Chapter 77 Pursuit Deep in the Forest

Marquis Ying’s expression changed and he hastily looked up, only to see that Long Chen had already fled hundreds of meters deeper into the mountains.


For the reserved and elegant Marquis Ying, that was the first time he had shouted out such a vulgar word. His eyes were spitting flames; he had been fooled!

So the truth was that Long Chen had noticed that his full strength attack was actually not enough to incapacitate him and that he was simply not a match for a Tendon Transformation expert!

After saying a couple of ruthless words, he had stabbed his sword into the ground to fill the air with dust and then immediately fled. Perhaps fleeing was actually the most valuable combat skill to have.

However, when Long Chen noticed that Wilde hadn’t fled with him and was instead just foolishly standing in his original spot, he almost coughed up blood in anger.

He had purposely given him a glance just now to tell him that there would be a chance to flee. He hadn’t expected him to not react and just stand there.

But since he had already fled now, he absolutely could not return. Marquis Ying’s target was him. As long as he fled, Wilde should be safe.

As he expected, he had only gone several hundred meters before Marquis Ying angrily roared and started charging after him.


Suddenly, Wilde angrily roared and a red light started to come from his skin. Violent energy soared from his body. He was just like a wild ancient beast that had been awakened.

Just as Marquis Ying was about to chase after Long Chen, a huge battle-ax whistled over at him, causing his heart to tremble.

What surprised him was that Wilde’s attack was suddenly much stronger than before. Even before the ax landed, just the wind from it alone was enough to make it hard for him to breathe. The power behind his attack had at least doubled.


Marquis Ying didn’t take it head-on. The new sword in his hand wasn’t equal to his old sword, so he didn’t dare meet that blow. The result was that Wilde’s ax ruthlessly smashed into the ground.

His terrifying energy caused the whole valley to shake. Broken rocks shot out everywhere and a shockingly huge crater appeared.

“Brother Long, quickly run! I’ll block him!”

Seeing his attack had missed, he once more sent his ax smashing at Marquis Ying.

The fleeing Long Chen was both shocked, angered, and moved. He was shocked that Wilde would be able to explode with such terrifying strength.

He was furious because there was no point in blocking him! Long Chen wanted Marquis Ying to chase after him!

He was also moved that Wilde would actually use his own life to try to protect him. Although Wilde was a bit naive, maybe even flat-out dumb, he had complete and total trust in Long Chen. He was even willing to give up his own life for him.

Long Chen had an urge to both cry and curse. He was extremely worried, but he also didn’t dare to stop running. That would simply be telling Marquis Ying that he wouldn’t abandon Wilde, thus, revealing his weak spot. Then, both of them would die.

Originally, he had been planning on drawing away Marquis Ying and having Wilde flee in a different direction. But the result was that Wilde hadn’t understood the slightest bit of Long Chen’s intentions.


Marquis Ying dodged Wilde three more times. At this time, Wilde’s strength was growing stupendously. That last attack had been so powerful that he hadn’t been able to dodge. Blocking with his sword, he was forced back five steps.


Marquis Ying raged. Today, he had been thwarted repeatedly while trying to kill Long Chen. A grand Tendon Transformation expert like him had actually been this helpless in front of two insignificant Qi Condensation rookies.

More importantly, Long Chen’s final attack just now had given him a somewhat heavy internal injury. Although he made himself appear fine, the truth was that he was merely suppressing the injury.

That was why he didn’t want to use any of his power to get past Wilde who was blocking him. That would end up making his internal injury worse. But he was becoming increasingly anxious as he saw Long Chen flee further and further away.

If he couldn’t throw off this giant fellow, then Long Chen really would escape. That was something completely unacceptable. His veins bulged again as he also sent a slash out at Wilde’s attack.

Wilde suddenly felt an unstoppable force push him back. He only managed to stabilize himself after almost ten meters. Although Marquis Ying didn’t specialize in power, the sharp increase in strength after entering the Tendon Transformation realm was simply too great.

He managed to force Wilde back, but Marquis Ying also wasn’t well off. His stomach was aching dully. That was the result of provoking his internal injury.

Long Chen’s last attack had not only shaken his internal organs, but even his Dantian had been somewhat jolted. That led to his spiritual qi being much more sluggish.

In the process of forcing Wilde back, he had almost been unable to continue suppressing his injury. Immediately after forcing Wilde back, he went to go chase after Long Chen. Long Chen was his main target.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

Marquis Ying almost went mad with rage. Wilde actually hadn’t even received an injury despite being blown back and was now charging at him again.

Wilde truly was a Magical Beast in human form. His physical body had reached an absolutely frightening level. Just by relying on his physical strength, he had actually managed to forcefully take a Tendon Transformation expert’s attack.

Being unable to throw off Wilde, Marquis Ying’s eyes turned icy cold and he once more used his sword to block Wilde’s battle-ax. He then snaked his sword through an opening to stab at Wilde’s stomach.

Marquis Ying had obviously been infuriated and was willing to kill to get away from this hindrance. But when his sword struck Wilde’s skin, it was as if he had struck a hard surface. His sword slipped and his full strength blow immediately lost over half its power.

