Chapter 777 Feather Race Expert

Long Chen looked at Blooddrinker in surprise. Its spirit had actually sent him a message. This was his first time connecting on this level with Blooddrinker’s spirit.

But that message was extremely unclear. The general meaning was that it was in a special state and was preparing to completely absorb all the Phoenix Blood Black Gold. 

“Then does that mean I can’t use you during this time? How long will it take for you to recover?” asked Long Chen.

After a while, Blooddrinker once more sent him a spiritual message, saying that the Phoenix Blood Essence Gold could only recover its physical damage and that its spiritual damage would require much more Spiritual Strength in order to heal.

In order to heal its physical body, it would require between a few months to a year. It couldn’t be sure.

But it told Long Chen that once its physical body was healed, it could work with Long Chen to release even stronger attacks. It was just that it couldn’t be disturbed during this healing process, so it needed Long Chen’s opinion.

“You can go ahead. Don’t worry.” Long Chen decided to allow Blooddrinker to enter seclusion to heal.

Although he needed Blooddrinker, in the long term, it was best for it to increase its power.

Blooddrinker entered the primal chaos space and once more stabbed into the Phoenix Blood Black Gold. Long Chen could see energy being rapidly absorbed by it.

He helplessly searched in Shui Guanzhi’s spatial ring. He found a saber inside, but it was a zhanmadao[1], not an ordinary saber. Its blade was narrow, and it was too light. It was very similar to a longsword. Long Chen frowned slightly. Using this kind of blade would require more finesse and technique.

But he didn’t like that kind of flashy fighting style. What he liked was to directly hack his saber down and crush his opponents with pure power.

However, this was a middle grade Enchanted item. If he used Split the Heavens with it, the effect would be greater than using a lightning or flame blade.

He placed the zhanmadao on his back. The feeling really was different. But it could be used to confuse his opponents. When he fought, their attention would very likely be drawn to the saber. They wouldn’t know that in truth, it would mostly just be used to pose.

Patting his hands, Long Chen finally had a chance to appraise his surroundings. In the distance, he saw several figures rushing around. But they were too far, and he wasn’t able to see their clothes or appearances. According to reason, they should be disciples attending the Immemorial Path.

He also rushed off. Looking in one direction, he saw footprints. That should be a path.

Long Chen wasn’t in a hurry. The Immemorial Path would be open for a year. But what was different from the Jiuli secret realm was that when the time was up, they wouldn’t need to find any spatial gates to leave.

They were outsiders, and the Immemorial Path had placed a marker on them. They would be transported out automatically to where they came from. Even if they wanted to stay in the Immemorial Path, they couldn’t.

Long Chen saw several figures ahead that were just standing still. He only realized that they were watching a battle once he passed by them.

In the distance, two disciples were fighting a Corrupt expert. The Corrupt expert was an expert spear wielder, and even one against two, he was still suppressing them.

Although he didn’t know why these two Righteous disciples would fight with a Corrupt disciple here, he did see four Righteous disciples just watching. Long Chen had an urge to slap these spectators to death.

Even if the Righteous path had to always fight against each other, when there was a common enemy, they should unite against them. How had these people reached this level of stupidity?

The Corrupt disciple was truly powerful. His attacks were decisive, and his physical body was extremely powerful. A sea of spear-images completely enveloped the two disciples.


Suddenly, the Corrupt disciple forced one of them back, and his spear directly pierced toward the other. That person was appalled. There was no way he could dodge this attack.

A large hand appeared and caught the tip of the spear. The Corrupt disciple was startled. No matter how he tried, he was unable to pull his spear back.


This person was Long Chen. Pushing the spear forward, an immense power surged toward the Corrupt disciple. Before he could even realize what had happened, his own spear’s hilt pierced through his chest.

But what astonished everyone was that when the spear pierced his body, a powerful force directly blew his body to pieces.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen?” The two of them were delighted.

Long Chen was startled, and then looking carefully at them, he saw their robes marked them as disciples from the small sects that had come to greet the Xuantian Dao Sect previously.

“Many thanks, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen. If it weren’t for you, the two of us would never have been able to return,” thanked one of the two disciples.

Long Chen nodded. Looking at the spectators, he coldly shouted, “If you don’t want to die, then fuck off!”

Those people’s expressions changed and they hastily fled. They didn’t know how they had infuriated this person, but from what he had just done, they could see that if he wanted to kill them, it would be as easy as turning his hand.

“What happened?” asked Long Chen.

