-like man’s mourning staff smashed down like a bolt of lightning. Long Chen snorted and smashed his fist at it. He wanted to test this person’s skills.

But the instant his fist touched the mourning staff, the red cloth on the staff suddenly stretched out like snakes, wrapping Long Chen completely before he could do anything.

“Hahaha, this is the existence at the top of the must-kill list, the figure that shook the entire Corrupt path? He’s just trash. Die.”

The corpse-like man laughed heartily. This weapon of his was no ordinary weapon. It was a high grade Enchanted item, and it was a corrupt weapon.

This weapon could absorb the souls, blood, and flesh of the people it killed. Those things were condensed to form the scarlet strips of cloth. Normally, those strips of cloth were completely ordinary, but once they attacked, they could instantly coil around someone and crush them to death.

Each strip of cloth had absorbed the flesh and Spiritual Strength of countless people. They were incredibly powerful, and it was essentially impossible to tear them apart with physical strength. Once they were activated, a person would immediately be crushed to a pulp.

BOOM! Just as the corpse-like man was about to kill Long Chen, the cloths wrapped around him exploded. Long Chen’s entire body was surrounded by lightning runes.

“How close. What a strange attack.” This was Long Chen’s first time encountering such a strange weapon. The instant he had been wrapped, he had circulated his thunderforce to protect himself. Thunderforce possessed quite an advantage over corrupt weapons.

Taking advantage of his shock, Long Chen immediately launched an attack. A fist covered in thunderforce smashed toward the corpse-like man.

The corpse-like man hastily used his staff to block. As a result, both Long Chen and the corpse-like man were forced back a few steps.

Long Chen was startled. He once more shot forward. The other Corrupt experts also recovered from their shock and joined the battle. These five were all rank two Celestials and incredibly powerful. It was no wonder they would want to kill him here.

“Get back! He’s mine!” Suddenly, the corpse-like man shot forward, his runes surging like a sea around him. A fierce aura caused the air to rumble, and the ground beneath his feet began to shudder.

The most terrifying thing was that his aura contained a dense aura of death. Behind him, his runes actually formed an illusory mountain of corpses and sea of blood. Chaotic emotions of resentment resonated with heaven and earth. The scenes of countless people dying miserably flashed within the mountain and sea. They were crying, they were begging, they were screaming. They were filled with a thirst for life and a fear of death.

“Are those the people you killed?” Icy killing intent surfaced within Long Chen’s eyes.

“Correct. They were all people I personally killed, and I only killed them after endless torment. That was the only way to gather enough resentment. Hehe, do you feel their terror, their rage, their powerlessness, and their thirst? Hehe, yes, those are the emotions they were feeling right before their deaths. You’ll quickly also become one of them. Your death will make me even stronger.” The corpse-like man laughed sinisterly and excitedly. He was like a hunter looking at his prey.

“Good. I really have to thank you. In the future, when I encounter people from the Corrupt path, I really won’t have to feel bad about slaughtering them. You’re all a pack of brutes.”

“Divine ring!”

“Four Star Battle Armor!”


Heaven and earth rumbled. The entire cave shook as Long Chen’s full strength erupted. The lightning runes on his fist surged as he once more attacked.

The corpse-like man smashed his mourning staff at Long Chen. But this time, the scarlet cloths on it had already been destroyed, and it was just a simple smash.

As a result, the corpse-like man was blown back and smashed into the wall. In terms of brute power, when Long Chen went all out, the corpse-like man simply wasn’t his match. The other five Corrupt experts all attacked upon seeing the corpse-like man at a disadvantage.

“Die!” Long Chen’s roar was like thunder shaking their ears. A lightning blade appeared in his hands, and he slashed it mercilessly upon the five of them. Lightning erupted.

The five of them were all rank two Celestials, but Long Chen hadn’t held back at all. This was different from when he had fought against the Four Heavenly Geniuses in the Xuantian Dao Sect. This attack didn’t just contain his power, it also contained endless killing intent.

The five of them were also sent flying and vomited blood. Long Chen sighed inside. If he had Blooddrinker, this attack would have at least heavily injured them if not killed them.

As soon as he forced the five of them back, the corpse-like man once more came charging at him.

“Ghost Devours Spirits!”

The corpse-like man suddenly opened his mouth, and a blood arrow shot out. The blood arrow split into four bloody mists that surrounded Long Chen.

Those four bloody mists were like four evil ghosts. Long Chen felt a chill. There was definitely something off about this attack.

He was just about to retreat when the corpse-like man coldly shouted, “Explode!”

The four bloody mists exploded into blood-colored runes that enveloped Long Chen. Long Chen hastily circulated his thunderforce to destroy these runes as he retreated.

Those blood-red runes emitted black smoke upon encountering his thunderforce, but quite a few of them still managed to break past the thunderforce’s blockade to land on Long Chen.

Long Chen suddenly shivered. It felt like several ice cubes had forced their way into his body. And as those ice cubes melted, a corrosive kind of energy rapidly spread throughout his body.

He immediately felt his body become weak, as if he had just gone through some immense battle and no longer had any energy.

“Hahaha, let me see how you struggle now. This attack of mine is no ordinary attack, but a curse! Although using this attack exhausted ninety percent of my curse energy and all the resentful spirits I’ve gathered, your life is still worth the cost.”

The corpse-like man was gasping for breath. Obviously, that ‘Ghost Devours Spirit’ attack of his came with a heavy price. But there was still a sinister smile on his face.

“Die!” The corpse-like man once more smashed his mourning staff at Long Chen. He was aiming for Long Chen’s waist because he wanted to first cripple him before killing him.

Long Chen’s smile was icy. He admitted that he really had ended up falling for this attack. But if his opponent thought he could kill him just like this, he was far too arrogant. He raised his hands.

“Surrendering has no use. Just die!” The corpse-like man disdainfully looked at Long Chen as he raised his hands.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

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