Chapter 772 Sword Offering


Everyone was appalled. Other than a very few numbers of experts, no one else had seen what had happened before Jiu Qifeng was cut in two.

Long Chen smiled with satisfaction. A battle should just be like this: using the smallest price to get the greatest result.

Ouyang Qiuyu’s expression was calm, but inside, she was stunned. Song Mingyuan’s attack just now had actually been one of exchanging his life to take a life.

When his opponent’s weapon had been about to reach him, he hadn’t even looked at it. Instead, he had directly slashed his saber at his opponent’s waist.

That was clearly a suicide attempt. Furthermore, unlike most people who used such a move, he was not bluffing. This kind of exchange was a competition between who had more guts and who was more afraid of death.

In this kind of competition, anyone afraid of death would be forced to change into defense. They would be forced into a passive position.

But that was not Song Mingyuan’s intention. He was clearly going for an exchange of lives. By the point he had struck, it had been too late for Jiu Qifeng to change his attack into defense.

In the end, Song Mingyuan’s saber had cut through Jiu Qifeng’s body, while Jiu Qifeng’s weapon had only broken Song Mingyuan’s shoulder. Although that attack had reached the bone, it hadn’t even severed his arm.

Of the people present, only the Dragonblood Legion’s people understood why that was so. It was because Jiu Qifeng had been completely suppressed by how imposing Song Mingyuan had been.

When Song Mingyuan had displayed his unquestionable resolve to die with him, Jiu Qifeng’s courage had been completely broken. In that instant, he had wanted to switch to defense. But he hadn’t had enough time to do that. As for dying with Song Mingyuan, he also didn’t have the courage. As a result, his head had become completely empty.

That had resulted in his attack weakening and this conclusion. Jiu Qifeng might have plenty of combat experience, but he had never seen someone so ruthless as to immediately fight with his life on the line as soon as they clashed.

Jiu Qifeng’s body had only just been sliced apart when Song Mingyuan’s saber slashed through his head. Blood splashed. An acrid smell spread.

A powerful Celestial had died just like this, without an opportunity to even use the Heavenly Dao Recovery. Looking at the indifferent Song Mingyuan, quite a few people were filled with reverence.

“Boss taught us that as people, we need to understand what respect and gratitude are. You don’t have any respect for experts or life, so it was fated for you to lose today!” Song Mingyuan merely tossed out a few sentences before returning to his side.

It was deathly silent. No one had yet to recover from their shock. It felt like the battle had yet to start before it had ended.

Most people hadn’t even understood what was happening. They looked at the completely calm Song Mingyuan behind Long Chen in shock.

The Celestials from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s subordinates finally understood why their sect leaders would have them put aside their pride to humbly ask for advice from the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

Song Mingyuan had appeared so ordinary before. But as soon as he took action, he shocked everyone.

“Alright, we’ve already killed someone and spilled blood. We can continue with the ceremony. What’s the next step for our sacrifice to the heavens? I know, you, the old witch, can you start chanting?” Guo Ran’s voice broke the silence.

The people on his side didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Did he really have to infuriate a supreme expert like Ji Hongling?

Ji Hongling’s face was extremely dark. She hated Jiu Qifeng for being such an idiot. He was both stupid and a coward.

He was clearly a Celestial. Even if both sides had to be injured, he could still use his Heavenly Dao runes to heal. It wasn’t like he would die, so why did he have to hesitate?

It was that slight hesitation that had caused his death. He hadn’t just lost his life, he had lost all her face.

Originally, the Remote Heaven Gang had entered a golden age with many geniuses. Ji Hongling was already irritated with having to stand on the same level as the Xuantian Dao Sect’s branch sect. She wanted to suppress them to show everyone that it was the Remote Heaven Gang that was the Eastern Wasteland’s strongest power.

Although they had to be worried about the main sect in the Central Plains, after all these years, they had found that the head sect essentially ignored the branch sect. All problems were to be resolved by the branch sect by themselves.

And so Ji Hongling had planned to use the opening of the Immemorial Path to suppress the Xuantian Dao Sect in front of the Eastern Wasteland’s top powers. Then she would begin to pull those powers to her side, strengthening the Remote Heaven Gang.

“Hmph, Jiu Qifeng received an internal injury when fighting the Corrupt path previously, which is why you managed to win. You suicidal brats, it seems it’ll be up to me, Wang Yiping, to teach you what respect is!”

Suddenly, a thin and tall man walked out. He pointed at them as he spoke, which was extremely rude. It was a naked provocation.

