Chapter 778 Beheaded

Thunderforce inherently possessed a void-breaking ability. There was practically no spatial resistance. The Feather race expert’s head was still muddled from being slapped, but suddenly seeing that Long Chen had arrived right in front of him, his wings lit up.


Long Chen was surprised. He had tried to grab the Feather race expert’s throat, but he had missed. He was already hundreds of meters away with his bow nocked. 

“Cloudsplitting Arrow!”

A huge arrow pierced through the air. It practically reached Long Chen the instant it left the bowstring.

This arrow was covered in runes. Long Chen was a bit startled. As expected, the Feather race’s name was not for nothing. Even such an ordinary Celestial was able to condense their Heavenly Dao runes into their arrows to give them incredible power. It was similar to Yue Qianshan’s technique.

“Split your bird clouds,” snorted Long Chen. Light danced over his fist as he slammed it into the arrow.


In front of the Feather race expert’s appalled gaze, his powerful arrow was blown apart by Long Chen’s fist. Long Chen wasn’t the slightest bit injured.

“Impossible! Receive another one of my attacks!” The Feather race expert roared furiously, and he continuously shot out arrow after arrow, all of them enveloped by his Heavenly Dao runes.

This kind of attack was something ordinary Celestials would need to use their full strength to block. If they could block a single one of them, that would already be impressive. To block three in a row would be essentially impossible.

The experts from the Feather race had an innate advantage over others. With their wings, they possessed both great speed and could get a terrain advantage by shooting from the air.

However, he was rather unlucky to have run into Long Chen. His terrifying arrows were smashed apart one by one by Long Chen’s fists.

Powerful explosions rocked the land. Because they were fighting in the air, quite a few people in these mountain ranges came to watch.

“Heavens, isn’t this person from the Feather race?”

“Who would be so brazen as to challenge one of them? Are they suicidal?” wondered some people. Before entering, their sect leaders had all warned them not to provoke anyone from the Feather race.

If they offended other experts, they could always flee. But against the Feather race, there was no way to run.

“Damn, isn’t that Long Chen, the number one disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect, a demon-class genius who even suppressed their Four Heavenly Geniuses?”

Although Long Chen didn’t possess much fame, the Feather race’s Yu Changhao had challenged him before the Immemorial Path opened with all of them watching. And Long Chen hadn’t taken his challenge lying down.

Even up against the Feather race’s junior master, he was still so valiant. Also, even the Bloodkill Hall’s Huang Junmo had said he would personally kill him. So it was a given that he had drawn quite a bit of attention.


Long Chen’s fist smashed apart the final arrow. He icily looked at his opponent. In truth, he was just probing him, wanting to learn the Feather race’s style of fighting in preparation for handling Yu Changhao.

His opponent was a bit pale now. He had shot out dozens of his Heavenly Dao empowered arrows. Now, his Heavenly Dao energy was running low, while Long Chen still seemed so relaxed. That made him a bit afraid. He finally realized why someone as powerful as Yu Changhao would be interested in him.

“Hmph, you have some ability. Only like this do you have the qualifications to die at the hands of the junior master. Count your blessings.” After saying this, the Feather race expert actually fled, turning into a ray of light.


He had only flown a few hundred meters away when he suddenly realized that there was a person in front of him with lightning wings. Wasn’t that Long Chen?

“I’ve already said that your arrow brought you a calamity.”

Did he really think he could just shoot him and then flee once he was unable to win while spouting such arrogant words? Such a good thing couldn’t possibly happen. Long Chen pointed his finger toward the birdman.

“Lightning Finger!”

Due to how hastily he was fleeing, the Feather race expert was unable to come to a complete stop in time. A destructive lightning arrow pierced through his body.

He didn’t even have a chance to scream before his body directly exploded into a bloody mist. Within that bloody mist were many feathers.

“He died… just like that?”

The spectators were all stunned. Someone from the powerful Feather race was unable to receive a single blow from Long Chen.

It was no wonder Yu Changhao and Huang Junmo would challenge him. This kind of power was horrifying and far beyond their comprehension.

After killing him, another Heavenly Dao Fruit appeared in the primal chaos space. Now that his cultivation base had increased, he didn’t need to go destroy Celestials’ Heavenly Dao runes. Once they were killed, their Heavenly Dao runes would be automatically absorbed by the primal chaos space.

This was excellent. Even if he couldn’t find anything else, just getting over three hundred Heavenly Dao Fruits would satisfy Long Chen.

Thinking of himself leading a Dragonblood Legion where all three hundred and sixty members were Celestials, he was filled with anticipation.

“This Long Chen has provoked a calamity. Yu Changhao definitely won’t let him off.”

