Chapter 775 Terrifying Assassin Huang Junmo

This flying boat actually had over a hundred Celestials on it. That was an extremely terrifying number. It was the most powerful group that had arrived.

Each of them was wearing a fiendish mask. It was made of blood-colored essence metal and was extremely detailed.

A dense bloody air came from them, one that made people’s hair stand on end. It was like they were staring at a group of fiends.

“The Bloodkill Hall.”

Long Chen was a bit shocked. He hadn’t expected that the Bloodkill Hall was so powerful that they had more than triple the Celestials of the Xuantian Dao Sect. These people were no ordinary experts. Long Chen was extremely familiar with their auras.

“There’s no need to find it odd. When it comes to resources, other than the Pill Tower and the Huayun Sect, the next richest power is these assassins. They are spread through every corner of the continent. All they care about is money. As long as you have enough money, you can buy anyone’s life. The accumulated wealth of the Bloodkill Hall is definitely beyond your imagination.

“Furthermore, the disciples they raise are all tools for killing. With their special methods of raising their disciples, there’s no need to question their strength. Don’t look down on them. Although they’re infamous, and although they’ve been surrounded and annihilated countless times in the past, they always come back stronger than ever. Their foundation isn’t any weaker than any supreme sect. In fact, it might be even greater,” warned Ouyang Qiuyu.

Their hearts shook. It was unexpected that the Bloodkill had such a solid foundation. Previously, they had thought them to just be some degenerate assassins.

These people carried swords on their backs, but their swords were extremely slender. In terms of length, they were similar to regular swords, but the width of the sheath showed that they were thinner.

The person at the front also wore a mask, but his mask was covered in lines. The others behind him also had such lines, but most only had three to five of them.

His mask was covered in lines. There had to be over a hundred of them. Ouyang Qiuyu said, “I didn’t expect for such a terrifying figure to have arisen in the Bloodkill Hall.”

“What do you mean?” asked Long Chen.

“Those masks are a display of their glory. Each time they assassinate someone a whole major realm above them, the Bloodkill Hall will add a line to their mask to show their power,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

“Heavens! Doesn’t that mean this person has assassinated over a hundred Sea Expansion experts?!” cried a disciple.

“That’s not all. I’ve heard that a hundred lines is the limit. Each mask will only have one hundred lines. But his mask has one hundred and thirty-seven lines. Those extra thirty-seven lines represent an assassination that was almost impossible to accomplish,” said Ouyang Qiuyu with profound meaning.

“Almost impossible to accomplish? Could it be…”

“Yes, it’s to assassinate Sea Expansion Celestials. In other words, he has killed thirty-seven Celestials that had reached the Sea Expansion realm,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

They were all appalled. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s monastery heads were Sea Expansion experts, but not one of them was a Celestial.

It was said that Celestials that had reached the Sea Expansion realm would be sent to the head sect. But this man had actually killed thirty-seven people on that level. Even Long Chen was shocked.

“Our Eastern Wasteland doesn’t have that many Sea Expansion Celestials. This person should have gone to the Central Plains, or perhaps he was originally from the Central Plains and came here for the opening of the Immemorial Path,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

Long Chen was shocked. That was very likely. He had heard that the Central Plains was the true stage of geniuses, a land full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. In comparison to the Eastern Wasteland, one was a flourishing city, while one was a desolate village.

Someone in the city wouldn’t be able to claim himself to be anyone special, but in that village, they would be a peerless genius. And without so many competitors, it might be easier to obtain priceless treasures and opportunities.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen worriedly. They all knew what had transpired between Long Chen and the Bloodkill Hall. Perhaps there would be a bloody battle as soon as they encountered each other.

The only elder in the Bloodkill Hall’s group wasn’t wearing a mask. His robes were gray, and his face was stern. He led his people forward.

When they passed by the Xuantian Dao Sect’s people, the man with the lines on his mask suddenly stopped and looked at Long Chen.

Long Chen smiled oddly. Was he really so lacking in character? The only people who came to find him were those trying to find trouble for him. Why weren’t there any suck-ups trying to become friends with him?

“Long Chen?” That man’s voice was incredibly icy, and it gave people chills.

“I’m not lending money,” said Long Chen directly.

That man ignored Long Chen’s reply and icily said, “You shouldn’t have blasphemed the god. The Immemorial Path will be your burial ground.”

“It’s still too early to say that. We’ll see,” said Long Chen. Although Ouyang Qiuyu had said that this person was extremely terrifying, he wasn’t afraid. The feeling of mortal danger that this person gave him was on the same level as Yu Changhao and Ji Changkong. But after so many years of fighting his way through his troubles, Long Chen had built up his confidence. As long as it was someone in the same realm, he refused to lose. This confidence was something built from the corpses of countless experts.

