Chapter 776 Enemies Often Cross Paths

Everyone was calmly sitting and adjusting themselves to maintain their peak states when rumbling filled the air. Light erupted, and endless primal chaos raged in the air. A huge portal appeared.

This portal continuously opened and closed, like the mouth of a beast.

“This is the entrance of the Immemorial Path. Because of the transformations in the world, the entrance is damaged and unstable. You have to enter quickly. But before that, let me tell you again, once you’re in, be careful, careful, and even more careful!” warned Ouyang Qiuyu.

Long Chen and the others nodded. They knew that Ouyang Qiuyu was saying this so that the rather conceited fellows didn’t vainly throw their lives away inside.

Everyone sprang into motion. The Feather race’s people were the fastest. Their wings flashed, and they were like a ray of light as they directly shot into the spatial gate. That speed was absolutely incredible.

“Those birdmen really are fast,” praised Guo Ran.

“Everyone prepare yourself. Uh, Wilde, wake up… Wilde, there’s meat!” shouted Long Chen.

“Meat? Where?”

Wilde had still been sleeping when Long Chen told him to get up. But as soon as he heard there was meat, he shot up so quickly that everyone jumped. They were speechless.

“The meat’s inside there. Other than that, listen…”

Long Chen pointed to the gate and also told Wilde not to run too fast. He had to give time for Li Qi and Song Mingyuan to find him.

After that and saying goodbye to Ouyang Qiuyu, Long Chen led his people toward the gate. Ouyang Qiuyu had said that this gate was damaged and that they would all be individually sent to random places.

In other words, it was very likely that if two people tried to enter while holding hands, space might directly tear them apart, and in the process, their individual bodies might also be torn apart. So they could only resign themselves to their fate.

The most terrifying thing was that this spatial gate was unstable. If something unexpected happened during the transportation, you might get lost within the chaotic flow of space.

Within that chaotic flow, there were countless spatial storms. Even Treasure items would be instantly destroyed inside, let alone a person. If someone entered it, there would be no chance of surviving for them.

So everyone was nervous about entering. Currently, the Feather race, the Bloodkill Hall, and the Remote Heaven Gang had already entered.

“Brothers, I wish you all luck. Once we’re inside, let’s completely flip the world,” laughed Long Chen. He stepped in. As soon as he did, he felt terrifying spatial fluctuations.

Normal transportation formations were like sitting in a carriage traveling smoothly over a flat road. Although it was slow, it was very steady. As for good transportation formations, they felt like flying through the air, and were both fast and steady. But here, it was like a carriage was traveling as fast as possible over a path filled with potholes. It made Long Chen feel like heaven and earth were spinning around him, and he almost vomited.

Long Chen didn’t know how long he had flown through the spatial channel, and after spinning so much, he couldn’t even tell what direction was up or down. Eventually, he crashed into a small mountain. That mountain was directly blasted to smithereens.


Long Chen patted the dust off his body and viciously spat on the ground, spitting out the mud and dirt in his mouth. How was this a transportation? It was more like he had been shot out of a cannon.

Only now did he have a chance to appraise his surroundings. This was also a barren land, but rugged boulders of stone were everywhere, looking like a maze.

Looking up, he saw a single sun in the sky. The environment was about the same as his world. But there was a strange and ancient feeling to this place.

“This is the Immemorial Path? Where’s the path?”

Long Chen jumped onto a high boulder and saw that this kind of land stretched into the distance. There were large mountains that blocked his line of sight, and he rushed over to one of them.

He found one aspect of the Immemorial Path which was different from his world: his divine sense was greatly restricted here, to the point where it didn’t even go as far as his sight. It could only stretch a few dozen miles.

Furthermore, he found that the primal chaos bead was automatically circulating to absorb some kind of unknown energy within the Immemorial Path.

“They said that the Immemorial Path contains the immortal era’s secret to reaching immortality and godhood. Is that secret related to the aura here?”

Long Chen was lost in thought as he examined the primal chaos bead. The primal chaos bead was something he had obtained in the Jiuli secret realm.

Back then, even before entering the Jiuli secret realm, he had felt a summoning just from hearing its name. After obtaining it, he had confirmed that it was what had been summoning him.

He still knew far too little about the primal chaos bead. It not only possessed its own world, but was also able to offer him an unending source of life energy. It had also helped him subdue the Earth Flame.

Furthermore, it could absorb the Heavenly Dao runes from the fallen Celestials to create Heavenly Dao Fruits. All of that was incredibly miraculous.

Now, it had begun to automatically absorb some unknown energy within the Immemorial Path. That made Long Chen even more curious about the primal chaos bead.

After traveling for two hours, Long Chen arrived at the peak of a mountain. This mountain was completely barren without even a single blade of grass. It practically looked like a rock. But it was huge, and so standing on the peak, he had a wide view of his surroundings.

