Chapter 773 Demon Asura Qiuyu


Yue Zifeng was a bit surprised, but then he walked out with a delighted smile. This caused quite the stir.

Everyone saw that Yue Zifeng was merely a rank one Celestial. How was challenging a rank two Celestial any different from suicide?

“Long Chen, will Yue Zifeng…?” asked Meng Qi worriedly.

“Don’t worry. I believe in him.” Long Chen smiled. That smile contained both confidence and pride. In the past few days, he had seen some clues. Now he wanted everyone to bear witness.

“Hahaha, another piece of trash actually came out. Since you want to die, I’ll help you out.” Wang Yiping was so enraged that he laughed. He felt this to be an insult to him. His runes erupted, and within those runes was a spatial compression. It was the same technique he had used against Zhong Wuyan.

But what startled people was that Yue Zifeng didn’t release any of his aura, nor did he release his Cry of the Heavenly Daos. Instead, his right hand slowly grasped the sword on his back.

His movements appeared so gentle and slow. In fact, it felt like time had slowed down.

Ouyang Qiuyu was shocked. She hadn’t thought that Yue Zifeng had already…

“Careful!” shouted Ji Hongling suddenly.

Yue Zifeng’s sword was unsheathed. A ray of light slashed through the air, splitting apart time and space. It was like this slash was cutting through the past and the future. People simply saw the briefest flash of light before everything returned to normal.

His sword was sheathed once more. Yue Zifeng’s hand slowly left the hilt of his sword. His face was a bit pale, and a trickle of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. But there was a sacred light shining in his eyes. He turned and went back to his position.

People didn’t even know what had happened. They saw Wang Yiping simply standing there, still looking forward.

Suddenly, Wang Yiping fell forward. At the same time, his body split apart. He was split perfectly in half.

A clamor erupted. Yue Zifeng’s sword had not only severed his body, but it had also severed his soul. Even his Heavenly Dao runes were destroyed. This was truly a peerless attack.

“You vicious brat, die!”

Unexpectedly, Ji Hongling suddenly attacked Yue Zifeng. A strange power was contained in her voice, and that power came crashing towards Yue Zifeng.

Long Chen and Meng Qi’s expressions changed. This was a spiritual attack. An Ancestor expert had actually shamelessly targeted a Xiantian disciple. Even Ouyang Qiuyu had never imagined such a thing.

“Spirit Shield!” Both Meng Qi and Long Chen activated their Spiritual Strength to form shields in front of Yue Zifeng. Both of those shields were the same size, but Meng Qi’s shield was much, much more condensed.

With two bangs, their shields exploded. Yue Zifeng collapsed to the ground.

“You old bitch, you really are looking to die!”

Suddenly, a furious shout rang out, one that caused the heavens to shake. An absolutely terrifying pressure erupted, one that made it so no one was able to move a finger.

The graceful and amicable Ouyang Qiuyu suddenly appeared in front of Ji Hongling and smashed her palm forward. She was truly infuriated.

Ji Hongling sneered and extended her own hand. She had long since been looking forward to finding out the power of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s sect master.

What Ji Hongling hadn’t expected was for her hand to instantly explode upon coming into contact with Ouyang Qiuyu’s palm. The sound of bones breaking rang out along with her startled and pained cry.

“You damn bitch, do you think I’m a pushover?!”


Ji Hongling’s shoulder was directly torn off by Ouyang Qiuyu.

To Long Chen and the others’ surprise, runes appeared on the ground. The ground instantly became rock, and there was no damage on it. However, Ji Hongling’s blood was wildly spurting.

“Senior, please show mercy!”

A long-haired man suddenly shot forward. Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. This person was extremely powerful to be able to move through the pressure of an Ancestor. Even he had been unable to move at first, and now, although he would just barely be able to move, he wouldn’t be able to move as easily as him.

“Fuck off! If you piss me off, I’ll kill you!” Ouyang Qiuyu directly sent out a kick. People didn’t even manage to see what was going on when that long-haired man, who was still many meters away, was sent flying. He vomited blood before fainting.

This was absolutely horrifying. The amicable and refined Ouyang Qiuyu had suddenly become a berserk dragon, terrifying to the peak.

“Fuck, you want to provoke me?! Why don’t you ask those damn old fellows in your gang just how I gained the name Demon Asura Qiuyu?!”


“I spent the last eight hundred years to cultivate my mind and character. It was with great difficulty that I managed to suppress my temper, but you, you damn old bitch, had to ruin it. I really will kill you!”


As Ouyang Qiuyu cursed, her cursing became more and more crude and obscene. In the end, even Long Chen was wincing.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples were filled with disbelief. This refined and fairy-like sect leader of theirs would actually burst into such foul language when infuriated.

“Shameless, despicable, damnable little bitch. A loss is a loss, but you still had to act so shamelessly. To harm my disciples in front of me, are you trying to insult me?!”


