Chapter 768 Preparing to Move Out

The vice sect master looked at the fish-eating Ouyang Qiuyu in absolute shock.

“Sect master?!”

Long Chen, Meng Qi, and Tang Wan-er were all dumbfounded. This little girl who had talked and occasionally thrown around jokes with them was actually the Xuantian Dao Sect’s strongest expert?!

Long Chen began to sweat. Thinking of how he had called her little sister and said he would protect her… He had dared to treat the sect master to a meal? He had dared to say he would protect the sect master? This story was a bit terrifying.

“You came at just the right time. Long Chen caught a Silvereye Fish King, and its taste is definitely unforgettable. You should eat some too!” Ouyang Qiuyu gestured to the fish on the cooking rack, meaning he shouldn’t stand on courtesy and should eat with them.

“Cough, I’ll pass. I came here to ask you whether or not we should test the flying boat before we move out,” said the vice sect master.

“Yes, that’s a good idea. It’s been many years since we’ve used it. You can do it yourself,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

“But, without your spiritual seal, it’s impossible to start the flying boat…”

“Oh, I forgot.” Ouyang Qiuyu took out a tablet. Imprinting her spiritual seal into it, she tossed it to the vice sect master.

“Your subordinate will leave now.” The vice sect master immediately turned to leave.

“Wait a moment. Really, the older you get, the thinner your face becomes. Managing the sect doesn’t require you to be so serious all the time.” Ouyang Qiuyu used her hand to cut off a chunk of fish meat and sent it to the vice sect master. He was clearly a bit uncomfortable, but he still took it.

In truth, there were few people who could resist the lure of the Silvereye Fish, and the vice sect master was no exception. It was just that he couldn’t lower his face to eat together with a bunch of juniors like this.

“Many thanks, sect master!” The vice sect master received the meat and quickly left.

“Alright, I’ve also pretty much eaten my fill. This is definitely the best meat I’ve eaten. Not only was the meat good, but your roasting skills can also be rated as unmatched.” Ouyang Qiuyu smiled at Long Chen.

“Uh… sect master overpraises me,” said Long Chen awkwardly.

“Oh, you’re not calling me little sister anymore? It’s been many years since someone called me by such an intimate appellation,” laughed Ouyang Qiuyu.

Long Chen felt his cheeks burning. Being tricked by a beautiful girl, he felt extremely duped.

“Haha, I won’t tease you anymore. I’ll leave for now. Remember your promise, if someone bullies me, you have to help me.” After saying that, Ouyang Qiuyu directly left.

Long Chen, Meng Qi, and Tang Wan-er just foolishly watched as she left.

“She was actually the sect master. Even we were tricked,” said Tang Wan-er, not knowing what to do or say.

“This is the day where I lost the most face in my life,” sighed Long Chen.

“Don’t be so sad. If the sect master wants to change her appearance, none of us could tell. Furthermore, the sect master really is beautiful and nice. With your methods, you might have a shot!” laughed Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen glared at her. “Do you see my expression? Try and understand what it means yourself!”

Meng Qi couldn’t bear to continue watching them. “Don’t fight. Although this thing is good, I can’t eat anymore. Leave the rest for the others to eat.”

Only then did the three of them return to their camp. The leftovers were left to Meng Qi to distribute. She was a typical model of a perfect wife, and she handled things in a rigorous manner. There was absolutely no need for Long Chen to worry about anything.

They had only just returned when someone came to see Long Chen. That person was Zheng Wenlong.

“Brother Wenlong, it’s been a long time. From your current suave manner, it seems your business has been doing pretty good lately,” laughed Long Chen.

“I suppose. So tell me brother Long, what do you need this time? But let me warn you, I’ve already far surpassed my current credit limit, and I can’t give you any more money.” Zheng Wenlong got straight to the point. It seemed he was now afraid of being conned by Long Chen again.

“Don’t worry, this time, I don’t want anything from you. Instead, I’ve been pretty well off lately, so I’m actually helping you!”

Just recently, Long Chen had obtained a large sum of spirit stones from the Shui family, so Guo Ran was no longer lacking money. Furthermore, Long Chen had obtained countless precious medicinal ingredients from the Pill Tower.

He directly took out hundreds of thousands of precious medicinal sprouts. Zheng Wenlong jumped in shock. This was an absolutely incredible amount.

“I temporarily don’t need any help, and these medicinal sprouts should be able to help you out a bit!” laughed Long Chen.

“This really is a supreme style of conducting business. If we spread these medicinal sprouts throughout the various auction houses, the profit will be absolutely shocking,” said Zheng Wenlong excitedly.

“Then that’s good. I’ll have to trouble you to handle that,” said Long Chen. He really was a bit sorry toward Zheng Wenlong because he had caused quite a bit of trouble for him.

Just looking at the exhaustion deep within his eyes, he could tell how much pressure he was under because of him.

The reason he took out these many precious medicinal ingredients was to repay him. He definitely wouldn’t treat anyone by his side unfairly. Previously, he had been poor. But now that he had money, he definitely wouldn’t forget to give him his share.

Zheng Wenlong was incredibly excited. He told Long Chen that the profit for these precious medicinal sprouts would be so great that even he didn’t dare to imagine it.