But before Long Chen could look into the distance, he suddenly found another person standing on the mountain peak. Moreover, this guy had also been about to look around.

“Long Chen, hahahaha! Today’s the day of your death!” That person was delighted and surprised to see him.

“Enemies really do often cross paths.” Long Chen looked at Shui Guanzhi and couldn’t help smiling.

“Long Chen, you caused my family head to die. The enmity between us is irreconcilable. Tell me, how do you want to die?” Shui Guanzhi’s face was twisted with killing intent. It was like he was a hunter looking at his prey.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. Shui Yuncong’s death had been his own fault, and it was something unrelated to him. Even though Shui Yuncong had come to a moment of enlightenment right before his death, Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty.

A blood-red saber appeared in Long Chen’s hand. He raised it toward Shui Guanzhi. “You’ll be the one to die today.”

“Haha, what an ego! I’ll let you see a rank three Celestial’s power, what true power is! Cry of the-”

Shui Guanzhi’s sneer was cut off as a lightning spear suddenly pierced through the back of his chest. The lightning runes crazily devoured his life.

“You…” Shui Guanzhi looked at the lightning spear piercing through his chest. He turned back, but then suddenly felt a chill at his neck as his head was cut off by Long Chen’s saber.

“During a battle, you actually dare to get distracted? Do you think I don’t exist?” Long Chen leaned against his saber, shaking his head.

The lightning spear’s runes lit up, and Shui Guanzhi’s body was blown to pieces. The lightning spear transformed into a lightning dragon that returned to Long Chen’s arm.

“You…” Shui Guanzhi was horrified. He had never dreamed that after becoming a rank three Celestial, he would end up in such a situation against Long Chen.

“Idiot, did you think I would fight you as foolishly as when we were on the Netherworld Heaven Staircase? I was just testing you all at that time to see how strong a rank two Celestial really was and to see your techniques. To tell you the truth, I really am not proficient in fighting. I’m only proficient in killing.

“The difference is that the former is just a stupid clash of power, a competition of who has more trump cards and who can look more graceful when fighting. But the latter is much simpler. It is to use the simplest method and the smallest price to cut down your opponent.

“I’ve clearly grasped all your trump cards, while you don’t even know how many trump cards I have. Did you think you could crush me easily just because you got stronger? I really admire your imagination. A long time ago, I told you that if you wanted to die, you could find me. Now you should believe it,” said Long Chen to Shui Guanzhi’s severed head.

Shui Guanzhi’s body was destroyed, and with just his head, there was no way for him to use the Heavenly Dao Recovery. Even a rank three Celestial was unable to reform their entire physical body’s quickly. So he had now become Long Chen’s prey.

In truth, Shui Guanzhi was definitely an idiot. When Long Chen had seen him, Shui Guanzhi had stood still with his arms clasped behind his back, but Long Chen had stealthily had Lei Long slip into the ground.

While he had been talking with Shui Guanzhi, Lei Long had gone around him. Next, Long Chen had used his saber to draw his attention. By using a weak, ordinary saber attack, he had caused Shui Guanzhi to look down on him.

As a result, he had fallen for it. In truth, even if he had fallen for it, with his power, he could have used his Heavenly Dao energy to force Lei Long out of his body. Although that would have exhausted his core energy, he still would have had some ability to fight.

But what even Long Chen found inconceivable was that Shui Guanzhi had actually thought there had been someone behind him, and he had turned back to look. So Long Chen hadn’t hesitated and had helped him see that there really was no one behind him.

“I heard that you once killed a rank two Celestial from the Corrupt path. Hmm, I really wonder whether that Celestial was a pig,” said Long Chen disdainfully. With this kind of intelligence, it really was a miracle that Shui Guanzhi had managed to live this long. Had fate decided that he had to die by his hands?

“Long Chen… I don’t want to die… I’m willing to have you place a spiritual seal on me and become your servant…” With just a head, with death imminent, Shui Guanzhi finally knew what terror was.

“You don’t have the qualifications to be my servant. We’re all busy, so you can go now. The sooner you die, the sooner you’ll reincarnate!” Long Chen slowly pointed a finger.

“No… please…”

A lightning arrow pierced Shui Guanzhi’s head. It not only destroyed his head, but it also destroyed his soul. A generation’s genius had fallen.

Within the primal chaos space, a new Heavenly Dao fruit was born, one with three marks.

“Hehe, a rank three Heavenly Dao Fruit. Good stuff!” Long Chen laughed. It seemed he really could obtain many things from the Immemorial Path. Even if he just relied on killing people, he would make plenty of profit.

After dealing with Shui Guanzhi’s corpse, he tossed his spatial ring into the primal chaos space. He could go through it when he had time.

At this moment, Blooddrinker flashed and sent him a message.

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