“I was rather unlucky and encountered that Corrupt disciple. Just when I was in an extremely desperate moment, senior apprentice-brother Wan came to help me. That was the only way I managed to survive for so long.” That person looked at the senior apprentice-brother Wan beside him gratefully.

Long Chen nodded. “As members of the same sect, being able to risk your life to save each other shows that you care about your relationships. However, your fighting style is garbage. That Corrupt disciple was powerful, but if the two of you had been willing to risk your lives, you would have had a ninety percent chance of defeating him. Unfortunately, you didn’t have that courage, which is why you almost died. Since you can fight shoulder to shoulder, you should trust each other. You should be able to put your lives in the other person’s hands. One of you should put his life on the line, while the other makes up for any openings. That would be better than just fighting your own battle. I was able to save you this time, but that doesn’t mean someone will still be there to save you next time. If you still can’t comprehend what I’m saying, then you should just dig a hole and hide in there until the year’s up!” Long Chen turned and left.

During that critical moment, neither of them had been willing to abandon the other to escape. If he hadn’t seen that, he wouldn’t have wasted time saying nonsense to them. But a person could only help someone for a time. Long Chen couldn’t save the entire world, nor was he the kind of person who would want to.

“Many thanks, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen! We understand.” The two of them looked at each other and immediately comprehended something.

Long Chen randomly waved his hand to them to express that he heard them. He continued on his way. Up ahead, the land was no longer so barren. Instead, there was a huge mountain range filled with greenery.

Towering trees soared into the sky, and thick vines coiled around them. Even before he arrived, a dense spiritual qi assaulted him. That density was almost like it had become liquid.

“This really is a good place. The density of spiritual qi here is tens of times greater than in the Xuantian Dao Sect,” said Long Chen with shock.

It had to be known that the Xuantian Dao Sect had the support of spirit gathering formations. That was what made its spiritual qi so dense. But here, in this ordinary mountain range, the spiritual qi was unbelievably dense.

“Seven Fire Essence Grass.”

Long Chen instantly saw a seventh tier medicinal ingredient beneath a large tree. In the outer world, this kind of grass was extremely rare. He hadn’t expected to see dozens of stalks of it here.

He had just been about to go pick them when his heart shook, and he hastily dodged to the side.


An arrow flew right by Long Chen. The ground erupted, leaving a crater hundreds of meters wide.

“You were actually able to dodge my hidden arrow. No wonder the junior master would be interested in you!”

Up in the sky, a man with a pair of azure wings and a bow in his hands icily looked down on Long Chen. Obviously, the arrow had come from him.

Long Chen patted the dust off him. He indifferently said, “Birdman, do you know? This arrow of yours has brought a calamity upon yourself!”

This person was from the Feather race. They had an innate pair of wings on their backs that allowed them to fly in the air and made their speed incredible. They were extremely powerful.

Normally, only Sea Expansion experts could reach the realm of transforming spiritual qi into wings. As for using runes as wings, only rank two Celestials were capable of that. Compared to ordinary Celestials, they possessed a large advantage.

Even a rank two Celestial’s runic wings would only allow them to float in the air. When compared to the wings of the Feather race, they weren’t even close to the same level. That was why the Feather race looked down on people in the same realm.

“What boasting. Originally, you should have been left to the junior master, but since you’ve angered me, I’ve decided to kill you. An idiot like you isn’t fit for the junior master to personally kill.”

The Feather race expert raised his bow, and suddenly dozens of arrows shot toward Long Chen. Their speed was incomparable, and they came at crafty angles. They sealed any directions Long Chen could dodge.

But just when those arrows were about to reach him, Long Chen vanished.

The Feather race expert was startled. His divine sense had clearly locked down Long Chen, but Long Chen had suddenly disappeared from his senses.

Long Chen used the Netherworld Ghost Steps to dodge the arrows and directly appeared in front of the Feather race expert. A large hand came for his face.


What kind of joke was this? If someone wanted to use Spiritual Strength to lock down another person, the former would require at least twice the Spiritual Strength of the latter. Let alone this Feather race expert, even Meng Qi wouldn’t be able to do that to Long Chen.

The Feather race expert’s jaw was broken from Long Chen’s slap. Even an ordinary slap from Long Chen wasn’t something normal people could endure.

“The people I loathe the most are you poser birdmen. Fuck, how dare you be even more of a poser than me? Today, I’ll strip you of all your bird feathers.”

A pair of lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back. He suddenly went to grab the Feather race expert’s neck.

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