This should be enough to repay his debt, and he would still have a great deal of money left over. Zheng Wenlong asked Long Chen what he wanted to do with it. He could directly give the leftover money to Long Chen, or he could leave the money in the Huayun Sect and get interest on it.

With this much money, a year’s worth of interest would definitely be a shocking amount. Long Chen simply waved his hand, saying that Zheng Wenlong could handle it himself. He also told Zheng Wenlong that he should increase his own position within the Huayun Sect.

As Long Chen’s cultivation base increased, the things he would need in the future would become more expensive. If Zheng Wenlong’s status in the Huayun Sect wasn’t high enough, he wouldn’t be able to help him in the future.

Previously, Zheng Wenlong had offered a great deal of help to Long Chen, and now, Long Chen was putting a huge investment in on Zheng Wenlong so that he could improve his business, allowing him to rapidly advance in the Huayun Sect.

Other than medicinal ingredients, Long Chen also gave him the spatial rings he had obtained from the Corrupt path that were useless to him. Some of those had come from Celestials.

The Huayun Sect relied on business, and business was about profit. Just like the Pill Tower, they were neutral from the struggles between the Righteous and Corrupt paths. They would do business with both sides.

So the Huayun Sect would definitely be able to find a use for the treasures inside those spatial rings. That would also bring in a great deal of profit.

Zheng Wenlong immediately got to work, making a list of inventory for Long Chen, but as a result, Long Chen directly kicked him out. How could he care about such details and nonsense? He just had Zheng Wenlong handle it himself.

Zheng Wenlong was extremely moved. Although Long Chen had brought him a great deal of pressure, everything had been worth it. The trust Long Chen had in him made him feel like his initial investment had truly been in the right one.

After sending off Zheng Wenlong, Long Chen returned to the Dragonblood Legion’s camp. He saw that everyone was busy eating.

However, they were all smart. They knew that there wasn’t much meat to go around, and so with each small mouthful of the meat, they would drink a large jug of wine. Currently, they were already a bit tipsy.

Long Chen called out Gu Yang and Guo Ran. He directly gave the Treasure spear to Gu Yang. He didn’t know how much he had drunk, but Gu Yang actually cried.

A Treasure item was something any cultivator would long for even in their dreams. Gu Yang had never expected that he would obtain one so early.

“Guo Ran, how are your preparations?” asked Long Chen. Out of everyone, the person he felt the least reassured about was Guo Ran.

“Don’t worry boss, I’ve already finished forging my golden armor. I’ve also perfectly added in all kinds of mechanisms. Other than you, no one in the Dragonblood Legion can possibly suppress me!” said Guo Ran confidently.

“Not bad, not bad. You finally know what it means to be low-key. You’re not like before where you decide not to hide anything and think you’re a supreme expert!” Long Chen nodded with praise.

“Hehe, this is all thanks to boss. When you fought against the Four Heavenly Geniuses, your words deeply touched me.” Guo Ran laughed mischievously.

“What words? Did I say something?” Long Chen was startled. He didn’t recall saying anything so profound.

Guo Ran put on a serious expression and raised his chin slightly, imitating Long Chen, he said, “I’ve gotten tired of your neverending, unchanging poser act!” 

Long Chen and Gu Yang laughed. Guo Ran’s imitation really was accurate. Even Long Chen’s tone had been imitated perfectly. Most importantly, he even possessed Long Chen’s specific arrogance.

“You couldn't have been practicing such useless things all day, right?” Long Chen was speechless.

“Boss, you’re wrong. In all my life, the only thing I hope for is to be able to show off behind you forever.” Guo Ran patted his chest without the slightest shame.

Long Chen was now truly speechless. But he could understand it. Guo Ran had never experienced the pain that Long Chen had, and so he was a typical hedonistic son of a small family. Perhaps the only value his life would have would be to show off.

Three days later, all the Celestial-level experts were gathered. Long Chen once more saw the Four Heavenly Geniuses.

However, Zhao Wuji, Zhong Wuyan, and Yue Qianshan clearly held a trace of reverence in their eyes when they looked at Long Chen. As for Shui Guanzhi, his expression was completely icy, and there was unconcealable killing intent in his eyes.

“Brother Long, as long as you say the word, I’ll kill him with a single smash of my club.” Wilde was the first one to get irritated.

“Next time. This is not the time.” Long Chen shook his head. Although Shui Guanzhi had become a rank three Celestial, Long Chen still didn’t need to treat him seriously. In his eyes, he was just a rank three Heavenly Dao Fruit.

The others looked at Wilde with shock. That berserk energy coming from Wilde made them tremble. It was like Wilde was a monster that might start killing people at any moment.

Even Shui Guanzhi shivered. He had heard of Wilde, but seeing him in person, his expert’s intuition told him that Wilde posed a fatal danger to him. That feeling was even stronger than the one he got from Long Chen.

“Hmph, Long Chen, don’t let me find you in the Immemorial Path, or I’ll properly settle the debts between us.” Although he was a bit afraid of Wilde, he still opened his mouth.

“Idiot, do you see my boss paying the slightest bit of attention to you? If this was the right place, you’d already be dead. I really question whether or not your brains were left in the placenta when you were born,” cursed Guo Ran.


Suddenly, a powerful spatial fluctuation erupted, cutting off their verbal sparring. A huge flying boat appeared above them.

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