Long Chen really was speechless. Had the Righteous path’s disciples spent all their cultivation time on provoking others? Their provocation abilities really were excellent. Just a few words could infuriate someone. Even Long Chen felt some fury.

But did provocations have any use against the Corrupt path? Could you really hurl enough abuse to injure your opponents? If cursing was effective, wouldn’t the Corrupt path have long since been cursed to death by the Righteous path?

This skinny man was a rank two Celestial. As soon as he came up, he released his Cry of the Heavenly Daos. Two different kinds of runes interwove in the air. A loud rumbling like the waves of the sea came from his runes.

“Boss…” probed Guo Ran.

“The scale’s too small. It’s not suitable for you to show off,” responded Long Chen.

Looking at Guo Ran’s stifled expression, it was obvious how hard he was holding himself back. Long Chen really understood him too well.

But he didn’t want Guo Ran to reveal his trump cards so early. The main thing was that there was no point right now. Was he really planning on showing them just to show off? Well, if he continued like that, he could definitely continue living until he was dead.

“Let me handle him.”

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was for Zhong Wuyan to be the first one to stand out. As soon as she went forward, she summoned her ancestral spirit support.

Long Chen was surprised to see Wang Yiping release light from his body that made his body indistinct. It was like he was merged into space, and Zhong Wuyan’s attacks were weakened a great deal. Furthermore, even the ancestral spirit’s attacks were weakened.

“Zhong Wuyan has been suppressed!” Tang Wan-er was surprised. She had never seen such magical art.

“It should be a spatial magical art. He’s using spatial strength to weaken her attacks. It also possesses a restrictive effect that makes Zhong Wuyan suffer. Her speed and power are clearly lower. If this continues, she won’t be able to gain any advantage at all,” said Long Chen.

“Then isn’t this kind of magical art unrivaled?” asked Tang Wan-er. Spatial strength was something only Foundation Forging experts and above could control.

“Foolish girl, there’s no such thing as an unrivaled magical art in this world. Just because Zhong Wuyan is suppressed doesn’t mean others would be. If it was you, then in less than an incense stick’s worth of time, you would be able to cut him into pieces. As for why he can control spatial strength, it seems his Heavenly Dao runes were innately special. But compared to an Ancestor, this amount of spatial strength isn’t worth anything at all,” said Long Chen.

His voice wasn’t loud, but the surrounding people heard it clearly. Ouyang Qiuyu nodded inside. As expected, Long Chen was extremely experienced and could immediately see through his opponents’ weak points. As for the disciples, they had an urge to prostrate themselves in admiration.

“Theory is useless,” sneered Shui Guanzhi.

“Is something wrong with your head? Or is something wrong with your mouth? No wonder my boss slapped you so many times. It seems you still need some more,” cursed Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s cursing caused the surrounding people to be stunned. Could it be that Long Chen had slapped Shui Guanzhi in the face before?

Although they had heard that Long Chen had defeated the Four Heavenly Geniuses, that was just a rumor. None of them knew whether it was true or not. But now, they were all shocked. They looked at Long Chen and Shui Guanzhi, wanting to see the answer from them.

“You must want to die!” Shui Guanzhi pointed at Gu Yang. Gu Yang had touched his most painful scar.

Long Chen shook his head. There really was no saving this idiot. Wasn’t he just slapping himself in the face?

As expected, as soon as Shui Guanzhi said this, everyone realized the truth. They looked at Long Chen with reverence.

“Gu Yang, are you a child? Go sit and just watch.” Long Chen waved his hand.

Long Chen could see that once Shui Guanzhi had refined the Heavenly Water Pearl and become a rank three Celestial, his confidence had also greatly risen. Now he was like a wild dog.

It was best to stay further away from such a dog. Of course, the other option was to kill it. But you definitely couldn’t try talking to it.


Suddenly, the land trembled. It was unknown what magical art Wang Yiping had used, but he had completely locked Zhong Wuyan in place, and a palm viciously slammed into her chest.

That huge power directly caused her chest to cave in. She wildly vomited blood as she flew back. A few of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples went over to catch her, but she then once more coughed up blood and fainted. That palm had clearly not been as simple as it had appeared.

“Damn, is she really a woman? Her chest was even flatter than mine,” cursed Wang Yiping. Suddenly, he turned to look at Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. He lecherously smiled. “But you two are not bad.”

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er’s expressions immediately changed. Tang Wan-er was just about to charge forward when she was held back by Long Chen. Long Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and then turned to Yue Zifeng.

“I’ll leave him to you. Use him as an offering to your sword.”

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