Chapter 772 Sword Offering (Teaser)


Everyone was appalled. Other than a very few numbers of experts, no one else had seen what had happened before Jiu Qifeng was cut in two.

Long Chen smiled with satisfaction. A battle should just be like this: using the smallest price to get the greatest result.

Ouyang Qiuyu’s expression was calm, but inside, she was stunned. Song Mingyuan’s attack just now had actually been one of exchanging his life to take a life.

When his opponent’s weapon had been about to reach him, he hadn’t even looked at it. Instead, he had directly slashed his saber at his opponent’s waist.

That was clearly a suicide attempt. Furthermore, unlike most people who used such a move, he was not bluffing. This kind of exchange was a competition between who had more guts and who was more afraid of death.

In this kind of competition, anyone afraid of death would be forced to change into defense. They would be forced into a passive position.

But that was not Song Mingyuan’s intention. He was clearly going for an exchange of lives. By the point he...

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