Chapter 779 Mysterious Rune

“Since you’ve come, don’t leave!”

Long Chen sneered. He didn’t feel the slightest unease when facing Corrupt experts. With three pointings of his finger, three lightning arrows shot out.

Two of them had barely managed to get anywhere before they were pierced by those lightning arrows. If those were just ordinary thunderforce, their Heavenly Dao runes would have been able to completely block them.

But Long Chen’s thunderforce came from tribulation lightning. Thus, their bodies were directly blown apart.

As for the other one, he was the last one Long Chen pointed at, and with a supreme effort, he managed to dodge.

But although he had dodged Long Chen’s lightning arrow, he wasn’t able to dodge his saber. His head was directly cut off.

In truth, these three were actually very strong. The instant Long Chen had pointed the third finger, he had sensed that his opponent had realized and would be able to dodge. So he had directly used the Netherworld Ghost Steps to cut his head off the instant he dodged his arrow.

“Long Chen, you’re already number one on our must-kill list. Xue You will definitely kill you!” The final Corrupt expert only had a head left. He already knew that he was dead, so he sinisterly roared at him.

Long Chen directly slashed apart his head. He didn’t particularly care about his threat. In any case, many people wanted to kill him, so how could he possibly keep track of all their names?

His zhanmadao let out a crisp sound as he returned it to its sheath. It was an extremely pleasing sound. Now Long Chen realized why sword cultivators liked to slowly return their swords to their sheaths after killing their opponents. It really was a good feeling. Yes, perhaps to put it another way, it was posturing.

The Righteous expert that Long Chen had slapped unconscious now crawled up from the ground. He had just managed to see Long Chen killing the three Corrupt experts.

When Long Chen’s saber returned to its sheath, that sound was like a hammer pounding on his heart. He finally understood that he had just returned from the brink of hell.

Patting his hands, Long Chen felt greatly satisfied with his journey in the Immemorial Path so far. Here, he didn’t need to care about any rules. Even Righteous experts, if they provoked him when he was in a bad mood, could be killed without a care.

Three Heavenly Dao Fruits. That signified another three members of the Dragonblood Legion that could become Celestials. Long Chen’s mood became extremely cheerful.

With a thought, he went through the three spatial rings he had just obtained. He took out a map.

“Damn, really?!”

Looking at the map, Long Chen’s expression changed. He saw that there were countless blocks on the map.

If all those blocks were joined together, they would form one huge path.

He saw an area filled with little sesame-sized spots that had been marked with a special color. They were the spots that people could be transported to from the entrance.

Long Chen did a quick count and saw that there were actually thousands of such spots. He quickly found his own spot because the Corrupt expert had already marked it for him.

“Now it’s a bit troublesome. The chances of Song Mingyuan and Li Qi finding Wilde are a bit low. They really can only listen to fate,” sighed Long Chen.

This map clearly showed that the Immemorial Path was a jigsaw puzzle. Between each piece was an abyss. The map even showed that some abysses could not be crossed.

He carefully looked through his current location. He suddenly saw there was an abyss not far to his right, so he began rushing in that direction.

After over two hours, he saw the abyss. It was pitch-black and emitted a chilling aura. It was like the open maw of a Magical Beast.

The abyss was only a few dozen miles wide. Summoning his lightning wings, he began to fly over it. He kept his spiritual yuan in its peak state, ready to handle anything unexpected at any time.

But nothing odd happened. The spatial fluctuations only became a bit stronger once he reached the center. It was like he was moving through the water, but it didn’t stop him.

Crossing the abyss, he arrived at a thick forest mountain range. Examining the map, he saw that this was also a small area. Right now, he was still at the edge of the Immemorial Path.

He crossed five more abysses. He finally arrived at a comparatively larger region.

The map showed that this was the true entrance to the Immemorial Path. Only once he crossed this place would he have truly entered the Immemorial Path, a place filled with treasures and trials.

It was rumored that the Immemorial Path was something ancient experts had to go through if they wanted to become an immortal or god.

However, the Immemorial Path was too huge. Just the entrance was millions of miles wide. It was split into many pieces, and his current location was just one of such areas.

Here was a huge stone pillar hundreds of miles long that was collapsed on the ground. It was broken in several places. Standing in front of it, Long Chen felt himself to be as miniscule as an ant.

The pillar had countless carvings on it. There were azure dragons, divine phoenixes, as well as beasts that he had never seen before. Although the stone pillar was already fractured, it still emitted a powerful might.