Even Long Chen, who considered his face-slapping art to be unrivaled, had to admit his inferiority when it came to speed. The sect master’s slaps were just too fast.

In a single breath, she slapped her over a hundred times. Furthermore, the cadence and rhythm were identical for each slap. Long Chen finally learned what it meant for there to be a heaven beyond the heavens; there truly were always more talented people in the world.

“Were all your years of living wasted?! You actually attacked a group of children, so don’t blame me for bullying a dog!”

Suddenly, the sound of bones breaking rang out. Every single bone in Ji Hongling’s body was broken one by one by Ouyang Qiuyu. Her body was completely deformed now.

Everyone was appalled. They also recalled how the sect master had reported her name as Demon Asura Qiuyu.

Asuras were just stories, evil spirits who preyed on bad children. They were the kind of spirits that ate people’s flesh, and these spirits only ate the flesh of the living. They liked to see people being tormented. Although Ouyang Qiuyu appeared as beautiful as ever, her actions caused them to shiver. Ji Hongling had already lost her human form at her hands.

Long Chen looked from the berserk Ouyang Qiuyu to the dog-like Ji Hongling. He felt a chill. He really had been an idiot. How had he really dared to call her little sister?

After an hour, Ji Hongling had essentially become a lump of flesh. She had long since lost any semblance of being human. Ouyang Qiuyu finally tossed her aside.

“Idiot, let alone you, even those three damn ghosts of yours wouldn’t dare to fart in front of me. A little junior like you also dares to challenge me? If I hadn’t reserved my temperament in the past few years, you would be dead. Count yourself lucky. I’ll give these children face and let you off once!” said Ouyang Qiuyu icily.

Ji Hongling’s body began to tremble. Heavenly Dao runes appeared around her, rapidly healing her injuries. She was clearly a Celestial.

She was absolutely terrified. She realized that her late Foundation Forging power didn’t have the slightest bit of ability to retaliate in front of Ouyang Qiuyu. If she had wanted to kill her, she would have long since died.

It could be said that Ouyang Qiuyu had completely shattered her confidence. Thinking of how she had vainly wanted to challenge her, she felt it to be so laughable now.

She had originally thought that with her talent, combined with the fact that she hadn’t wasted any energy on maintaining her youth and looks, she definitely should have been able to fight evenly against Ouyang Qiuyu. But now she had learned what despair was.

“Long Chen, check that child. If he’s crippled, I’ll slaughter this bitch to accompany him,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

“There’s no need to look. He’s already crippled. Slaughter her,” said Long Chen without the slightest hesitation.

Ouyang Qiuyu almost laughed in her rage. Long Chen really was too evil. He actually wanted her to kill Ji Hongling. Killing Ji Hongling wouldn’t be anything, but she was still the current leader of the Remote Heaven Gang. It wasn’t convenient to just kill her like this.

Others looked at Long Chen. He actually dared to talk like this to a god-like woman. They had to admire his guts. This is what it meant to be a real man.

“Don’t mess around. Examine him.” Ouyang Qiuyu glared at Long Chen.

“He really is crippled, and in many places. Look, his clothes are crippled in two places, and several strands of his hair have been crippled…”

Meng Qi couldn’t bear it and said, “Yue Zifeng merely suffered a shock to his soul. There’s no major damage!”

After going through Long Chen and Meng Qi’s spiritual defenses, only an extremely small portion of Ji Hongling’s attack had managed to reach Yue Zifeng.

If it was at a normal time, Yue Zifeng would have easily been able to resist it. It was just that he had been completely focused on displaying the sword intent he had just comprehended. Although its power was incredible, it had overdrafted his Spiritual Strength.

Ji Hongling had seen through that weak point, which was why she had used a spiritual attack. Her best option was to get rid of this terrifying sword cultivator before he could grow.

Sword cultivators that had comprehended sword intent were incomparably terrifying. The attack power of those sword cultivators had already escaped the bounds of common sense.

At this moment, Yue Qianshan was filled with envy. He had obtained the Heavenly Sword Grass, but he hadn’t comprehended that ephemeral sword intent.

Long Chen had seen clues that Yue Zifeng had begun to emit that kind of sword intent, which was why he had brazenly said to use Wang Yiping as an offering to his sword.

That ‘sword offering’ was to use a powerful opponent as a target, to treat them as his current shackles. Yue Zifeng had broken his shackles in a single blow, allowing his mental realm to rise. However, if he had failed, it would have very likely formed a heart-devil.

The best target to use as a sword offering was someone incredibly powerful. It was the same old thing: opportunity existed within danger. So for that sword offering, Yue Zifeng had immediately used his full power. Now, he had succeeded. Once he woke, he would find that he had taken his next step.

Just as everyone was staring in shock at Ouyang Qiuyu, a flying boat flew overhead. Seeing the people on the boat, Long Chen and the others’ hearts shook.

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