“Tch, that Yu Changhao is too arrogant. Long Chen was right. They really are just a bunch of birdmen. Don’t they like to call themselves the ancient races? They’re just a bunch of hybrids.”

“Shut up! Even if you don’t want to live, don’t bring us down!”

After killing his opponent, Long Chen examined the spectators watching him. He didn’t notice anyone he recognized.

It seemed the sect master’s words were correct. The Immemorial Path was truly vast, and no one knew where others were teleported to.

Although he was a bit worried about Song Mingyuan and Li Qi, they couldn’t entirely rely on others to live in the cultivation world. They needed to rely on themselves.

He ignored the gazes of these people and went on his way. Previously, Ouyang Qiuyu had explained some taboos to them, but she hadn’t given them a map.

Ouyang Qiuyu’s reasoning was extremely simple: whether it was the Righteous experts or Corrupt experts, they all had maps. If you wanted one, you could snatch one whenever.

Back then, Long Chen hadn’t really understood. This sect master of his really was too lazy. She hadn’t even prepared maps or even given them directions.

Later, after being in contact with her for longer, he had realized that Ouyang Qiuyu was different from most leaders. She liked to let nature take its course, and she didn’t like interfering with the matters of disciples. In her opinion, experts should grow in the wild. Those that were raised in a fence weren’t true geniuses.

At first, Long Chen had found that a bit odd. But he did admire Ouyang Qiuyu’s viewpoint.

It was fated for experts to experience all kinds of trials. Only then could they truly release their light. Sometimes, helping someone with good intentions might end up irrevocably harming them. Obviously, after Ouyang Qiuyu had managed to control her temper, she had also managed to attain a much higher level of enlightenment.

On his way, Long Chen found quite a few high-tier medicinal ingredients. After passing through several mountains, he noticed more and more people around, and many of them were people he didn’t recognize.

They were wearing the Righteous path’s robes, but they hadn’t entered from the same entrance as him. Ouyang Qiuyu had said that the Eastern Wasteland had two entrances available to them, and she had chosen the closer one.

He supposed these people were the ones that came from the other entrance. They looked at Long Chen oddly, because they didn’t sense any aura of the Heavenly Daos coming from his body. In other words, he wasn’t a Celestial.

“Brat-” Suddenly, a large fellow blocked Long Chen’s path, looking at him disdainfully.


“Fuck off. Don’t waste my time. Can’t you do proper things? Next time you get in my way, I’ll slap you to death.” Long Chen knew what this idiot was planning with just a glance at his eyes.

In the Eastern Wasteland, Long Chen might have some fame, but that fame was mainly that he had the ability to fight Celestials without actually being a Celestial. So unable to sense Long Chen’s Heavenly Dao aura, they recognized who he was.

Many Celestials refused to accept the rumors. They felt that Long Chen was blaspheming the dignity of Celestials. That person had come out to test Long Chen. But as a result, he was knocked unconscious by his slap.

This group of people really had to have something wrong with their brains. They didn’t use their time to explore, to find treasures, or even to kill enemies. Instead, they came to find trouble for him. If Long Chen’s mood wasn’t so good, he’d have directly smashed apart his head.

In truth, Long Chen had really had an urge to do just that. Even if it wasn’t for anything else, just a Heavenly Dao Fruit made it worth it. But Long Chen restrained that kind of desire. He couldn’t use greed as an excuse to kill people. Otherwise, he would no longer be Long Chen.

After slapping that person away, Long Chen suddenly saw four people rapidly rushing across the land. They were wearing the Corrupt path’s robes.

“The food’s come.” Long Chen was delighted and he suddenly appeared in front of them, roaring, “These mountains were opened by me, these trees were planted- Damnit, can’t you wait for me to finish talking?!”

Long Chen had only just started talking when the four Corrupt experts released their Cries of the Heavenly Daos and attacked him.

The person at the front was a large man whose fist shone with a bronze light.


Without even looking, Long Chen also sent out a fist. As a result, half of that person’s body was smashed to pulp. The other Corrupt experts were stunned.

Long Chen once more let out a punch, and that injured man didn’t even have a chance to speak before his head was blown apart.

Currently, Long Chen’s fourth star was growing stronger with each passing day. Long Chen consumed medicinal pills like candy, constantly feeding it energy. He already had the ability to kill ordinary Celestials with just brute, physical power.

Furthermore, one benefit of only relying on his physical body was that there were no spiritual yuan fluctuations, which made it so his enemies were unable to instinctively predict what he was doing. This was also another reason Long Chen’s slapping arts were so effective.

“You… you’re Long Chen?!” one of them asked in horror.

“Oh, you actually know my name?” Long Chen was a bit surprised.


The other three Celestials didn’t even think about it before turning tail and fleeing in three different directions.

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