The sword still managed to pierce through Wilde’s skin. However, it only managed to get two inches in before being unable to go any further. It was unable to pierce through Wilde’s bones.

Marquis Ying was greatly shocked, as that was the first time such a thing had happened. Even a Magical Beast’s body would be easily pierced through with his cultivation base. But he was apparently unable to do the same to Wilde.


Wilde didn’t even seem to notice the wound, viciously smashing his battle-ax down on Marquis Ying.

He had attacked Wilde twice now without being able to give Wilde a true injury. And now that Wilde was attacking him, he was held back from chasing after Long Chen again.

At this time, he glanced into the distance and couldn’t help being worried. Long Chen had already fled over five miles. He was just about to enter a thick forest.

If he really did enter that forest, then by relying on the coverage, he would have an unacceptably high chance of getting away.

But Wilde continued to firmly block his way. Grinding his teeth, he raised his sword with both hands and a scarlet colored flame appeared over it.

“Cliff Breaking Slash!”

Wilde’s battle-ax went flying away while he himself was sent tumbling back dozens of meters. He spat out a mouthful of blood, and at the same time, the strange red light from his body faded. His aura fell sharply.

Marquis Ying had actually been so pressed for time that he had used an Earth class Battle Skill. He had managed to send Wilde flying, but Wilde only spat out a single mouthful of blood. On the other hand, that one attack caused his internal injury to almost flare out of control.

He hastily took out a healing pill from his ring. It was a precious high grade healing pill that he had collected many years ago.

For his cultivation base, middle grade or lower medicinal pills basically had no effect, while high grade medicinal pills were extremely rare. So swallowing that medicinal pill now truly caused him heartache. 

Marquis Ying glanced at Wilde who was lying on the ground and hesitated for a moment. He really wanted to kill Wilde, as he was practically a monster. He would definitely be terrifying once he matured.

But then looking at Long Chen who was on the eve of hiding in the forest, Marquis Ying gritted his teeth. Weighing his options, he still decided to ignore Wilde and chased directly after Long Chen.

Wilde was extremely worried when he saw Marquis Ying go straight after Long Chen. He crawled back up to give chase as well.

But he only managed to take two steps before he felt the world spinning around him.

Wilde fell on his butt. His face was completely pale, and he couldn’t stop his hands from shivering. That was a sign that he had overdrafted his strength.

Hatefully punching the ground, he could only watch as Marquis Ying’s figure faded deep into the valley.


Long Chen had kept a watch over their battle as he had fled. Seeing Wilde unwaveringly block Marquis Ying had caused him to panic.

If Wilde really did enrage Marquis Ying, then he might not take Long Chen into consideration and just kill Wilde. If that happened, Long Chen would regret it for a lifetime.

But according to his understanding of Marquis Ying, he wasn’t the type of person to lose his cool from anger.

When he was just about to enter the forest, he saw Marquis Ying ignore Wilde to chase after him, causing him to finally feel some relief. He then focused his full strength on running.

Entering the forest, everything suddenly became quiet. Countless huge trees reached for the sky, making it so that it was extremely difficult for any sunlight to get through.

Long Chen quickly adapted to the lighting and charged forward, doing his best not to step on any vegetation.

Doing so would leave behind obvious tracks. Long Chen instead did his best to land on rocks or perhaps overturned trees. That way Marquis Ying would not find his trail and would require a great deal of time to search for him. Then his advantage would become much more obvious.

The most important part of this chase would be this beginning part. He was rushing forward as quickly as possible. Once Marquis Ying entered the forest though, he would have to become completely silent and not move at all in the beginning. Otherwise, Marquis Ying would be able to locate him by sound.

Long Chen’s only advantage over him was that he was a pill cultivator. His soul was exceptionally strong and able to sense his opponent from a great distance. He wouldn’t be able to get a perfect view of him from this distance, but he would still be able to sense Marquis Ying’s relative position.

Once Long Chen had fled over five miles, he suddenly stopped and even suppressed his own breathing, not moving at all. That was because he had sensed that Marquis Ying had just entered the forest.

Long Chen also closed his eyes and let himself enter an empty spirit state, making it so that he seemed like just another rock in the forest, completely isolating his aura.

Having entered this state, he could ‘see’ Marquis Ying who had just entered the forest. As he had expected, he immediately paused and listened closely for Long Chen.

Marquis Ying waited for more than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, but was unable to hear any breathing. Having just entered the forest, everything was completely silent, silent to a frightening degree.

But after a quarter hour had passed, the birds and insects began to play their own music, causing the forest to become bustling with noise.

Those bird calls caused Marquis Ying’s expression to become increasingly ugly. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so crafty. He actually knew to use such a method to hide his trail.

Long Chen smiled. It seemed his chances of fleeing successfully had increased again.

Although the two of them were only separated by around five miles, while hidden deep in this forest, such a distance was already extremely safe. And with the passing of time, he would only become even more at ease.

Two hours.

Four hours.

Six hours later, Marquis Ying finally gave up and began to search for his trail by sight.

Following Marquis Ying’s search, the entire forest began to once more turn quiet. Long Chen also finally opened his closed eyes.

“Hehe, Marquis Ying, even if I can’t beat you, I still have to properly play with you.”

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