Chapter 771 Song Mingyuan Fights

A white-haired crone covered in wrinkles slowly walked over. Her eyes seemed to shine so brightly that no one dared to look at them directly. She carried a simple walking cane.

Behind her were dozens of other elders, and behind them was a mass of Celestial disciples. It seemed that they numbered over twenty more than the Xuantian Dao Sect’s side.

“People from the Remote Heaven Gang!”

The Remote Heaven Gang was an existence that had started out in the Eastern Wasteland. They had existed here for even longer than the Xuantian Dao Sect’s eastern branch.

However, their true foundation was a far cry from the Xuantian Dao Sect. Back when the Xuantian Dao Sect had decided to establish a branch sect here, conflicts had erupted between them and the Remote Heaven Gang.

However, the result of those conflicts was that the Remote Heaven Gang’s core was heavily injured, and they had almost been eradicated. But the Xuantian Dao Sect had had no intention of having their branch sect dominate the Eastern Wasteland, and so they hadn’t exterminated them.

As they had once been the sole ruler of the Eastern Wasteland, once the Xuantian Dao Sect had intruded, the Remote Heaven Gang was naturally irritated. But after that battle, they understood just how powerful the sects from the Central Plains were. Thus, they could only swallow their anger.

Later, the Remote Heaven Gang’s power gradually recovered. But the Xuantian Dao Sect’s branch had also established its roots by then, and they had grown to the overlord level as well.

Both sides minded their own business. However, the Remote Heaven Gang had always been holding back their rage, and so eventually, they began to cause some trouble for the Xuantian Dao Sect.

However, the branch sect no longer needed to bother with them. All their income came from the head sect in the Central Plains, so the Remote Heaven Gang was unable to do anything to them.

The branch sect couldn’t be bothered to deal with the Remote Heaven Gang’s provocations. So in all these years, their relationship was never very harmonious.

The old woman was the newly-appointed leader of the Remote Heaven Gang, Ji Hongling. She was also an Ancestor expert, but she hadn’t wasted her cultivation base or longevity on her looks. That made her combat power even higher.

It was rumored that Ji Hongling was an extremely haughty and ruthless person. In less than three years of office, she had completely devoured all the smaller sects around the Remote Heaven Gang, turning them into their subordinates. These smaller sects could only rely on them for their protection.

But most arrogant of all, Ji Hongling had actually stretched her claws toward those powers that relied on the Xuantian Dao Sect. The two great powers had definitely clashed privately several times.

But those private clashes were things outsiders were unable to learn anything about. It seemed as if neither side had an advantage. Now that Ji Hongling had brought her people over, her provocation was very clear.

The small sect leaders directly pulled their disciples far away. Now that the two enormous existences were clashing, they had to hide further away to avoid being implicated.

Ouyang Qiuyu also stopped talking with the sect leaders and indifferently looked at the old woman. “It seems the Remote Heaven Gang’s development these past few years has been not bad. Your power has increased quite a bit. But it seems your temper has also grown.”

Ji Hongling leaned against her cane, and a cold smile appeared on her wizened face. “It’s all thanks to your blessing. Just now, I saw that this place was very lively. It almost seemed like a fight was about to break out. Well, there’s still plenty of time, so why don’t we send out a few of our disciples to exchange pointers?”

Everyone’s hearts shook. This provocation was too clear.

“I am Jiu Qifeng, a rank one Celestial. I wonder which disciple from the Xuantian Dao Sect would like to exchange pointers with me? Of course, if you’re afraid of death, then there’s no need for you to come up. I tend to not know how to hold back, and it wouldn’t be good if I accidentally killed you.” One of the Remote Heaven Gang’s disciples walked up. His gaze swept across the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

Light roved around his body, and the skin of his bare arms had strange lines on them. He was clearly an expert amongst experts, and an extremely dense murderous aura came from him. He was clearly someone who had slaughtered his way out of over a hundred battles.

“I’ll kill him right now.” Gu Yang snorted and was just about to go out. Being looked down upon irritated him.

“None of our people need to do anything. Have you not gotten enough of this kind of senseless game?” Long Chen shook his head.

If you charged forward as soon as someone provoked you, wouldn’t you be an idiot? Did you have a mental disease? To fall for such a plain scheme, Long Chen was practically speechless.

“But…” said Gu Yang.

“No buts. In the future, don’t play this kind of stupid game. Use your head more. Is it worthwhile to fight with idiots?” said Long Chen.

“Bastard, who did you call an idiot?”

Before anyone else could say anything, a thunderous roar came from the opposing disciples. Long Chen’s words had essentially been cursing all of them. Of course, Ji Hongling was also included in his cursing.

“Boss, it looks like you made an error. Since they can understand that you’re cursing them, they must be comparatively smarter idiots,” said Guo Ran with amazement. 