Within Long Chen’s mind, a possible scene appeared: a huge pillar propping up the sky with endless carvings of grand and imposing dragons and phoenixes. Just how amazing must the Immemorial path have been before it had been destroyed? He saw that the ground was inlaid with huge bricks dozens of miles long and with an unknown thickness. They were all covered in dust. There were broken eaves that were as big as mountains.

Those golden days were no longer present. Everything was bleak. It felt like the broken pillar on the ground was trying to say something, but no one could understand it.

“It looks like the legends really were true. Back in the immortal era, people really were able to cultivate to immortality and ascend through the heavens. Otherwise, there would have been no way to construct such a huge path. This is definitely the style of immortals and gods.”

He looked at the huge stone pillar and felt its majestic aura. A single fallen pillar was comparable to a huge mountain range. He really didn’t believe that mere humans were capable of constructing such a superstructure.

Flying on the pillar, he looked over his surroundings. He saw what should have been the top of a huge gate. There should have been two huge pillars holding that up and some huge board with Immemorial Path written on it.

But Long Chen didn’t see any such board. As for this upper part of the gate, he was only seeing a portion of it. He had no idea if the rest of it had fallen into other areas or had disappeared into the abyss.

Long Chen walked up to the broken roof of the gate. There were three roof tiles, but they were already covered in cracks. Seeing roof tiles that were over a hundred meters long, Long Chen was filled with awe.

He didn’t know what material these tiles were made of. Picking up a small broken piece, he found he was unable to crush it. Its hardness was even greater than Treasure items.

Furthermore, they seemed just like ordinary tiles and not even made of metal. Maybe some kind of energy was supporting them that made it so he couldn’t break them.

Long Chen went all out, but he was still unable to break a palm-sized piece. That made him suck in a cold breath. Just what kind of power could have destroyed the entire Immemorial Path? Had it really been a battle of gods?

If there were really gods, why would they fight here, a trial land for disciples? Long Chen couldn’t figure it out.

But this scene was truly shocking. He realized just how miniscule he was. In front of this power, he was as weak as an ant. It could truly cause a person to weep in despair.

“Could it be that this is the kind of power required to stand at the peak of the martial path?” A bitter smile of powerlessness surfaced on Long Chen’s face.

The expert who had been fleeing with him as a baby had told Long Tianxiao that Long Chen shouldn’t try to find his origins until he reached the peak of the martial path.

In the beginning, from the huge river that was formed from the expert’s slash, Long Chen had thought that the expert had merely had a Xiantian cultivation base.

But now that he was at the Xiantian realm, he still hadn’t reached the realm of even learning what the Dao Transformation was. In order to protect Long Chen, that person had isolated himself from fate, choosing to transform himself into the Dao.

Only later had Long Chen learned that when a Celestial reached the Sea Expansion realm, they would be able to refine themselves and return to the Heavenly Daos, erasing a portion of the karma relating to them.

Someone who had at least been a Sea Expansion Celestial had actually been just a servant, and had sacrificed their entire existence to save him. Long Chen felt almost suffocated when he thought of his origins.

Taking a deep breath, Long Chen pushed aside those thoughts. As his parents’ son, he definitely couldn’t retreat just because of some difficulties. That wasn’t his style.

Jumping off the gate, he saw that there was a large design on its sharp corner. Because it was too big, he couldn’t get a good look at it from up close. He retreated into the distance to get a good look.

“This seems to be a rune. Although I can’t understand it, I’ll record it for now.” Long Chen took out and activated a photographic jade.


Suddenly, the photographic jade exploded. Long Chen was stunned as this was too bizarre. He couldn’t recall such a thing ever happening before.

He took out another one, and as soon as he activated it, it exploded again. Long Chen grew more suspicious.

He carefully looked at that diagram. Taking out a beast hide, he was just about to draw it when he realized that despite clearly memorizing it, his head was blank. He had no memory of what that diagram looked like.

“There’s definitely something strange here.”

Long Chen stared closely at the diagram, once more memorizing it, and then he rapidly raised his brush to draw it.

But his brush had only just touched the paper when his hand stopped. His memories had disappeared again.

“You won’t let me remember you? Then I’ll just draw you while I look at you.”

Long Chen stared at the diagram, and his hand began to move. He had just lightly touched the paper when his brush exploded, and Long Chen let out a pained groan. He almost collapsed on the ground.

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