Chapter 774 Old Friends

The reason Long Chen was so shocked was because each of these people had a three-inch horn on their head. It was like a rhinoceros horn.

The flying boat stopped, and over fifty young men and women walked down. They ignored everyone’s strange gazes. In fact, they seemed extremely arrogant and were actually looking at them in disdain.

“These are the Fullmoon race’s disciples.”

Ouyang Qiuyu quietly told them that these people possessed an ancient bloodline. The blood flowing within their bodies contained a powerful inheritance, and that horn on their heads could release their innate divine abilities. They had to be careful around them.

“What are you looking at, you inferior bloodline trash?” shouted one of the Fullmoon race’s women at the stupefied disciples.

Their expressions changed. This was insulting every single person here. She was clearly saying humans were an inferior race.

“Don’t be rude.”

The lead Elder of the Fullmoon race chided her. He nodded slightly at Ouyang Qiuyu in apology before leading his disciples to find a place to sit.

His disciples followed him, sitting down and closing their eyes, not even deigning to look at them.

“They really are arrogant enough!” said Guo Ran irritatedly.

“I have a cow horn here. Tie it on your head like them, and maybe they’ll start treating you like family,” said Long Chen, also irritated.

Even with Ouyang Qiuyu’s countless years of experience, she couldn’t help rolling her eyes. She really didn’t know what Long Chen’s head was filled with.

“Don’t spout nonsense. They are a powerful race from the ancient era. In order to protect their bloodline purity, they don’t form relationships with the outside world. They treat their bloodline as their greatest glory, and insulting their bloodline like that will infuriate them,” whispered Ouyang Qiuyu. She needed to warn this fearless fellow.

Long Chen rolled his eyes, sneering inside, “Tch, what kind of reasoning is this? They can jeer at us, but we’re not allowed to mock them? They can infuriate us, but we can’t infuriate them? What kind of garbage rule is that?”

But he still gave face to Ouyang Qiuyu. In any case, if others didn’t offend him, he wouldn’t offend them. He wouldn’t cause trouble, but he wasn’t afraid of trouble.

The tension in the air grew following the Fullmoon race’s arrival. Ji Hongling had already recovered from her injuries.

Although Ouyang Qiuyu had been vicious, she hadn’t really wanted her life. It wasn’t difficult for her to recover with her Heavenly Dao energy.

“Changkong!” Ji Hongling suddenly turned to a disciple beside her.

“Disciple is present.” This man was the one who had moved through Ouyang Qiuyu’s pressure when she had suppressed Ji Hongling. He was incredibly powerful.

“Once you enter the Immemorial Path, kill any of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples that you see,” whispered Ji Hongling. Her hatred of Ouyang Qiuyu had reached a peak. But unable to do anything to her, she had set her gaze on her disciples.

“Don’t worry, as long as I catch a glimpse of them, I’ll kill them. Even that newly-advanced rank three Celestial. I’m confident I can kill him in under a hundred moves,” said that disciple with a sinister smile.

“Be careful of that Long Chen. I feel like he’s strange. Other than him, you absolutely must cut down that sword cultivator. If you allow him to grow, he’ll be troublesome for us. He’s your main target,” said Ji Hongling.

The reason Ji Hongling had thrown away her face to attack a Xiantian disciple was because of Yue Zifeng’s terrifying potential.

“I understand. I’ll definitely give him some special care.” He smiled, revealing his teeth, similar to a hidden leopard baring its fangs.

On the side of the Xuantian Dao Sect, Ouyang Qiuyu was informing everyone about some taboos within the Immemorial Path. Although she had already said all of it before, she said it again to give them a deeper impression.

“Other than that, take care of the Remote Heaven Gang’s people, especially that fellow called Ji Changkong. When I kicked him, I originally only used twenty percent of my power, but using a strange magical art, he managed to block a portion of my power. I had no choice but to increase my power in order to send him flying,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. Ouyang Qiuyu was as close to the King level as possible. Just from seeing how she had completely destroyed the late Foundation Forging Ji Hongling, it was obvious she was incredibly powerful.

But this Ji Changkong was actually able to block a portion of her power. That was truly alarming.

“If he dares to bare his fangs at me, I’ll definitely kill him,” said Shui Guanzhi confidently.

Long Chen rolled his eyes. At the same time, he saw ridicule appear deep in Ouyang Qiuyu’s eyes. She obviously didn’t think Shui Guanzhi had that ability. After becoming a rank three Celestial, a problem had occurred with his mental realm. His confidence had grown out of control.