“Guo Ran, don’t be rude,” chided Tang Wan-er.

Guo Ran was speechless. What was this? His boss had been rude, but she didn’t say anything. But as soon as he cheered for his boss, she chided him.

“Ouyang Qiuyu, these are the disciples you raised? It seems they’re all a bunch of cowards whose only ability is cultivating their filthy mouths. Don’t you feel ashamed to call yourselves a supreme sect?” sneered Ji Hongling.

Surprisingly, Ouyang Qiuyu didn’t get angry. She amicably smiled and said, “Having filthy mouths is at least better than having filthy hearts.”

Suddenly, a clapping sound filled the air. Long Chen was the first to give his praise for her words. Since the sect master was supporting him, he naturally also had to support his sect master.

Guo Ran suddenly shouted, “Yes, exactly! Some people don’t just have filthy hearts; they also have filthy faces. And there are such deep gorges on their faces that to wash their faces, they’d need a huge brush. You know, now I realize that the reason a woman cares so deeply about her beauty is because by maintaining her beauty, she can also maintain her beautiful heart.

“Only someone with a beautiful heart can be kindhearted instead of being a crazy bitch. Look at our sect master, and then look at you. I really have to admire your courage. If I were you, I would have long since killed myself. Being so ugly isn’t your wrong; your wrong is coming out to disgust others.”

“Beautiful!” Long Chen hadn’t expected that Guo Ran could say such touching words. He gave him a huge thumbs-up.

“Hehe, boss, you overpraise me. It’s all thanks to your training. While immersed in the sunlight of your words, my tongue is rapidly growing in skill,” said Guo Ran humbly.

“Are you trying to die?!” roared Ji Hongling. Although she knew that she should ignore them with her status, she couldn’t hold back.

“You’re the one trying to die. If someone as ancient as you hasn’t died, why would we?” cursed Long Chen and Guo Ran.

They looked at each other in shock. Each of their words were exactly the same, and even the rhythm and tone had been identical.

Even Ouyang Qiuyu couldn’t help but laugh inside. These two really were a perfect pair of clowns. In all her years of cultivation, she hadn’t encountered even one person like them.

Ji Hongling, a grand Ancestor expert, was now quivering with rage. Rancor filled her eyes, and if looks could kill, Long Chen and Guo Ran would be dead.

“Hmph, from top to bottom, the Xuantian Dao Sect is filled with brats who only know how to talk. It seems they can only lick the feet of the higher-ups,” said Jiu Qifeng.

His words immediately provoked the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples. This was not only humiliating them, but also their sect master. One disciple was just about to charge forward when another person pulled him back.

“Let me.”

That person was Song Mingyuan. He knew that the disciple he held back had no chance of defeating this fellow. Going out to fight would just be a humiliation for them all.

“Boss, can I?” asked Song Mingyuan.

“It’s still the old rules,” said Long Chen.

“Understood.” Song Mingyuan nodded.

Their words baffled others, but the fact that Song Mingyuan would fight relieved all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

Amongst rank one Celestials, no one could defeat the Dragonblood warriors. They had a murderous aura around them that made others tremble before them.

Others didn’t know what Long Chen meant by ‘the old rules’, but the Dragonblood Legion’s members did. They held back their smiles.

Those rules were that they couldn’t accept any senseless challenges. If they were to fight, they had to kill their opponent as fast as possible. If there were too many people present though, they had to do their best not to reveal their true strength.

Seeing Song Mingyuan, Jiu Qifeng’s heart trembled. He was also an expert who had fought against the Corrupt path many times. That had tempered his powerful spiritual perception.

As soon as Song Mingyuan came out, he felt a terrifying killing intent lock onto him. It was like he was being stared at by a monster.

“I’ll give you one chance to kneel and apologize to the sect master. Otherwise, you’ll definitely die today,” said Song Mingyuan coldly.

His words were arrogant but serious. His words contained his unquestionable confidence.

Long Chen smiled and nodded. In truth, while Song Minguyan and Li Qi’s combat abilities weren’t as high as Gu Yang and Yue Zifeng, they had also found their own confidence, a belief in being undefeatable. Once that kind of confidence was cultivated, their combat powers would be even greater than they ever expected.

Long Chen didn’t care so much about their talent. What he had been doing his best to raise was that undefeatable confidence. With a solid belief in themselves, then talent wasn’t so important. They could always use special resources to change a person’s talent, but this kind of confidence was not so easy to build.

“Arrogant brat, die!”

Jiu Qifeng was infuriated. A strange terror welled up from his heart along with a sensation of death. But he roared and immediately activated his Heavenly Dao manifestation. Runes filled the air as he charged at Song Mingyuan.

A cold light flew and scarlet blood splashed. Those runes disappeared as a saber slashed his body in two.

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