“Hahaha, interesting. Another powerful prey. It seems the Immemorial Path will be extremely marvelous this time,” said Yu Changhao suddenly.

Everyone was startled. This Yu Changhao was truly arrogant. After provoking Long Chen, he had actually provoked a terrifying assassin.

“Yu Changhao, correct? I’ve always wanted to meet you to learn whether you are really as powerful as the rumors say. Unfortunately, I never got the mission to kill you, and I couldn’t break the Bloodkill Hall’s rules. But there’s one thing you said right: the Immemorial Path will definitely be extremely marvelous this time,” said that man.

“Ha, don’t bother. Your assassination arts are just a joke in front of me. Report your name, or I won’t even know the person I’ll kill in the future,” said Yu Changhao.

“Huang Junmo. Remember this name, because it’s very likely you’ll be killed by the person with that name.” Huang Junmo indifferently tossed out some words before leaving. His people found a secluded place to sit.

Following Huang Junmo’s arrival, it was like a shadow had been cast over everyone’s hearts. These assassins were just too terrifying. By the time you sensed their arrival, you would already be dead.

“How do you feel Long Chen?” asked Ouyang Qiuyu.

“Under pressure.” Long Chen obediently nodded. He truly was under pressure. Although he was confident in not being defeated, he wasn’t confident in gaining victory. This was his first time encountering such powerful opponents.

Although they hadn’t exchanged blows, just from his intuition, he knew that Huang Junmo, Yu Changhao, and Ji Changkong were all terrifying fellows. Although Ji Changkong had used some secret technique to keep his power hidden from the other two, he hadn’t been able to hide it from Long Chen.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just them. Amongst the ancient races, there were several powerful experts. Long Chen sensed eight people who could be rank three Celestials. Adding on the power of their bloodline inheritance, they would be extremely powerful.

“Perhaps it won’t be as simple as just being under some pressure. There are already two experts who have publicly said they will take your life. Has the thought of accepting your death crossed your mind yet?” sneered Shui Guanzhi.

“You idiot Water Pipe. Are you trying to get yourself killed? My boss has always been too lazy to bother with you, but you still continue to spout your shit. Is it addicting to have shit come out of your mouth? If you really want to die, I’ll immediately fulfill your wish!” Guo Ran finally couldn’t bear it any longer.

If Long Chen hadn’t said that he couldn’t fight here, he would have long since summoned his armor and killed this idiot. His mouth was too detestable.

“Shui Guanzhi, do you not feel like you’re becoming more and more excessive? Do you believe me when I say I will immediately strip you of your right to participate in the Immemorial Path?” Even Ouyang Qiuyu was angry now.

Shui Guanzhi had actually not given her any face and insulted Long Chen right in front of her. That was already extremely rude to her as the sect master.

As for Long Chen, while he was also unruly, he always kept it within the proper limit. He had never given her an uncomfortable feeling.

But Shui Guanzhi really was hateful. She didn’t want to chide her disciples in front of everyone, but this brat had far exceeded her tolerance.

Shui Guanzhi also felt like he had gone too far. If he infuriated the sect master and lost his right to participate in the Immemorial Path, he really would not even have a place to cry.

“Sect master, please calm down. Disciple was just joking with Long Chen. Disciple knows his wrongs!” Shui Guanzhi hastily bowed in apology.

Although she knew that Shui Guanzhi fundamentally did not really know his wrongs, Ouyang Qiuyu didn’t bother with him. Shui Guanzhi had already been afflicted by a heart-devil. No one’s words would be able to get through to him. It was best for him to just self-destruct somewhere else.

Once Shui Guanzhi had shut his mouth, Long Chen began to talk to the people by his side. “Meng Qi, Wan-er, Gu Yang, Zifeng, and Guo Ran, you can move about freely in the Immemorial Path. You all have the power to protect yourselves, so I’m not really worried about you.

“As for Mingyuan and Li Qi, you two are a bit weaker. Guo Ran, give them both a tracking device, and give another one to Wilde. As long as they’re within a few thousand miles from each other, they’ll be able to regroup. 

“As for Wilde, he gets lost too easily, so he probably won’t be able to understand. You two should do your best to find Wilde as soon as possible. That way, it’ll be much safer with the three of you together. Wilde is strong, but he needs you two to look after him as well. You’ll be making up for each other’s weak points.”

Guo Ran handed two devices to them, and he also clipped one to Wilde’s waist. Wilde was still fast asleep.

Over ten more flying boats came over. More and more experts had gathered.

Suddenly, a powerful spatial fluctuation erupted and so was the ground. Ouyang Qiuyu waved her hand, creating a transparent barrier to protect her people.

Up in the air, a huge vortex appeared. It looked just like the mouth of a beast that wanted to devour all of heaven and earth.

“The spatial gate has appeared.”

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