However, she didn’t say anything to him. She had once more returned to her amicable and graceful self. It was like she was a completely different person from before.

While they were talking, several more flying boats descended. They all came from ancient races. Some of them had scales, some had a tail, and there were some that had a third eye.

The one that drew Long Chen’s attention the most was the race with a pair of wings on their backs. They had eagle-like eyes as if they could see through a person’s heart with just a glance.

The person at the front was a tall man. He held a golden bow in his hand. The runes on that bow released powerful fluctuations.

“How powerful!”

That man had only just descended from the boat when his gaze swept across everyone. Anyone who was looking directly at him felt a sensation of death fill them. Those people couldn’t breathe. He was definitely a supreme expert.

That man’s gaze paused slightly on Ji Changkong and Shui Guanzhi before landing on Long Chen.


That man suddenly stopped walking and nodded at Long Chen. “Not bad, I’ve run into an interesting fellow. You’re a pretty good prey!”

Everyone was startled. This person was actually so arrogant. As soon as he arrived, he acted so domineering, directly treating Long Chen as prey.

“Don’t think that just because you have a pair of wings that you’re so amazing. In truth, all you are is a birdman. Does that have a bird’s use? Or perhaps a feather’s use?” retorted Long Chen.[1]

This person truly was strong. Even Long Chen felt a quiver in his heart. But that didn’t mean he had the qualifications to insult him. 

“Courting death!”

The dozens of experts behind that person immediately raised their bows. Cold arrows pointed in Long Chen’s direction.

Gu Yang and the others were infuriated, and so was Long Chen. He loathed it when people pointed their weapons at him like this. He icily said, “I’ll count to three. If you don’t put away your bows, I’ll make it so you never see tomorrow’s sun. One.”

“Arrogance!” That man merely smiled indifferently.

“Two.” Long Chen ignored him.

Everyone was startled. They looked at Ouyang Qiuyu, but she didn’t say anything. She was just watching with no intention of stopping this.

Although Ouyang Qiuyu had warned Long Chen to do his best not to provoke the ancient races, that was because she was worried they would suffer in the Immemorial Path.

It was different now. They were cursing right at them with her present. She naturally wouldn’t stop Long Chen from fighting. Although the ancient races were powerful, so what? She was backed by the head sect, and so she wasn’t afraid of anyone.

On the cultivation path, making concessions was the start of defeat. She also wanted to see just how strong Long Chen was.

Long Chen was just about to shout three, and he was ready to fight and kill all those people. Although that would expose his power, he didn’t care that much anymore. He couldn’t swallow this anger.

“Put them away. As a hunter, the joy is in hunting. Killing him here is meaningless!” That man waved his hand, and those people put away their bows. But they still icily glared at Long Chen with ridicule and disdain.

“Boss, let’s kill them. They’re too infuriating,” said Guo Ran.

“Let it be. Of everyone here now, we don’t have that many friends. Revealing our trump cards will allow others to find more openings. People will come up with plans in accordance with our fighting styles. It might be satisfying in the short term, but once we’re all in danger, it won’t be worth it. Once we’re in the Immemorial Path, there won’t be so many watchers. You can kill as you please. Remember, we are a team, and we have to think about everyone.” Long Chen patted Guo Ran on the shoulder.

His words weren’t just to Guo Ran, but also Gu Yang and the others. It was a warning.

He had always told them that there was no unrivaled magical art in this world. Once your trump cards were exposed, your enemies would come up with a way to handle them. Then you wouldn’t be far from death.

In order to survive longer, you either had to not let your opponents see your trump cards, or you had to immediately kill your opponents with them. It wasn’t just for yourself, but your companions.

“Brat, remember my name. I am Yu Changhao from the Feather race. I am the one who will kill you.” That man had already walked away when he suddenly turned his head back.

“I am Long Chen. You should remember it, because I am the one who will pluck off all your feathers and cut off your bird head.”

Long Chen’s final words caused quite a few people’s expressions to become odd. It was unknown whether Long Chen was referring to his big head or small head.

The disturbance caused by Yu Changhao had only just passed when another flying boat arrived. Seeing the mark on it, Ouyang Qiuyu smiled slightly at Long Chen.

“Your old friends have arrived.”

[1] Bird is slang for penis. I won’t be putting a footnote for every time it’s used.

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